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Safety StorageView all

  • Aerosol Can Disposal / Can Recycling System

    They are designed for safe disposal or recycling of aerosol cans using puncturing / crushing / depressurising techniques, before discarding them. They entrap remaining particles & gases, preventing them from releasing into the atmosphere. Replacement activated carbon filters are also available.

  • Bench Cans

    These FM approved & OSHA compliant swab pails and bench cans are designed for cleaning small machine parts. They can also be used as spill-proof mixing tanks to mix flammable liquids. These cans are offered in red & yellow colours and feature steel / galvanised steel construction. Justrite bench cans are available in 0.25 to 3 gallon capacities.

  • Biohazard Waste Cans

    OSHA compliant biohazard cans & containers feature self-closing, foot-operated lids for collecting and disposing hazardous wastes (such as contaminated laundry), reducing the risk of accidental exposure. They are available in 6 & 10 gal capacities.

  • Cleaning/Dip Tanks

    These tanks include cleaning, dipping, mixing and rinse tanks for safe disposal of flammable and hazardous liquids. They have a maximum holding capacity of 22 gal and are available in benchtop, floor standing & portable variants.

  • Combination Safety Cabinets

    These Justrite safety cans are ideal for the safe storage of flammable liquids and solvents at a workstation. They meet OSHA & NFPA standards and have a storage capacity of 12 gallons.

  • Corrosive Cabinets

    OSHA & NFPA compliant acid and corrosive safety cabinets are used to store flammable liquids, corrosives and pesticides. They feature double wall construction, dual vents, adjustable shelves and three-point self-latching doors. These units are available in stackable, standard and under control mounting variants.

  • Dip Tank Accessories

    Dip tank accessories include dip tank liners, can covers, baskets and rinse tank sediment screens, which are used with rinse tanks for cleaning equipment, tools and HVAC parts. They are available in polyethylene, steel and galvanised steel variants.

  • Dispensing Bottles

    Polyethylene bottle jackets, dispensing bottles and tube & cap assemblies are suitable for storing and dispensing industrial chemicals & liquids. They feature a leak-proof valve for preventing unintentional water leakage. These bottles are available in clear, red and white colours.

  • Disposal Cans

    Drain and safety disposal cans feature a broad-base design and provide accidental tip-over protection while storing flammable & reactive chemicals. They are available in 2 variants - galvanised steel construction for general purpose solvents and polyethylene construction for corrosive liquids.

  • Flammable Cabinets

    They are used for segregating containers filled with hazardous or toxic liquids. Flammable cabinets feature orange powder-coated finish & GloAlerta glow-in-the-dark labels for high visibility during power outages. They have adjustable shelves for storing flashlights, radios, respirators and first-aid items.

  • HPLC Waste Can Accessories

    Wide range of can spill trays, carbon filter replacements, coalescing / carbon filters, hard wall tubing, HPLC safety can manifold kits, manifold stackers, manifold with poly / stainless-steel fittings, replacement disconnects and wall brackets

  • HPLC Waste Cans

    Designed for facilitating a free flow of solvent and hands-free operation in pump-fed or gravity-flow HPLC waste processing services. Feature valved quick-disconnect fittings that automatically close, when decoupled, to prevent vapour or liquid release. Come in translucent colour for easy checking of liquid

  • Oily Waste Cans

    Store potentially flammable material, such as rags and cloths soaked in solvents, thinners, linseed oil, combustible adhesives and other flammable liquids. Feature a foot- or hand-operated lid that opens up to a restricted angle for minimising the risk of combustion

  • Pesticide Cabinets

    Used to eliminate drips and spills during the transfer of pesticides by allowing segregation of liquids in hazardous jobsites. Feature a compact design with ergonomic construction for applications where space is at a premium. Equipped with a self-closing / manually closed door

  • Plunger Cans

    Safely store and dispense solvents, thinners & flammable liquids using a plunger mechanism. Allow fast & easy moistening of cleaning cloths. Prevent evaporation & leaks and are resistant to corrosion, impact or fire.

  • Safety Cabinet Accessories

    Includes bung caps, cabinet covers, cabinet cylinder repair kits, rolling carts, top trays, cabinet riser leg frames, door adapters, drum cradles, drum rollers, fuse link assemblies, leveller foot kits, safety cabinets kits, safety cabinet wall hangers, shelves and seismic brackets

  • Safety Can Accessories

    Wide range of drain covers, flame arrestors, flexible hoses, gaskets, locking bands and nozzle assemblies to minimise the risk of fire and accidents when handling explosive materials. Available in brass, galvanised steel, plastic, rubber and steel variants

  • Safety Can Funnels

    Used for transferring flammable liquids to larger containers; ideal for use with Type I safety cans. Feature a large rounded bowl to provide protection from splashing and spillage. Can be easily attached to the spout neck of safety cans. Available in white and yellow colour variants

  • Safety Storage Building Accessories

    Explosion-proof air conditioning units and heaters; and Hazmat grounding rod kits best suited for easy customising, enhancing the performance and replacing parts on safety storage buildings. Available in 6, 9 and 21 inch height options

