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General Purpose Dolly

StyleModelColorPlatform StylePrice (inc. GST)
A35YL99BlueOpen,Flush SGD 278.71
B35YM03BlueOpen, Raised Ends SGD 279.71
C35YM01RedOpen,Flush SGD 267.68
D35YM02RedOpen, Raised Ends SGD 279.71


StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A168440 SGD 514.77
A178240 SGD 858.68

General Purpose Dolly

StyleModelCaster Wheel Dia.Caster Wheel MaterialCaster Wheel WidthColorLoad CapacityPlatform HeightPlatform LengthPlatform MaterialPrice (inc. GST)
A10Z9053"Polyolefin/Polyurethane1"Blue220 lb.4.5"24"Plastic SGD 145.87
B48J0803"Polypropylene1.25"Black700 lb.4 5/16"36"Fiberwood SGD 169.83
C48J0623"Polypropylene1.25"Natural1000 lb.5.125"24"Hardwood SGD 105.73
D48J0653"Polypropylene1.25"Natural1000 lb.5.25"30"Hardwood SGD 140.40
E48J0673"Polypropylene1.25"Natural1000 lb.5.25"16"Hardwood SGD 82.73
F48J0683"Polypropylene1.25"Natural1000 lb.5.25"30"Hardwood SGD 109.31
G48J0703"Polypropylene1.25"Natural1000 lb.6.75"30"Hardwood SGD 150.90
H48J0783"Polypropylene1.25"Black600 lb.4 5/16"36"Fiberwood SGD 190.85
I48J0813"Polypropylene1.25"Black800 lb.4 5/16"24"Fiberwood SGD 130.24
J2TUP13"Polyolefin1.25"Silver900 lb.5.25"24"Aluminum SGD 312.86
K48J0943"Rubber1.25"Gray1000 lb.4"36"Steel SGD 320.30
L48J0953"Hard Rubber1.25"Gray1000 lb.4"24"Steel SGD 246.76
L48J0963"Hard Rubber1.25"Gray1000 lb.4"32"Steel SGD 307.61
L48J0973"Hard Rubber1.25"Gray1000 lb.4"36"Steel SGD 374.25
M48J0983"Rubber1.25"Gray1000 lb.6"36"Steel SGD 405.46
N48J0993"Hard Rubber1.25"Gray1000 lb.5.5"24"Steel SGD 280.14
J2TUP23"Polyolefin1.25"Silver900 lb.5.25"30"Aluminum SGD 561.40
O48J0633"Polypropylene1.25"Natural1000 lb.5.125"30"Hardwood SGD 113.92
N48J1013"Hard Rubber1.25"Gray1000 lb.5.5"32"Steel SGD 314.52
P10Z9103"Polyolefin/Polyurethane1"Black300 lb.4.5"24"Plastic SGD 217.98
Q24WF573"Polyolefin1.25"Gray900 lb.5"27.5"Steel SGD 534.58
Q24WF583"Polyolefin1.25"Gray900 lb.5"24.25"Steel SGD 215.79
R48J0744"Polypropylene1.5"Black1200 Lbs.7.75"24"Vinyl Covered Hardwood SGD 307.16
S10Z9084"Polyolefin/Polyurethane1.25"Blue1000 lb.6.25"30"Plastic SGD 248.74
T10Z9094"Polyolefin/Polyurethane1.25"Blue1000 lb.6.25"30"Plastic SGD 245.68

General Purpose Dolly

StyleModelCaster Wheel Dia.Caster Wheel WidthLoad CapacityNumber of Caster WheelsPlatform HeightPlatform LengthPlatform WidthPrice (inc. GST)
A6-114563"2 3/5"2200 lb.33 9/10"20"21.25" SGD 3803.84
B6-134393-5/16"3 3/10"13,200 lb.54 3/5"30"22.125" SGD 9181.32

Food Service Dolly

ORBIS food service dollies are ideal for use with bakery tray systems to speed up the shipment and merchandising services. These dollies feature polypropylene swivel caster wheels that can handle loads ranging from 400 to 500 lb and a contoured profile, with a perimeter lip, for easy handling. Selected models (dollies) further come equipped with reinforced cross braces for a full base support. These units are available in platform widths ranging from 20.5 to 22.5 inches.

