Cube Trucks


Akrocarts Medium Duty Carts

Akro-Mils medium-duty polyethylene carts are designed to make movement and transportation of materials easy within a facility or between locations. They eliminate lifting, carrying and hand-emptying processes while handling buckets & barrels.

StyleModelColorPrice (inc. GST)
A76490BLUEBlue SGD 2174.31
B76491GREYGray SGD 1811.68

Cube Trucks

StyleModelOverall WidthCaster Dia.Caster TypeColorFrame MaterialLoad CapacityOverall HeightOverall LengthPrice (inc. GST)
A36FK8724"4"(2) Swivel, (2) RigidGraySteel200 lb.29.5"38" SGD 498.60
B36FL0824"4"(2) Swivel, (2) RigidRedSteel500 lb.30.5"38" SGD 549.24
C36FL1224"4"(2) Swivel, (2) RigidYellowSteel500 lb.30.5"38" SGD 549.24
D36FK8824"4"(2) Swivel, (2) RigidBlackSteel700 lb.29.5"38" SGD 1517.52
E36FL1024"4"(2) Swivel, (2) RigidGraySteel500 lb.30.5"38" SGD 572.14
F36FL1124"4"(2) Swivel, (2) RigidWhiteSteel500 lb.30.5"38" SGD 572.14
G36FK8924"4"(2) Swivel, (2) RigidBlackSteel300 lb.29.5"38" SGD 1021.28
A36FL1528"5"(4) SwivelGraySteel600 lb.35.5"43" SGD 653.33
H36FL1828"5"(2) Swivel, (2) RigidYellowSteel600 lb.35.5"43" SGD 687.17
I36FL1728"5"(2) Swivel, (2) RigidWhiteSteel600 lb.35.5"43" SGD 1293.28
J36FL1628"5"(2) Swivel, (2) RigidRedSteel600 lb.35.375"43" SGD 687.17
K36FL1428"5"(4) SwivelBlueSteel600 lb.35.5"43" SGD 653.33
L36FK9228"4"(2) Swivel, (2) RigidBlackSteel400 lb.33.5"43" SGD 842.04
D36FK9128"4"(2) Swivel, (2) RigidBlackSteel800 lb.33.5"43" SGD 1110.78
M36FK9028"4"(2) Swivel, (2) RigidGraySteel250 lb.33.5"43" SGD 653.33
N36FL2631"5"(2) Swivel, (2) RigidWhiteSteel600 lb.38.5"44" SGD 942.71
H36FL2531"5"(2) Swivel, (2) RigidYellowSteel600 lb.38.5"44" SGD 942.71
O36FL2331"5"(2) Swivel, (2) RigidBlueSteel600 lb.38.5"44" SGD 942.71
P36FL1931"5"(4) SwivelBlueWood600 lb.35.5"44" SGD 793.07
L36FK9431"5"(2) Swivel, (2) RigidBlackSteel500 lb.34.5"44" SGD 1505.85
A36FK9331"4"(2) Swivel, (2) RigidGraySteel300 lb.33.5"44" SGD 704.67
A36FK9531"4"(2) Swivel, (2) RigidGraySteel400 lb.36.5"44" SGD 752.33
L36FL0231"5"(2) Swivel, (2) RigidBlackSteel600 lb.37.5"48" SGD 1050.98
D36FL0131"5"(2) Swivel, (2) RigidBlackSteel1200 lbs.37.5"48" SGD 1409.27
Q36FK9931"5"(2) Swivel, (2) RigidGraySteel500 lb.37.5"48" SGD 931.56

Cube Truck

StyleModelCaster Dia.ColorLoad CapacityOverall HeightOverall LengthOverall WidthVolumePrice (inc. GST)
AUT-8 WHITE3"White400 lb.27"36.25"24.25"10 cu. ft. SGD 896.04
BUT-8 GREY3"Gray400 lb.27"36.25"24.25"10 cu. ft. SGD 896.04
CUT-305"Gray1000 lb.42"71"43"37-3/8 cu. ft. SGD 2618.36

Cube Truck

StyleModelVolumeCaster Dia.ColorLoad CapacityMaterialOverall HeightOverall LengthOverall WidthPrice (inc. GST)
AFG460800BLA8 cu. ft.4"Black300 lb.MDPE28.125"38"26" SGD 1205.18
BFG460800DBLUE8 cu. ft.4"Blue300 lb.MDPE28.125"38"26" SGD 1337.43
CFG461200BLA12 cu. ft.4"Black400 lb.MDPE33"42.75"28" SGD 1616.41
DFG461200DBLUE12 cu. ft.4"Blue400 lb.MDPE33"42.75"28"-
EFG461400BLA14 cu. ft.5"Black500 lb.MDPE32.5"44.125"31" SGD 1800.59
FFG461100BLA14 cu. ft.5"Black500 lb.Polyethylene32.5"44.125"31" SGD 2340.47
GFG461600BLA16 cu. ft.5"Black500 lb.MDPE37 1/3"44 1/5"30.5" SGD 1919.18
HFG461600DBLUE16 cu. ft.5"Blue500 lb.MDPE37 1/3"44 1/5"30.5" SGD 1919.18
AFG461900BLA20 cu. ft.5"Black600 lb.Polyethylene37.5"48"34.125" SGD 2198.19

