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DC Permanent Magnet Motors


Motors are used to convert energy by interacting with a magnetic field and alternating (AC) or direct (DC) current. DC motors feed on a direct... Read More


DC Permanent Magnet Motors

Dayton DC permanent magnet motors are used to generate a constant torque all over their speed range, making them suitable for use in mixers, conveyor belts, hoists and positive displacement pumps. These UL recognized motors are provided with ball bearings that can manage heavy-duty radial and axial loads due to the greater torque that DC motors can produce. They are engineered for tough-to-start applications like belt-driven equipment, machine tools, conveyors and reciprocating pumps. Choose from a range of these permanent magnet motors, available in F and H insulation class options.

StyleModelFull Load AmpsHPInsulation ClassMotor Enclosure DesignNameplate RPMOverall LengthVoltagePrice (inc. GST)
A2M167------- SGD 1091.82
B2M168------- SGD 1302.45
C2M169------- SGD 1678.04
D2M170------- SGD 2122.22
A2M509------- SGD 1319.30
A4Z378------- SGD 2122.22
A4Z524------- SGD 1315.71
D4Z525------- SGD 1732.21
E6MK98------- SGD 1489.06
E6ML01------- SGD 1502.28
E6ML02------- SGD 1676.85
E6ML03------- SGD 1621.46
F6ML05------- SGD 1692.46
G6ML06------- SGD 2216.13
H6ML07------- SGD 2046.37
StyleModelArmature CurrentArmature VoltageBrushesFrameHPOutputRevisionTypePrice (inc. GST)
ACDPX3436-------- SGD 15274.61
ACDPX3440-------- SGD 15274.61
ACDPX3545-------- SGD 20341.89
ACDPX3575-------- SGD 21742.03

Low Voltage Motors, DC Permanent Magnet, TENV and TEFC, C Face Footed

StyleModelHPVoltagePrice (inc. GST)
A056E17T2004-- SGD 2012.67
B056E17F2014-- SGD 1267.16
C056E17F2015-- SGD 3929.04

Premium Duck Washguard PMDC Motors, TEFC 180V, C Face Less Base

StyleModelAmpsAssemblykWTorqueTypePrice (inc. GST)
A109081.00----- SGD 1206.78
B109084.00----- SGD 1248.72
B109087.00----- SGD 1189.89
B109090.00----- SGD 1424.31

Stock Gear Motors, 1/2 Hp

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
AGF4021AGC50 SGD 2906.51
BGF6024AGA50 SGD 2436.68

DC Power Motors

StyleModelArmature CurrentArmature VoltageBrushesFrameHPOutputRevisionTypePrice (inc. GST)
AD1151-------- SGD 7574.02
AD1152-------- SGD 5121.41
AD1153-------- SGD 6028.96
AD1154-------- SGD 6930.68
AD2301-------- SGD 4984.25
AD2302-------- SGD 5276.07
AD2303-------- SGD 6028.96
AD2304-------- SGD 6930.68
BD2305-------- SGD 8141.73
StyleModelArmature CurrentArmature VoltageBrushesEnclosureFrameHPOutputRevisionPrice (inc. GST)
ACDPWD3306-------- SGD 4108.77
ACDPWD3310-------- SGD 4108.77
ACDPWD3316-------- SGD 4340.33
ACDPWD3436-------- SGD 5888.51
ACDPWD3440-------- SGD 5888.51
ACDPWD3445-------- SGD 7183.63
ACDPWD3603-------- SGD 11970.18

143/5TC Frame DC Permanent Magnet Motors

Dayton permanent magnet DC motors produce a constant torque and are ideal for conveyor belts, hoists, mixers and positive displacement pumps. They are made from NEMA rated 143/5TC frame with Class H insulation which permits the temperature to rise up to 180 degrees C. These continuous duty motors can run at a maximum speed of 1750 RPM in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions. They are face / base mounted for easy installation and have ball bearings to handle heavy radial and axial loads. Choose between 7.5 and 15 ampere current variants of these motors, available on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelFull Load AmpsHPOverall LengthPrice (inc. GST)
A4Z379--- SGD 3772.56
A6Z791--- SGD 6009.13