  • Safety Storage Buildings

    Designed to provide a secure location for storing chemicals, flammable liquids and hazardous materials. Feature heavy-gauge steel construction integrated with a leakproof all-welded secondary containment sump. Available in a maximum storage capacity of 500 cubic feet

  • Type I Safety Cans

    Used for storing and transporting flammable liquids like diesel, gasoline or kerosene and prevent fire accidents. Feature high-grade steel construction with a powder-coat finish for chemical resistance

  • Type II Safety Cans

    Designed with patented manifold and proportional flow-control Safe-Squeeze triggers which provide the means to control the flow rate while handling flammable liquids. Come with sealed lids which feature an automatic positive-pressure relief facility. Available in 1 to 5 gallon storage capacities

Spill Control SuppliesView all

  • Absorbent Pads

    Used to quickly absorb oil, cutting fluids, turpentine, gasoline, acetone, ether, hexane and trichloroethylene. Feature polypropylene construction ensuring resistance against chemicals and a dimpled surface for high tensile strength

  • Absorbent Pillows

    Designed for cleaning, containing and protecting vulnerable areas against oil spills. Equipped with polypropylene and cellulose fibers for high moisture absorption and excellent abrasion resistance. Provide high volume spill cleanup facility in confined spaces

  • Absorbent Rolls

    Ideal for absorbing and cleaning up hydraulic oil, gasoline, acetone and cutting fluid spills. Offer absorbency capacities up to 62 gallons. Selected models provide effective gripping for walkways and control equipment oversprays & leaks

  • Absorbent Socks and Booms

    Can handle hydrocarbon spills and absorb motor & hydraulic oil, gasoline, kerosene, diesel and jet fuels. Feature polypropylene construction for high tensile strength and chemical resistance. Include snap links and rope to link together multiple pieces for speedy deployment in waterways

  • Collapsible Spill Containment Berms and Pools

    Maximum spill capacity of 5860 gal. Fit easily under leaking valves, drums, tanks, storage vessels and machinery. QuickBerm containment pallets feature a single-piece design for fast & easy setup and EnGuard I, PVC coated fabric construction for chemical resistance

  • Containment Booms

    Flexible PVC, water-filled booms of length ranging from 5 to 50 ft used in storm water management, pressure washing diversion, spill diversion and personnel decontamination. Feature an easy-open push plug compatible with standard water hoses

  • Covered IBC and Tank Spill Containment

    Feature recycled polyethylene body; used as indoor or outdoor intermediate bulk containers. Ability to store loads up to 9000 lb, with a spill capacity of 372 gallons. Ideal for safe transport and storage of fluids and bulk materials

  • Covered Spill Containment Pallets and Platforms

    Feature an optional ramp for easy drum replacement and outdoor sheds with integral anchor bolt locations to provide efficient wind resistance. Available in load capacities of 2500 lb and 5000 lb

  • Drain Covers and Seals

    Used for facilitating a barrier to stop unwanted liquids from entering into drain systems and waterways. Feature an easy-open push plug that allows filling with a standard water hose. Comply with EPA standards for stormwater regulations

  • Drain Plugs

    Used to plug leaks on a smooth surface or in a rinse tank. Have brass, carbon steel & NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber) or PVC-coated fabric construction.

  • Drip Pans and Spill Containment Trays

    Includes drip pans, shelves and spill trays suitable for collecting small oil leaks and preventing hazards. Available in PVC, galvanised steel and polyethylene variants, with spill capacities ranging from 0.25 to 110 gallons

  • Drum Dispensing and Containment Systems

    Used for emptying or dispensing the contents of a container in a controlled and spill-proof manner; can also be used for spill containment from leaking drums. Feature polyethylene construction for chemical / corrosion resistance. Available in 1500 and 3000 lb capacities

  • IBC and Tank Spill Containment

    55 inch wide IBC spill containment units designed for safely storing and transporting large volumes of fluids & materials. Feature recycled polyethylene construction for reduced environmental impact, with a spill capacity of 372 gal and load capacity of 9000 lb

  • Leak Diverters

    Made of durable, puncture-resistant and watertight EnGuard PVC-coated yellow fabric for channelling the overhead pipe and ceiling leaks to containers or floor drains. Selected models come with corners featuring high-strength magnets for attaching the steel rafters

  • Portable Spill Containment Units

    Designed with a tilt / stop facility for minimising back strain and two tension straps for holding the drum securely in place; provide protection against spills and leaks. Feature polyethylene construction to handle loads up to 1250 lb

  • Spill Berms

    Used for quickly containing minor spills and leaks during temporary storage of drums, machine parts, batteries and equipment to protect employees from slips and falls. Made of lightweight EnGuard I PVC-coated / vinyl-coated fabric to provide UV and chemical resistance

  • Spill Containment Platform and Pallet Ramps

    Designed for facilitating loading and unloading of large tanks and storage drums. Feature polyethylene construction to offer a maximum load-bearing capacity of 1000 lb. Available in yellow and black colour variants

