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Dock Bumper

StyleModelOverall DepthOverall HeightOverall WidthPrice (inc. GST)
A2MYR51.375"18"5.25" SGD 132.18
B22NT592"1 11/16"24" SGD 64.14
C22NT792"2"16" SGD 32.54
D22NT602"1 11/16"36" SGD 79.96
E2MYR22"8"18" SGD 154.43
F22NT582"1 11/16"12" SGD 54.86
G2MYP93"30"4.5" SGD 283.24
H2MYP83"10"4.5" SGD 210.10
I2MYR93"12"24" SGD 150.86
J2MYR83"22"22" SGD 178.13
K2MYR44"13"12" SGD 204.38
L2MYR14"13"12" SGD 138.09
M2MYR34"18"18" SGD 167.91
N22NT904.5"13"24" SGD 432.04
O22NT914.5"13"36" SGD 605.16
P26W5694.5"6"26" SGD 175.57
Q22NT834.5"20"10" SGD 291.19
R5W8254.5"10"20.75" SGD 192.94
S26W5714.5"10"38" SGD 311.01
T26W5724.5"10"98" SGD 985.11
U22NT844.5"26"10" SGD 375.34
V22NT854.5"38"10" SGD 332.96
W26W5734.5"12"14" SGD 147.89
X22NT864.5"14"12" SGD 256.26
Y26W5704.5"10"32" SGD 258.60

Trailer/Crane Dock Bumper

StyleModelOverall DepthOverall HeightPrice (inc. GST)
A2MYR63.125"6" SGD 75.58
B2MYR73.625"6.25" SGD 82.34

Dock/Body Bumper

StyleModelOverall DepthOverall HeightOverall WidthPrice (inc. GST)
A22NT802"8"2.5" SGD 21.46
B22NT813.5"8"5.5" SGD 29.34
C22NT823.5"6"3.5" SGD 19.52

Dock Bumpers

Dock bumpers are impact prevention devices ideal for installation at industrial buildings, warehouses or loading docks. Raptor Supplies offers a huge variety of dock bumpers from brands like Buyers Products, Grainger, Saw Trax & Vestil. Large bumpers can be mounted directly to walls or dock levellers, whereas small bumpers can be attached to lorries or trucks. They come with 2 to 6 bolt holes. Selected models feature a reflective yellow tape that makes them visible in faint light as well.

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