StyleModelLoad CapacityPlatform HeightPlatform LengthPlatform WidthPrice (inc. GST)
ANPL700 Dolly400 lb.6"26.5"22.5" SGD 171.71
BNPL701 Dolly400 lb.6"27.5"22.5" SGD 152.65
CNPL706 Dolly Black500 lb.5.75"27.5"20.5" SGD 164.15

General Purpose Dolly

StyleModelNumber of Caster WheelsPlatform LengthPlatform StylePlatform WidthPrice (inc. GST)
ADB273419"Open, Raised Ends14.5" SGD 1848.96
BDB245-P421.75"Solid, With Lip Up13.75" SGD 3772.77
CDM261627.5"Open, Flush17.5" SGD 2034.12

Hardwood Dolly

Vestil high-performance dollies have hardwood construction which is resistant to impact and wear, and are therefore suitable for transporting crates, furniture, appliances and other heavy objects. These heavy-duty dollies feature four swivel, hard rubber / non-marking poly-on-poly casters for easy manoeuvrability and a vinyl coating that offers protection from scratches. Choose from a wide variety of these Vestil furniture dollies, available in 5.75 and 7 inch deck heights on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelCapacityCaster Dia.Deck HeightDeck LengthDeck WidthHeightLengthWidthPrice (inc. GST)
AFDOL-2448-121,200 lbs.4"7"48"24"7"48"24" SGD 555.88
BFDOL-1624-9900 lbs.3"5.75"24"16"5.75"24"16" SGD 352.17
CFDOL-2436-9900 lbs.3"5.75"36"24"5.75"36"24" SGD 444.18
DFDOL-1624-121200 lbs.4"7"24"16"7"24"16" SGD 365.47
EFDOL-2436-121200 lbs.4"7"36"24"7"36"24" SGD 455.21

General Purpose Dolly

StyleModelCaster Wheel Dia.Caster Wheel MaterialCaster Wheel TypeCaster Wheel WidthColorMaterialPlatform HeightPrice (inc. GST)
ASL1200D4TR-----Polypropylene/Steel- SGD 421.65
BSL1200D4TB-----Polyethylene/Steel- SGD 421.65
CSL1500D4R4"Thermoplastic Rubber(2) Swivel, (2) Swivel with Brake1.25"Red-7" SGD 446.45
DSL1500D6B6"Rubber(2) Rigid, (2) Swivel with Brake1.5"Black-9" SGD 595.28
ESL1500D6R6"Rubber(2) Rigid, (2) Swivel with Brake1.5"Red-9" SGD 595.28

E Track Dolly

StyleModelHeightMaterialWheel MaterialPrice (inc. GST)
ASL1500D4B7"Polyethylene/SteelSolid Polyurethane SGD 446.45
BSL1600D6B9"Polyethylene/SteelSolid Synthetic Rubber SGD 644.89
CSL1600D6R9"Polypropylene/SteelSolid Synthetic Rubber SGD 644.89
DSL1800D6B9"Polyethylene/SteelSolid Polyurethane SGD 620.08
ESL1800D6R9"Polypropylene/SteelSolid Polyurethane SGD 620.08

