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Safety Grip Conformable Tapes

Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of safety grip conformable tapes ideal for applications in coil wraps, separators, harness wrapping equipment, transformers and slot liners. These tapes are designed in accordance with MIL-I-23594C Type 1 standards and also widely used in mechanical jobs that require high-temperature resistance, low-friction and a nonstick surface. They feature a pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive for superior chemical resistance and are available in lengths up to 36 yards.

StyleModelAdhesion StrengthColorLengthTensile StrengthThicknessWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A15C65040 oz./in.Gray5yd.18 lb./in.6mil.1/2" SGD 39.36
B15D32040 oz./in.Tan36yd.18 lb./in.6mil.1/2" SGD 132.17
C15C66040 oz./in.Gray5yd.30 lb./in.6.5mil.3/4" SGD 63.95
C15C66240 oz./in.Gray5yd.30 lb./in.6.5mil.1.5" SGD 92.23
A15C65340 oz./in.Gray5yd.18 lb./in.6mil.1.5" SGD 77.32
D15C66640 oz./in.Gray5yd.30 lb./in.6.5mil.6" SGD 370.26
D15C66740 oz./in.Gray5yd.30 lb./in.6.5mil.10" SGD 573.50
B15D31140 oz./in.Tan36yd.18 lb./in.6mil.10" SGD 2179.58
E15D32140 oz./in.Tan36yd.30 lb./in.6.5mil.1/2" SGD 161.49
A15C65240 oz./in.Gray5yd.18 lb./in.6mil.1" SGD 58.23
E15D35640 oz./in.Tan36yd.30 lb./in.6.5mil.1" SGD 301.91
E15D38940 oz./in.Tan36yd.30 lb./in.6.5mil.1.5" SGD 444.31
B15D42040 oz./in.Tan36yd.18 lb./in.6mil.2" SGD 468.29
E15D49240 oz./in.Tan36yd.30 lb./in.6.5mil.3.5" SGD 983.60
B15D52340 oz./in.Tan36yd.18 lb./in.6mil.4" SGD 871.73
E15D52440 oz./in.Tan36yd.30 lb./in.6.5mil.4" SGD 1121.46
B15D62040 oz./in.Tan36yd.18 lb./in.6mil.6" SGD 1310.43
A15C65440 oz./in.Gray5yd.18 lb./in.6mil.2" SGD 121.97
C15C66440 oz./in.Gray5yd.30 lb./in.6.5mil.3.5" SGD 187.63
A15C65140 oz./in.Gray5yd.18 lb./in.6mil.3/4" SGD 48.78
B15D49140 oz./in.Tan36yd.18 lb./in.6mil.3.5" SGD 764.51
A15C65540 oz./in.Gray5yd.18 lb./in.6mil.3.5" SGD 152.91
A15C65640 oz./in.Gray5yd.18 lb./in.6mil.4" SGD 171.81
A15C65740 oz./in.Gray5yd.18 lb./in.6mil.6" SGD 247.38
A15C65840 oz./in.Gray5yd.18 lb./in.6mil.10" SGD 483.13

Squeak Reduction Tape

StyleModelWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A15C6771" SGD 62.56
A15C6782" SGD 102.85
A15C6793" SGD 109.90

UHMW Film Tape

StyleModelLengthMaterialPerformance Temp.Tensile StrengthThicknessWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A15D3385yd.Polyolefin-40 Degrees to 225 Degrees F145 lb./in.21.5mil.12" SGD 1220.54
B15D32736yd.PolyethyleneUp to 200 Degrees F18 lb./in.11.8mil.12" SGD 1862.96
C15D33136yd.PolyethyleneUp to 200 Degrees F18 lb./in.7mil.12" SGD 1464.63
A15D42336yd.Polyolefin-40 Degrees to 225 Degrees F145 lb./in.21.5mil.2" SGD 1061.20
A15D45236yd.Polyolefin-40 Degrees to 225 Degrees F80 lb./in.11.5mil.3" SGD 903.40
A15D45336yd.Polyolefin-40 Degrees to 225 Degrees F145 lb./in.21.5mil.3" SGD 1555.55
A15D62236yd.Polyolefin-40 Degrees to 225 Degrees F80 lb./in.11.5mil.6" SGD 1765.96
A15D62336yd.Polyolefin-40 Degrees to 225 Degrees F145 lb./in.21.5mil.6" SGD 3111.08
B15D62436yd.PolyethyleneUp to 200 Degrees F18 lb./in.11.8mil.6" SGD 954.47
C15D62636yd.PolyethyleneUp to 200 Degrees F18 lb./in.7mil.6" SGD 732.32
A15D32336yd.Polyolefin-40 Degrees to 225 Degrees F80 lb./in.11.5mil.12" SGD 3531.88
A15D32536yd.Polyolefin-40 Degrees to 225 Degrees F145 lb./in.21.5mil.12" SGD 6228.28
D15D32936yd.PolyethyleneUp to 200 Degrees F18 lb./in.5mil.12" SGD 1332.89

