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StyleModelPipe SizePrice (inc. GST)
A2GJY51.5" SGD 71.14
A2GJY41.25" SGD 58.29
A2GJY11/2" SGD 38.04
A2GJY62" SGD 98.67
A2GJY23/4" SGD 41.15
StyleModelPipe SizeTube SizePrice (inc. GST)
A22FT091/2"1/2" SGD 49.33
A22FT083/8"3/8" SGD 41.72

Brass Inline Gas Ball Valve, FNPT x Flared

StyleModelPipe SizePrice (inc. GST)
A1WME51/2" SGD 29.79
B1WME41/2" x 3/8" SGD 50.53

Brass Inline Ball Valve, Comp. x Comp.

StyleModelHandle TypePrice (inc. GST)
A1WML9Lever SGD 69.73
B1WMN9Round SGD 69.35

Brass Ball Valve 3-way Fnpt x Mnpt 1 Inch 3/4 Inch

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A1PYZ6 SGD 100.50
B1PYZ7 SGD 96.42

Low-Lead Brass Inline Ball Valve, FNPT x FNPT

StyleModelPipe SizePrice (inc. GST)
A32H9981" SGD 75.98
A32J0011.5" SGD 131.55
B32H9991.25" SGD 103.36
A32H9961/2" SGD 49.65
A32H9941/4" SGD 37.28
A32J0022" SGD 197.84
A32H9973/4" SGD 59.53
A32H9953/8" SGD 47.20
StyleModelMax. PressurePipe SizeTemp. RangePrice (inc. GST)
A32J041400 psi CWP3/4"0 Degrees to 356 Degrees F SGD 51.69
A32J038400 psi CWP1/4"-4 Degrees to 248 Degrees F SGD 37.07
A32J039400 psi CWP3/8"4 Degrees to 248 Degrees F SGD 37.07
A32J042400 psi WOG1"0 Degrees to 356 Degrees F SGD 70.49
StyleModelPipe SizePrice (inc. GST)
A32H9501" SGD 33.75
A32H9521.5" SGD 47.39
A32H9481/2" SGD 28.57
A32H9532" SGD 43.10
A32H9493/4" SGD 30.21
StyleModelPipe SizePortPrice (inc. GST)
A32H9831"Standard SGD 191.20
A32H9851.5"Standard SGD 352.39
A32H9841.25"Standard SGD 275.98
A32H9811/2"Standard SGD 142.81
A32H9791/4"Full SGD 124.60
A32H9862"Standard SGD 487.69
A32H9823/4"Standard SGD 174.15
A32H9803/8"Standard SGD 120.52
StyleModelPipe SizePrice (inc. GST)
A32J0171" SGD 105.71
A32J0191.5" SGD 235.32
A32J0151/2" SGD 57.87
A32J0202" SGD 312.03
A32J0163/4" SGD 74.65
StyleModelMax. PressurePipe SizeSeal MaterialPrice (inc. GST)
A4PGD1150 psi WOG3"EPDM SGD 940.69
A4PGE9150 psi WOG4"FPM SGD 1406.44
A4PGD2150 psi WOG4"EPDM SGD 1407.43
A4PGE8150 psi WOG3"FPM SGD 831.90
A4PGE7225 psi WOG2"FPM SGD 309.49
A4PGC4225 psi WOG1/2"EPDM SGD 148.72
A4PGC5225 psi WOG3/4"EPDM SGD 169.54
A4PGC6225 psi WOG1"EPDM SGD 170.36
A4PGC7225 psi WOG1.25"EPDM SGD 167.31
A4PGC8225 psi WOG1.5"EPDM SGD 289.78
A4PGC9225 psi WOG2"EPDM SGD 375.34
A4PGE2225 psi WOG1/2"FPM SGD 96.94
A4PGE3225 psi WOG3/4"FPM SGD 118.48
A4PGE4225 psi WOG1"FPM SGD 134.52
A4PGE5225 psi WOG1.25"FPM SGD 194.06
A4PGE6225 psi WOG1.5"FPM SGD 228.59
StyleModelMax. PressurePipe SizeSeal MaterialPrice (inc. GST)
A4PGC2150 psi WOG3"EPDM SGD 301.41
A4PGC3150 psi WOG4"EPDM SGD 519.90
A4PGD9150 psi WOG3"FPM SGD 389.15
A4PGE1150 psi WOG4"FPM SGD 724.16
A4PGA5225 psi WOG1/2"EPDM SGD 91.92
A4PGA6225 psi WOG3/4"EPDM SGD 101.84
A4PGA7225 psi WOG1"EPDM SGD 110.82
A4PGA8225 psi WOG1.25"EPDM SGD 137.57
A4PGA9225 psi WOG1.5"EPDM SGD 181.39
A4PGC1225 psi WOG2"EPDM SGD 197.44
A4PGD3225 psi WOG1/2"FPM SGD 57.49
A4PGD4225 psi WOG3/4"FPM SGD 57.40
A4PGD5225 psi WOG1"FPM SGD 65.88
A4PGD6225 psi WOG1.25"FPM SGD 90.09
A4PGD7225 psi WOG1.5"FPM SGD 111.34
A4PGD8225 psi WOG2"FPM SGD 157.29
StyleModelMax. PressurePipe SizePrice (inc. GST)
A1WMT51000 psi WOG3/8" SGD 163.02
A1WMT41500 psi WOG1/4" SGD 91.52

