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Abrasive Cut-Off And Chop Wheels


Fiber Reinforced Abrasive Cut-Off Wheel, Type 1

StyleModelArbor HoleDiameterMaterialPrice (inc. GST)
ASM5407/8"3.375"Aluminum Oxide/Silicon Carbide SGD 65.52
BSM50020mm3"Carbide SGD 56.08
3M -

Type 1 Ceramic Abrasive Cut-Off Wheel

StyleModelMax. RPMThicknessPrice (inc. GST)
A6652419,100 RPM0.125" SGD 44.36
B6652019,100 RPM0.06" SGD 37.50
C6651819,100 RPM0.035" SGD 31.52
DUU00608325525,465 RPM0.06" SGD 25.39
E6651325,465 RPM0.035" SGD 27.29
E6651425,465 RPM0.035" SGD 28.60

Abrasive Cut-Off Wheel, Type 1

StyleModelArbor HoleDiameterDiamond KnockoutGritMaterialMax. RPMThicknessPrice (inc. GST)
ADW80571"12"No24Aluminum Oxide50000.109" SGD 38.66
ADW80191"20"No24Aluminum Oxide30000.187" SGD 115.39
ADW35215/8"7"Yes24Aluminum Oxide87000.125" SGD 29.02
BDW8062S7/8"4.5"No60Aluminum Oxide133000.045" SGD 26.71
CDW8725S7/8"6"No60Aluminum Oxide101000.045" SGD 27.87
BDW8065S7/8"7"No60Aluminum Oxide87000.045" SGD 29.53
DDW88537/8"6"No60Zirconia Aluminum Oxide101000.045" SGD 28.83
DDW88527/8"5"No60Zirconia Aluminum Oxide122000.045" SGD 28.28
DDW88517/8"4.5"No60Zirconia Aluminum Oxide133000.045" SGD 27.52
StyleModelArbor HoleDiamond KnockoutMax. RPMThicknessWheel DiameterPrice (inc. GST)
ADXE0130P030531/4"No25,0001/2"3" SGD 406.00
ADXE0130P0405A5/8"No19,0000.05"4" SGD 387.19
ADXE0130P0706U5/8"Yes87251/2"7" SGD 572.86
ADXE0130P0505C7/8"No12,2251/2"5" SGD 567.72
ADXE0130P0906C7/8"No68001/2"9" SGD 1221.26

Small Diameter Reinforced Abrasive Cut Off Wheels, Type 1

Norton small diameter reinforced abrasive cut off wheels are suitable for general-purpose blending, deburring & grinding applications. They feature aluminium oxide, norzon, ceramic or zirconia alumina construction and resin bond technology for additional free cuts & long life. These wheels are used with horizontal or straight shaft grinders and ensure precise cutting. They have ultra thin slide reinforcing (selected models) for minimum kerf loss and come with Type 1 abrasives for reduction in interference with the workpieces. Choose from a broad range of these wheels, available in operating speeds up to 30560 rpm.

StyleModelArbor HoleDiameterMaterialMax. RPMThicknessPrice (inc. GST)
A662533636941"14"Norzon54000.125" SGD 145.87
A662534644151"16"Norzon48000.125" SGD 221.92
A690831664311.75"26"Norzon20900.109" SGD 628.69
B662435296061/4"4"Premium Aluminum Oxide191000.035" SGD 41.93
C662435106761/4"4"Ceramic/Zirconia Alumina191000.062" SGD 40.01
D662435106291/4"4"Aluminum Oxide191000.035" SGD 29.87
E662434113931/4"2"Aluminum Oxide305600.035" SGD 27.75
D662435106271/4"3"Aluminum Oxide254650.035" SGD 27.63
D662435106283/8"3"Aluminum Oxide254650.035" SGD 27.54
D662435106303/8"4"Aluminum Oxide191000.035" SGD 29.65
F662435106773/8"4"Ceramic/Zirconia Alumina191000.062" SGD 40.68
F662435106733/8"3"Ceramic/Zirconia Alumina254650.125" SGD 38.04
F662435106753/8"4"Ceramic/Zirconia Alumina191000.035" SGD 40.41
D662434113943/8"2"Aluminum Oxide305600.035" SGD 27.59
G662435106473/8"3"Aluminum Oxide254650.062" SGD 27.42

Ultra Thin Reinforced Abrasive Cut Off Wheels

Norton abrasive cut off wheels provide burr free & clean cuts, and require less pressure. They feature Type 1 silicon carbide or aluminium oxide construction for long lasting cutting edge or minimal loading, respectively. These wheels have an ultra thin reinforced design for quick cutting, increased operator comfort and ensuring precise & straight cuts. Choose from a wide range of easy-to-use wheels, available in a maximum operating speed of 15280 rpm.

