Back Supports


Back Support

StyleModelClosure TypeFits Waist SizeItemMaterialSizeWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A3RUZ4Double Hook-and-Loop35" to 40"Back SupportElasticL9.375" SGD 40.80
B3RUZ5Double Hook-and-Loop32" to 37"Back SupportElasticM9.375" SGD 40.80
C3RUZ6Double Hook-and-Loop45" to 52"Back SupportElastic2XL9.375" SGD 40.80
D3RVC7Double Hook-and-Loop42" to 52"Back SupportElasticL9" SGD 62.30
E3RVC8Double Hook-and-Loop32" to 42"Back SupportElasticM9" SGD 62.30
E3RVC9Double Hook-and-Loop24" to 34"Back SupportElasticS9" SGD 46.72
E3RVD1Double Hook-and-Loop52" to 62"Back SupportElasticXL9" SGD 62.30
F3RWH4Double Hook-and-Loop27" to 32"Back SupportElasticS9.375" SGD 30.61
F3RWH5Double Hook-and-Loop40" to 45"Back SupportElasticXL9.375" SGD 40.80
G3RVA8Double Overlap26" to 48"Back Support with StayPolyesterUniversal9" SGD 40.55

Back Supports With Stay, Elastic, Detachable Knit Elastic

Condor 3RUZ Series back supports (with stay) provide stability, compression and support to the back and lumbar region. They have stays that help users wear them for a long time.

StyleModelFits Waist SizeSizeWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A3RUZ925" to 30"S7.75" SGD 123.19
A3RUZ830" to 34"M8" SGD 123.19
A3RUZ734" to 38"L8.25" SGD 123.19

Back Support

StyleModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
AATALBack Support SGD 214.37
AATAMBack Support SGD 214.37
BAPLXLBack Support SGD 201.48
AATASBack Support SGD 214.37
CDUALXLBack Support SGD 399.53
DSPFRXLBack Support SGD 324.09
EDIPBLUEXLBack Support SGD 245.46
CDUALSBack Support SGD 377.53
DSPFRSBack Support SGD 324.09
CDUALMBack Support SGD 399.53
EDIPBLUEMBack Support SGD 245.46
DSPFRMBack Support SGD 324.09
CDUALLBack Support SGD 399.53
DSPFRLBack Support SGD 324.09
EDIPBLUELBack Support SGD 245.46
AATAXLBack Support SGD 214.37
FTS213LWrap SGD 95.75
FTS213MWrap SGD 95.75
FTS213XLWrap SGD 164.26
StyleModelFits Waist SizeMaterialSizePrice (inc. GST)
AVI4675SMWWGL24" to 34"Elastic, Nylon, PolypropyleneS SGD 30.03
AVI4675MEWWGL32" to 44"Elastic, NylonM SGD 27.86
AVI4675LGWWGL42" to 56"Elastic, NylonL SGD 27.86

Back Support Braces, Spandex, Standard

Proflex 1100SF Series standard spandex back support braces are back support devices designed to provide stabilisation and support to the lower back. They are used by individuals who engage in physically demanding activities or jobs that involve repetitive lifting or bending motions.

StyleModelFits Waist SizeSizePrice (inc. GST)
A1100SF25" to 30"S SGD 83.91
A1100SF30" to 34"M SGD 83.91
A1100SF34" to 38"L SGD 83.91
A1100SF38" to 42"XL SGD 83.91
A1100SF42" to 46"2XL SGD 83.91
A1100SF46" to 52"3XL SGD 83.91
A1100SF52" to 58"4XL SGD 83.91
A1100SFUp to 25"XS SGD 83.91

Back Supports With Stay, Spandex, Detachable Knit Elastic

Condor 6T back supports with stay offer lumbar support and stability in various settings. They are used in workplaces that involve heavy lifting or repetitive bending, such as warehouses, construction sites and manufacturing facilities.

