Air Compressor Pumps


Air compressor pumps provide compressed air for applications such as filling gas cylinders with clean & high-pressure air, offering pressurised & clean air for operating pneumatic HVAC systems or... Read More


Maintenance Kit

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A38462776 SGD 2396.57
B38478921 SGD 2238.12
C23352172 SGD 3782.88
D24178238 SGD 2959.66
E23360910 SGD 2193.08
F47739543001 SGD 4784.40
G47739472001 SGD 3123.58
H47739434001 SGD 3494.76
I47739371001 SGD 2223.05
J47739361001 SGD 4128.31
K38446100 SGD 1038.32
L38446118 SGD 1223.38
M23360928 SGD 2030.08
A23352149 SGD 1641.81
C23352180 SGD 3662.04
D24178246 SGD 2742.72
N47739466001 SGD 2827.85
O37981636 SGD 2665.27
P47739362001 SGD 1893.60
O37981503 SGD 3591.94
Q47721394001 SGD 1967.70

Service Kits

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A47735398001 SGD 2914.10
B47735238001 SGD 3312.93
C47735276001 SGD 3307.28
B47735401001 SGD 3438.42
C47735402001 SGD 3264.25
A47735219001 SGD 2906.94

Vehicle Mounted Engine Driven Air Compressors

StyleModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
A799M93Compressor SGD 3437.66
BAG2-SM14-08GPortable Air Compressor/Generator SGD 5402.96
CABS-14M-80HGStationary Air Compressor SGD 6371.96
DAM2-SM09-30GStationary Air Compressor SGD 4291.28
E799M94Stationary Air Compressor SGD 4415.87
FAG2-SM14-30GEStationary Air Compressor/Generator SGD 6374.13
GAG2-SM14-30GEStationary Air Compressor/Generator SGD 6228.23
HAG2-SM14-08GEStationary Air Compressor/Generator SGD 5184.09

Portable Engine Driven Air Compressors

StyleModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
AETA6590412Compressor SGD 2807.55
BAG1-PM07-08GPortable Air Compressor/Generator SGD 3394.81
CAG2-PM14-08GEPortable Air Compressor/Generator SGD 5341.03
DAG2-PM14-08GPortable Air Compressor/Generator SGD 5604.91
EAM1-HM04-05GPortable Gas Air Compressor SGD 1586.71
FETE6590811Portable Gas Air Compressor SGD 3691.19
GAM1-PM07-30GPortable Gas Air Compressor SGD 2730.44
HAM1-PM07-08GPortable Gas Air Compressor SGD 2307.60
IETA9090980.ESPortable Gas Air Compressor SGD 6508.96
JAM2-PM09-20GPortable Gas Air Compressor SGD 4069.30
KAM2-PM09-08GPortable Gas Air Compressor SGD 3704.10
StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A5CJF8 SGD 670.06
A5CJF9 SGD 709.05

Air Compressor Covers

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A20VD58 SGD 236.02
B20VD59 SGD 319.79

Drain Valves

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A7442841 SGD 741.51
B3161263 SGD 784.64

Air Compressor Pumps

StyleModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
APMP12K17GRAir Compressor Pump SGD 1164.10
BPMP12MK103GRAir Compressor Pump SGD 827.42
CPMP12MK113GRAir Compressor Pump SGD 1205.91
DPMP22BK119GRAir Compressor Pump SGD 2119.09
EPMP22K30GRAir Compressor Pump SGD 2120.08
FPMP11K3GRPump SGD 797.06
GPMP12K35GRPump SGD 2483.93
HPMP11K8GRPump SGD 938.66

Air Compressor Pumps

StyleModelBore Dia.ConstructionOverall DepthOverall HeightOverall WidthPrice (inc. GST)
AR2-30A-P22----- SGD 15018.13
BS-40A----- SGD 9005.49
CR2-30A-P02----- SGD 8710.05
CR2-30A-P05----- SGD 10501.17
DR2-30A-P03----- SGD 5504.11
DR2-30A-P01----- SGD 4854.62
ES-203.75"Cast Iron20"19"18" SGD 9212.66
FCHPMOA024-23/32"Cast Iron/Aluminum18-21/64"26 57/64"22"-

Air Compressor Pumps

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A4116091337 SGD 764.94
B4116090019 SGD 5840.93
C1312101035 SGD 3088.71
D1312100706 SGD 2818.83
E1312202700 SGD 5193.60

Air Compressor Maintenance Kits

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A1WF46 SGD 153.33
B1WF48 SGD 408.91
C1WF50 SGD 350.81
B1WG54 SGD 1172.65
D1WG56 SGD 778.04
E1WF47 SGD 258.52
A1WF49 SGD 246.35
A1WG52 SGD 360.35
E1WG53 SGD 696.72
F1WG55 SGD 452.27

