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StyleModelEye Inside Dia.Eye Outside Dia.Overall LengthShank Dia.Shank LengthThread LengthThread SizePrice (inc. GST)
A35Z5331/2"15/16"3 11/16"1/4"2.75"2"1/4" SGD 27.02
A35Z5581/2"15/16"4.875"1/4"4"2"1/4" SGD 28.30
A35Z5373/4"1-13/32"7 5/16"3/8"6"2.5"3/8" SGD 34.52
A35Z5413/4"1-13/32"4.375"3/8"3"2.5"3/8" SGD 27.27
A35Z5575/8"1-11/64"3.875"5/16"2.75"2"5/16" SGD 31.35
StyleModelThread LengthThread SizeWorking Load LimitEye Inside Dia.Eye Outside Dia.Overall LengthShank Dia.Shank LengthPrice (inc. GST)
A35Z4401.5"3/8-161200 Lbs.3/4"1.5"4"3/8"2.5" SGD 28.64
A35Z4771.5"1/4-20500 Lbs.1/2"1"4"1/4"3" SGD 32.42
A35Z4891.5"3/8-161200 Lbs.3/4"1.5"4.5"3/8"3" SGD 36.12
A35Z4571.5"1/4-20500 Lbs.1/2"1"3"1/4"2" SGD 32.31
A35Z5031.625"1/2-132200 Lbs.1"2"4"1/2"2" SGD 38.14
A35Z4642"1/2-132200 Lbs.1"2"4.5"1/2"3.25" SGD 36.88
A35Z4742"3/8-161200 Lbs.3/4"1.5"5.5"3/8"4" SGD 39.38
A35Z4592"1/4-20500 Lbs.1/2"1"5"1/4"4" SGD 33.33
A35Z4613"1/2-132200 Lbs.1"2"8"1/2"6" SGD 41.65
A35Z4633"1/2-132200 Lbs.1"2"6.5"1/2"4.5" SGD 39.23
A35Z4423"3/8-161200 Lbs.3/4"1.5"6"3/8"4.5" SGD 37.34
A35Z4473"3/8-161200 Lbs.3/4"1.5"7.5"3/8"6" SGD 32.42
A35Z4933"1/4-20500 Lbs.1/2"1"7"1/4"6" SGD 36.27
A35Z4754"1/2-132200 Lbs.1"2"10"1/2"8" SGD 52.76
A35Z4764"1/2-132200 Lbs.1"2"12"1/2"10" SGD 59.63
A35Z4964"3/8-161200 Lbs.3/4"1.5"9.5"3/8"8" SGD 50.17
A35Z4674"1/2-132200 Lbs.1"2"14"1/2"12" SGD 61.99
StyleModelWorking Load LimitShank LengthOverall LengthShank Dia.Thread LengthEye Inside Dia.Shoulder Dia.Shoulder LengthPrice (inc. GST)
A35Z542308 Lbs.13mm49mm8mm13mm20mm20mm6mm SGD 34.71
A35Z552506 Lbs.17mm62mm10mm17mm25mm25mm8mm SGD 40.33
A35Z521748 Lbs.20.5mm74.5mm12mm20.5mm30mm30mm10mm SGD 41.57
A35Z5471540 Lbs.27mm90mm16mm27mm35mm35mm12mm SGD 43.90
A35Z5052640 Lbs.30mm102mm20mm30mm40mm40mm14mm SGD 48.89
A35Z5123960 Lbs.36mm126mm24mm36mm50mm50mm18mm SGD 54.55
A35Z5077040 Lbs.45mm153mm30mm45mm60mm65mm22mm SGD 99.58
A35Z49810120 Lbs.54mm180mm36mm54mm70mm75mm26mm SGD 172.29

