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Panel Dolly

StyleModelCaster Wheel Dia.Caster Wheel WidthColorLoad CapacityPlatform HeightPlatform LengthPlatform WidthPrice (inc. GST)
A48J1278"1.75"Red150 lb.55.5"12"12.75" SGD 340.13
B48J12310"4"Red350 lb.15"20"15" SGD 438.68
C48J12510"4"Red/Silver350 lb.38.25"20"15" SGD 650.63
C48J12610"4"Red350 lb.38.25"20"21.25" SGD 695.05

Cabinet Dolly

StyleModelPlatform MaterialColorCaster Wheel WidthPlatform LengthPlatform StylePlatform WidthCaster Wheel Dia.Load CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
A2TUT1AluminumRed3/4"7.75"Recessed Pocket6.5"2"880 lb. SGD 574.52
B2TUR9AluminumRed3/4"8.75"Recessed Platform8.75"2"880 lb. SGD 632.73
C1UFC5SteelGray-36.5"Solid, With Lip Up18.5"3"1000 lb. SGD 220.42
D1UFC6SteelSand-36.5"Solid, With Lip Up18.5"3"1000 lb. SGD 220.42
E1UFC7SteelBlack-36.5"Solid, With Lip Up18.5"3"1000 lb. SGD 220.42
C1UFC8SteelGray-36.5"Solid, With Lip Up24.5"3"1000 lb. SGD 285.68
E1UFD1SteelBlack-36.5"Solid, With Lip Up24.5"3"1000 lb. SGD 285.68
F2TUT2SteelRed3/4"10.25"Recessed Pocket10.25"2"1320 lb. SGD 521.94
G48J120SteelRed2.5"32"Open, Flush15"3"600 lb. SGD 375.86
G48J121SteelRed2.5"32"Open, Flush18"3"600 lb. SGD 448.40
G48J122SteelRed2.5"32"Open, Flush20"3"600 lb. SGD 472.90
H48J128SteelRed1.125"19.75"Recessed Platform8"2.5"400 lb. SGD 268.63
I48J129SteelBlack3/4"8"V-Groove8"2"500 lb. SGD 164.86
I48J130SteelBlack3/4"8"V-Groove8"2"500 lb. SGD 313.05

Pallet Dolly

StyleModelLoad CapacityPlatform HeightNumber of Caster WheelsPlatform MaterialCaster Wheel Dia.Platform LengthCaster Wheel TypePlatform WidthPrice (inc. GST)
A48J0833600 lb.9"4Steel6"48"Swivel42" SGD 780.33
B48J0903600 lb.9"4Steel6"48"Swivel48" SGD 1232.79
A48J0843600 lb.9"4Steel6"48"Swivel48" SGD 685.84
C48J0933600 lb.9"4Steel6"48"Swivel48" SGD 1233.80
C48J0913600 lb.9"4Steel6"48"Swivel40" SGD 1180.70
A48J0823600 lb.9"4Steel6"48"Swivel40" SGD 722.12
B48J0893600 lb.9"4Steel6"48"Swivel42" SGD 1198.07
B48J0883600 lb.9"4Steel6"48"Swivel40" SGD 1158.23
D48J0873600 lb.9"4Steel6"48"Swivel48" SGD 942.21
D48J0863600 lb.9"4Steel6"48"Swivel42" SGD 1296.13
D48J0853600 lb.9"4Steel6"48"Swivel40" SGD 974.38
E48J1034000 lb.4.5"6, (2) Lowered CentersAluminum3.5"36"Roller36" SGD 1478.93
E48J1074000 lb.4.5"6, (2) Lowered CentersAluminum3.5"42"Roller42" SGD 1092.85
E48J1084000 lb.4.5"6, (2) Lowered CentersAluminum3.5"48"Roller42" SGD 1674.02
E48J1094000 lb.4.5"6, (2) Lowered CentersAluminum3.5"48"Roller48" SGD 1687.29
E48J1054000 lb.4.5"6, (2) Lowered CentersAluminum3.5"48"Roller36" SGD 1154.15
E48J1106000 lb.4.5"8, (4) Lowered CentersAluminum3.5"36"Roller36" SGD 1560.64
E48J1136000 lb.4.5"8, (4) Lowered CentersAluminum3.5"48"Roller42" SGD 1752.67
E48J1148000 lb.4.5"10, (6) Lowered CentersAluminum3.5"36"Roller36" SGD 1718.96
E48J1168000 lb.4.5"10, (6) Lowered CentersAluminum3.5"36"Roller42" SGD 1827.23
E48J1188000 lb.4.5"10, (6) Lowered CentersAluminum3.5"48"Roller42" SGD 1931.41
E48J1198000 lb.4.5"10, (6) Lowered CentersAluminum3.5"48"Roller48" SGD 1956.94

