Draft Inducers


Gas Heater Vent System

StyleModelFor Use With Mfr. Model NumberPrice (inc. GST)

INC Induced Draft Furnace Blowers

StyleModelAmpsDepthFits BrandFor Use With Mfr. Model NumberHeightMaterialVoltageWattsPrice (inc. GST)
A655700.85-1/4"CarrierHC24HE2302.375"Copper, Steel, Plastic230- SGD 248.63
B652300.85-1/4"CarrierHC24HE2304.25"Metal Housing208/230- SGD 462.26
C802800.559-1/2"Johnson, Magic Chef8973C, 48HWC181, 48HWC24A6.5"Metal Housing230- SGD 239.79
D826720.909-1/2"ICP10061688.25"Metal Housing115- SGD 407.02
E663500.9212"ICP1000814, 1001371, 1001609, 1002543, 1007360, 1011350, 11504747.25"Plastic Housing115- SGD 645.06
F824831.010-1/4"Goodman, RheemB1859000, 70-21496-01, 70-2496-03, 70-21496-83, 70-21504-04, 70-21504-037"Metal Housing115- SGD 235.05
G664041.211-1/4"Armstrong40404-003, 117521-007"Plastic Housing115- SGD 765.47
H667871.211-1/4"TraneBLW4737"Metal Housing115- SGD 497.60
I660051.411-1/4"GoodmanB1859005, J238-111289.5"Metal Housing115- SGD 325.75
J665901.58-1/4"GoodmanB40590006"Metal Housing115- SGD 352.90
A655691.85-1/4"CarrierHC21ZE117B, HC660-0052.375"Copper, Steel, Plastic115- SGD 239.79
K483311.811-1/4"Goodman5KSB46GF0001S, B48330007"Plastic Housing115- SGD 377.19
L665011.205-1/4"Lennox31L5501, 101202.01, 24W95, 7002.2975, 1023959-018 11/16"Metal Housing115138 SGD 211.32
M660021.204-1/2"Goodman0131M00002P, 0131M0002S, 119276-008.75"Metal Housing115138 SGD 231.40
N825901.206-1/2"Lennox47H12, LB-82590CA10"Metal Housing115138 SGD 633.45
O668331.606-9/16"ICP1010324, 1013833, 1010238P10.25"Metal Housing115184 SGD 331.93
P668471.7111-1/4"Rheem117104-01, 117847-07, 70-22838-82, 70-24157-037"Metal Housing115- SGD 456.71
Q663382.405-5/8"ICP1012002, 1013388A, 10143389.875"Plastic Housing115276 SGD 398.76

INC Draft Inducers

StyleModelAmpsDepthFits BrandFor Use With Mfr. Model NumberHeightHPItemMaterialPrice (inc. GST)
A654750.4-Coleman Evcon373-19801-820, 373-19801-821--Combustion Air BoosterAluminized Steel, Copper SGD 108.93
B821480.507.593ICP1054268P6 29/64"1/50Draft InducerSteel SGD 330.59
C821360.565-39/64"SkymarkMTR136PK7 21/32"1/35Draft InducerAluminized Steel, Copper SGD 467.23
D667810.609-5/64"Rheem70-101087-81, 7021-115596 23/32"1/50Draft InducerSteel SGD 442.94
E822530.607-13/32"Trane21C729631P1, 7021-10286, C66145P01, 7021-78336 5/16"1/35Draft InducerSteel SGD 379.40
F826410.625-5/64"Rheem70-24157-038 11/16"1/25Draft InducerAluminized Steel, Copper SGD 454.51
F829990.645-49/64"York026-33999-0018 11/16"1/30Draft InducerAluminized Steel, Copper SGD 400.96
G829990.648-11/16"York026-33999-0015 49/64"1/30Draft InducerSteel SGD 400.96
B826180.905-51/64"Fedders031-70597 15/16"1/50Draft InducerSteel SGD 435.74
H802700.905-13/16"Miller3038750008.125"1/50Draft InducerSteel SGD 369.48
I660030.928-5/16"Goodman11009001, 11009002, 110090036 45/64"1/50Draft InducerSteel SGD 268.63
J820571.05-17/32"TraneX380402530577 21/32"1/40Draft InducerAluminized Steel, Copper SGD 367.83
K820521.007-43/64"Dunkirk433-00-5105.031"1/50Draft InducerSteel SGD 428.01
L483321.808-1/2"Goodman5KSB46GF0003S, B483300015.25"1/50Draft InducerPlastic Housing SGD 447.35

Draft Inducers

Fasco draft inducers are designed to properly vent and exhaust combustible gases present in gas furnaces. They also help in facilitating continuous and steady supply of oxygen to the furnace burners which further improves the system's overall efficiency. These Fasco draft inducer blowers consist of a motor-driven wheel assembly or fan, an electrical box for power connections and a metal sleeve surrounding the assembly. They feature a centrifugal switch / electronic sensor / vacuum tap to send a signal to the gas valve which indicates that the blower is working. This helps in avoiding gas valves from turning ON prematurely. These induced draft blowers require 115 / 120 / 230 volts to operate and are come in steel or plastic housing and in different height options.

