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APPROVED VENDOR Countersunk Washers



Washer #10

StyleModelFinishInside Dia.MaterialPrice (inc. GST)
A253041-PGNickel0.265"Low Carbon Steel SGD 35.05
B1NU84Plain0.250"18-8 Stainless Steel SGD 38.98

Washer #12

StyleModelFinishInside Dia.MaterialOutside Dia.ThicknessPrice (inc. GST)
A253046-PGNickel0.289"Low Carbon Steel21/32"1/8" SGD 37.78
B1NU85Plain0.297"18-8 Stainless Steel11/16"9/34" SGD 44.20

Washer #6

StyleModelFinishInside Dia.MaterialOutside Dia.Price (inc. GST)
A908016-PGNickel0.200"Brass15/32" SGD 45.57
A253031-PGNickel0.200"Low Carbon Steel15/32" SGD 30.23
B1NU82Plain0.172"18-8 Stainless Steel29/64" SGD 33.77

Washer #8

StyleModelFinishInside Dia.MaterialOutside Dia.ThicknessPrice (inc. GST)
A253036-PGNickel0.210"Low Carbon Steel17/32"7/64" SGD 33.60
B1NU83Plain0.203"18-8 Stainless Steel33/64"3/32" SGD 34.48

Washer 1/4 Inch

StyleModelFinishInside Dia.MaterialPrice (inc. GST)
A253049-PGNickel0.335"Low Carbon Steel SGD 48.89
B1NU86Plain0.328"18-8 Stainless Steel SGD 49.96

Countersunk Washer

StyleModelRockwell HardnessThicknessThickness ToleranceFinishFits Bolt SizesInside Dia.MaterialOutside Dia.Price (inc. GST)
AZ9928B846mm+/-0.3mmBlack OxideM66.4mmSteel45mm SGD 54.15
AZ9925B844mm+/-0.3mmBlack OxideM66.4mmSteel32 mm SGD 42.81
AZ9933B849/64"+/-0.010"Black Oxide#1013/64"Steel1.125" SGD 37.45
AZ9932B849/64"+/-0.010"Black Oxide#1013/64"Steel13/16" SGD 85.61
AZ9931B841/8"+/-0.010"Black Oxide#83/16"Steel1" SGD 76.10
AZ9930B841/8"+/-0.010"Black Oxide#83/16"Steel3/4" SGD 65.17
AZ9929B846mm+/-0.3mmBlack OxideM66.4mmSteel52mm SGD 67.21
AZ9936B849/32"+/-0.010"Black Oxide1/4"9/32"Steel1.375" SGD 42.18
AZ9927B845mm+/-0.3mmBlack OxideM66.4mmSteel40mm SGD 46.55
AZ9926B844mm+/-0.3mmBlack OxideM66.4mmSteel36mm SGD 44.64
AZ9924B843.5mm+/-0.3mmBlack OxideM55.3mmSteel28mm SGD 35.24
AZ9935B849/32"+/-0.010"Black Oxide1/4"9/32"Steel1.25" SGD 40.66
AZ9923B843.5mm+/-0.3mmBlack OxideM55.3mmSteel25 mm SGD 82.52
AZ9922B843.5mm+/-0.3mmBlack OxideM55.3mmSteel22mm SGD 78.02
AZ9921B843mm+/-0.3mmBlack OxideM44.3mmSteel20 mm SGD 62.68
AZ9920B843mm+/-0.3mmBlack OxideM44.3mmSteel16 mm SGD 61.67
AZ9937B849/32"+/-0.010"Black Oxide1/4"9/32"Steel1.5" SGD 42.92
AZ9938B849/32"+/-0.010"Black Oxide1/4"9/32"Steel1.75" SGD 51.62
AZ9939B849/32"+/-0.010"Black Oxide1/4"9/32"Steel2" SGD 65.23
AZ9934B849/64"+/-0.010"Black Oxide#1013/64"Steel1.25" SGD 41.19
AZ9933SSB85 to C959/64"+/-0.010"Plain#1013/64"18-8 Stainless Steel1.125" SGD 58.39
AZ9934SSB85 to C959/64"+/-0.010"Plain#1013/64"18-8 Stainless Steel1.25" SGD 59.53
AZ9930SSB85 to C951/8"+/-0.010"Plain#83/16"18-8 Stainless Steel3/4" SGD 40.43
AZ9931SSB85 to C951/8"+/-0.010"Plain#83/16"18-8 Stainless Steel1" SGD 47.39
AZ9939SSB85 to C959/32"+/-0.010"Plain1/4"9/32"18-8 Stainless Steel2" SGD 140.94
StyleModelFinishFits Bolt SizesInside Dia.MaterialOutside Dia.ThicknessPrice (inc. GST)
A253061-PGNickel3/8"0.460"Low Carbon Steel1"1/4" SGD 69.64
A6FY92PlainM33.2mmA1 Stainless Steel (Comparable to Free Cutting Stainless Steel)10mm1.8mm SGD 42.49
A6FY94PlainM44.3mmA1 Stainless Steel (Comparable to Free Cutting Stainless Steel)14mm2.3mm SGD 48.78
A6FY96PlainM55.3mmA1 Stainless Steel (Comparable to Free Cutting Stainless Steel)16 mm2.8mm SGD 65.35
A6FY98PlainM66.4mmA1 Stainless Steel (Comparable to Free Cutting Stainless Steel)18mm3.3mm SGD 40.66

Washer #4 - Pack Of 100

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
925167-PGAB9HNE SGD 30.26

Countersunk Washers

Countersunk washers from Micro Plastics are used in conjunction with flat head screws to provide a bearing surface along with a sealing functionality. These nylon countersunk washers feature a specially configured internal diameter that grips the outside of the screw shank so that it can easily slide on the screw, but also retain the position, at the same time. They further cover misaligned holes, protect cabinets from scratching and can be used as glides, bumpers, feet and spacers.

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