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APPROVED VENDOR Eye Pulleys And Snaps



Eyelet Spring Snap, No Load Rated

StyleModelEye Inside Dia.FinishMaterialOverall LengthSnap OpeningPrice (inc. GST)
A4GGW1--Bronze5.5"7/16" SGD 44.83
B4GGU5-Nickel PlatedIron Casting5.125"3/8" SGD 31.43
C4GGU4-Nickel PlatedIron Casting3.875"1/4" SGD 27.86
D4FCT11"Nickel PlatedZinc Die Cast4.625"3/4" SGD 48.59
E4FCN51/2"Zinc-PlatedSteel Wire4"13/16" SGD 28.93
F4GGV93/4"-Bronze3.75"5/8" SGD 49.29
G4FCR43/4"Nickel PlatedIron Casting3.75"1/2" SGD 34.29
D4FCT23/8"Loss Wax Precision CastingStainless 316 Steel2"3/16" SGD 41.53
F4GGV73/8"-Bronze2.125"1/4" SGD 26.74
D4FCT35/8"Loss Wax Precision CastingStainless 316 Steel2.75"3/8" SGD 49.85
H4GGU65/8"Nickel PlatedIron Casting4.75"9/16" SGD 33.72
F4GGV85/8"-Bronze2.75"5/16" SGD 34.59
D4FCR57/16"Nickel PlatedZinc Die Cast2"1/4" SGD 24.49
D4FCR79/16"Nickel PlatedZinc Die Cast2.75"13/32" SGD 27.27
D4FCR811/16"Nickel PlatedZinc Die Cast3.375"1/2" SGD 32.71
D4FCT411/16"Loss Wax Precision CastingStainless 316 Steel3.187"7/16" SGD 52.57
D4FCR913/16"Nickel PlatedZinc Die Cast3.875"5/8" SGD 35.47
D4FCR615/32"Nickel PlatedZinc Die Cast2.375"5/16" SGD 26.03
D4FCT523/32"Loss Wax Precision CastingStainless 316 Steel3.75"9/16" SGD 62.56

Round Eye Swivel Snap

StyleModelFinishMax. LoadSizePrice (inc. GST)
A4PB86Chrome Plated70 lb.3/8" SGD 26.78
B4PB87Satin Bronze90 lb.1/2" SGD 28.99

Fixed Eye Fixed Eye Pulley

StyleModelFinishMax. LoadSizePrice (inc. GST)
A4PB90Nickel40 lb.1" SGD 29.58
B4PB91Zinc100 lb.1.5" SGD 39.11

Spring Snap

StyleModelOverall LengthSnap OpeningPrice (inc. GST)
A4FCJ34"5/16" SGD 29.75
A4FCJ44.625"7/16" SGD 31.08

Load Rated Connector

StyleModelEye Inside Dia.Max. LoadOverall LengthSnap OpeningThicknessPrice (inc. GST)
A4FCH81/2"800 Lb.1 15/16"1/4"3/16" SGD 39.24
A4FCH73/8"400 Lb.1.375"3/16"1/8" SGD 36.90
A4FCH911/16"2000 Lb.2 15/16"13/32"5/16" SGD 65.99
A4FCJ113/16"3500 lb.3.5"15/32"3/8" SGD 90.91