  • Spill Control Accessories

    Wide range of containment traps, drain kits, drain pads, drum workstation shelves, joining clips, replacement grates and spill containment grates to extend the capabilities for containing spills and allow cleanup

  • Spill Kits and Stations

    Sorbent duffle kits containing a variety of oil only absorbents and water repellant products for on-the-go spill management. Polypropylene construction & compact design for storage in tight spaces and enhanced portability. Pads, socks, pillows, disposal bags and emergency response guides included

  • Spill Skids and Pallets

    Designed to collect overflowing substances from storage drums in order to protect working personnel from slips and falls. Feature EPA-compliant recycled polyethylene body with seamless construction to eliminate leaks and self-locating grates that can be easily lifted off to ensure quick clean up

Emergency Eyewash and Shower EquipmentView all

  • Combination Units

    Ideal for systems with insufficient water pressures or where installation of a plumbed safety shower is impractical. Feature an integral immersion heater controlled by a dual-safety thermostat for a constant tepid temperature. Mobile units also available

  • Drench Hoses

    Designed for use with 15GEW pressurised, keg-mounted eye / face washes, for a rinse, after exposure to harmful substances. Feature a chrome-plated brass valve to regulate the water flow and a cap to keep debris off the diffuser. Come with a hand-operated lever

  • Emergency Eye Wash and Shower Accessories

    Includes replacement ABS plastic / stainless steel bowls for use with open eye / face washes, valve and pull handle kits, and replacement nozzles for enhancing the functionalities of emergency eyewash stations and showers

  • Emergency Eye Wash Stations

    Allow workers to flush away hazardous substances and provide on-the-spot decontamination. Feature an ergonomic design for easy jobsite portability and pneumatic tires (on selected models) facilitating the unit to go through standard door openings

Identification ProductsView all

  • Equipment and Safety Labels

    Safety warning labels designed to convey the message of potential dangers while handling machinery and equipment. Provide excellent visibility with an incident flashlight during fire outbreaks. Available in heights of 3.5, 5, 5.5, 11 & 12 inches

  • Right-To-Know Labels

Noise ControlView all


About Justrite

The company's catalogue includes safety / flammable cabinets, spill skids & pallets, cans, utility waste containers, funnels, containment booms, drum covers, liquid level gauges, plate casters and drum dollies. Justrite safety cans, cabinets and containers follow NFPA & OSHA standards to meet all fire safety codes and regulations. The brand's pesticide chemical cabinets feature a steel / ChemCor thermoplastic / galvanised steel body with polyethylene-lined trays which allow the bottom sump to resist aggressive acids, bases or solvents. Selected models are designed with self-closing doors that latch automatically during fire hazards. Shop for a wide range of cabinets, Justrite oily waste cans, safety labels, dispensing bottles, drip pans and cylinder de-valving tools on Raptor Supplies.

Major Trade Names

Justrite Competitive Advantages

Justrite QuietSite Sound Barriers

Justrite QuietSite sound barriers combat noise pollution by reflecting and absorbing noise, minimising the received noise level (dBA) by up to half at construction sites. These noise reduction barrier panels come with eyelet grommets made of brass, that permit easy attachment of the panel to a fence, frame or scaffolding. They can be assembled by one person owing to their light weight.

Justrite Prosolv 4000 Propane Calibration Cylinder Recycling System

These cylinder recycling systems permit canisters to be easily & safely recycled as scrap steel rather than being disposed off as hazardous waste. The activated carbon filter eliminates volatile organic compounds from the propellant, taking the cylinder to a non-hazardous state. These manually operated venting devices help get rid of the internal valve stem and sealing sleeve from propane, MAPP and male threaded calibration gas cylinders that are not to be used with oxygen bottles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which company owns Justrite?

The Audax Group owns Justrite Safety Group.

Do flammable cabinets need to be vented?

Flammable and combustible liquid storage cabinets protect internal contents from a fire outside the cabinet. According to NFPA 30 standards, venting a flammable storage cabinet is not mandatory for fire protection purposes.

What is the difference between a Type 1 and Type 2 gas can?

Type I safety cans have 1 opening for pouring & filling, whereas, Type II safety cans come with 2 openings, i.e., one for pouring and one for filling.

What is the difference between Justrite type I and type II safety cans?

Type I safety cans only have one opening, which can be used for both filling and pouring. Type II safety cans have one opening for pouring and a seperate opening for filling. When pouring, the fill opening acts as a vent.

How do I choose the right colour Justrite safety container?

Justrite offers safety cans in the following colours:

  • Red for the storage of flammable liquids.
  • Yellow for the storage of diesel.
  • Blue for the storage of kerosene.
  • Green for the storage of combustibles.

How do I choose the right colour safety cabinet?

Justrite safety cabinets are colour coded according to the hazard type of the material.

  • Yellow for flammable liquid safety storage.
  • Red for paint and ink safety storage.
  • Blue for acid and corrosive safety storage.
  • Green for pesticide safety storage.

Brand Exclusive Products