Air Compressor Maintenance Kits

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A1312101248 SGD 104.50
B2901355100 SGD 665.79
C1312101250 SGD 105.00
D6229030400 SGD 480.92
E2901901000 SGD 5531.59
F2901900700 SGD 3411.82
G2901900400 SGD 803.89
H2901900200 SGD 759.31
I2901356700 SGD 5055.08
J2901355900 SGD 3137.87
K2200902717 SGD 2866.20
L1312101249 SGD 116.84
M2200902716 SGD 2444.13
N2200902715 SGD 1157.79
O2200902714 SGD 2343.74
O2200902713 SGD 2117.06
P2200902356 SGD 283.63
Q2200902354 SGD 1064.38
R2200902301 SGD 578.39
S1312100549 SGD 223.62
T2901900900 SGD 4623.03

Air Compressor Pumps

StyleModelOverall DepthRPMBore Dia.Overall HeightOverall WidthNumber of GroovesValve TypeWheel DiameterPrice (inc. GST)
A1WD23-------- SGD 6415.82
BQ0106001AJ-------- SGD 3257.64
BQ0206001AJ-------- SGD 6606.75
BQ0306001AJ-------- SGD 6429.14
CRV2-15A-P02-------- SGD 4363.44
D1WD24-------- SGD 13430.61
ERV2-15A-P0421.12"1045 RPM2.5", 4.62"24.87"25"2Reed19" SGD 10984.99
FR2-30A-P1027.25"890 RPM3.25" 6.25"33.56"33"3Disc22" SGD 18499.38

Air Compressor Parts Kits

StyleModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
A47735463001Compressor SGD 3132.98
B23417231Compressor SGD 3785.80
C47735470001Compressor SGD 3870.62
D47735479001Compressor SGD 4517.29
E47732403001Diesel Engine SGD 717.29
GSS3J5.5GK-WB Start Up KitKit SGD 709.12
H23352131Kit SGD 440.70
ISTART-UP KIT - 247PKit SGD 454.59
J47735455001Kit SGD 3056.36
K47735395001Kit SGD 2394.02
L24178402Kit SGD 2307.63
M20100251Kit SGD 353.09
N2475 ELECTRICKit SGD 1759.83
O2475 KOHLERKit SGD 1672.26
P2475 HONDAKit SGD 2023.50
ISTART-UP KIT - 447PKit SGD 506.11
Q47739540001Kit SGD 4334.09
RSTART-UP KIT - 2475 14HP Kohler GasKit SGD 1068.39
S42661561Kit SGD 267.11
T38462743Kit SGD 739.48

Air Compressor Parts Kits

StyleModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
A110907-1Kit SGD 84.86
B133505-01Poppet Assembly SGD 53.11
C133502-1Rebuild Kit SGD 305.65
D123504-1Vent Kit SGD 36.78

Air Compressor Valves

StyleModelItemPrice (inc. GST)Pkg. Qty.
A1251-2Core SGD 36.705
AS-684-4Valve SGD 22.402
A500-6Washer SGD 16.0010

Portable Engine Driven Air Compressors

StyleModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
ASS3J5.5GK-WBCompressor SGD 3417.68
BSS5J9.5GK-WBPortable Gas Air Compressor SGD 4710.28

Air Compressor Start Up Kits

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A32305906 SGD 761.85
B97338099 SGD 200.01
C32305872 SGD 617.40
DSS5J9.5GK-WB Start-up Kit SGD 626.28
E22235337 SGD 897.53

Air Compressor Overhaul Kits

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A32319451 SGD 1078.91
B32319485 SGD 6020.52

Air Compressor Valves

StyleModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
AP25VB-FPilot Valve SGD 109.49
BLGM20AM-TUnloader SGD 297.39
BLGM20AA-NUnloader SGD 300.64
CLGM40-0401CBA1Unloader Valve SGD 312.50
DTRV38-0AJValve SGD 32.64

