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Anchor Bolt L Hook

StyleModelFinishMin. Tensile StrengthOverall LengthThread LengthThread SizePrice (inc. GST)
A45208Hot Dipped Galv35000 psi6"1.75"1/2-13 SGD 245.12
A45222Hot Dipped Galv35000 psi12"3.75"3/4-10 SGD 381.48
A45211Hot Dipped Galv35000 psi14"2"1/2-13 SGD 425.92
A45212Hot Dipped Galv35000 psi16"2"1/2-13 SGD 454.52
A45213Hot Dipped Galv35000 psi18"2"1/2-13 SGD 522.95
A45214Hot Dipped Galv35000 psi8"2"5/8-11 SGD 237.25
A45215Hot Dipped Galv35000 psi10"3.75"5/8-11 SGD 270.67
A45216Hot Dipped Galv35000 psi12"3.75"5/8-11 SGD 319.17
A45116Hot Dipped Galv35000 psi14"3.75"5/8-11 SGD 377.38
A45219Hot Dipped Galv35000 psi18"4"5/8-11 SGD 450.92
A45110Hot Dipped Galv35000 psi15"3.75"3/4-10 SGD 446.34
A45209Hot Dipped Galv35000 psi8"1.75"1/2-13 SGD 269.13
A45224Hot Dipped Galv35000 psi16"3.75"3/4-10 SGD 468.30
A45225Hot Dipped Galv35000 psi18"4"3/4-10 SGD 553.07
A45227Hot Dipped Galv35000 psi24"4"3/4-10 SGD 720.56
A45120Hot Dipped Galv35000 psi12"4"1-8 SGD 381.48
A45230Hot Dipped Galv35000 psi18"4"1-8 SGD 510.17
A45231Hot Dipped Galv35000 psi24"4"1-8 SGD 652.67
A45233Hot Dipped Galv35000 psi36"6.25"1-8 SGD 865.59
A45112Hot Dipped Galv35000 psi6"1.75"3/8-16 SGD 123.18
A45207Hot Dipped Galv35000 psi8"1.75"3/8-16 SGD 138.21
A45210Hot Dipped Galv35000 psi10"1.75"1/2-13 SGD 320.19
A45139Hot Dipped Galv35000 psi30"6"1-8 SGD 649.58
B11K383Plain60000 psi8"2"3/8-16 SGD 66.40
A45184Plain35000 psi12"1.75"1/2-13 SGD 294.68

Anchor Bolt L Hook 3/4-10 x 3-3/4 Inch - Pack Of 20

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
53776AB6LRU SGD 326.84

Anchor Bolt L Hook 1/2-13 x 1-3/4 Inch - Pack Of 50

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
53764AB6LTC SGD 363.60

Anchor Bolts

Anchor bolts are designed for attaching structural elements to concrete, for construction and mining applications. Raptor Supplies offers a wide array of Vestil & Caldwell anchor bolts featuring steel / zinc plated, steel / carbon steel construction for high tensile strength. Selected models from Vestil feature expansion sleeves for tight grip & slip protection and an anchor design for quick installation. Choose from a wide range of these anchor bolts, available in 0.375, 0.5, 0.625 & 0.75 inch lengths on Raptor Supplies.

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