Load Rated Spring Snap

StyleModelEye Inside Dia.FinishMaterialMax. LoadOverall LengthSnap OpeningThicknessPrice (inc. GST)
A4GGL81.125"Zinc-PlatedMild Steel Deformed500 Lb.4"11/16"3/8" SGD 28.80
A4GGL91.375"Zinc-PlatedMild Steel Deformed500 Lb.4.75"7/8"7/16" SGD 31.50
B4GGP71/2"Stainless 316Steel Wire937 lb.3.187"9/16"5/16" SGD 88.24
C4FCE71/2"Stainless 316Steel Wire500 Lb.3.125"3/8"5/16" SGD 46.34
D4GGN31/2"Black ResinMild Steel Deformed500 Lb.4"1/2"3/8" SGD 38.94
E4GGP41/2"Black ResinMild Steel Deformed675 lb.4"1/2"3/8" SGD 35.11
F4FCP61/2"Stainless 316Steel Wire800 Lb.3.125"9/16"5/16" SGD 45.54
G4FCP31/2"Stainless 316Steel Wire770 lb.4"1/2"3/8" SGD 69.25
H4GGR41/2"Stainless 316Steel Wire887 lb.3.125"9/16"5/16" SGD 59.00
I4FCN81/2"Zinc-PlatedMild Steel Deformed500 Lb.4"1/2"3/8" SGD 34.75
D4GGN41/4"Black ResinMild Steel Deformed175 lb.2"1/4"3/16" SGD 26.13
J4FCP91/4"Stainless 316Steel Wire400 Lb.2.375"7/16"1/4" SGD 36.42
G4FCP11/4"Stainless 316Steel Wire264 lb.2.375"1/4"1/4" SGD 42.05
G4FCN91/4"Stainless 316Steel Wire220 Lb.2"1/4"3/16" SGD 36.63
E4GGP21/4"Black ResinMild Steel Deformed205 lb.2.375"5/16"1/4" SGD 26.93
C4FCE93/4"Stainless 316Steel Wire700 Lb.4.75"5/8"7/16" SGD 89.58
J4FCR13/8"Stainless 316Steel Wire600 Lb.3.125"1/2"5/16" SGD 52.91
C4FCE63/8"Stainless 316Steel Wire280 lb.2.375"5/16"1/4" SGD 36.33
E4GGP33/8"Black ResinMild Steel Deformed380 Lb.3.125"3/8"5/16" SGD 29.46
H4GGR33/8"Stainless 316Steel Wire330 lb.2.375"7/16"1/4" SGD 45.42
B4GGP63/8"Stainless 316Steel Wire440 Lb.2.375"7/16"1/4" SGD 61.97
E4GGP13/16"Black ResinMild Steel Deformed175 lb.2"1/4"3/16" SGD 26.60
F4FCP75/8"Stainless 316Steel Wire1000 Lb.3.875"5/8"3/8" SGD 64.07
C4FCE85/8"Stainless 316Steel Wire600 Lb.4"1/2"3/8" SGD 61.78
C4FCE25/16"Zinc-PlatedSteel175 lb.2"1/4"3/16" SGD 24.68

Not Load Rated Trigger Snap

StyleModelEye Inside Dia.FinishMaterialOverall LengthSnap OpeningPrice (inc. GST)
A4FCH31/2"Nickel PlatedZinc Die Cast2.5"7/16" SGD 32.08
B4FCH61/2"-Bronze2.625"7/16" Snap Dia SGD 33.72
A4GGL41/2"Loss Wax Precision CastingStainless 316 Steel2.5"7/16" Snap Dia SGD 50.76
A4FCH53/4"Nickel PlatedZinc Die Cast3.75"3/4" Snap Diameter SGD 33.07
A4FCL33/4"Nickel PlatedZinc Die Cast2.75"7/16" Snap Dia SGD 32.82
A4FCH45/8"Nickel PlatedZinc Die Cast2.625"7/16" Snap Dia SGD 32.32
A4GGL55/8"Loss Wax Precision CastingStainless 316 Steel2.625"7/16" Snap Dia SGD 52.10

Not Load Rated Economy Spring Snap, Swivel

StyleModelEye Inside Dia.FinishMaterialOverall LengthSnap OpeningPrice (inc. GST)
A4GGH81" Strap WidthBlackPlastic2.5"1/4" SGD 32.57
B4GGH91-1/2" Strap WidthBlackPlastic2.5"1/4" SGD 22.52
C4FCW91/2"Nickel PlatedSteel3.5"1/4" SGD 24.74
D4GGH11/2"Zinc-PlatedSteel3.375"1/4" SGD 44.75
D4FCX81/4"Zinc-PlatedSteel2.75"3/16" SGD 37.40
B4GGJ12" Strap WidthBlackPlastic2.5"1/4" SGD 45.40
A4GGH73/4" Strap WidthBlackPlastic2.5"1/4" SGD 11.63
C4FCW73/8"Nickel PlatedSteel2.625"5/16" SGD 37.07
C4FCW53/8"Nickel PlatedSteel2.375"1/4" SGD 18.20
E4GGH55/16"Nickel PlatedZinc Die Cast2"3/16" SGD 38.67