Splash Lubricated Air Compressor Pump

Ingersoll-Rand splash lubricated air compressor pumps have Type 30 cast-iron cylinders, heads and frames designed for continuous operation and extended pump life. These pumps are used for heavy duty industrial applications owing to the two-stage reciprocating air compressor. They are provided with an overhung crankshaft which is accurately balanced to run evenly and quietly, a durable cast iron pump which provides more than 15000 hours of trouble-free service and a 100% copper finned intercooler that lowers the operating temperature & improves pump life. Choose from a broad range of Ingersoll-Rand pumps, available in 135 and 175 PSI pressure variants on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelRotationOil CapacityBore Dia.Groove SectionHPMax. PressureNPT OutletNumber of StagesPrice (inc. GST)
ASS3 BareCCW16.9 oz.2.75"-3135 psi3/8"1 SGD 1397.59
BTS5 BareCCW40.64 fl. oz.-A5 hp175 psi1/2"2 SGD 5183.76
ASS5 BareCCW40 oz.--5135 psi1/2"1 SGD 1801.77
C2340CCW28 fl.oz.3", 1 3/4"A5 hp175 psi1/2"2 SGD 2004.21
D7100CCW2 1/2 qt.5 1/2", 3"-10, 15175 psi1"2 SGD 8908.39
E2545CW74 fl. oz.5", 2 3/4"B7 1/2, 11 hp175 psi3/4"2 SGD 5172.38
F2475CW43 oz.4", 2-1/2"--175 psi1/2"2 SGD 2920.79

Air Compressor Pumps

What are air compressor pumps?
Air compressor pumps perform the act of compressing air and delivering it to an air tank or an air powered tool. They require a flywheel that works with a belt to operate the pump. These compressor pumps store energy in the form of pressurised air. They compress air into small volumes, and the compressed air is used for the desired application.
Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of air compressor pumps from brands like Ingersoll-Rand, Speedaire and Champion. Ingersoll-Rand splash lubricated air compressor pumps are provided with an overhung crankshaft that is accurately balanced to run evenly and quietly. These durable, cast iron pumps provide more than 15000 hours of trouble free service and are equipped with a copper finned intercooler that lowers the operating temperature & improves pump life. Speedaire air compressor pumps are thoroughly tested and approved at the factory. These pumps feature a cast iron, fan type flywheel that forces a 'cyclone' air blast to provide even more cooling for deep finned cylinders and multi-finned copper tube intercoolers. Choose from a broad range of air compressor pumps, available in pressure ratings ranging from 100 to 220 psi.


Air compressor pumps are used for drilling, nailing, grinding & painting jobs in machine & body shops, in addition to sandblasting, dry cleaning, car washing, air conditioning & refrigeration. They are also ideal for power plants, water purification plants, manufacturing industries, paint shops and irrigation purposes.


Speedaire Splash Lubricated Air Compressor Pumps:

  • These air compressor pumps are designed to cycle On / Off while providing continuous air with an 80/20 duty cycle.
  • They have an oil reservoir with a sight gauge.

Champion Splash Lubricated Air Compressor Pumps:

  • Splash lubricated air compressor pumps from Champion feature cast iron cylinders & lightweight aluminium alloy pistons for improved cooling.
  • They come with two compression rings & an oil control ring, as well as high density, high silicon, die cast aluminium alloy connecting rods.
  • These pumps are equipped with steel reed type valves for increased volumetric efficiency.
  • These air compressor pumps have a precision balanced flywheel to ensure high efficiency, high energy & power density, and long life.
  • The ductile iron overhung crankshaft features a precision-balanced design to run smoothly and quietly.
  • They have an oil level sight gauge for user convenience.

Ingersoll-Rand Splash Lubricated Air Compressor Pumps:

  • These air compressor pumps have Type 30 cast iron cylinders, heads and frames designed for continuous operation and extended pump life.
  • They are used for heavy duty industrial applications owing to the two-stage reciprocating air compressor.
  • These pumps feature finned style intercoolers between the two low pressure cylinders and the high pressure cylinder, reducing the operating temperature of the air between the first stage and second stage of the pump.

Working Mechanism

Air compressor pumps compress air into smaller volumes, and the compressed air is stored in a storage tank. Once the air is released, the kinetic energy of the pressurised air can be used for multiple applications. Usually, the pressure limits are set, and the compressor pressurises the air systematically once it falls below the desired limit. The compressor pump can be operated automatically for continuous & uninterrupted operation. Air compressor pumps operate via reciprocating piston action or rotary pump action.

Standards and Approvals

Air compressor pumps are constructed in accordance with ISO standards to ensure improved environmental health, user safety and enhanced performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if there is water in my air compressor?

There is always a little amount of water in all air compressor tanks. Hot air hits the cold tank, producing water as it cools. Dry abrasive does not flow when it gets wet. Wet air must be cooled to remove the water.

How often do I need to change the oil in my air compressor?

If you have a lubricated reciprocating or rotary vane air compressor, you'll need to change quarterly to keep it working properly. For a rotary screw compressor, you'll need to change the oil after 4000 to 8000 hours of use, depending on the type of oil employed.

How often should I service an air compressor pump?

The answer depends on how often the unit used. If you are running your compressor occasionally, then annual service would be fine. If you are running your compressor routinely, then quarterly service might be needed.

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