SCR Drive Motors, Integral DC, Tach Permanent Magnet

StyleModelArmature CurrentArmature VoltageBrushesEnclosureFrameHPOutputRevisionPrice (inc. GST)
ACDPT3310-------- SGD 9063.00
ACDPT3320-------- SGD 9243.40
ACDPT3330-------- SGD 9243.40
ACDPT3440-------- SGD 10393.08
ACDPT3445-------- SGD 11593.94
ACDPT3455-------- SGD 11593.94
BCDPT3575-------- SGD 16090.45
BCDPT3585-------- SGD 18053.27
CCDPT3603-------- SGD 20998.89
ACDPT3306-------- SGD 9063.00
ACDPT3316-------- SGD 9243.40
ACDPT3326-------- SGD 9824.96
ACDPT3436-------- SGD 10393.08
StyleModelArmature CurrentArmature VoltageBrushesEnclosureHPInsulationMountingOutputPrice (inc. GST)
ACDP3410-V12-------- SGD 3414.10
ACDP3420-V12-------- SGD 3745.25
ACDP3430-V12-------- SGD 3882.61
ACDP3440-V24-------- SGD 5541.16
ACDP3445-V24-------- SGD 8023.69
ACDP3410-V24-------- SGD 3236.41
ACDP3420-V24-------- SGD 3572.96
ACDP3430-V24-------- SGD 3702.21
ACDP3440-V12-------- SGD 5573.49
ACDP3445-V12-------- SGD 3665.24
StyleModelArmature CurrentArmature VoltageBrushesEnclosureFrameHPInsulationOutputPrice (inc. GST)
ACDP3306-------- SGD 3174.49
ACDP3330-------- SGD 3745.25
ACDP3603-------- SGD 14973.07
ACDP3585-------- SGD 12156.68
ACDP3575-------- SGD 10188.45
ACDP3455-------- SGD 5533.11
ACDP3445-------- SGD 5533.11
ACDP3440-------- SGD 4547.67
ACDP3436-------- SGD 4547.67
ACDP3335-------- SGD 3346.78
ACDP3326-------- SGD 3745.25
ACDP3443-------- SGD 4025.28
ACDP3320-------- SGD 3745.25
ACDP3316-------- SGD 3346.78
ACDP3310-------- SGD 3174.49
ACDP3604-------- SGD 6087.33
ACDP3590-------- SGD 10188.45
ACDP3580-------- SGD 8866.43
ACDP3460-------- SGD 4547.67
ACDP3450-------- SGD 4547.67
ACDP3605-------- SGD 25409.19

SCR Drive Motors, Shunt Wound

StyleModelArmature CurrentArmature VoltageBrushesFrameHPInsulationNEMA/IEC FrameOutputPrice (inc. GST)
ACD3434-------- SGD 3489.50
BCD6202-------- SGD 12320.91
BCD7503-------- SGD 22996.70
BCD7502-------- SGD 21623.55
BCD6219-------- SGD 9305.32
BCD6218-------- SGD 9305.32
BCD6215-------- SGD 4257.63
BCD6203-------- SGD 13993.00
ACD5375-------- SGD 6540.08
ACD3450-------- SGD 3968.79
ACD5350-------- SGD 5554.64
ACD5333-------- SGD 3016.87
ACD5319-------- SGD 6965.52
ACD5318-------- SGD 6965.52
ACD3476-------- SGD 4935.38
ACD3475-------- SGD 4935.38
ACD3451-------- SGD 3968.79
CCDX7150-------- SGD 13057.70

SCR Drive Motors

StyleModelArmature CurrentHPOutputRevisionRPMPrice (inc. GST)
ACD3425----- SGD 3193.31
BCD2005P-2----- SGD 34110.34
ACD3433----- SGD 3489.50

Non-Standard Frame DC Permanent Magnet Motors

StyleModelBearingsFull Load AmpsHPInsulation ClassLength Less ShaftMotor ApplicationNameplate RPMOverall LengthPrice (inc. GST)
A1Z851-------- SGD 752.36
B3LCH7-------- SGD 130.12
C3XE19-------- SGD 403.27
C3XE20-------- SGD 414.71
C3XE21-------- SGD 420.71
D3XE22-------- SGD 394.21
E4Z140-------- SGD 670.50
A4Z141-------- SGD 672.30
A4Z143-------- SGD 687.94
A4Z144-------- SGD 628.96
F4Z528-------- SGD 746.93
A4Z529-------- SGD 794.47

56C Frame Washdown DC Motors

Dayton 56C frame washdown DC motors feature totally enclosed housing capable of withstanding wet / high-humidity environments or frequent washing for sanitation & cleanliness. They are ideal for the chemical, food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries. These motors are equipped with ball bearings for less rotational friction while running at a maximum speed of 1750 rpm. They have a totally enclosed fan-cooled enclosure to prevent motor heating and can be operated at a maximum ambient temperature of 40 degrees C. Choose from a wide range of these washdown DC motors, available in 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 3/4 & 1 hp variants.

StyleModelFull Load AmpsHPLength Less ShaftOverall LengthVoltagePrice (inc. GST)
A1F640----- SGD 2628.99
A1F642----- SGD 2732.51
A1F644----- SGD 2211.30
A1F646----- SGD 2121.01
A1F648----- SGD 1889.88
A1F650----- SGD 1812.86
A1F652----- SGD 1765.92
A1F654----- SGD 1691.29

Washdown Motor Tenv 1/2 Hp 1750rpm 90vcd

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
056E17V2003AF8KHZ SGD 2675.77

Dc Motor Pm Tenv 1/6 Hp 700 Rpm 12vdc

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
MZD-4001AE4CTQ SGD 733.20

Paint Free Washdown Motor, 1750 RPM, 90V DC, 0.25 hp, TEFC, 56C Frame

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
CDPSWD3410AJ6PCK SGD 4921.92