Not Load Rated Eyelet Spring Snap, Swivel

StyleModelEye Inside Dia.FinishMaterialOverall LengthSnap OpeningPrice (inc. GST)
A4FCF41"Nickel PlatedZinc Die Cast3.5"7/16" SGD 33.07
B4FCT81.125"Zinc-PlatedIron Casting4.5"7/16" SGD 32.50
A4FCF21/2"Nickel PlatedZinc Die Cast3 1/16"7/16" SGD 27.42
C4FCF83/4"Loss Wax Precision CastingStainless 316 Steel3.875"7/16" SGD 64.11
D4FCL73/4"Nickel PlatedIron Casting4"7/16" SGD 32.61
A4FCF35/8"Nickel PlatedZinc Die Cast3.25"7/16" SGD 27.69
E4FCF55/8"-Bronze3.25"5/16" SGD 33.47
B4FCT75/8"Zinc-PlatedIron Casting3.5"3/8" SGD 37.19
C4FCF97/8"Loss Wax Precision CastingStainless 316 Steel4.625"7/16" SGD 65.25
E4FCT67/8"-Bronze4.375"9/16" SGD 48.32
A4FCF17/16"Nickel PlatedZinc Die Cast3"7/16" SGD 29.06
C4FCF711/16"Loss Wax Precision CastingStainless 316 Steel3.375"3/8" SGD 62.92

Not Load Rated Slide Bolt Spring Snap, Swivel

StyleModelEye Inside Dia.FinishMaterialOverall LengthSnap OpeningPrice (inc. GST)
A4FCJ71"Nickel PlatedZinc Die Cast3.875"3/8" SGD 31.10
B4FCL21" Strap WidthNickel PlatedZinc Die Cast3.125"5/16" SGD 27.18
C4GGK81-5/16"Loss Wax Precision CastingStainless 316 Steel4.75"1/2" SGD 68.91
D4FCH21.25"-Bronze4.75"9/16" SGD 48.83
C4GGK91.437"Loss Wax Precision CastingStainless 316 Steel4.875"1/2" SGD 82.41
C4GGK51/2"Loss Wax Precision CastingStainless 316 Steel3.125"5/16" SGD 54.63
A4FCG71/2"Nickel PlatedZinc Die Cast3"5/16" SGD 28.70
E4GGL33/4"-Bronze3.625"3/8" SGD 38.52
A4FCG93/4"Nickel PlatedZinc Die Cast3.5"3/8" SGD 29.96
C4GGK73/4"Loss Wax Precision CastingStainless 316 Steel3.625"3/8" SGD 57.34
F4GGL23/4" Strap WidthNickel PlatedZinc Die Cast3.25"7/16" SGD 28.82
A4FCG63/8"Nickel PlatedZinc Die Cast2.5"1/4" SGD 25.82
C4GGK65/8"Loss Wax Precision CastingStainless 316 Steel3.437"3/8" SGD 55.15
A4FCJ95/8"Nickel PlatedIron Casting3.25"5/16" SGD 29.31
A4FCG85/8"Nickel PlatedZinc Die Cast3.5"3/8" SGD 29.56
C4FCL15/16"Nickel PlatedBrass1.875"1/8" SGD 30.46
A4FCJ67/8"Nickel PlatedZinc Die Cast3.75"3/8" SGD 30.46
A4FCJ87/8"Nickel PlatedZinc Die Cast4 1/16"3/8" SGD 35.24
C4GGK47/16"Loss Wax Precision CastingStainless 316 Steel2.5"1/4" SGD 53.39
G4FCH17/16"-Bronze3"1/4" SGD 27.35

