Draft Inducers


Gas Heater Vent System

StyleModelFor Use With Mfr. Model NumberPrice (inc. GST)

Power Venters

StyleModelAmpsDepthHeightWattsWidthPrice (inc. GST)
ASS2232-1/2"13.25"20012.5" SGD 2001.34
BSS12.527-1/2"14.75"21213.75" SGD 2594.89

Induced Draft Blowers

StyleModelAmpsDepthHeightHPMaterialWattsWidthPrice (inc. GST)
AHSJ1.267"7.875"-Aluminized Steel Housing and Blower Wheel9510.25" SGD 821.46
AHS11.267"7.875"-Aluminized Steel Housing and Blower Wheel9511" SGD 844.73
AHS21.518-1/2"9.25"-Aluminized Steel Housing and Blower Wheel22411.5" SGD 1198.04
AHS32.6012"12.5"-Aluminized Steel Housing and Blower Wheel28613" SGD 2267.45
BHS45.813"14.75"1/3Aluminized Steel Fan70015.25" SGD 2859.29
BHS512.516-1/4"18"1Aluminized Steel Fan150016.5" SGD 4188.10

INC Induced Draft Furnace Blowers

StyleModelWattsAmpsDepthWidthFits BrandFor Use With Mfr. Model NumberHeightMaterialPrice (inc. GST)
A66404-1.211-1/4"11.25"Armstrong40404-003, 117521-007"Plastic Housing SGD 1211.97
B66787-1.211-1/4"11.25"TraneBLW4737"Metal Housing SGD 703.61
C66005-1.411-1/4"11.25"GoodmanB1859005, J238-111289.5"Metal Housing SGD 508.07
D65570-0.85-1/4"2.38"CarrierHC24HE2302.375"Copper, Steel, Plastic SGD 382.17
D65569-1.85-1/4"2.38"CarrierHC21ZE117B, HC660-0052.375"Copper, Steel, Plastic SGD 365.16
E66350-0.9212"13"ICP1000814, 1001371, 1001609, 1002543, 1007360, 1011350, 11504747.25"Plastic Housing SGD 969.50
F65230-0.85-1/4"5.25"CarrierHC24HE2304.25"Metal Housing SGD 721.99
G48331-1.811-1/4"11.25"Goodman5KSB46GF0001S, B48330007"Plastic Housing SGD 554.92
H66847-1.7111-1/4"11.25"Rheem117104-01, 117847-07, 70-22838-82, 70-24157-037"Metal Housing SGD 709.41
I82483-1.010-1/4"9.25"Goodman, RheemB1859000, 70-21496-01, 70-2496-03, 70-21496-83, 70-21504-04, 70-21504-037"Metal Housing SGD 368.03
J82672-0.909-1/2"9"ICP10061688.25"Metal Housing SGD 632.16
K80280-0.559-1/2"7"Johnson, Magic Chef8973C, 48HWC181, 48HWC24A6.5"Metal Housing SGD 386.08
L66590-1.58-1/4"9.25"GoodmanB40590006"Metal Housing SGD 511.55
M665011381.205-1/4"8 11/16"Lennox31L5501, 101202.01, 24W95, 7002.2975, 1023959-018 11/16"Metal Housing SGD 306.81
N660021381.204-1/2"8.875"Goodman0131M00002P, 0131M0002S, 119276-008.75"Metal Housing SGD 360.85
O825901381.206-1/2"6.875"Lennox47H12, LB-82590CA10"Metal Housing SGD 942.40
P668331841.606-9/16"8.75"ICP1010324, 1013833, 1010238P10.25"Metal Housing SGD 517.82
Q663382762.405-5/8"11.25"ICP1012002, 1013388A, 10143389.875"Plastic Housing SGD 690.76

Exhaust Draft Inducers

StyleModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
ACK-92FVControl Kit SGD 826.58
BCK-20FVControl Kit SGD 457.99
CCK-41FControl Kit SGD 476.57
DDI-1Draft Inducer SGD 520.54
DDI-2Draft Inducer SGD 632.26
E8"CDraft Inducer SGD 2799.78
DDI-3Draft Inducer SGD 1357.96
FSWG-4GPower Venter SGD 1379.88
GPVO-300Power Venter SGD 1005.32
HPVG-300Power Venter SGD 824.34
HPVG-100Power Venter SGD 790.87
ISWG-5Power Venter SGD 1228.95
HPVG-600Power Venter SGD 1258.50
JSWG-6SPower Venter SGD 1808.76
KSWG-6Power Venter SGD 1391.59
KSWG-8Power Venter SGD 2534.89
KSWG-4HDPower Venter SGD 1061.91
JSWG-4HDSPower Venter SGD 1412.54
JSWG-5SPower Venter SGD 1587.71

