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Tilt Truck Lid

StyleModelColorFits Container SizeMaterialOverall HeightOverall LengthOverall WidthPrice (inc. GST)
A21VK31Black1 cu. yd.Medium Density Polyethylene5"60"34" SGD 503.02
B1.7LID BLACKBlack45-9/10 cu. ft.Poly3"74"40" SGD 565.84
C21VK32Black1/2 cu. yd.Medium Density Polyethylene5"72"28" SGD 319.17
D5/8LID BLACKBlack16-9/10 cu. ft.Poly2.25"55.5"26.5" SGD 394.25
E2.2LID BLACKBlack59-2/5 cu. ft.Poly3"74"51" SGD 625.59
D1.1LID BLACKBlack29-3/4 cu. ft.Poly2.25"69"31.5" SGD 469.32
F1.7LID BLUEBlue45-9/10 cu. ft.Poly3"74"40" SGD 565.84
F2.2LID BLUEBlue59-2/5 cu. ft.Poly3"74"51" SGD 625.59
F1/3 LID BLUEBlue9 cu. ft.Poly2.25"48"26" SGD 375.34
F1.1LID BLUEBlue29-3/4 cu. ft.Poly2.25"69"31.5" SGD 469.32
F5/8LID BLUEBlue16-9/10 cu. ft.Poly2.25"55.5"26.5" SGD 394.25
G2.2 CU-LID GREENGreen59-2/5 cu. ft.Poly3"74"51" SGD 625.59
H1.7 CU-LID GREENGreen45-9/10 cu. ft.Poly3"74"40" SGD 565.84
I5/8 CU-LID GREENGreen16-9/10 cu. ft.Poly2.25"55.5"26.5" SGD 394.25
J1.1LID ORANGEOrange29-3/4 cu. ft.Poly2.25"69"31.5" SGD 469.32
K1.7LID ORANGEOrange45-9/10 cu. ft.Poly3"74"40" SGD 565.84
J5/8LID ORANGEOrange16-9/10 cu. ft.Poly2.25"55.5"26.5" SGD 394.25
L2.2LID ORANGEOrange59-2/5 cu. ft.Poly3"74"51" SGD 625.59
M1/3 LID REDRed9 cu. ft.Poly2.25"48"26" SGD 375.34
M1.1LID REDRed29-3/4 cu. ft.Poly2.25"69"31.5" SGD 469.32
M5/8LID REDRed16-9/10 cu. ft.Poly2.25"55.5"26.5" SGD 394.25
M2.2LID REDRed59-2/5 cu. ft.Poly3"74"51" SGD 625.59
M1.7LID REDRed45-9/10 cu. ft.Poly3"74"40" SGD 565.84
M1.1LID WHITEWhite29-3/4 cu. ft.Poly2.25"69"31.5" SGD 469.32
M2.2LID WHITEWhite59-2/5 cu. ft.Poly3"74"51" SGD 625.59

Self Dumping Hopper Lid

StyleModelColorOverall LengthOverall WidthPrice (inc. GST)
A4LLJ3Gray76"59" SGD 1641.34
A4LLH8Yellow64.25"41" SGD 1271.61

Cart And Truck Lids

Cart and Truck Lids help in protecting or concealing the contents of cube, tilt or basket trucks. Available as polyethylene hinged lids, raised lids, telescopic lids and flat lids. Can be chosen from a range of colours to match or contrast the truck

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