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APPROVED VENDOR Duct And Cloth Tapes



High Temperature Tape

StyleModelLengthWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A15D5525yd.1/2" SGD 113.47
A15D5545yd.2" SGD 402.42
A15D5535yd.1" SGD 211.22
B15D33436yd.1/2" SGD 444.81
B15D36636yd.1" SGD 869.68
B15D43136yd.2" SGD 1677.08

Single Coated Cloth Tape

StyleModelWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A15C7761" SGD 48.91
A15C7772" SGD 65.99
A15C7753/4" SGD 32.76
StyleModelAdhesion StrengthMaterialTensile StrengthThicknessWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A15C81045 oz./in.PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric80 lb./in.5mil.1" SGD 172.40
A15C81145 oz./in.PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric80 lb./in.5mil.2" SGD 317.73
A15C81245 oz./in.PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric80 lb./in.5mil.3" SGD 466.77
A15C81345 oz./in.PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric80 lb./in.5mil.4" SGD 615.38
A15D54050 oz./in.PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric150 lb./in.7mil.1" SGD 223.07
A15D54150 oz./in.PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric150 lb./in.7mil.2" SGD 425.93
A15D54250 oz./in.PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric150 lb./in.7mil.3" SGD 616.72
A15D54665 oz./in.PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric175 lb./in.8mil.1" SGD 272.30
A15D54765 oz./in.PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric175 lb./in.8mil.2" SGD 473.92
A15D54865 oz./in.PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric with Liner175 lb./in.8mil.3" SGD 689.22

Fiberglass Tape

StyleModelAdhesion StrengthTensile StrengthThicknessWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A15D41740 oz./in.70 lb./in.5mil.2" SGD 259.32
A15D35240 oz./in.70 lb./in.5mil.1" SGD 145.67
A15D38540 oz./in.70 lb./in.5mil.1.5" SGD 210.20
A15D46140 oz./in.70 lb./in.5mil.3/4" SGD 115.32
A15D36840 oz./in.70 lb./in.5mil.1/4" SGD 52.02
A15D45040 oz./in.70 lb./in.5mil.3" SGD 337.35
A15D52040 oz./in.70 lb./in.5mil.4" SGD 506.07
A15D61740 oz./in.70 lb./in.5mil.6" SGD 751.20
A15D31640 oz./in.70 lb./in.5mil.12" SGD 1517.74
A15D31540 oz./in.70 lb./in.5mil.1/2" SGD 83.74
A15D52145 oz./in.120 lb./in.7mil.4" SGD 706.78
B15D61645 oz./in.225 lb./in.12mil.6" SGD 1381.92
B15D51945 oz./in.225 lb./in.12mil.4" SGD 921.26
A15D46245 oz./in.120 lb./in.7mil.3/4" SGD 153.01
B15D46045 oz./in.225 lb./in.12mil.3/4" SGD 193.14
A15D45145 oz./in.120 lb./in.7mil.3" SGD 533.97
B15D31345 oz./in.225 lb./in.12mil.1/2" SGD 135.64
B15D41645 oz./in.225 lb./in.12mil.2" SGD 469.63
B15D44945 oz./in.225 lb./in.12mil.3" SGD 699.94
A15D41845 oz./in.120 lb./in.7mil.2" SGD 362.39
B15D31445 oz./in.225 lb./in.12mil.12" SGD 2696.41
A15D38645 oz./in.120 lb./in.7mil.1.5" SGD 285.46
B15D38445 oz./in.225 lb./in.12mil.1.5" SGD 354.72
A15D36945 oz./in.120 lb./in.7mil.1/4" SGD 64.60
B15D36745 oz./in.225 lb./in.12mil.1/4" SGD 78.02