Utility Truck

StyleModelCaster Dia.Caster TypeLoad CapacityOverall HeightOverall LengthOverall WidthVolumePrice (inc. GST)
AFG470800BLA4"(2) Rigid and (2) Swivel, Mounted in Diamond Pattern700 lb.28.25"38.125"26"8 cu. ft. SGD 1686.13
BFG471200BLA4"(2) Rigid and (2) Swivel, Mounted in Diamond Pattern800 lb.33.875"43.25"28"12 cu. ft. SGD 2015.74
CFG471600BLA5"(2) Rigid and (2) Swivel, Mounted in Diamond Pattern1000 lb.38.25"44.375"31"16 cu. ft. SGD 2640.86
BFG472000BLA5"(2) Rigid and (2) Swivel, Mounted in Diamond Pattern1200 lbs.37.875"48.25"34.125"20 cu. ft. SGD 2994.04
DFG472700BLA5"(4) Swivel1200 lbs.42.875"59"34"27 cu. ft. SGD 2390.71

Plastic Box Trucks

Wesco plastic box trucks are designed for storing and transporting bulk materials in warehouses, manufacturing plants, stores & automotive industries. These heavy-duty trucks feature one-piece, moulded polyethylene construction for high impact strength & durability. They have 2 rigid and 2 swivel polyurethane casters for improved manoeuvrability around the workspace. Selected models feature pneumatic caster sets for items weighing up to 600 lb. Choose from a wide range of these plastic box trucks, available in red, white, blue, grey and yellow colours on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelColorLengthLoad CapacityOverall HeightOverall LengthOverall WidthWheel MaterialPrice (inc. GST)
A272504Blue32"350 lb.21.5"32"21"Polyurethane SGD 480.85
A272538Blue42"600 lb.37"42"30"Pneumatic SGD 964.10
A272535Blue32"350 lb.21.5"32"21"Pneumatic SGD 595.71
A272524Blue46"600 lb.40"46"34"Polyurethane SGD 1009.18
A272537Blue38"550 lb.35"38"28"Pneumatic SGD 878.49
A272514Blue38"550 lb.35"38"28"Polyurethane SGD 761.35
A272536Blue35.5"450 lb.30"35.5"24"Pneumatic SGD 780.09
B272509Blue35.5"450 lb.30"35.5"24"Polyurethane SGD 587.60
A272519Blue42"600 lb.37"42"30"Polyurethane SGD 805.80
A272539Blue46"600 lb.40"46"34"Pneumatic SGD 1075.03
C272534Gray46"600 lb.40"46"34"Pneumatic SGD 1107.83
C272518Gray42"600 lb.37"42"30"Polyurethane SGD 795.79
C272513Gray38"550 lb.35"38"28"Polyurethane SGD 713.48
C272531Gray35.5"450 lb.30"35.5"24"Pneumatic SGD 780.09
C272530Gray32"350 lb.21.5"32"21"Pneumatic SGD 595.71
C272523Gray46"600 lb.40"46"34"Polyurethane SGD 945.35
C272503Gray32"350 lb.21.5"32"21"Polyurethane SGD 480.85
C272532Gray38"550 lb.35"38"28"Pneumatic SGD 908.25
C272533Gray42"600 lb.37"42"30"Pneumatic SGD 938.52
C272508Gray35.5"450 lb.30"35.5"24"Polyurethane SGD 591.53
D272548Red42"600 lb.37"42"30"Pneumatic SGD 908.25
D272526Red46"600 lb.40"46"34"Polyurethane SGD 989.30
D272545Red32"350 lb.21.5"32"21"Pneumatic SGD 595.71
D272521Red42"600 lb.37"42"30"Polyurethane SGD 790.73
D272549Red46"600 lb.40"46"34"Pneumatic SGD 1075.03

Polypropylene Cart, Heavy Duty, 90 Gallon Capacity, Green

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
76590GREENAD6TBP SGD 3126.48

Gray Truck 6-1/10 Cubic Feet 300 Lb. Load

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)

Cube Trucks

Cube Trucks can help in carrying a wide variety of items such as mail, recyclable trash, solutions, grains, etc. They feature two rigid and two swivel casters in diamond pattern as standard for improved manoeuvrability and it resists tilting as well. Available options include medium to heavy duty steel and polyethylene carts with sturdy handles for easily pushing or pulling, both with and without lids

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