StyleModelFits Waist SizeSizeWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A6T56225" to 30"S7.75" SGD 73.98
A6T56330" to 34"M8" SGD 73.98
A6T56434" to 38"L8.5" SGD 73.98
A6T56538" to 42"XL8.5" SGD 73.98

Back Supports With Lumbar Pads, Nylon

Condor 6T back supports with lumbar pads provide ergonomic support to the lower back, reducing the risk of injury and discomfort. They are used in various industries, such as manufacturing, construction and healthcare, where workers engage in heavy lifting or extended periods of sitting.

StyleModelClosure TypeFits Waist SizeSizePrice (inc. GST)
A6T559Single Strap30" to 34"M SGD 59.67
A6T561Single Strap38" to 42"XL SGD 59.67
A6T560Single Strap34" to 38"L SGD 59.67
A6T558Single Strap Hook and Loop25" to 30"S SGD 59.67

Back Supports With Stay, Spandex, Woven Elastic

Condor 5T back supports with stay are ideal for providing lumbar support and stability, primarily in industrial or heavy-duty work settings. These supports are used in construction, manufacturing and warehouse environments to promote proper posture and reduce the risk of back strain.

StyleModelFits Waist SizeSizeWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A5T53925" to 30"S8" SGD 77.78
A5T54030" to 34"M8" SGD 77.78
A5T54134" to 38"L8.25" SGD 77.78
A5T54238" to 42"XL8.25" SGD 77.78
A5T54342" to 46"2XL9.25" SGD 77.78

Back Supports With Lumbar Pads, Elastic

Condor 3RVC back supports are used in industrial settings to provide lumbar support, reducing the risk of back strain and injury among workers. These supports are worn during lifting and other physically demanding tasks, promoting proper posture and reducing the likelihood of back pain.

StyleModelFits Waist SizeSizePrice (inc. GST)
A3RVC427" to 32"S SGD 39.20
B3RVC332" to 37"M SGD 39.20
B3RVC235" to 40"L SGD 39.20
C3RVC540" to 45"XL SGD 39.20
C3RVC645" to 52"2XL SGD 39.20

High-Performance Back Support Braces

ProFlex 2000SF Series high-performance spandex back support braces are supportive garments designed to provide stability and relief to the lower back region during lifting tasks and work that involves repetitive bending or twisting motions.

StyleModelFits Waist SizeSizePrice (inc. GST)
A2000SF25" to 30"S SGD 105.99
A2000SF30" to 34"M SGD 105.99
A2000SF34" to 38"L SGD 105.99
A2000SF38" to 42"XL SGD 105.99
A2000SF42" to 46"2XL SGD 105.99
A2000SF46" to 52"3XL SGD 105.99
A2000SF52" to 58"4XL SGD 105.99
A2000SFUp to 25"XS SGD 105.99

Back Support with Foam Core

StyleModelClosure TypeFits Waist SizeSizeWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A3RUU4Cam Buckle28" to 33"S4" SGD 7.45
B3RUW6Cam Buckle34" to 39"L6" SGD 31.42
B3RUW7Cam Buckle31" to 36"M6" SGD 31.42
B3RUW8Cam Buckle28" to 33"S6" SGD 31.42
B3RUW9Cam Buckle38" to 43"XL6" SGD 31.42
B3RUX1Cam Buckle43" to 48"2XL6" SGD 31.42
C3RUX7Torque Ring37" to 43"L6" SGD 24.05
C3RUX8Torque Ring30" to 36M6" SGD 24.05
C3RUX9Torque Ring22" to 29"S6" SGD 24.05
C3RUY1Torque Ring44" to 51"XL6" SGD 24.05
C3RUY2Torque Ring52" to 59"2XL6" SGD 24.05

Back Supports With Lumbar Pads, Mesh

Condor 1M70 back supports with lumbar pads are used in workplaces requiring prolonged standing or heavy lifting to provide essential lumbar support. They reduce the risk of back strain and injuries in the construction, warehousing and manufacturing industries.