DC Motor PM TEFC 2 HP 1750 rpm 180VDC

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
4Z380AE2QVP SGD 5331.81
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DC Permanent Magnet Motors

Permanent magnet DC (PMDC) motors are ideal for producing high torque at low speeds using a permanent magnet and DC current supply. Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of permanent magnet DC motors from brands, like Baldor, Marathon Motors, Dayton and Prestoline Motors.
Permanent magnet DC motors manufactured by Baldor Motors are suitable for operating washers & windshield wipers in vehicles and powering blowers in air conditioners & heaters. They have a heavy duty steel frame (56C, 145TC, 184TC, 184ATC or 1810ATC) with TEFC, a TENV or XPFC motor enclosure and a dynamically balanced armature for heat & moisture resistance. The commutators of these permanent DC motors are fused with the armature connections for generating a continuous duty magnetic field while providing low current flow resistance to reduce hysteresis loss. Baldor Motors PMDC motors are fitted with fine ceramic ferrite magnets to eliminate demagnetisation and double seal ball bearings to hold both axial & radial loads in clockwise (CW) & counterclockwise (CCW) directions. The endplates of these motors have die cast alloy construction with steel bearing inserts for easy re-greasing and increased thermal conductivity. They are also available in fractional power outputs and servomotor variants for precise control of speed & linear movement.
Dayton permanent magnet DC motors are used to produce constant / variable torque for use in conveyor belts, hoists, mixers & positive displacement pumps. They have 143/5TC, 56C or non standard frame with different types of insulations that allow high operating temperature. These motors can run at a maximum speed of 1800 rpm in both CW & CCW directions. They are face / base mounted for quick & easy installation at any location. These motors are also used for powering tough-to-start applications like belt driven equipment, machine tools and reciprocating pumps.
Dayton 56C frame washdown DC motors feature a totally enclosed housing for operating in wet or humid environments and withstanding frequent washing for sanitation. They are ideal for the chemical, food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries. This housing keeps out dirt & moisture and drains out any condensated particles through drain holes. These motors are further equipped with a totally enclosed fan-cooled enclosure & ball bearings for less motor heating & rotational friction.
Marathon Motors and Prestoline DC motors are used in air moving, hydraulic tail gate and snow plow lift applications as direct OEM replacements for other PMDC motors with similar specifications.


DC permanent magnet motors can handle heavy radial & axial loads by producing a constant torque throughout their speed range; best suited for application in conveyor belts, hoists, mixers, and positive displacement pumps. These motors are also suitable for driving HVAC equipment such as heat pumps, condenser fans and air conditioning & refrigeration condensing units. Raptor Supplies also offers washdown DC motors that can operate in wet / humid environments and withstand frequent washing.


  • DC permanent magnet motors are used for powering HVAC equipment, automobile, conveyor belts, hoists & pumps by converting electrical energy to mechanical power.
  • They use permanent magnets that do not require any field excitation arrangement & coil windings.
  • These permanent magnets are attached with the armature connections for generating a continuous duty magnetic field and moving the motor shafts.
  • The ball bearings on these devices further reduce frictional losses & eliminate heat generation inside the units.
  • Selected motors can be used in outdoor applications or in wet operating conditions due to their totally enclosed motor enclosures & insulation.

Working Mechanism

After the DC permanent magnet motors are mounted at the desired location, they are fitted to the equipment that needs to be powered. The motors are further attached to controlling accessories like DC speed controls for monitoring motor outputs. Then the units are connected to a DC power source for supplying power to equipment.

Standards and Approvals

A DC permanent magnet motor should meet or be certified to standards like ASME, ANSI, API or NACE before use in automobile, HVAC devices, boilers, pressure vessels or other mission critical applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What accessories are compatible with these DC permanent magnet motors?

DC permanent magnet motors can be fitted with various accessories for replacing its faulty or worn out parts. The accessories compatible with this type of motors are:

What is the difference between a permanent magnet DC motor and a general purpose DC motor?

The main difference between a general-purpose DC motor and a permanent magnet DC (PMDC) motor is the stator construction. A PMDC stator is made of permanent magnets, whereas a DC motor features electromagnet. The former does not need separate field excitation whereas an ordinary DC motor stator comes with field windings to provide excitation to the electromagnet. A PMDC motor is also more efficient when compared to a DC motor due to the absence of field windings and the resulting copper loss.

How can users select the right DC permanent magnet motors for their needs?

First thing to note while selecting a permanent magnet DC motor is the voltage rating & power output of the unit. The voltage rating measures the input DC voltage that a motor can operate on, whereas the power output of a motor indicates the power generated (in horsepower) by the unit. Then, users should take a note of the frame, enclosure, insulation and mounting requirements. The frame data of the motor indicates the shape & size of the selected motor. Enclosure & insulation refers to the outside covering and suggesting if the motor can be used outdoors or not. Mounting data of the motor can tell the users of the mounting pattern & accessories required to install the motor at the desired place.

Does Raptor Supplies offer other variants of DC permanent magnet motors?

Yes, Raptor Supplies offers various types of motors, namely general purpose DC motors, stepper motors and DC wound field motors.

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