Concrete Mixers


Concrete mixers are used to mix cement with water & gravel to produce concrete. They come in several sizes. If you're doing simple crack repair or pouring concrete in a small area, you don't need a... Read More


550 Series Food Grade Mixer

Kulshan Products 550 Series multi-purpose food grade mixers are affordable and ideal at the same time for anyone engaging from light-weight to significant loads. These food grade mixers are suitable for mixing teas, flours, seeds, etc. They are equipped with electric-driven, twenty-eight revolutions per minute motors which swivel at 360 degrees and can be discharged in any direction. They are supported by heavy-duty steel frames with drums being adjustable to a proper angle for a range of mixes. Choose from a wide range of these 550 Series, multi-purpose food grade mixers, available in 115 and 220V motor variants on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelMotorPrice (inc. GST)
A550SS 115v115V SGD 3528.64
A550SS220V SGD 4813.61

450DD Series Food Grade Mixer

Kushlan Products, LLC pedestal-mounted mixers are equipped with a steel frame, making them simple to manoeuvre from place to place. These food-grade liners are capable of extracting simply from baskets and feature mixers which swivel 360 degrees. The drums of these mixers can be adjusted to proper angle for explicit mixing. Choose from a wide range of these 450DD Series food grade mixers, available in 120 and 220V motor variants on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelHPMotorWheel WidthPrice (inc. GST)
A450DD3/4120V, Direct Drive ODP2.25" SGD 1300.41
A450DD-2203/4 HP220V2 1/4" SGD 1824.89

Wheelbarrow Mixer

StyleModelDrum Dia.HPMotorNet WeightOverall HeightOverall LengthOverall WidthSizePrice (inc. GST)
A10N69320.5"1/2115V106 Lbs.41.75"48.5"25.5"3 1/2 cu. ft. SGD 815.72
B10N69422.5"3/4120V125 Lbs.49.5"55.5"28"4-3/4 cu. ft. SGD 825.12

Cement Mixers, Steel Blades, Pin Locking System, 28 RPM

Kushlan Products cement mixers provide homogeneous mixing of cement, gravel, sand and water to form concrete. These cement mixers feature 360 degree swivel for uniform mixing and are equipped with blades made of steel for resisting corrosion on exposed surfaces. They come with a pin locking facility for added safety and deliver a maximum drum rotating speed of 28 rpm.
Wheelbarrow cement mixers have polyethylene drums for resistance against cracks, rust and dents, and ensure easy drum cleaning. These wheelbarrow cement mixers are equipped with belt / direct drive motors for operation with minimal noise, in additon to increased positional & speed accuracy. Kushlan Products wheelbarrow cement mixers come with a stand that can be separated into three components without using any tools. Kushlan's 350EPOXY wheelbarrow cement mixer units are equipped with telescoping handles, thereby allowing easy breakdown for transport and storage. These wheelbarrow cement mixers come embedded with ball bearings for low rotational friction and two polyurethane, flat free tires for excellent shock absorption.

StyleModelAmpsDrum Dia.FrameHandlesHPItemMotorNet WeightPrice (inc. GST)
A1000DD-36"Steel TubingRemovable1Movable Pedestal Mixer120V, Direct Drive ODP329 lbs. SGD 4168.56
BKPRO-22"Heavy Gauge Steel TubingRetractable1/2Wheelbarrow Mixer115V Belt Drive80 lb. SGD 839.45
C350EPOXY-22"Heavy Gauge SteelTelescoping3/4Wheelbarrow Mixer115V Direct Drive113 lb. SGD 1419.36
D350DD-22"Heavy Gauge SteelTelescoping3/4Wheelbarrow Mixer115V Direct Drive96 lb. SGD 860.07
E600DD-28"Heavy Gauge SteelTelescoping3/4Wheelbarrow Mixer115V Direct Drive107 lb. SGD 1694.23
F350MP-22"Heavy Gauge Steel TubingTelescoping3/4Pedestal Mixer115V Direct Drive100 lb. SGD 1644.69
GKPRO 350DD6 Amps-Heavy Duty Gear Box-1/2 HPWheelbarrow Mixer120V- SGD 702.48
HKPRO 600DD8 Amps-Heavy Duty Gear Box-3/4 HPWheelbarrow Mixer120V- SGD 835.04