StyleModelArbor HoleDiameterMaterialMax. RPMThicknessPrice (inc. GST)
A662435279565/8"4"Aluminum Oxide152800.045" SGD 28.65
B076607016217/8"4.5"Silicon Carbide135800.062" SGD 29.22
C662528236027/8"4.5"Aluminum Oxide135800.045" SGD 29.24
D662528236037/8"5"Aluminum Oxide122250.045" SGD 18.23
E662528236047/8"6"Aluminum Oxide102850.045" SGD 30.69

Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Cut Off Wheels, Chop Saw Type 1

Norton Gemini aluminium oxide abrasive cut off wheels are ideal for grinding & cutting applications on stainless steel, gray iron, aluminium and ferrous metals. They feature Type 1 abrasive performance to provide additional cutting surfaces & minimise interference with the work pieces in general, all-cutting operations. These wheels are side reinforced with high grades for long life cutting of small cross section workpieces and abrasive, bond combinations to enable smooth clean cuts on low horsepower torque operating machines. They are configured with 1 inch arbor hole mounting attachment to fit small size holes saws and are available in variants with operating speeds of 5095 & 6110 rpm.

StyleModelDiameterMax. RPMPrice (inc. GST)
A6625310610910"6110 SGD 46.69
B6625320755412"5095 SGD 44.07

Cut Off Abrasive Cut-Off Wheel, Type 1

StyleModelAbrasive MaterialArbor HoleGritMax. RPMThicknessWheel DiameterPrice (inc. GST)
A22235Aluminum Oxide7/8"3612,2000.045"5" SGD 31.22
B23012Aluminum Oxide1/4"3630,5580.035"2" SGD 28.24
C23100Aluminum Oxide7/8"2413,3003/32"4.5" SGD 31.92
D23251Aluminum Oxide1.25"6087321/16"7" SGD 59.06
E24070Aluminum Oxide1"2438005/32"16" SGD 91.29
A22230Aluminum Oxide7/8"3613,3000.045"4.5" SGD 30.00
A22240Aluminum Oxide7/8"3610,2000.045"6" SGD 31.88
B23061Aluminum Oxide5/8"3619,0001/16"4" SGD 30.00
F23462Silicon Carbide25/32"3663001/8"12" SGD 32.24
G23323Zirconia Alumina5/8"3619,0000.045"4" SGD 30.53

Cut Off Abrasive Cut-Off Wheel, Type 1

StyleModelArbor HoleMax. RPMThicknessPrice (inc. GST)
A8972121/4"18,0001/16" SGD 44.89
B8300221/4"20,0001/8" SGD 42.25
B1328033/8"12,0951/8" SGD 39.88
C8300723/8"20,0001/16" SGD 39.37
D1312333/8"18,0801/16" SGD 39.88
B1328133/8"12,0951/8" SGD 39.88
B8300683/8"20,0001/16" SGD 39.37

Abrasive Cut Wheel

StyleModelArbor HoleDiameterGritMax. RPMThicknessWheel TypePrice (inc. GST)
ADW80011"14"2443007/64"Double Reinforced SGD 40.05
BDW8001B41"14"2443007/64"Double Reinforced SGD 72.72
CDW80627/8"4.5"60133000.045"Reinforced SGD 26.09

Blue Fire Abrasive Cut-Off Wheel, Type 1

StyleModelArbor HoleDiameterMax. RPMThicknessPrice (inc. GST)
A662528432501"12"50957/64" SGD 55.92
B662528432087/8"4.5"13,5800.045" SGD 31.22
B662528432107/8"6"10,1850.045" SGD 34.20
B662528432097/8"5"12,2250.045" SGD 32.43

Abrasive Cut-Off Wheel, Type 1

StyleModelDiameterMax. RPMThicknessPrice (inc. GST)
A662528431753"25,4651/16" SGD 29.53
A662528431743"25,4650.035" SGD 29.22
A662528431714"19,1001/16" SGD 32.51
A662528431734"19,1000.035" SGD 20.25
A662528431724"19,1001/8" SGD 35.49

Fiber Reinforced Circular Saw Abrasive Cut Off Wheels

Norton circular saw abrasive cut off wheels are ideal for thin, straight & burr-free cuts in aluminium, steel, iron & ferrous metal tool cutting applications. They feature aluminium oxide construction for durability & versatility, and fibre reinforced wheels ensuring maximum safety & high tensile strength. These wheels come with Type 1 cut-off quality, thereby providing increased cutting surfaces & minimum interference with the workpieces. The wheel's resinoid advanced bond formulae improve the performances of the grains against both soft & hard surfaces and the ultra-thin slide reinforcements maximise cut speeds without high kerf losses. Choose from a broad range of these wheels having a maximum speed of 10190 rpm.