Drop Forged Carbon Steel Eyebolt, Zinc Plated Finish

StyleModelEye Outside Dia.Eyebolt TypeShoulder LengthThread LengthThread SizeTypeWorking Load LimitEye Inside Dia.Price (inc. GST)
A35Z5271-11/16"without Shoulder-3"3/8-16Without Shoulder1300 Lbs.1" SGD 37.99
B35Z4581-11/16"with Shoulder0.12" to 0.19"1.25"3/8-16With Shoulder1300 Lbs.1" SGD 28.05
B35Z4691-11/16"with Shoulder0.12" to 0.19"2.5"3/8-16With Shoulder1300 Lbs.1" SGD 38.90
A35Z4811-11/16"without Shoulder-2.5"3/8-16Without Shoulder1300 Lbs.1" SGD 35.93
B35Z5111-11/16"with Shoulder0.12" to 0.19"3"3/8-16With Shoulder1300 Lbs.1" SGD 37.99
B35Z4451.187"with Shoulder0.12" to 0.19"1"1/4-20With Shoulder500 Lbs.3/4" SGD 27.67
A35Z4511.187"without Shoulder-1"1/4-20Without Shoulder500 Lbs.3/4" SGD 26.36
B35Z4621.437"with Shoulder0.12" to 0.19"1.125"5/16-18With Shoulder900 Lbs.7/8" SGD 26.45
B35Z4722-1/16"with Shoulder0.19" to 0.25"1.5"1/2-13With Shoulder2400 Lbs.1.187" SGD 37.07
A35Z4902-1/16"without Shoulder-3"1/2-13Without Shoulder2400 Lbs.1.187" SGD 39.68
A35Z4912-1/16"without Shoulder-1.5"1/2-13Without Shoulder2400 Lbs.1.187" SGD 29.90
B35Z4992-1/16"with Shoulder0.19" to 0.25"3"1/2-13With Shoulder2400 Lbs.1.187" SGD 40.62
B35Z5022-1/16"with Shoulder0.19" to 0.25"2.5"1/2-13With Shoulder2400 Lbs.1.187" SGD 39.57
A35Z5132-1/16"without Shoulder-2.5"1/2-13Without Shoulder2400 Lbs.1.187" SGD 39.36
B35Z5552-13/16"with Shoulder0.25" to 0.31"2.5"3/4-10With Shoulder5000 Lbs.1.5" SGD 62.49
B35Z5282-13/16"with Shoulder0.25" to 0.31"3"3/4-10With Shoulder5000 Lbs.1.5" SGD 64.74
A35Z5622-13/16"without Shoulder-3"3/4-10Without Shoulder5000 Lbs.1.5" SGD 64.22
B35Z5152-13/16"with Shoulder0.25" to 0.31"2"3/4-10With Shoulder5000 Lbs.1.5" SGD 55.34
B35Z5172.5"with Shoulder0.25" to 0.31"3"5/8-11With Shoulder4000 Lbs.1.375" SGD 56.52
B35Z5162.5"with Shoulder0.25" to 0.31"2.5"5/8-11With Shoulder4000 Lbs.1.375" SGD 56.38
A35Z4832.5"without Shoulder-3"5/8-11Without Shoulder4000 Lbs.1.375" SGD 71.41
B35Z5062.5"with Shoulder0.25" to 0.31"1.75"5/8-11With Shoulder4000 Lbs.1.375" SGD 45.61
B35Z5323-9/16"with Shoulder0.38" to 0.44"2.5"1-8With Shoulder9000 Lbs.1-13/16" SGD 57.90
B35Z5383.25"with Shoulder0.31" to 0.38"2.25"7/8-9With Shoulder7000 Lbs.1-11/16" SGD 53.22

