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APPROVED VENDOR Compression And Die Springs



Compression Spring

Grainger-approved high-carbon / 302 stainless steel springs are designed to resist compressive forces and are, therefore ideal for use in clutches, brakes and other heavy machinery applications. These round compression springs come in precision and conical designs for operations requiring a low solid height, increased lateral stability or resistance to surging, such as valve / pipe fitting or welding tasks in automotive engine systems. Cut-to-length models are also available, thereby allowing a user to cut these spring to the desired length to meet a specific load requirement. Choose from a wide range of these compression springs, available in plain, zinc-plated and pre-galvanised finish options on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelSpring RateFinishEnd TypeOverall LengthTypeWire Dia.Compressed LengthLoad (Lbs.)Price (inc. GST)
A1NBX8-PregalvanizedOpen12"Cut to Length0.121"-- SGD 46.49
A1NBW5-PregalvanizedOpen12"Cut to Length0.029"-- SGD 29.88
A1NBW3-PregalvanizedOpen12"Cut to Length0.023"-- SGD 29.31
A1NBW6-PregalvanizedOpen12"Cut to Length0.032"-- SGD 29.69
A1NBW7-PregalvanizedOpen12"Cut to Length0.035"-- SGD 30.42
A1NBW8-PregalvanizedOpen12"Cut to Length0.041"-- SGD 30.97
A1NBW9-PregalvanizedOpen12"Cut to Length0.041"-- SGD 32.44
A1NBX2-PregalvanizedOpen12"Cut to Length0.054"-- SGD 35.22
A1NBX3-PregalvanizedOpen12"Cut to Length0.063"-- SGD 35.76
A1NBX4-PregalvanizedOpen12"Cut to Length0.072"-- SGD 39.61
A1NBX5-PregalvanizedOpen12"Cut to Length0.08"-- SGD 38.92
A1NBX6-PregalvanizedOpen12"Cut to Length0.092"-- SGD 41.15
A1NBX7-PregalvanizedOpen12"Cut to Length0.106"-- SGD 42.87
A1NBW4-PregalvanizedOpen12"Cut to Length0.026"-- SGD 29.50
B1NCY81.61 lb./in.PlainSquared and Not Ground1.25"Conical0.026"-- SGD 25.96
B1NCZ11.67 lb./in.PlainSquared and Not Ground1"Conical0.026"-- SGD 25.96
B1NCZ31.94 lb./in.PlainSquared and Not Ground3/4"Conical0.026"-- SGD 25.96
C1NCJ12.08 lb./in.PlainClosed and Ground3/4"Precision0.016"0.177"1.06 SGD 30.04
A1NBX12.3-lb. in.PregalvanizedOpen12"Cut to Length0.048"-- SGD 34.78
C1NBZ72.5 lb./in.PlainClosed and Ground3/4"Precision0.016"0.177"1.28 SGD 29.64
C1NCK72.5 lb./in.PlainClosed and Ground7/8"Precision0.022"0.166"1.57 SGD 32.17
B1NCZ52.49 lb./in.PlainSquared and Not Ground1.25"Conical0.029"-- SGD 25.96
A1NBV92.76 lb./in.Zinc-PlatedClosed2"Utility0.029"-- SGD 36.75
B1NCZ62.77 lb./in.PlainSquared and Not Ground1"Conical0.029"-- SGD 25.96
C1NCN22.92 lb./in.PlainClosed and Ground1.125"Precision0.026"0.19"2.13 SGD 29.20

Compress Spring Precision

StyleModelCompressed LengthDeflection @ LoadLoad (Lbs.)Overall LengthSpring RateWire Dia.Price (inc. GST)
A1NCR70.427"0.85"10.621.5"12.5 lb./in.0.055" SGD 32.19
A1NCR80.552"0.77"15.391.5"19.99 lb./in.0.063" SGD 32.19
A1NCR90.705"0.91"18.191.75"19.99 lb./in.0.067" SGD 34.73

Compression And Die Springs

Compression springs are used in valve and pipe fittings, automotive engine system and other mechanical applications, and die springs are used in clutches, brakes and other heavy machinery applications. These springs are made from high-quality steel and have a maximum load capacity of 100 lb. Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of compression and die springs from Associated Spring Raymond and Grainger in different lengths and types.

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