Brass Inline Gas Ball Valve, FNPT x FNPT

StyleModelHandle TypePipe SizePrice (inc. GST)
A1WMC1Lever1/2" SGD 36.19
A1WMC2Lever3/4" SGD 43.23
B1WMC6Tee3/4" SGD 74.57

Brass Inline Ball Valve, MNPT x MNPT

StyleModelHandle TypePipe SizePrice (inc. GST)
A1WML5Lever1/4" SGD 54.10
A1WML1Lever1/8" SGD 51.69
B1WMN5Round1/4" SGD 52.10
B1WMN1Round1/8" SGD 52.19

Brass Inline Mini Ball Valve, Comp. x Comp.

StyleModelHandle MaterialHandle TypeMax. PressurePortTube SizePrice (inc. GST)
A1WMN8-Round1000 psi WOGFull1/4" SGD 59.87
B1WMT8Nylon-1500 psi WOGStandard1/4" SGD 126.05
B1WMT9Nylon-1000 psi WOGStandard3/8" SGD 142.69
C1WML4SteelLever1000 psi WOGFull1/8" SGD 51.77
C1WML8SteelLever1000 psi WOGFull1/4" SGD 59.95

Brass Inline Mini Ball Valve, FNPT x MNPT

StyleModelBall MaterialHandle TypeMax. PressurePipe SizeTemp. RangePrice (inc. GST)
A22FT06BrassLever250 psi WOG1/8"0 Degrees to 160 Degrees F SGD 33.39
A22FT07BrassLever250 psi WOG1/4"0 Degrees to 160 Degrees F SGD 36.37
B1PZB2Chrome-Plated BrassInterchangeable Wedge Tee Style Lever450 psi WOG1/8"-40 Degrees to 350 Degrees F SGD 38.94
B1PZB3Chrome-Plated BrassInterchangeable Wedge Tee Style Lever450 psi WOG1/4"-40 Degrees to 350 Degrees F SGD 39.13
B1PZB4Chrome-Plated BrassInterchangeable Wedge Tee Style Lever450 psi WOG3/8"-40 Degrees to 350 Degrees F SGD 39.00
B1PZB5Chrome-Plated BrassInterchangeable Wedge Tee Style Lever450 psi WOG1/2"-40 Degrees to 350 Degrees F SGD 43.19
StyleModelPipe SizePortPrice (inc. GST)
A1PZB81/2"Reduced SGD 136.55
A1PZB61/4"Full SGD 95.72
A1PZB73/8"Full SGD 130.55
StyleModelHandle MaterialPipe SizePrice (inc. GST)
A1PZA6Stainless Steel with Vinyl Grip2" SGD 390.16
A1PYZ8Steel with Vinyl Grip1/4" SGD 61.55
A1PYZ9Steel with Vinyl Grip3/8" SGD 60.54
A1PZA1Steel with Vinyl Grip1/2" SGD 66.05
A1PZA2Steel with Vinyl Grip3/4" SGD 106.03
A1PZA3Steel with Vinyl Grip1" SGD 131.14
A1PZA5Steel with Vinyl Grip1.5" SGD 238.18
StyleModelHandle MaterialPipe SizePrice (inc. GST)
A1PYP2Stainless Steel with Vinyl Grip1" SGD 87.84
A1PYN9Steel with Vinyl Grip1/2" SGD 55.07
A1PYP1Steel with Vinyl Grip3/4" SGD 66.05
StyleModelHandle MaterialPipe SizePrice (inc. GST)
A1PYP5Stainless Steel with Vinyl Grip1" SGD 84.79
A1PYP4Steel with Vinyl Grip3/4" SGD 63.72

Ball Valves

Ball valves are used in natural gas & oil industries to control pressure and flow of corrosive fluids, gases and slurries. Raptor Supplies offers a wide variety of ball valves providing tight seating with low operating torque, from brands like Alpha Fittings, Apollo, Bradley, Banjo and GF Piping Systems. Apollo 70-100 Series bronze inline ball valves are used as safety shut off valves for flammable liquids, heated oil and natural gases. These ball valves feature an adjustable packing gland for sealing the shaft against fluids and blow-out proof stem design to prevent stem detachment. The balls are made of chrome-plated brass / chrome-plated bronze / stainless steel to ensure durability & corrosion resistance. These valves come equipped with RPTFE seats & seals for resistance against chemicals and are capable of being operated at pressures up to 600 psi WOG. Banjo 3-way ball valves are used in fluid-handling applications with herbicides, insecticides & fertilizers, as well as with solvents, wastewater, industrial acids and cooling water. These valves feature durable & flexible polypropylene construction to provide low friction, easy installation and resistance from corrosion. These PP ball valves have balls that are diamond turned to provide exact contact between ball & seats, and can withstand pressure up to 100 psi. Choose from a wide range of ball valves in ball and full port valve structures on Raptor Supplies.

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