Concrete Mixer 6 Cubic Feet

StyleModelHPMotorNet WeightPrice (inc. GST)
AMIX592921.5Electric861 lbs. SGD 13203.74
BMIX592898Honda Gas980 lbs. SGD 13289.88

Duo Hand-held Mixer 110v 1-29/32 Hp

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
XO55AB8WAR SGD 2597.89

Handheld Mixer, 110 V, Ergonomic Handle, Rubber Buffers

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
XO1AF9CWP SGD 895.24

Hand-Held Mixer, 110 V, 17 Gallon Mixing Volume

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
XO4AF9CWQ SGD 1536.45

Hand-Held Mixer, 110 V, 2-7/64 HP, 8 Inch Length

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
XO6AF9CWR SGD 1223.25

Wheelbarrow Mixer 3 Cubic Feet 1/2hp

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
MIX3AG3EMY SGD 1696.59

Mortar Plaster Mixer 12 Cubic Feet 8 Hp Gas

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
1200MP8HPAG4VWC SGD 17769.92

Wheelbarrow Mixer, 6 Cu. Ft., 5 1/2 hp

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
650GAS-HCH6KPN SGD 4053.15
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Concrete Mixers

What are concrete mixers?

Concrete mixers are devices capable of preparing concrete mixtures. These machines combine cement evenly to form aggregates such as sand / gravel and water into concrete. A typical concrete mixer uses a rotating drum for mixing the components. Portable concrete mixers are used for small scale applications, whereas large-scale applications can have concrete batching plants built at the construction site.
Concrete mixers are used to homogeneously combine sand, cement and water to form concrete for paving and small-scale construction. Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of concrete mixer machines from brands like Collomix, Marshalltown, Westward and Kushlan Products. Marshalltown concrete mixers are designed with reinforced square tubular frames having a steel channel yoke for ensuring uniform flexural stiffness in all directions. These mixers are equipped with frictional drum locks for securing the steel drum in place. They use electric or gas motors for low vibration operation and superior performance. Wheelbarrow mixers from Kushlan Products feature ODP motors to protect from overheating and polyethylene drums for effective resistance against dents & cracks. Concrete mixers from Kushlan have 2 / 3, high speed rotating steel blades to precisely cut through materials like sand & gravel. They are also equipped with removable / retractable / telescoping handles for hassle-free operation and easy manoeuvring. Choose from a wide range of concrete mixers, available in drum diameters ranging between 20 and 36 inches.


Concrete mixers are devices capable of preparing concrete mixtures of varying strength, precisely & quickly. They blend cement, water and sand / gravel into a mix that can be poured for small-scale construction and paving applications. These cement mixers provide small batches of concrete mix for jobs where large batches from cement trucks aren't needed.


Westward Wheelbarrow Mixers:

  • These wheelbarrow mixers feature a heavy duty frame and a durable drum for mixing concrete, cement, mortar, fertiliser, soil or similar materials
  • They come with a locking system gear and removable handles for compact storage.

Kushlan Products Cement Mixers:

  • Cement mixers by Kushlan Products feature a 360 degree swivel and can discharge cement in any direction.
  • These electrically powered cement mixers feature heavy-duty polyethylene drums and welded steel frames to endure cement weight.
  • Some Kushlan cement mixers can be easily broken down without tools for convenient transportation.

Marshalltown Concrete Mixers:

  • These concrete mixers feature a Quad-Mixing system that uses a four-piece, replaceable paddle and blade combination to create four different mixing patterns within the drum to produce a consistent mix for your pour.
  • They feature 25 RPM drum rotation, a frictional handbrake lock and a drum tilt wheel that allows you to pour from either side of the mixer.

Kushlan Products Food Grade Mixers:

  • 550 Series Food Grade Mixers: These food grade mixers are suitable for mixing tea, flour, seeds, etc. They are equipped with electrically driven motors which swivel at 360 degrees and can be discharged in any direction, at a speed of 28 rpm. They are supported by heavy-duty steel frames with drums being adjustable to a proper angle for a range of mixes.
  • 450DD Series Food Grade Mixer: These LLC pedestal mounted mixers are equipped with a steel frame, making them easy to manoeuvre from place to place. These food grade liners are capable of extracting simply from baskets and feature mixers that swivel 360 degrees. The drums of these mixers can be adjusted to the proper angle for explicit mixing.