StyleModelDepthFits BrandFor Use With Mfr. Model NumberHeightMaterialVoltageWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A702197337-11/64"ICP7021-7617, 7021-92378 37/64"Steel230568975" SGD 460.61
B706256647-13/64"ICP, Alltemp (Rotom)1011350, 7062-4578, 7062-483211 33/64"Plastic115568971" SGD 813.51
C706242397-45/64"Rheem7062-38618 13/62"Plastic115568974" SGD 844.99
D7021117067-45/64"Rheem7021-95677 45/64"Steel230568975" SGD 548.98
E706242367-45/64"York7062-2442, 7062-3484, 024-25057-0009 7/64"Plastic115568976" SGD 727.90
F705810588-1/2"ICP7002-2792, 1010975P, 7002-26336 31/64"Steel115568729" SGD 314.01
G705814068-57/64"Rheem70-24157-03, 117847-008 45/64"Plastic /Steel120568729" SGD 528.53
H7021108939-1/2"Lennox7021-94509.5"Plastic115568614" SGD 508.09
I7021116869-1/2"Lennox7021-10602, 7021-11106, 7021-111749.5"Plastic115568977" SGD 446.24
J7021120979-1/2"Lennox7021-10376, 18L04018.5"Plastic115568614" SGD 563.89
K70211082710-13/16"Armstrong7021-100468.5"Steel115568978" SGD 525.76
L70211187410-29/32"York7021-11577, 17503, 7021-11577S, 7021-11830, 024-34558-0009 7/64"Plastic115568973" SGD 540.67
M70211162011-37/64"ICP7021-10299, 7021-1070210 11/16"Plastic115568970" SGD 647.27
N7062566611.593ICP7062-4783, 1011412, 7062-4705, 7062-4274, 7062-4201, 7062-454910 11/16"Plastic115568972" SGD 682.61

Induced Draft Furnace Blowers

StyleModelAmpsDepthFits BrandFor Use With Mfr. Model NumberHeightHPMaterialVoltagePrice (inc. GST)
AA1300.75-5/8"TraneD330757P039.5"1/20Plastic115 SGD 766.56
BA1420.76-3/8"Rheem70-22165-817.75"1/20Plastic115 SGD 901.86
CA1500.5006"TraneC661452P017.75"1/35Aluminum Steel208/230 SGD 407.60
DA0640.6505-7/8"Heil Quaker610172, 7021-5043, 7021-71027.5"1/55Steel115 SGD 347.40
EA1430.9506"TraneD330673P017.5"1/50Aluminum Steel115 SGD 336.90
FA1461.0/.356"Trane21D340096P047.5"1/100Aluminum Steel115 SGD 615.25
GA0791.15-7/8"Goodman, TraneB1859000, 7021-6804, B1W24, WG94X1677.5"1/50Steel115 SGD 409.81
HA0901.15-7/8"Rheem70-21496-017.5"1/50Steel115 SGD 464.47
IA1311.15-7/8"Nordyne62128507.75"1/50Aluminum Steel115 SGD 527.41
JA0881.36-1/2"Evcon/York2940-3917.875"1/25Plastic115 SGD 484.34
KA0861.36-3/8"Rheem7030207.875"1/25Plastic115 SGD 457.29
LA1571.35-3/4"GoodmanB18590058.875"1/35Aluminum Steel115 SGD 341.85
MA1401.46-3/8"GoodmanB28330019.875"1/50Plastic115 SGD 467.23
NA1341.56-3/4"ICP1708-6078.5"1/25Aluminum Steel115 SGD 403.17
OA1291.957"Amana11009001, 117521-007.5"1/20Aluminum Steel115 SGD 619.10

Draft Inducers

StyleModelAmpsDepthHeightHPMaterialTypeVoltageWattsPrice (inc. GST)
ADJ-30.435-7/8"7.625"1/70Aluminized Steel Housing and Blower WheelIn-Line11535 SGD 308.18
AD-30.967"9.125"1/20Aluminized Steel Housing and Blower WheelIn-Line11574 SGD 428.01
BRT7501.516"18"1/8Coated Galvanized SteelRooftop120- SGD 3033.08
BRT750H1.516"18"1/8Coated Galvanized SteelRooftop120- SGD 2982.28
BRT1500521"24"1/2Coated Galvanized SteelRooftop120- SGD 4018.34
BRT1500H5.021"24"1/2Coated Galvanized SteelRooftop120- SGD 3934.38
CI5.48-3/4"14.5"1/4Aluminized Steel Housing and Blower WheelIn-Line115- SGD 1083.57
CIL5.410"17"1/4Aluminized Steel Housing and Blower WheelIn-Line115- SGD 1252.55

Induced Draft Blower High Temperature 8 In

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
HS4AA6TAZ SGD 2949.14

Induced Draft Blower High Temperature 10 In

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
HS5AA6TBA SGD 4055.88

Power Venter Sidewall 6 In

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
SS1AA6TBM SGD 2520.57

Power Venter Sidewall 4 In

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
SS2AA6TBN SGD 1961.68

Blower Induced Draft

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)

Blower Induced Draft

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
HS1AD8FZC SGD 795.26

Blower Induced Draft

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
HS2AD8FZD SGD 1102.89

Blower Induced Draft

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
HS3AD8FZE SGD 2027.94

Mounting Kit Use With 5pwd8 And 5pwe0

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)

Mounting Kit Use With AE6CRX And AE6CRZ

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
RTS12AE6CTC SGD 410.32

Draft Inducers

Draft inducers exhaust combustible gases that might be lingering in the heat exchanger from the previous cycle. They are installed near heat exchangers in gas furnaces. Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of draft inducers, air boosters, vent systems, blowers, mounting kits & stands, from brands like Fasco, Packard and Tjernlund. They provide ventilation and a continuous supply of fresh air for efficiently burning gases. These draft inducers are powered by an electrical motor for rotating a wheel assembly or fan, which in turn displace air. Draft inducers feature a centrifugal switch / electronic sensor / vacuum tap to send a signal to the gas valve to indicate that the blower is working. Choose from a wide range of these draft inducers, available in power ratings ranging from 1/100 to 1 HP.

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