Biohazard Waste Cans


Biohazard Waste Cans

StyleModelCapacityColorHeightOutside Dia.Price (inc. GST)
A05910R6 gal.Red15.875"15.857" SGD 221.53
B059106 gal.White15.875"15.886" SGD 251.45
B0593010 gal.White18.25"14" SGD 297.60
A05930R10 gal.Red18.25"13.937" SGD 256.23

Support Stand

StyleModelHeightItemLengthWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A797303-62007.875"Support Stand, Z-Style6 11/16"6 11/16" SGD 154.07
B797303-610012 5/16"Support Stand, U-Style10 25/32"7 5/64" SGD 154.07

Biohazard Step On Waste Container

StyleModelCapacityHeightLengthOutside Dia.WidthPrice (inc. GST)
A943BIO6 gal.16"16.5"16"13.5" SGD 149.49
B945BIO10 gal.18"22"18"18" SGD 206.25
C947BIO14 gal.21"22"21"18" SGD 210.61

Waste Disposal Container

StyleModelCapacityHeightLengthWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A797303-00022.5L4 23/32"4 21/64"9" SGD 778.82
B797303-00066L14 61/64"6"60 13/64" SGD 970.16
C797303-003030L16 21/64"11"11" SGD 727.98

SoundGard Series Biohazard Waste Cans

StyleModelCapacityColorHeightOutside Dia.Price (inc. GST)
A059146 gal.Silver15.875"15.866" SGD 279.48
B059156 gal.White15.875"15.866" SGD 274.80
B0593410 gal.Silver18.25"13.937" SGD 330.72
B0593510 gal.White18.25"13.937" SGD 323.74

Biohazard Waste Cans

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A17-789 SGD 153.29
B17-788 SGD 223.41

Biohazard Incinerator Carton 16 Gallon Pk 6

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
F13205-0001AG6RPN SGD 421.09

Biohazard Sharp Object Pouch Pk 200

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
H13234-0000AG6RPP SGD 869.05

Biohazard Waste Cans

Biohazard waste cans are special containers designed to contain and seal biohazardous waste for safe disposal or transportation. These waste cans are built with markings that identify infectious waste to separate it from everyday trash and reduce the risk of accidental exposure. Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of biohazard waste cans from brands like Dynalon, Eagle, Bel-Art and Justrite. BioHazardous poly waste cans from Eagle meet OSHA requirements for exposure to bloodborne pathogens and warn workers of potential biohazards. These cans are made of red high density polyethylene (HDPE) for resistance against rust, dents and most chemical compounds. The self-closing lid with foot lever ensures worker safety due to minimal contact. Justrite bio hazard waste cans feature leak proof, sturdy steel construction to store contaminated laundry and other regulated waste. These waste cans meet OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1030 standards for segregation of infectious waste, and are ideal for use in medical facilities & research laboratories. Choose from a wide range of biohazard waste containers, available in a maximum height of 27 inches on Raptor Supplies.

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