Collomix Duo Paddle Mixers:

  • These powerful, 1 speed Duo mixers have counter rotating mixing tools to ensure optimum mixing results without any physical effort, and adjus?table working height for efficient performance.
  • They are equipped with prac?tical rub?ber buf?fers for set?ting them down gently

Collomix Hand Held Mixers:

  • These 2-speed paddle mixers are designed for a wide range of mixing tasks, up to 60 litres.
  • These units feature ergonomically shaped handles and a raised working position for convenient operation.
  • They come equipped with rubber buffers to allow gentle placing on walls and floors.

Marshalltown Mortar Plaster Mixers:

  • These plaster mixers include a stand and removable handles for easy storage.
  • The adjustable steel and rubber blades ensure a smooth, even mix and the square-shaft paddle design guarantees less slipping and superb efficiency.
  • They are easy to manoeuvre, owing to their flat free rubber tires.

Marshalltown Wheelbarrow Mixers:

  • These lightweight & portable wheelbarrow mixers can mix 3 cubic feet of material at 26 RPM.
  • The high torque, 1/2 HP electric motor has an on / off switch and is CE / CSA approved.
  • A pedestal is included, for ensuring easy dumping into forms, wheelbarrows & buckets.

Working Mechanism

  • Pour concrete powder into the mixer: Before starting the concrete mixer, empty the bag of dry concrete mix into the drum of the mixer.
  • Douse with water to remove dust: Take a hosepipe set to spray and douse the dry powder with a bit of water. Do the same to the inside surface of the barrel.
  • Activate the concrete mixer: Once you have added the dry mixture and doused it with a sprinkle of water, it is time to activate the motor. Be sure not to run the electrical cable through any puddles of water.
  • Keep adding water until consistency: With the drum rotating, keep adding water to the mix until perfect consistency is obtained. If you're not sure about how much water to add, read the instructions on the dry concrete bag.

Standards and Approvals

We offer concrete mixers that are FDA / NSF / USDA / CE / CSA approved for utmost performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the right concrete mixer?

  • Drum volume: Consider the amount of concrete mix required for your application.
  • Mixer power: A weak engine cannot rotate the drum at the required speed to mix a larger mass of concrete. This might damage the mixer. Choose engine power based on the quantity to be mixed and the production time.
  • Voltage: Powerful drum mixers require power generators to work properly.
  • Drum rotation frequency: With a large drum diameter, the minimum rotation speed must be low. To get uniform consistency, it is not only necessary to have the right proportion of concrete, but also the right speed of mixing.
  • Blades of the concrete mixer: The blades in a concrete mixer drum can be either stationary or rotating. The more the number of blades, the more even and faster is the mixture produced.
  • Additional wheels: Additional wheels for a concrete mixer facilitate easy movement of the mixer all around the construction site. Additional locking systems must also be provided to prevent accidental movement of the machine.
  • Noise level: The noise level of the machine is a concern based on the working site. A less noise emitting mixer is chosen for apartment building construction to avoid disturbance to neighbours. For outdoor construction sites, a machine emiting more noise can be used.

What safety measures should one consider while using a concrete mixer at a worksite?

  • Always test the mixer by running it empty prior to use. Frequently check for loose nuts or bolts and make sure they are tightened well.
  • After concreting, workers place their tools in the drum of the concrete mixer. Make sure all equipment and tools are removed from the concrete or mortar mixer prior to turning it on the next time.
  • Workers should their hands, clothing & tools away from the moving part of the concrete mixer.
  • Never leave the mixer running unattended. Keep the concrete mixer in good condition as loose or damaged parts of the machine might cause accidents or injuries.
  • Never overload the mixer to produce more concrete in less time. It could damage the mixer.
  • For electrically driven mixers, the wire connecting the mixers should be in good condition, and the circuit breaker should be well maintained. The electric motor should be earthed.
  • Disconnect the power source or shut off the engine before servicing, adjusting or installing accessories / attachments.
  • Wire ropes operating the drum and clutches should be inspected regularly.
  • Do not move the cement mixer during operation. The mixer could tip over or the motor could become damaged.

How long does it take to mix concrete in a concrete mixer?

Turn the mixer on and add the dry mix into the mixer. Allow the concrete to mix for about a minute and then water as necessary. Mix the concrete for about 3 to 5 minutes, until uniform consistency is achieved.

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