Wall/Ceiling Mount Pulley

StyleModelMax. LoadSizePrice (inc. GST)
A1RCT1420 lb.1.5" SGD 46.05
A1RCT6480 lb.2" SGD 53.79

Not Load Rated Slide Bolt Spring Snap

StyleModelEye Inside Dia.FinishMaterialOverall LengthSnap OpeningPrice (inc. GST)
A4FCG3-Nickel PlatedZinc Die Cast4"3/8" SGD 30.86
A4FCG4-Nickel PlatedZinc Die Cast4.625"7/16" SGD 33.47
B4FCG5-Loss Wax Precision CastingStainless 316 Steel4"7/16" SGD 62.62
C4FCJ5--Bronze4.75"7/16" SGD 40.43
D4GGJ91"Zinc-PlatedIron Casting6"9/16" SGD 47.44
E4FCN11" Strap WidthNickel PlatedZinc Die Cast3.375"7/16" SGD 27.35
F4GGJ21/2"Nickel PlatedZinc Die Cast3.25"7/16" SGD 27.81
G4GGK21/2"-Bronze3.5"3/8" SGD 35.85
F4GGJ43/4"Nickel PlatedZinc Die Cast3.5"7/16" SGD 29.46
D4GGJ63/8"Zinc-PlatedIron Casting3.375"11/32" SGD 27.60
F4GGJ35/8"Nickel PlatedZinc Die Cast3.375"7/16" SGD 29.12
D4GGJ55/16"Zinc-PlatedIron Casting2.625"5/16" SGD 26.59
D4GGK17/8"Zinc-PlatedIron Casting5.5"9/16" SGD 39.82
D4GGJ79/16"Zinc-PlatedIron Casting3.5"3/8" SGD 28.74
D4GGJ89/16"Zinc-PlatedIron Casting4"3/8" SGD 29.22
G4GGK39/16"-Bronze4"3/8" SGD 38.10
StyleModelMax. LoadSizeOverall LengthThicknessEye Inside Dia.Snap OpeningEye LengthWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A1RCB7165 lb.2.375"2.375"1/4"11/16"5/8"3/8"1/4" SGD 24.41
A1RCB9315 lb.3.125"3.25"5/16"15/16"7/8"1/2"5/16" SGD 27.35
A1RCC2360 lb.3-5/16"4"5/16"5/16"1"9/16"3/8" SGD 30.09

Swivel Eye Pulley

StyleModelSizeWheel DiameterWidthFinishHeightItemMax. LoadRope Dia.Price (inc. GST)
A4PB891"1"-Nickel-Swivel Eye Pulley40 lb.5/16" SGD 34.59
B1RCF31.5"1.5"1.625"Zinc3.437"Pulley420 lb.3/8" SGD 43.42
C1RCE61/2"--Nickel-Pulley9 lb.- SGD 33.07
B1RCF62"2"2.125"Zinc3 15/16"Pulley480 lb.3/8" SGD 40.64
B1RCF92.5"2.5"2.625"Zinc4.437"Pulley550 Lb.3/8" SGD 50.47
B1RCG33"3"3.125"Zinc5.187"Pulley650 Lb.1/2" SGD 76.10
D1RCE93/4"--Nickel-Pulley25 lb.- SGD 34.35

Threaded Quick Link

StyleModelWidthMax. LoadHeightMaterialSnap OpeningEye Inside Dia.Overall LengthSizePrice (inc. GST)
A1RCE31 5/64"1800 lb.2 11/32"Stainless Steel9/32"1/2"2 11/32"1/4" SGD 47.81
A1RCD31 11/32"1760 lb.2 61/64"Steel13/32"9/16"2 61/64"5/16" SGD 27.04
A1RCD51 39/64"2640 lb.3 37/64"Steel1/2"13/16"3 37/64"3/8" SGD 32.88
A1RCD82 11/64"3300 lb.4 27/32"Steel21/32"15/16"4 27/32"1/2" SGD 41.15
A1RCC845/64"220 Lb.1.437"Steel3/16"3/8"1.437"1/8" SGD 23.86
A1RCD153/64"660 Lb.2"Steel17/64"1/2"1 53/64"3/16" SGD 23.86