Drop Forged Carbon Steel Eyebolt, Plain Finish

StyleModelShoulder Dia.Working Load LimitEye Outside Dia.Shoulder LengthSystem of MeasurementThread LengthThread SizeTypePrice (inc. GST)
A35Z545-4000 Lbs.2.5"-Inch2.5"5/8-11Without Shoulder SGD 69.67
A35Z509-5000 Lbs.2-13/16"-Inch2.5"3/4-10Without Shoulder SGD 79.55
A35Z466-2400 Lbs.2-1/16"-Inch1.5"1/2-13Without Shoulder SGD 30.36
A35Z485-2400 Lbs.2-1/16"-Inch3"1/2-13Without Shoulder SGD 54.95
A35Z468-2400 Lbs.2-1/16"-Inch2.5"1/2-13Without Shoulder SGD 52.38
A35Z460-1300 Lbs.1-11/16"-Inch3"3/8-16Without Shoulder SGD 47.88
A35Z484-5000 Lbs.2-13/16"-Inch2"3/4-10Without Shoulder SGD 40.75
A35Z546-5000 Lbs.2-13/16"-Inch3"3/4-10Without Shoulder SGD 79.26
A35Z548-4000 Lbs.2.5"-Inch3"5/8-11Without Shoulder SGD 50.63
A35Z453-1300 Lbs.1-11/16"-Inch2.5"3/8-16Without Shoulder SGD 50.63
A35Z448-1300 Lbs.1.625"-Inch1.25"3/8-16Without Shoulder SGD 28.42
A35Z441-500 Lbs.1.187"-Inch1"1/4-20Without Shoulder SGD 27.81
A35Z504-4000 Lbs.2.5"-Inch1.75"5/8-11Without Shoulder SGD 36.44
B35Z4460.50 to 0.56"500 Lbs.1.187"0.12" to 0.19"Inch1"1/4-20With Shoulder SGD 24.41
B35Z4490.56 to 0.62"900 Lbs.1.437"0.12" to 0.19"Inch1.125"5/16-18With Shoulder SGD 28.05
B35Z4500.62 to 0.69"1300 Lbs.1-11/16"0.12" to 0.19"Inch3/4"3/8-16With Shoulder SGD 28.30
B35Z4520.62 to 0.69"1300 Lbs.1-11/16"0.12" to 0.19"Inch5/8"3/8-16With Shoulder SGD 28.30
B35Z4440.62 to 0.69"1300 Lbs.1-11/16"0.12" to 0.19"Inch1.25"3/8-16With Shoulder SGD 28.30
B35Z4880.62 to 0.69"1300 Lbs.1-11/16"0.12" to 0.19"Inch3"3/8-16With Shoulder SGD 42.60
B35Z4710.62 to 0.69"1300 Lbs.1-11/16"0.12" to 0.19"Inch2.5"3/8-16With Shoulder SGD 36.14
B35Z4820.75 to 0.81"1800 Lbs.1-27/32"0.19" to 0.25"Inch1.375"7/16-14With Shoulder SGD 29.64
B35Z4970.88 to 0.94"2400 Lbs.2-1/16"0.19" to 0.25"Inch3"1/2-13With Shoulder SGD 52.38
B35Z4800.88 to 0.94"2400 Lbs.2-1/16"0.19" to 0.25"Inch2.5"1/2-13With Shoulder SGD 40.85
B35Z4730.88 to 0.94"2400 Lbs.2-1/16"0.19" to 0.25"Inch1"1/2-13With Shoulder SGD 30.09
B35Z4860.88 to 0.94"2400 Lbs.2-1/16"0.19" to 0.25"Inch1.5"1/2-13With Shoulder SGD 29.22

