3.3 Inch Diameter Motors


HVAC Motors

Dayton HVAC motors replace the old motors in HVAC equipment to improve life and performance of the equipment. They are ideal for use in pumps, fans, air conditioners, heaters and blowers. These HVAC motors feature permanent split capacitors, providing low starting torque and seamless & muffled start up. These HVAC motors are more economical than other types of replacement motors. Choose from a range of these HVAC AC motors, available in 4.4 and 3.3 inch diameters.

StyleModelBearingsBody Dia.Cord LengthEnclosureFull Load AmpsHPHzInsulation ClassPrice (inc. GST)
A3M001Ball4.4"-Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled11/2060B SGD 318.34
B20HN80Ball3.3"20"-0.321/5060B SGD 180.44
C3RCX4Ball3.3"-Open Air-Over1.41/1060B SGD 198.16
D3RCX5Ball3.3"-Totally Enclosed Air-Over0.71/2060B SGD 159.67
C3RCX8Ball3.3"-Open Air-Over0.4-0.381/2050/60B SGD 151.41
C3RCX9Ball3.3"-Open Air-Over0.5-0.461/1550/60B SGD 164.52
C3RCY3Ball3.3"-Totally Enclosed Air-Over0.5-0.451/1550/60B SGD 174.34
E5K004Ball4.4"-Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled21/2060B SGD 283.11
C6NZP6Ball3.3"-Open Air-Over0.631/2060B SGD 151.50
C6NZP8Ball3.3"-Open Air-Over1.21/1060B SGD 176.29
B20HN81Ball3.3"20"-0.371/4060B SGD 203.14
C3RCX2Ball3.3"-Open Air-Over0.81/2060B SGD 148.85
B20HN83Ball3.3"20"-0.541/2560B SGD 220.15
F20HN87Ball3.3"20"-0.221/10060B SGD 185.16
F20HN88Ball3.3"20"-0.301/7060B SGD 186.75
F20HN89Ball3.3"20"-0.351/5060B SGD 191.62
F20HN90Ball3.3"20"-0.371/4060B SGD 195.37
F20HN91Ball3.3"20"-0.501/3060B SGD 206.07
F20HN92Ball3.3"20"-0.591/2560B SGD 209.72
F20HN95Ball3.3"20"-1.51/1060B SGD 283.95
C3RCX3Ball3.3"-Open Air-Over1.01/1560B SGD 166.83
G4M299Ball3.3"12"-0.701/7050/60B SGD 201.83
H3M290Ball4.4"-Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled21/2060B SGD 209.11
I3M547Sleeve3.3"-Open Air-Over1.81/2060B SGD 141.43
J4M300Sleeve3.3"-Open Air-Over1.91/2550/60B SGD 277.01

Shaded Pole Totally Enclosed Air-Over HVAC Motors

StyleModelCord LengthFull Load AmpsLength Less ShaftShaft LengthStud LocationPrice (inc. GST)
AD11098"0.702"1.25"2/Both Ends SGD 133.67
BD54013"0.602.156"2.25"4/Both Ends SGD 134.86
CD54113"0.602.156"2.25"4/Both Ends SGD 143.91

Shaded Pole Open Air-Over HVAC Motors

StyleModelBearingsCord LengthFull Load AmpsHPHzLength Less ShaftMotor ApplicationNameplate RPMPrice (inc. GST)
AD671BBall-1.9/0.84-0.941/15604.5"H VAC/R1550 SGD 296.35
BD0396Sleeve14"0.9-1.01/20603.25"General Application1450 SGD 123.83
CD1124Sleeve13"2.11/20603"H VAC/R1550 SGD 162.04
CD1126Sleeve13"1.1-1.11/1550/603.625"H VAC/R1550 SGD 179.38
DD1101Sleeve15"1.91/20602.75"H VAC/R1500 SGD 154.64
ED1103Sleeve15"1.15-1.351/2050/603"H VAC/R1500 SGD 159.05
FD470Sleeve32"1.0-1.01/20604.25"H VAC/R1550 SGD 290.28
GD471Sleeve35"1.1-1.11/20604.25"H VAC/R1550 SGD 325.29
HD473Sleeve34"2.01/20604.25"H VAC/R1550 SGD 278.68
ID472Sleeve34"2.01/20604.25"H VAC/R1550 SGD 278.68

HVAC Motor

StyleModelBearingsEnclosureFull Load AmpsHPHzInsulation ClassLength Less ShaftMotor DesignPrice (inc. GST)
AD220BallTotally Enclosed Fan-Cooled1.71/2060A4.625"Shaded Pole SGD 307.50
BD215BallTotally Enclosed Fan-Cooled1.71/2060A4.625"Shaded Pole SGD 311.81
CD218BallTotally Enclosed Fan-Cooled0.81/2060B4.375"Permanent Split Capacitor SGD 462.82
DD219BallTotally Enclosed Fan-Cooled1.81/860B5.125"Permanent Split Capacitor SGD 404.82
ED405BallTotally Enclosed Nonventilated1.41/1060B4.25"Permanent Split Capacitor SGD 522.46
FD404BallOpen Ventilated0.81/1060B4.25"Permanent Split Capacitor SGD 590.38
GD1118BallOpen Ventilated2.4/1.41/15, 1/3060A3"Shaded Pole SGD 199.38
HD228SleeveOpen Ventilated.921/5060B2.5"Shaded Pole SGD 142.15
ID608SleeveOpen Ventilated.64/.531/5050/60B3.75"Shaded Pole SGD 169.89
JD201SleeveOpen Ventilated0.621/8560A2.25"Shaded Pole SGD 126.80
KD107SleeveOpen Ventilated0.51/160, 1/12060B2.625"Shaded Pole SGD 121.38
LD129SleeveOpen Ventilated0.5/0.31/125, 1/20060B2.187"Shaded Pole SGD 223.56
MD1162SleeveOpen Ventilated0.6/0.41/100, 1/25060B3.875"Shaded Pole SGD 267.09
ND229SleeveOpen Ventilated0.61/10060B2.437"Shaded Pole SGD 137.52
OD1164SleeveTotally Enclosed Nonventilated1.3/0.71/2560B3.125"Shaded Pole SGD 191.98
PD1119SleeveOpen Ventilated0.41/9050/60B2.5"Shaded Pole SGD 133.75
QD202SleeveOpen Ventilated.621/8560A2.375"Shaded Pole SGD 134.65
PD1134SleeveOpen Ventilated1.1/0.8/0.61/50, 1/65, 1/8060B2 5/16"Shaded Pole SGD 176.17
RD534SleeveTotally Enclosed Nonventilated1.5/0.51/35, 1/11060B2 13/16"Shaded Pole SGD 177.30
SD109SleeveOpen Ventilated2.01/1560B3"Shaded Pole SGD 139.30
TD1161SleeveOpen Ventilated2.9/2.01/15, 1/2060B4.25"Shaded Pole SGD 246.20
UD137SleeveTotally Enclosed Nonventilated1.0/0.71/30, 1/6560B3.187"Shaded Pole SGD 225.89
VD503SleeveOpen Ventilated1.01/1060B4.625"Permanent Split Capacitor SGD 482.14
WD123SleeveTotally Enclosed Nonventilated0.61/8060B2.375"Shaded Pole SGD 118.30
XD182SleeveTotally Enclosed Nonventilated0.61/6060B2.5"Shaded Pole SGD 168.34

HVAC Motor 115/208 to 230V 3-1/8 Inch Length

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
9721AH2PUZ SGD 167.13

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