Fixed Eye Pulley

StyleModelFinishHeightMax. LoadSizeWheel DiameterWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A1RCG6Nickel1.125"15 lb.1/2"1/2"1/2" SGD 29.31
B1RCG9Nickel1 9/16"25 lb.3/4"3/4"3/4" SGD 32.44
C1RCH4Zinc-480 lb.2"-- SGD 38.81
D1RCH8Zinc-550 Lb.2.5"-- SGD 42.87
D1RCJ3Zinc-650 Lb.3"-- SGD 61.97

Load Rated Locking Spring Snap

StyleModelEye Inside Dia.Max. LoadOverall LengthSnap OpeningThicknessPrice (inc. GST)
A4GGT11.125"2500 Lb.4.5"13/16"1/2" SGD 106.62
B4GGT311/16"1000 Lb.3.625"3/8"4/9" SGD 63.92

Not Load Rated Economy Spring Snap

StyleModelEye Inside Dia.FinishMaterialOverall LengthSnap OpeningPrice (inc. GST)
A4FCW31" Strap WidthNickel PlatedZinc Die Cast3"5/16" SGD 59.64
B4GGV11" Strap WidthNickel PlatedZinc Die Cast2.375"3/16" SGD 65.26
B4GGV21-1/2" Strap WidthNickel PlatedZinc Die Cast2.625"3/16" SGD 52.30
C4FCU31/4"Nickel PlatedSteel1.625"1/4" SGD 25.21
B4GGV32" Strap WidthNickel PlatedZinc Die Cast2.625"3/16" SGD 92.64
D4FCG13/8"Zinc-PlatedSteel1.875"5/16" SGD 39.32
E4FCU43/8"Nickel PlatedSteel1.75"1/4" SGD 27.29
C4FCU53/8"Nickel PlatedSteel2"1/4" SGD 36.12
F4GGU93/16"BlackPlastic1.875"3/16" SGD 11.99
G4FCV45/8"Zinc-PlatedSteel4"3/8" SGD 46.57
H4FCV65/8"Nickel PlatedZinc Die Cast3.25"5/16" SGD 37.31
A4FCV85/8" Strap WidthNickel PlatedZinc Die Cast3"5/16" SGD 36.28
D4FCG27/16"Zinc-PlatedSteel2.5"3/8" SGD 54.73
I4GGU87/16"Zinc-PlatedIron Casting2.875"1/4" SGD 48.75
C4FCT97/32"Nickel PlatedSteel1"3/16" SGD 25.94
C4FCU29/32"Nickel PlatedSteel1.375"5/32" SGD 26.36

Load Rated Forged Spring Snap

StyleModelEye Inside Dia.FinishMaterialMax. LoadOverall LengthSnap OpeningPrice (inc. GST)
A4GGU31/2"Stainless 17-4 PHSteel1500 Lb.4"9/16" SGD 190.89
B4FCL41/4"Loss Wax Precision CastingStainless 316 Steel165 lb.2"11/32" SGD 47.77
B4FCL53/8"Loss Wax Precision CastingStainless 316 Steel387 lb.2.75"13/32" SGD 66.70
B4FCL69/16"Loss Wax Precision CastingStainless 316 Steel825 lb.3.75"9/16" SGD 96.42
C4FCN411/16"Zinc-PlatedDrop Forged Steel1000 Lb.3.5"1/2" SGD 37.00

Snap Bolt Swivel Eye Steel 3-3/8 Inch Height

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)

Swivel Eye Panic Snap Bolt Chrome

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)

Eye Pulleys And Snaps

Pulleys and snaps are needed for different interlocking jobs in both industry and home. Owing to the diverse nature of jobs, different types of snaps and pulleys may be needed. Raptor Supplies offers you high-quality eye pulleys and eye snaps available in stainless steel and chrome finishes. Swivels snaps are also available at Raptor Supplies. Browse our complete range for more product details

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