Low Carbon Steel Eyebolt, Zinc Plated Finish

StyleModelWorking Load LimitShank Dia.Eyebolt TypeOverall LengthThread SizeEye Inside Dia.Shank LengthThread LengthPrice (inc. GST)
A35Z443-1/2"Turned Wire6"1/2-131"4"2.5" SGD 23.61
A35Z508-1/4"Turned Wire3"1/4-201/2"2"1.25" SGD 26.97
A35Z560-1/2"Turned Wire4"1/2-131"2"1.5" SGD 32.74
A35Z559-3/8"Turned Wire5.5"3/8-163/4"4"2.5" SGD 24.79
A35Z553-5/16"Turned Wire5.125"5/16-185/8"4"2.5" SGD 20.92
B35Z550-1/4"Open Wire3"1/4-201/2"2"1 15/16" SGD 34.02
A35Z544-1/4"Turned Wire5"1/4-201/2"4"2.5" SGD 28.32
C35Z535-3/8"Turned Wire6.5"3/8-163/4"5"3" SGD 29.31
A35Z530-5/16"Turned Wire3.125"5/16-185/8"2"1.25" SGD 30.23
A35Z523-1/4"Turned Wire2.5"1/4-201/2"1.5"1.25" SGD 26.64
A35Z561-3/8"Turned Wire7.5"3/8-163/4"6"3.75" SGD 21.73
A35Z439-1/2"Turned Wire8"1/2-131"6"4" SGD 24.03
A35Z556-3/8"Turned Wire4.5"3/8-163/4"3"1.5" SGD 21.84
C35Z551-1/4"Turned Wire6"1/4-201/2"5"3" SGD 29.31
A35Z549-5/16"Turned Wire4.125"5/16-185/8"3"1.5" SGD 30.93
A35Z543-3/8"Turned Wire3.5"3/8-163/4"2"1.25" SGD 23.67
A35Z534-1/4"Turned Wire4"1/4-201/2"3"1.5" SGD 27.29
A35Z529-3/8"Turned Wire4"3/8-163/4"2.5"1.5" SGD 22.85
A35Z514-3/8"Turned Wire2.5"3/8-163/4"1"7/8" SGD 19.40
A35Z487-1/4"Turned Wire2"1/4-201/2"1"7/8" SGD 25.31
A35Z454900 Lbs.5/16"Turned Wire2.125"5/16-185/8"1"7/8" SGD 29.06
A35Z4552400 Lbs.1/2"Turned Wire12 13/16"1/2-135/8"11.187"2.5" SGD 27.23
StyleModelWorking Load LimitShank LengthOverall LengthShank Dia.Thread LengthEye Inside Dia.Shoulder Dia.Shoulder LengthPrice (inc. GST)
A35Z478308 Lbs.13mm49mm8mm13mm20mm20mm6mm SGD 33.32
A35Z479748 Lbs.20.5mm74.5mm12mm20.5mm30mm30mm10mm SGD 56.27
StyleModelEye Inside Dia.Eye Outside Dia.Overall LengthShank Dia.Shank LengthThread LengthThread SizePrice (inc. GST)
A5LAE11/2"1-1/16"5 1/3"5/16"4"2"5/16-18 SGD 50.63
A5LAE01/2"1-1/16"4.375"5/16"3"2"5/16-18 SGD 46.95
A5LAE21/2"1-1/16"6.375"5/16"5"2"5/16-18 SGD 50.87
A5LAE31/2"1-1/16"7.375"5/16"6"2"5/16-18 SGD 51.89
A5LAD313/32"23/32"3"3/16"2"1.5"10-24 SGD 36.37
A5LAD413/32"23/32"4"3/16"3"2"10-24 SGD 37.07
A5LAD515/32"29/32"3.187"1/4"2"1.5"1/4-20 SGD 39.89
A5LAD615/32"29/32"4.25"1/4"3"2"1/4-20 SGD 40.47
A5LAD715/32"29/32"5.187"1/4"4"2"1/4-20 SGD 41.15
A5LAD815/32"29/32"6 5/16"1/4"5"2"1/4-20 SGD 43.32
A5LAD915/32"29/32"7"1/4"6"2"1/4-20 SGD 40.90
A5LAE421/32"1-11/32"4.5"3/8"3"2"3/8-16 SGD 48.38
A5LAE521/32"1-11/32"5.5"3/8"4"2"3/8-16 SGD 51.89
A5LAE621/32"1-11/32"6.625"3/8"5"2"3/8-16 SGD 52.40
A5LAE721/32"1-11/32"7.625"3/8"6"2"3/8-16 SGD 53.01
StyleModelWorking Load LimitShank LengthOverall LengthShank Dia.Thread LengthEye Inside Dia.Shoulder Dia.Shoulder LengthPrice (inc. GST)
AM16000.420.000113889 Lbs.63mm210mm42mm63mm80mm85mm67mm SGD 180.05
AM16000.480.000118960 Lbs.68mm236mm48mm68mm90mm100mm78mm SGD 264.74
AM16000.640.000135274 Lbs.90mm298mm64mm90mm110mm120mm98mm SGD 910.55
StyleModelShank LengthThread LengthThread SizeEye Inside Dia.Eye Outside Dia.Opening SizeOverall LengthShank Dia.Price (inc. GST)
AZ00401 13/16"3/4"1/4-203/16"1/2"3/16"2.25"3/8" SGD 72.53
AZ00412 13/16"1"3/8-163/8"3/4"3/8"3.375"5/8" SGD 89.88
AZ00433 11/16"1"1/2-133/8"1"3/8"4.5"3/4" SGD 98.58
AZ00473 15/16"1"3/4-103/4"1.5"3/4"5.25"1" SGD 194.06
AZ00423.437"1"1/2-133/8"1"3/8"4.25"3/4" SGD 102.96
AZ00444 1/16"1"5/8-115/8"1.25"5/8"5.125"7/8" SGD 150.64
AZ00465 9/16"1"5/8-115/8"1.25"5/8"6.625"7/8" SGD 176.71
StyleModelShoulder Dia.Thread LengthThread SizeEye Inside Dia.Eye Outside Dia.Overall LengthShank Dia.Shank LengthPrice (inc. GST)
A1ZU6825mm17mmM10 x 1.525mm45mm62mm10mm17mm SGD 76.50
A1ZU7030mm20.5mmM12 x 1.7530mm54mm74.5mm12mm20.5mm SGD 84.98
A1ZU7235mm27mmM16 x 235mm63mm90mm16mm27mm SGD 142.81
A1ZU7440mm30mmM20 x 2.540mm72mm102mm20mm30mm SGD 177.41