Aluminium Pallet Dollies

StyleModelCapacitySizePrice (inc. GST)
A3636-6T4000 Lbs.36" x 36" SGD 1235.97
A4848-6T4000 Lbs.48" x 48" SGD 1405.34
A3642-6T4000 Lbs.36" x 42" SGD 1288.79
A4048-6T4000 Lbs.40" x 48" SGD 1343.12
A4242-6T4000 Lbs.42" x 42" SGD 1343.12
A3648-6T4000 Lbs.36" x 48" SGD 1351.73
A4248-6T4000 Lbs.42" x 48" SGD 1365.68
A2424-6T4000 Lbs.24" x 24" SGD 1032.04
A3648-8T6000 Lbs.36" x 48" SGD 1505.31
A3642-8T6000 Lbs.36" x 42" SGD 1442.37
A4848-8T6000 Lbs.48" x 48" SGD 1558.92
A3636-8T6000 Lbs.36" x 36" SGD 1389.55
A4248-8T6000 Lbs.42" x 48" SGD 1519.26
A4048-8T6000 Lbs.40" x 48" SGD 1496.71
A4242-8T6000 Lbs.42" x 42" SGD 1496.71
A4848-10T8000 Lbs.48" x 48" SGD 1644.72
A3636-10T8000 Lbs.36" x 36" SGD 1475.35
A3642-10T8000 Lbs.36" x 42" SGD 1528.16
A3648-10T8000 Lbs.36" x 48" SGD 1591.11
A4248-10T8000 Lbs.42" x 48" SGD 1605.06
A4048-10T8000 Lbs.40" x 48" SGD 1582.50
A4242-10T8000 Lbs.42" x 42" SGD 1582.50

Steel Plate Dolly

Vestil steel plate dollies are best suited for material handling & distributing applications; can withstand loads up to 1200 lb. They feature heavy-duty construction for structural rigidity, and a raised diamond treadplate for additional grip and surface protection from foot traffic or hazardous chemicals. These plate dollies come equipped with two rigid and two swivel mold-on rubber casters to absorb shocks and reduce the stress concentration on the floors. Choose from a wide range of these steel plate dollies available in lengths ranging from 18.187 to 48 inches on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelHeightLengthWidthPrice (inc. GST)
AVPLDO/S-14186"18.187"14.187" SGD 540.33
BVPLDO/S-18246"24.187"18.187" SGD 663.01
AVPLDO/S-24306"30.187"24.187" SGD 860.05
AVPLDO/S-1418-AS7"25"19" SGD 577.65
AVPLDO/S-1824-AS7"25"19" SGD 700.07
AVPLDO/S-2430-AS10"48"40" SGD 901.51

Cast Aluminium Dolly

Vestil cast aluminium dollies are designed for moving heavy crates and machinery of loads up to 9000 lb. These lightweight, propel dollies have box-like frames with integral sides and deeply fluted tops for efficient moving time. They further come integrated with phenolic rollers for resistance against water & solvents and are available in 4.5, 4.75 and 8.5 inch width options on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelLengthStatic Load CapacityWidthPrice (inc. GST)
AVPRDO-14.5"1,500 lbs.4.5" SGD 179.38
BVPRDO-28.5"3,000 lbs.4.75" SGD 314.99
CVPRDO-48.5"6,000 lbs.8.5" SGD 560.09
DVPRDO-612.5"9,000 lbs.8.5" SGD 772.44
EVPRDO-6T12.5"3,000 lbs.8.5" SGD 768.15

Aluminium Plate Dolly

Vestil aluminium plate dollies feature a heavy-duty design to support loads up to 1200 lb; ideal for material handling & distribution facilities. They are equipped with a raised diamond pattern treadplate for surface protection against chemicals or foot traffic and mold-on rubber casters (two rigid and two swivel with brake) for controlled rolling. These units are available in lengths ranging from 18 to 30.25 inches on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelHeightLengthWidthPrice (inc. GST)
AVPLDO/A-1418-AS1"18"14" SGD 523.03
AVPLDO/A-1824-AS1"24"18" SGD 632.19
AVPLDO/A-2430-AS1"30"24" SGD 776.82
AVPLDO/A-14186"18.25"14.156" SGD 496.79
AVPLDO/A-18246"24.25"18.156" SGD 601.55
AVPLDO/A-24306"30.25"24.156" SGD 750.59

Roll Dolly

StyleModelCapacityHeightLengthWidthPrice (inc. GST)
AROLL-D125 lbs.72.312"33"33" SGD 779.04
BROLL-D-DLX440 lbs.70"40"35" SGD 4037.98