Slick Surface Tape, Coated Cloth

StyleModelDiameterShapeLengthThicknessAdhesion StrengthTensile StrengthAdhesiveWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A15D365-Continuous Roll36yd.11.7mil.60 oz./in.-Super Stick Silicone1" SGD 381.47
B15D605-Continuous Roll5yd.4.7mil.45 oz./in.-Super Stick Silicone3" SGD 174.04
C15D593-Square1/2"4.7mil.45 oz./in.-Super Stick Silicone1/2" SGD 30.74
C15D594-Square3/4"4.7mil.45 oz./in.-Super Stick Silicone3/4" SGD 34.10
D15D596-Square2"4.7mil.45 oz./in.-Super Stick Silicone2" SGD 53.98
B15D599-Continuous Roll5yd.4.7mil.45 oz./in.-Super Stick Silicone1/4" SGD 33.83
B15D601-Continuous Roll5yd.4.7mil.45 oz./in.-Super Stick Silicone1/2" SGD 72.72
B15D602-Continuous Roll5yd.4.7mil.45 oz./in.-Super Stick Silicone3/4" SGD 59.53
B15D603-Continuous Roll5yd.4.7mil.45 oz./in.-Super Stick Silicone1" SGD 125.12
B15D604-Continuous Roll5yd.4.7mil.45 oz./in.-Super Stick Silicone2" SGD 229.59
B15D606-Continuous Roll5yd.4.7mil.45 oz./in.-Super Stick Silicone4" SGD 215.60
E15C814-Continuous Roll5yd.7mil.50 oz./in.150 lb./in.Clean Release Silicone1" SGD 82.41
B15D607-Continuous Roll5yd.4.7mil.45 oz./in.-Super Stick Silicone6" SGD 302.84
F15D608-Continuous Roll5yd.11.7mil.60 oz./in.-Super Stick Silicone1/4" SGD 47.50
F15D609-Continuous Roll5yd.11.7mil.60 oz./in.-Super Stick Silicone1/2" SGD 74.57
F15D610-Continuous Roll5yd.11.7mil.60 oz./in.-Super Stick Silicone3/4" SGD 101.63
F15D611-Continuous Roll5yd.11.7mil.60 oz./in.-Super Stick Silicone1" SGD 128.70
F15D612-Continuous Roll5yd.11.7mil.60 oz./in.-Super Stick Silicone2" SGD 241.26
F15D613-Continuous Roll5yd.11.7mil.60 oz./in.-Super Stick Silicone3" SGD 351.86
F15D615-Continuous Roll5yd.11.7mil.60 oz./in.-Super Stick Silicone6" SGD 682.78
G15D627-Continuous Roll36yd.4.7mil.45 oz./in.-Super Stick Silicone6" SGD 1265.49
A15D371-Continuous Roll36yd.11.7mil.60 oz./in.-Super Stick Silicone1/4" SGD 107.75
A15D333-Continuous Roll36yd.11.7mil.60 oz./in.-Super Stick Silicone1/2" SGD 201.00
E15D543-Continuous Roll5yd.8mil.65 oz./in.175 lb./in.Clean Release Silicone1" SGD 97.45
G15D364-Continuous Roll36yd.4.7mil.45 oz./in.-Super Stick Silicone1" SGD 441.75

Duct Tape

StyleModelTensile StrengthThicknessWidthAdhesion StrengthColorDiameterLengthPerformance Temp.Price (inc. GST)
A26VC8417 lb./in.6mil.48mm-Silver5.125"55m40 Degrees to 180 Degrees F SGD 38.37
B26VC8927 lb./in.9mil.48mm85 oz./in.Silver5 15/16"55m30 Degrees to 200 Degrees F SGD 25.75
C26VC9627 lb./in.9mil.4"85 oz./in.Silver5 15/16"60yd.30 Degrees to 200 Degrees F SGD 34.20
D26VC8727 lb./in.9mil.48mm85 oz./in.Black5 15/16"55m30 Degrees to 200 Degrees F SGD 78.14
E26VC9527 lb./in.9mil.72mm85 oz./in.Silver5 15/16"55m30 Degrees to 200 Degrees F SGD 30.84
F26VC9750 lb./in.13mil.48mm95 oz./in.Midnight Blue6 13/16"55m30 Degrees to 200 Degrees F SGD 67.40

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