Adjustable Dolly

StyleModelPlatform WidthLoad CapacityCaster Wheel WidthColorPlatform MaterialCaster Wheel Dia.Platform HeightPlatform LengthPrice (inc. GST)
A2TUR116.5"880 lb.1.375"SilverSteel Wire4"6"24.5" SGD 319.17
A2TUR224.5"880 lb.1.375"SilverSteel Wire4"6"32.5" SGD 311.01
B48J13134"2000 lb.2"BlueSteel4"7"24.5" SGD 745.08
B48J13234"3000 lb.2"BlueSteel6"8.875"24.5" SGD 818.61

General Purpose Dolly

StyleModelPlatform WidthLoad CapacityCaster Wheel WidthColorPlatform MaterialCaster Wheel Dia.Platform HeightPlatform LengthPrice (inc. GST)
A10Z91016"300 lb.1"BlackPlastic3"4.5"24" SGD 203.45
B48J06216"1000 lb.1.25"NaturalHardwood3"5.125"24" SGD 98.68
C48J07416"1200 Lbs.1.5"BlackVinyl Covered Hardwood4"7.75"24" SGD 286.69
D48J06716"1000 lb.1.25"NaturalHardwood3"5.25"16" SGD 77.22
E10Z90516"220 lb.1"BluePlastic3"4.5"24" SGD 136.15
F24WF5816.25"900 lb.1.25"GraySteel3"5"24.25" SGD 201.41
F24WF5717.5"900 lb.1.25"GraySteel3"5"27.5" SGD 498.94
G2TUP118"900 lb.1.25"SilverAluminum3"5.25"24" SGD 292.01
H48J06318"1000 lb.1.25"NaturalHardwood3"5.125"30" SGD 106.33
I2TUN418"1600 lb.1.5"RedSteel4"6.25"30" SGD 393.72
J2TUN218"2000 lb.1.5"RedSteel4"5.375"30" SGD 354.92
K48J06518"1000 lb.1.25"NaturalHardwood3"5.25"30" SGD 131.04
J2TUL918"1600 lb.1.5"RedSteel4"5.375"30" SGD 327.87
L48J06818"1000 lb.1.25"NaturalHardwood3"5.25"30" SGD 102.02
M2TUL518"1600 lb.1.5"RedSteel4"5"30" SGD 249.20
N48J06918"1000 lb.1.5"NaturalHardwood4"6.125"30" SGD 112.16
M2TUL718"2000 lb.1.5"RedSteel4"5"30" SGD 294.68
O10Z90918"1000 lb.1.25"BluePlastic4"6.25"30" SGD 229.30
P10Z90818"1000 lb.1.25"BluePlastic4"6.25"30" SGD 232.16
Q48J08018"700 lb.1.25"BlackFiberwood3"4 5/16"36" SGD 158.51
R48J08118"800 lb.1.25"BlackFiberwood3"4 5/16"24" SGD 121.56
S48J07218"1000 lb.1.5"NaturalHardwood4"6.875"30" SGD 161.88
T48J09518"1000 lb.1.25"GraySteel3"4"24" SGD 230.31
T48J09618"1000 lb.1.25"GraySteel3"4"32" SGD 287.11
U48J07118"1000 lb.1.5"NaturalHardwood4"5.75"30" SGD 157.29

Carpet Dolly Capacity 500 Lb 16 Inch Wheels

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
34D662AC6LEZ SGD 814.04


Dollies are used to easily move pallets, furniture & heavy equipment in medium or large scale workshops & factories. Raptor Supplies offers a vast range of dollies from Fairbanks, Hamilton, Molded Fiberglass, Magliner, Akro-Mils and many more brands. Platform dollies are available in hardwood, plastic & steel versions with durable caster wheels. Cabinet dollies can handle up to 1500 lb loads. Fairbanks dollies can lift up to 2000 lb of industrial load owing to their heavy-duty iron construction and welded flush-top frame. They are formed from a single, 11 gauge steel sheet and have 1 inch lips on all sides.These dollies come equipped with four double-ball swivel casters welded to the frame with a towing eye for enhanced manoeuvrability. Pallet dollies from Little Giant are ideal for carrying industrial loads around warehouses and workshops. These dollies feature double floor locks to prevent unwanted movement and a removable pipe handle which extends up to 29 inches above deck. They feature welded steel construction with durable powder coat finish and can easily transport loads up to 3600 lb.

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