StyleModelArbor HoleDiameterMaterialMax. RPMThicknessPrice (inc. GST)
A662528350551.25"6"Aluminum Oxide101900.035" SGD 60.49
B662529387881.25"7"Aluminum Oxide87300.035" SGD 62.74
A662530429831.25"8"Aluminum Oxide76400.06" SGD 68.87
A662531491861.25"10"Aluminum Oxide61100.06" SGD 97.86
A662529387861/2"7"Aluminum Oxide87300.035" SGD 63.44
A662530430091/2"8"Aluminum Oxide76400.06" SGD 69.60
B662528350643/8"6"Premium Aluminum Oxide101850.035" SGD 50.81
B662528350545/8"6"Aluminum Oxide101900.035" SGD 54.96
B662529387875/8"7"Aluminum Oxide87300.035" SGD 82.17

Type 1 Non Reinforced Abrasive Cut Off Wheels

Norton Abrasives non reinforced cut off wheels are used on grey iron, stainless steel, aluminium and ferrous metals or fixed based machines. They feature zirconia alumina, zirconia aluminium oxide or aluminium oxide construction for high bending & impact strength and come in Type 1 wheel categories to provide increased cutting surfaces & reduction in interference with the workpieces. These wheels are configured with arbor holes at their center to keep the saw teeth from moving and deliver speeds up to 7640 rpm. Choose from a wide range of these wheels, available in 54 and 60 grits.

StyleModelArbor HoleDiameterGritMaterialMax. RPMThicknessPrice (inc. GST)
A662528432511"14"-Zirconia/Aluminum Oxide43651/8" SGD 87.34
A662528432571"16"-Zirconia Alumina38207/64" SGD 77.47
A662528432591"20"-Zirconia/Aluminum Oxide27105/32" SGD 183.29
A662528432531"14"-Zirconia Alumina43657/64" SGD 55.12
A662528432551"16"-Zirconia/Aluminum Oxide38205/32" SGD 99.05
A662528432581"20"-Zirconia/Aluminum Oxide27105/32" SGD 186.91
A662528432491"12"-Zirconia/Aluminum Oxide50951/8" SGD 64.78
A662528432541"14"-Zirconia Alumina43657/64" SGD 55.61
B662529229881.25"7"60Aluminum Oxide54600.035" SGD 67.87
B662529229891.25"7"60Aluminum Oxide54600.035" SGD 67.87
B662528229701/2"6"54Aluminum Oxide76400.06" SGD 56.33
A662528432485/8"10"-Zirconia/Aluminum Oxide61103/32" SGD 70.01

Externally Reinforced Abrasive Cut-Off Wheel, Type 1

StyleModelArbor HoleDiameterGritMaterialMax. RPMThicknessPrice (inc. GST)
A234501"14"24Aluminum Oxide54000.125" SGD 48.74
B234631"14"24Silicon Carbide54000.125" SGD 44.20
C244141"14"30Special Zirconium44003/32" SGD 42.43
D245001"14"36Aluminum Oxide44003/32" SGD 24.66
E240511"14"36Aluminum Oxide44003/32" SGD 33.99
F240501"14"36Aluminum Oxide44003/32" SGD 36.69
G240391"14"36Aluminum Oxide44003/32" SGD 27.15
H235011"14"24Aluminum Oxide54000.125" SGD 44.18
I234531"14"24Aluminum Oxide/Silicon Carbide54000.125" SGD 48.80
J234521"14"24Aluminum Oxide54000.125" SGD 44.20
K241501"14"24Aluminum Oxide54000.125" SGD 33.91
L231521/4"3"46Saitech Ceramic250000.035" SGD 31.30
L231421/4"3"46Saitech Ceramic250001/16" SGD 31.22
M230521/4"3"36Aluminum Oxide250000.035" SGD 28.08
L231671/4"4"46Saitech Ceramic190001/16" SGD 35.25
L231711/4"4"46Saitech Ceramic190000.035" SGD 34.76
N230721/4"4"60Aluminum Oxide190000.035" SGD 29.87
M230711/4"4"36Aluminum Oxide190000.035" SGD 29.73
N230681/4"4"60Aluminum Oxide190001/16" SGD 29.87
M230671/4"4"36Aluminum Oxide190001/16" SGD 30.00
N230531/4"3"60Aluminum Oxide250000.035" SGD 28.50
M230421/4"3"36Aluminum Oxide250001/16" SGD 27.89
N230431/4"3"60Aluminum Oxide250001/16" SGD 27.61
N230513/8"3"60Aluminum Oxide250000.035" SGD 28.30
M230403/8"3"36Aluminum Oxide250001/16" SGD 28.63
StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A80105 SGD 105.05
A80100 SGD 128.40

Cut Off Abrasive Wheel, Type 1

Norton Abrasives cut off abrasive wheels provide quick, clean cuts in ferrous metals and stainless steel. These zirconia wheels can productively cut a wide range of materials from stainless steel and carbon steel to alloys and gray iron. The ceramic / zirconia alumina abrasive wheels are used with the right-angle grinder to cut steel and stainless steel. Choose from a broad range of these cut off abrasive wheels, available in 60, 46, 36, 30 and 24 grit options.