Steel Eyebolt, Zinc Finish

StyleModelShank Dia.Shoulder Dia.Shank LengthThread SizeEye Inside Dia.Thread LengthEye Outside Dia.Working Load LimitPrice (inc. GST)
A1ZU486mm20mm13mmM6 x 120mm13mm36mm154 Lbs. SGD 54.23
A1ZU508mm20mm13mmM8 x 1.2520mm13mm36mm308 Lbs. SGD 49.98
A1ZU5210mm25mm17mmM10 x 1.525mm17mm45mm506 Lbs. SGD 57.93
A1ZU5412mm30mm20.5mmM12 x 1.7530mm20.5mm54mm748 Lbs. SGD 61.06
A1ZU5616mm35mm27mmM16 x 235mm27mm63mm1540 Lbs. SGD 77.11
A1ZU5820mm40mm30mmM20 x 2.540mm30mm72mm2640 Lbs. SGD 54.34
A1ZU6024mm50mm36mmM24 x 350mm36mm90mm3960 Lbs. SGD 78.96
A1ZU6230mm65mm45mmM30 x 3.560mm45mm108mm7920 Lbs. SGD 141.07
A1ZU6436mm75mm54mmM36 x 470mm54mm126mm11,220 Lbs. SGD 245.43

Eyebolt Steel 5/16 x 5 13/16 Inch - Pack Of 10

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
07870 2AE7PLZ SGD 31.08

Eye Bolt With Shoulder 5/16-18 - Pack Of 25

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
4XLJ3AE2HWZ SGD 206.54


Eyebolts offer an easy way to firmly attach a securing eye to a solid structure, so that ropes or cables may further be then tied to it. Raptor Supplies offers a broad range of these eyebolts from brands like Chicago Hardware, Grainger, Ken Forging, Proto and Te-Co. These eyebolts are rated for vertical lifting applications and available in both Metric and Imperial standard designs.

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