Aluminium Pallet Dolly

Vestil aluminium dollies are positioned underneath pallets for reducing manual effort while moving loaded pallets on flat surfaces. These compact, low-profile dollies feature a solid top design for structural stability and phenolic rollers for resistance against wear. They provide static load capacities up to 8000 lb and are available in tilt and non-tilt configurations on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelHeightLengthPlatform LengthPlatform WidthStatic Load CapacityStyleWidthPrice (inc. GST)
ADOL-4848-6T4"48"--4,000 lbs.Tilt48" SGD 750.67
BDOL-3636-10T4.25"36"36"-8,000 lbs.Tilt36" SGD 910.24
BDOL-4848-6NT4.25"48"--4,000 lbs.Non-Tilt48" SGD 750.67
CDOL-4848-10NT4.25"48"48"48"8,000 lbs.Non-Tilt48" SGD 997.70
BDOL-4248-6NT4.25"48"48"42"4,000 lbs.Non-Tilt42" SGD 743.96
BDOL-4242-6T4.25"42"42"42"4,000 lbs.Tilt42" SGD 730.71
BDOL-4242-10T4.25"42"42"42"8,000 lbs.Tilt42" SGD 965.07
DDOL-4048-6T4.25"48"--4,000 lbs.Tilt40" SGD 706.81
BDOL-3648-6NT4.25"48"48"36"4,000 lbs.Non-Tilt36" SGD 700.19
BDOL-3648-10T4.25"48"48"36"8,000 lbs.Tilt36" SGD 938.60
BDOL-3642-8T4.25"42"42"36"6,000 lbs.Tilt36" SGD 829.20
BDOL-3642-6T4.25"42"--4,000 lbs.Tilt36" SGD 686.94
BDOL-3642-6NT4.25"42"42"36"4,000 lbs.Non-Tilt36" SGD 686.94
BDOL-4848-8T4.25"48"48"48"6,000 lbs.Tilt48" SGD 899.44
BDOL-3636-6NT4.25"36"--4,000 lbs.Non-Tilt36" SGD 660.65
EDOL-4848-10T4.25"48"48"48"8,000 lbs.Tilt48" SGD 997.70
BDOL-4248-6T4.25"48"48"42"4,000 lbs.Tilt42" SGD 743.96
BDOL-4242-8T4.25"42"42"42"6,000 lbs.Tilt42" SGD 879.54
BDOL-4242-6NT4.25"42"42"42"4,000 lbs.Non-Tilt42" SGD 730.71
BDOL-4048-8T4.25"48"48"40"6,000 lbs.Tilt40" SGD 864.25
BDOL-4048-6NT4.25"48"--4,000 lbs.Non-Tilt40" SGD 706.81
BDOL-3648-8T4.25"48"48"36"6,000 lbs.Tilt36" SGD 855.44
BDOL-3648-6T4.25"48"--4,000 lbs.Tilt36" SGD 700.19
BDOL-3642-10T4.25"42"42"36"8,000 lbs.Tilt36" SGD 925.47
BDOL-3636-8T4.25"36"36"36"6,000 lbs.Tilt36" SGD 818.46

Pallet Dolly

StyleModelPlatform WidthPrice (inc. GST)
APDT-4048-6PH40" SGD 967.37
BPDT-4048-6PHFL40" SGD 1027.57
APDT-4248-6PH42" SGD 906.64
BPDT-4248-6PHFL42" SGD 1045.08
APDT-4848-6PH48" SGD 918.68
BPDT-4848-6PHFL48" SGD 1063.12