StyleModelAbrasive MaterialArbor HoleDiamond KnockoutGritMax. RPMThicknessWheel DiameterPrice (inc. GST)
A07660701616Aluminum Oxide5/8"No6015,2800.04"4" SGD 26.58
B66252832323Aluminum Oxide7/8"No6086001/16"7" SGD 34.33
C66243529622Aluminum Oxide1/2"No6019,1000.035"4" SGD 38.11
D66243537273Aluminum Oxide3/8"No6019,1000.035"4" SGD 29.30
A07660701618Aluminum Oxide7/8"No6012,2250.04"5" SGD 29.04
E66252809714Aluminum Oxide5/8"No6010,1850.035"6" SGD 52.75
F66252809718Aluminum Oxide5/8"No3610,1901/16"6" SGD 52.67
G66252823599Aluminum Oxide7/8"No4613,5803/32"4.5" SGD 30.85
H66252823600Aluminum Oxide7/8"No4612,2253/32"5" SGD 30.75
I66252823601Aluminum Oxide7/8"No4610,1853/32"6" SGD 32.51
J66252830653Aluminum Oxide3/8"No6012,2250.035"5" SGD 43.93
K66252832487Aluminum Oxide7/8"No3010,1853/32"6" SGD 37.13
L66243527955Aluminum Oxide5/8"No3615,2803/32"4" SGD 29.91
M66252832521Aluminum Oxide20mmNo2454005/32"14" SGD 45.09
N66252835388Aluminum Oxide20mmNo2454001/8"14" SGD 40.74
O66252835553Aluminum Oxide3/8"No3625,4651/16"3" SGD 25.89
P66252835554Aluminum Oxide1"No3643657/64"14" SGD 28.34
Q66252836708Aluminum Oxide20mmNo2454001/8"12" SGD 30.94
R66252843256Aluminum Oxide1"No3638207/64"16" SGD 76.92
S66252905957Aluminum Oxide5/8"No3687301/16"7" SGD 33.59
T66253007025Aluminum Oxide5/8"No3676401/16"8" SGD 32.84
U69078609034Aluminum Oxide1"No2427103/16"20" SGD 138.76
V66243528476Aluminum Oxide1/8"No6030,5600.035"2.5" SGD 31.06
W66243578262Aluminum Oxide20mmNo2454001/8"14" SGD 46.11
X66243522505Aluminum Oxide3/8"No3619,1001/8"4" SGD 36.66
3M -

Abrasive Cut Off Wheel, 3 Inch Diameter, Ceramic Grain, 0.06 Inch Thick, Type 1

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
87459CF2UHG SGD 19.70
3M -

Abrasive Cut Off Wheel, 6 Inch Diameter, Ceramic, 0.045 Inch Thick, Type 1

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
66527CF2UGL SGD 32.68
3M -

Abrasive Cut Off Wheel, 6 Inch Diameter, Ceramic Grain, 0.45 Inch Thick, Type 1

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
87469CF2UGM SGD 23.35
3M -

Abrasive Cut Off Wheel, 6 Inch Diameter, Ceramic Grain, 0.045 Inch Thickness

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
87470CF2UGN SGD 24.51

Abrasive Cut-Off And Chop Wheels

Abrasive cut-off wheels are compatible for use with stationary cutting machines for grinding or cutting carbon steel, aluminium, stainless steel, masonry, concrete, marble and ceramic workpieces. Raptor Supplies offers a wide array of 3M, Dewalt, Diamond Vantage, Dremel, Grainger, Lenox, Rex Cut, Norton, Westward and United Abrasives-Sait chop wheels. Abrasive cutting wheels from Dewalt feature heavy-duty aluminium oxide / zirconia aluminium oxide grains for precisely cutting high-tensile strength materials & bronze alloys while maintaining the edge sharpness. Selected cut off wheels from Norton are designed with a side-reinforced resin bond for delivering high cut rates with thin cuts. The unique zirconia alumina aluminum oxide blend is an ideal combination for delivering high-grade industrial performance when cutting pipe, angle iron, rebar and steel studs.

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