StyleModelFits Waist SizeSizePrice (inc. GST)
A1M70225" to 30"S SGD 60.64
A1M70430" to 34"M SGD 60.64
A1M70634" to 38"L SGD 60.64
A1M70838" to 42"XL SGD 60.64
StyleModelSizePrice (inc. GST)

Back Support with Stay

StyleModelClosure TypeColorFits Waist SizeMaterialSizeWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A1UM58Double Hook-and-LoopBlack42" to 46"Elastic2XL9" SGD 31.75
A1UM56Double Hook-and-LoopBlack34" to 38"ElasticL9" SGD 31.75
A1UM57Double Hook-and-LoopBlack38" to 42"ElasticXL9" SGD 31.75
A1UM55Double Hook-and-LoopBlack30" to 34"ElasticM9" SGD 31.75
A1AAT5Double Hook-and-LoopBlack25" to 30"ElasticS9" SGD 31.75
B1UM62Hook and LoopHi-Visibility Orange38" to 42"ElasticXL8.5" SGD 35.54
C1UM63Hook and LoopHi-Visibility Orange42" to 46"Elastic2XL9.25" SGD 35.54
D1UM53Hook and LoopBlack28" to 46"SpandexUniversal9" SGD 62.30
B1UM60Hook and LoopHi-Visibility Orange30" to 34"ElasticM8" SGD 35.54
B1UM61Hook and LoopHi-Visibility Orange34" to 38"ElasticL8.5" SGD 35.54
E3RVA7Hook and LoopBlack52" to 62"ElasticXL8.75" SGD 31.61
E3RVA6Hook and LoopBlack24" to 34"ElasticS8" SGD 31.61
E3RVA5Hook and LoopBlack32" to 42"ElasticM8.25" SGD 31.61
F3RVA4Hook and LoopBlack42" to 52"ElasticL8.5" SGD 31.61
G3RVA3Hook and LoopBlack42" to 46"Elastic2XL8.5" SGD 123.19
G3RVA1Hook and LoopBlack38" to 42"ElasticXL8.5" SGD 123.19
H1EC64Single Strap Hook and LoopBlack34" to 38"ElasticL7.5" SGD 44.83
H1EC63Single Strap Hook and LoopBlack30" to 34"ElasticM7.5" SGD 44.83
H1EC65Single Strap Hook and LoopBlack38" to 42"ElasticXL7.5" SGD 44.83
H1EC66Single Strap Hook and LoopBlack42" to 46"Elastic2XL7.5" SGD 44.83

Back Support

StyleModelFits Waist SizeItemSizePrice (inc. GST)
A70-110LGBLK-Back Support with Stay- SGD 13.43
B1909L-Back Support- SGD 48.91
B1909M-Back Support- SGD 47.34
B1909XL-Back Support- SGD 47.34
B1909-2X-Back Support- SGD 70.13
C1908-S32" to 36"Back SupportS SGD 65.16
C1908-M36" to 40"Back SupportM SGD 66.69
C1908-L40" to 44"Back SupportL SGD 65.49
C1908-XL44" to 48"Back SupportXL SGD 65.49

Back Support

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A100HV SGD 63.21
A100HV SGD 63.21
A100HV SGD 63.21
A100HV SGD 63.21
A100HV SGD 63.21
B1400UN SGD 82.09
A100HV SGD 63.21
C100HV SGD 63.21
D100 SGD 64.00
A100HV SGD 63.21
E1650 SGD 47.96
F1505 SGD 65.07
G100 SGD 64.00
H1600 SGD 61.02

Black Elastic Back Support Brace, M

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
1625CP4JHH SGD 59.09

Back Support Xxl Black

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
3AR75AC8JLP SGD 59.84

Back Support Cushion, 5 x 17 x 22 Inch Size, Black

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
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