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Strip Brush, 36 Inch

StyleModelBackingBacking Height (In.)Backing Width (In.)Bristle ColorFill TypeOverall Trim (In.)Price (inc. GST)
A1TCK2Galvanized Steel5/165/16Natural0.035" Straight PTFE1 SGD 258.61
A1VKT9Galvanized Steel5/165/16Black0.014" Crimped Nylon3 SGD 55.20
B1VKE8Galvanized Steel7/323/16Black0.014" Crimped Nylon4 SGD 59.95
B1VKF2Galvanized Steel7323/16Black0.014" Crimped Nylon6 SGD 86.32
A1TCK4Galvanized Steel5/165/16Natural0.035" Straight PTFE2 SGD 408.55
C1VKN8Galvanized Steel7/323/16BrownHorse Hair1 SGD 49.81
C1VKR1Galvanized Steel7/323/16BrownHorse Hair3 SGD 98.98
A1VKR6Galvanized Steel5/165/16Black0.010" Crimped Nylon1 SGD 45.33
A1VKT1Galvanized Steel5/165/16Black0.014" Crimped Nylon2 SGD 50.15
A1VKT5Galvanized Steel5/165/16Black0.020" Crimped Nylon2 SGD 54.80
A1VKU4Galvanized Steel5/165/16Black0.020" Crimped Nylon3 SGD 63.44
B1VKE4Galvanized Steel7/323/16Black0.014" Crimped Nylon2 SGD 45.38
A1VKU8Galvanized Steel5/165/16Black0.020" Crimped Nylon4 SGD 50.74
A1VKV3Galvanized Steel5/165/16Black0.020" Crimped Nylon6 SGD 68.11
A1TCJ1Galvanized Steel5/165/16Black0.030" Crimped Nylon3 SGD 40.61
A1TCJ3Galvanized Steel5/165/16Black0.030" Crimped Nylon4 SGD 36.62
A1TCJ5Galvanized Steel5/165/16Black0.045" Crimped Nylon6 SGD 73.95
A1TCJ7Galvanized Steel5/165/16Black0.045" Crimped Nylon8 SGD 101.54
A1TCJ9Galvanized Steel5/165/16Black0.045" Crimped Nylon10 SGD 60.36
C1VLA9Galvanized Steel5/165/16BrownHorse Hair1 SGD 64.68
C1VLB2Galvanized Steel5/165/16BrownHorse Hair2 SGD 75.70
B1VKE6Galvanized Steel7/323/16Black0.014" Crimped Nylon3 SGD 44.75
C1VLB4Galvanized Steel5/165/16BrownHorse Hair3 SGD 124.91
B1VKE2Galvanized Steel7/323/16Black0.010" Crimped Nylon2 SGD 44.18
D1TCR2Galvanized Steel7/167/16Black0.020" Crimped Nylon4 SGD 98.68

Strip Brush 36 Inch Length Overall Trim 2 In

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)

Strip Brush 36 Inch Length Overall Trim 1 In

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)

Conveyor Brushes

Tanis conveyor brushes are used to continuously clean debris and dirt from conveyor belts by brushing off the build-up. They are ideal for manufacturing lines, food processing belts, luggage lines and transport beltlines. These brushes feature high flex fatigue resistance and bend recovery with corrosion-resistant metal backing for durability. They create a seal at the bottom of doors or gaps. Cylinder brushes & rollers feature threads installed over a cylinder that can easily be mounted over a rotating axle. Selected brushes are equipped with nylon bristles to prevent abrasion or corrosion. Choose from a wide range of conveyor brushes, mounting kits, guide rails and plastic holders, on Raptor Supplies.

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