Specialty Dolly

Vestil specialty dollies are placed under the legs, corners or edges of furniture and cabinets to move them smoothly over uneven surfaces. These dollies facilitate improved portability as compared to other desk and furniture dollies and have a small wheeled platform with a V-groove, recess or pocket for holding the corners or edges. They come integrated with rubber / hard-plastic / polypropylene caster wheels for excellent vibration dampening and non-marking floor protection. Choose from a wide range of these specialty dollies available in deck lengths ranging from 10 to 30 inches on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelCaster Dia.Caster MaterialCaster WidthDeck HeightDeck LengthDeck WidthHeightItemPrice (inc. GST)
ALEG-D---2.25"---General Purpose Dolly SGD 30.82
BKNEE-D2"Hard Rubber1.25"3.75"10"20.25"3.5"Special Dolly SGD 102.84
CLEG-D-122"Polypropylene3/4"2.625"10.75"12"2.75"Special Dolly SGD 37.18
DDOL-1830-F5"Rubber1.25"7.25"30"18"18.5"Special Dolly SGD 196.83
EDOL-1830-P5"Rubber1.25"8.5"30"18"18.5"Special Dolly SGD 234.15

Portable Carpet Dolly & Dispenser

Vestil portable carpet dollies & dispensers feature a V-groove platform to hold carpet rolls securely in place. They are equipped with oversized pneumatic wheels to ensure smooth transportation, vibration dampening and stability on uneven surfaces. The carpet dispensers come with retractable legs to stabilise the cart during loading & unloading activities. All the units have welded steel construction and offer uniform load-bearing capacities up to 500 lb.

StyleModelHeightPlatform WidthWheel TypeWidthPrice (inc. GST)
ACARPET-4520"15.125"Pneumatic26" SGD 643.28
BCARPET-45-FF20"15.125"Foam Filled26" SGD 735.06
CCARPET-D24.5"14 1/16"Fully Pneumatic25" SGD 1422.38
CCARPET-D-FF24.5"14 1/16"Foam Filled25" SGD 1529.74

Pallet & Container Transporter

Vestil pallet & container transporters feature steel construction with a powder-coated finish for increased toughness; best suited for transporting crates and pallets. They come with glass-filled nylon casters for shock absorption and providing resistance against impact damages. With a maximum static load capacity of 4000 lb, these pallet & container transporters are available in 42 and 46.5 inch length options on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelHeightLengthWidthPrice (inc. GST)
AC-FH-404812"42"42" SGD 1153.27
BC-FC-4015"40"40" SGD 1776.97
CC-ATH-404835.75"46.5"51" SGD 1501.29

Adjustable Tote Dollies

Vestil adjustable tote dollies feature welded steel construction to deliver a maximum load rating of 3000 lb. These dollies are integrated with four swivel casters, attached to caster pads, that allow the unit to conveniently roll when fully loaded. The unique design of these dollies facilitate both width and height adjustments for compatibility with different size totes. They can be simply adjusted by loosening the screws and sliding each side either inwards or outwards.

StyleModelCaster Dia.HeightStatic Load CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
AATD-1622-44"7"2,000 lbs. SGD 601.76
BATD-1622-66"8.875"3,000 lbs. SGD 656.27
StyleModelLengthWidthPrice (inc. GST)
AACP-2436-2036"24" SGD 663.01
AACP-2442-2042"24" SGD 686.94
AACP-4042-2042"40" SGD 842.36


Dollies are used to easily move pallets, furniture & heavy equipment in medium or large scale workshops & factories. Raptor Supplies offers a vast range of dollies from Fairbanks, Hamilton, Molded Fiberglass, Magliner, Akro-Mils and many more brands. Platform dollies are available in hardwood, plastic & steel versions with durable caster wheels. Cabinet dollies can handle up to 1500 lb loads. Fairbanks dollies can lift up to 2000 lb of industrial load owing to their heavy-duty iron construction and welded flush-top frame. They are formed from a single, 11 gauge steel sheet and have 1 inch lips on all sides.These dollies come equipped with four double-ball swivel casters welded to the frame with a towing eye for enhanced manoeuvrability. Pallet dollies from Little Giant are ideal for carrying industrial loads around warehouses and workshops. These dollies feature double floor locks to prevent unwanted movement and a removable pipe handle which extends up to 29 inches above deck. They feature welded steel construction with durable powder coat finish and can easily transport loads up to 3600 lb.

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