Combustion Air Systems

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
ACAS-6 SGD 4155.11
BCAS-4 SGD 1230.48
BCAS-3 SGD 1230.48
ACAS-7 SGD 4741.10
CCAS-6SK SGD 4856.94

Exhaust Draft Inducers

StyleModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
A950-0029Pressure Switch SGD 183.99
B950-0015Replacement Motor SGD 405.93

Draft Inducers

StyleModelWattsAmpsDepthWidthHeightHPMaterialTypePrice (inc. GST)
AI-5.48-3/4"13.5"14.5"1/4Aluminized Steel Housing and Blower WheelIn-Line SGD 1279.24
AIL-5.410"14.75"17"1/4Aluminized Steel Housing and Blower WheelIn-Line SGD 1484.01
BRT750-1.516"16"18"1/8Coated Galvanized SteelRooftop SGD 3477.83
BRT1500-521"21"24"1/2Coated Galvanized SteelRooftop SGD 4398.50
BRT750H-1.516"16"18"1/8Coated Galvanized SteelRooftop SGD 3391.97
BRT1500H-5.021"21"24"1/2Coated Galvanized SteelRooftop SGD 4274.19
CDJ-3350.435-7/8"9"7.625"1/70Aluminized Steel Housing and Blower WheelIn-Line SGD 444.68
CD-3740.967"9.5"9.125"1/20Aluminized Steel Housing and Blower WheelIn-Line SGD 455.11

Induced Draft Furnace Blowers

StyleModelVoltageAmpsDepthWattsWidthFits BrandFor Use With Mfr. Model NumberHeightPrice (inc. GST)
AA0861151.36-3/8"1189"Rheem7030207.875" SGD 757.42
BA1421150.76-3/8"859.125"Rheem70-22165-817.75" SGD 1230.98
CA1571151.35-3/4"719"GoodmanB18590058.875" SGD 495.03
DA0641150.6505-7/8"678.625"Heil Quaker610172, 7021-5043, 7021-71027.5" SGD 486.61
EA0791151.15-7/8"908.625"Goodman, TraneB1859000, 7021-6804, B1W24, WG94X1677.5" SGD 522.01
FA0881151.36-1/2"939"Evcon/York2940-3917.875" SGD 804.45
GA0901151.15-7/8"908.625"Rheem70-21496-017.5" SGD 621.09
HA1291151.957"1558.38"Amana11009001, 117521-007.5" SGD 939.63
IA1311151.15-7/8"838.75"Nordyne62128507.75" SGD 638.16
JA1341151.56-3/4"12410.62"ICP1708-6078.5" SGD 574.99
KA1401151.46-3/8"1079"GoodmanB28330019.875" SGD 656.42
LA1431150.9506"918.625"TraneD330673P017.5" SGD 541.29
MA1461151.0/.356"738.625"Trane21D340096P047.5" SGD 1017.66
NA1301150.75-5/8"739"TraneD330757P039.5" SGD 997.71
OA150208/2300.5006"818.75"TraneC661452P017.75" SGD 626.53

Draft Inducers

Fasco draft inducers are designed to properly vent and exhaust combustible gases present in gas furnaces. They also help in facilitating continuous and steady supply of oxygen to the furnace burners which further improves the system's overall efficiency. These Fasco draft inducer blowers consist of a motor-driven wheel assembly or fan, an electrical box for power connections and a metal sleeve surrounding the assembly. They feature a centrifugal switch / electronic sensor / vacuum tap to send a signal to the gas valve which indicates that the blower is working. This helps in avoiding gas valves from turning ON prematurely. These induced draft blowers require 115 / 120 / 230 volts to operate and are come in steel or plastic housing and in different height options.

