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STRONG HOLD Cabinet Benches

Multi-functional workbenches designed for providing a durable working surface for assembling parts and storage units with full-width adjustable shelves to store tools or valuable equipment (max 1650 lb). Selected models come equipped with bi-fold doors and caster wheels



Countertop Bench

StyleModelTop WidthPrice (inc. GST)
A73-WB-303-1DB84" SGD 7265.98
A83-WB-303-1DB96" SGD 7619.38
A93-WB-303-1DB108" SGD 8003.41

Multi-Shift Workbench

StyleModelTop WidthPrice (inc. GST)
A52.10-3MS-303-RS60" SGD 5460.21
A62.10-3MS-303-RS72" SGD 6230.32

Cabinet Workbench

StyleModelItemNumber of DrawersShelf WidthTop MaterialTop WidthTypePrice (inc. GST)
A73-361-MT-BFDCabinet Workbench080"1-3/4" Maple84"Bi-Fold Doors SGD 8334.33
A43-361-MT-BFDCabinet Workbench044"1-3/4" Maple48"Bi-Fold Doors SGD 5907.56
A63-361-MT-BFDCabinet Workbench068"1-3/4" Maple72"Bi-Fold Doors SGD 8330.25
B43-361-MTCabinet Workbench0-1-3/4" Maple48"12 Gauge Steel SGD 5033.28
B53-361-MTCabinet Workbench0-1-3/4" Maple60"12 Gauge Steel SGD 5817.69
B63-361-MTCabinet Workbench0-1-3/4" Maple72"12 Gauge Steel SGD 6442.77
B73-361-MTCabinet Workbench0-1-3/4" Maple84"12 Gauge Steel SGD 7151.59
B83-361-MTCabinet Workbench0-1-3/4" Maple96"12 Gauge Steel SGD 8413.99
B93-361-MTCabinet Workbench0-1-3/4" Maple108"12 Gauge Steel SGD 9116.70
C4.22.10-WB-300-2DB-MTCabinet Workbench2-1-3/4" Maple50"12 Gauge Steel SGD 7754.19
D65-UC-301Cabinet Workstation0-12-ga. Steel72"12 Gauge Steel SGD 6122.05
D75-UC-301Cabinet Workstation0-12-ga. Steel84"12 Gauge Steel SGD 6657.26
E63-WB-303-6DB-12BCabinet Workstation--12-ga. Steel72"12 Gauge Steel SGD 10252.45

Cabinet Benches

Raptor Supplies offers cabinet benches from brands like Strong Hold, Little Giant & Jamco, ideal for both working on workpieces & storing tools & equipment. These storage units are suitable for a variety of industrial spaces like machine shops, automotive facilities & manufacturing plants. They feature steel construction with heavy-duty top for preventing the workbench from bending / denting while working on heavy loads and lockable doors for tool safety in transit & theft protection. Selected models come with adjustable shelves for storing oversized tools & equipment. Choose from a wide variety of these mobile & fixed cabinets, available in single & double door options.

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