StyleModelDepthFits BrandFor Use With Mfr. Model NumberHeightMaterialVoltageWidthPrice (inc. GST)
AW9------- SGD 665.48
BW4------- SGD 1170.29
C702197337-11/64"ICP7021-7617, 7021-92378 37/64"Steel230568975" SGD 655.20
D706256647-13/64"ICP, Alltemp (Rotom)1011350, 7062-4578, 7062-483211 33/64"Plastic115568971" SGD 1186.12
E706242397-45/64"Rheem7062-38618 13/62"Plastic115568974" SGD 1080.96
F7021117067-45/64"Rheem7021-95677 45/64"Steel230568975" SGD 771.11
G706242367-45/64"York7062-2442, 7062-3484, 024-25057-0009 7/64"Plastic115568976" SGD 997.00
H705810588-1/2"ICP7002-2792, 1010975P, 7002-26336 31/64"Steel115568729" SGD 482.29
I705814068-57/64"Rheem70-24157-03, 117847-008 45/64"Plastic /Steel120568729" SGD 697.84
J7021108939-1/2"Lennox7021-94509.5"Plastic115568614" SGD 677.55
K7021116869-1/2"Lennox7021-10602, 7021-11106, 7021-111749.5"Plastic115568977" SGD 640.32
L7021120979-1/2"Lennox7021-10376, 18L04018.5"Plastic115568614" SGD 790.98
M70211082710-13/16"Armstrong7021-100468.5"Steel115568978" SGD 753.66
N70211187410-29/32"York7021-11577, 17503, 7021-11577S, 7021-11830, 024-34558-0009 7/64"Plastic115568973" SGD 701.33
O70211162011-37/64"ICP7021-10299, 7021-1070210 11/16"Plastic115568970" SGD 935.84
P7062566611.593ICP7062-4783, 1011412, 7062-4705, 7062-4274, 7062-4201, 7062-454910 11/16"Plastic115568972" SGD 996.03

INC Draft Inducers

StyleModelMaterialAmpsDepthVoltageWidthFits BrandFor Use With Mfr. Model NumberHeightPrice (inc. GST)
A65475Aluminized Steel, Copper0.4-115-Coleman Evcon373-19801-820, 373-19801-821- SGD 160.22
B82641Aluminized Steel, Copper0.625-5/64"208/230568755"Rheem70-24157-038 11/16" SGD 780.90
C82057Aluminized Steel, Copper1.05-17/32"115568756"TraneX380402530577 21/32" SGD 576.38
B82999Aluminized Steel, Copper0.645-49/64"208/230568755"York026-33999-0018 11/16" SGD 641.99
D48332Plastic Housing1.808-1/2"115568871"Goodman5KSB46GF0003S, B483300015.25" SGD 723.69
E82052Steel1.007-43/64"115568756"Dunkirk433-00-5105.031" SGD 680.10
F82618Steel0.905-51/64"115/230569000"Fedders031-70597 15/16" SGD 684.77
G66003Steel0.928-5/16"115568756"Goodman11009001, 11009002, 110090036 45/64" SGD 460.63
F82148Steel0.507.593208/230569001"ICP1054268P6 29/64" SGD 534.86
H80270Steel0.905-13/16"115/230569000"Miller3038750008.125" SGD 577.93
I66781Steel0.609-5/64"115569002"Rheem70-101087-81, 7021-115596 23/32" SGD 699.24
J82253Steel0.607-13/32"208/240569001"Trane21C729631P1, 7021-10286, C66145P01, 7021-78336 5/16" SGD 595.94

Blower Assembly, Teledyne Laars, 115VAC

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
R2069600CU6EHB SGD 1729.98

Draft Inducer, Carrier, 115VAC

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
320725-756CQ8GMM SGD 1914.05

Draft Inducer Assembly Kit, Carrier, 120VAC

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
340793-762CQ8GDU SGD 5562.89

Mounting Kit Use With AE6CRX And AE6CRZ

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
RTS12AE6CTC SGD 387.61

Mounting Kit Use With 5pwd8 And 5pwe0

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)

Induced Draft Furnace Blower, Furnace, 230V AC

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
66254CV4QMM SGD 449.02

Propane Heater, Thermostat, 55000 Btu

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
HA01CL6VMW SGD 9660.52
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Draft Inducers

Draft inducers exhaust combustible gases that might be lingering in the heat exchanger from the previous cycle. They are installed near heat exchangers in gas furnaces. Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of draft inducers, air boosters, vent systems, blowers, mounting kits & stands, from brands like Fasco, Packard and Tjernlund. They provide ventilation and a continuous supply of fresh air for efficiently burning gases. These draft inducers are powered by an electrical motor for rotating a wheel assembly or fan, which in turn displace air. Draft inducers feature a centrifugal switch / electronic sensor / vacuum tap to send a signal to the gas valve to indicate that the blower is working. Choose from a wide range of these draft inducers, available in power ratings ranging from 1/100 to 1 HP.

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