Film Tape

StyleModelTensile StrengthDiameterColorShapeThicknessWidthAdhesion StrengthLengthPrice (inc. GST)
A15D555--Green/WhiteContinuous Roll4.5mil.1"30 oz./in.3yd. SGD 116.96
A15D556--Green/WhiteContinuous Roll4.5mil.2"30 oz./in.3yd. SGD 255.96
B15D428--Green/WhiteContinuous Roll4.5mil.2"30 oz./in.36yd. SGD 830.69
C15D6568 lb./in.-ClearContinuous Roll3.5mil.8"20 oz./in.36yd. SGD 2449.22
C15D6518 lb./in.-ClearContinuous Roll3.5mil.1"20 oz./in.36yd. SGD 332.97
D15D5518 lb./in.-ClearContinuous Roll3.5mil.8"20 oz./in.5yd. SGD 614.87
D15D5498 lb./in.-ClearContinuous Roll3.5mil.1"20 oz./in.5yd. SGD 90.99
D15D5508 lb./in.-ClearContinuous Roll3.5mil.2"20 oz./in.5yd. SGD 218.78
C15D6558 lb./in.-ClearContinuous Roll3.5mil.2"20 oz./in.36yd. SGD 634.58
E15D64915 lb./in.-GrayContinuous Roll4.5mil.1"25 oz./in.36yd. SGD 244.20
F15D57915 lb./in.-GrayContinuous Roll6.5mil.2"25 oz./in.5yd. SGD 131.37
F15D57715 lb./in.-GrayContinuous Roll6.5mil.1/2"25 oz./in.5yd. SGD 63.21
G15D57415 lb./in.-GrayContinuous Roll4.5mil.1/2"25 oz./in.5yd. SGD 56.08
H15D65015 lb./in.-GrayContinuous Roll6.5mil.1"25 oz./in.36yd. SGD 390.16
G15D57515 lb./in.-GrayContinuous Roll4.5mil.1"25 oz./in.5yd. SGD 70.84
G15D57615 lb./in.-GrayContinuous Roll4.5mil.2"25 oz./in.5yd. SGD 149.82
F15D57815 lb./in.-GrayContinuous Roll6.5mil.1"25 oz./in.5yd. SGD 75.98
E15D64715 lb./in.-GrayContinuous Roll4.5mil.1/2"25 oz./in.36yd. SGD 132.59
E15D65315 lb./in.-GrayContinuous Roll4.5mil.2"25 oz./in.36yd. SGD 469.82
I15C68518 lb./in.-ClearContinuous Roll5mil.6"50 oz./in.5yd. SGD 161.89
I15C68618 lb./in.-ClearContinuous Roll5mil.12"50 oz./in.5yd. SGD 289.96
J15D36018 lb./in.-ClearContinuous Roll11.8mil.1"50 oz./in.36yd. SGD 179.45
K15D46918 lb./in.-ClearContinuous Roll5mil.3/4"50 oz./in.36yd. SGD 105.92
J15D46818 lb./in.-ClearContinuous Roll11.8mil.3/4"50 oz./in.36yd. SGD 139.83
K15D45618 lb./in.-ClearContinuous Roll5mil.3"50 oz./in.36yd. SGD 350.64

Metalized Film Tape

StyleModelColorLengthWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A15D436Black5yd.2" SGD 42.05
A15D390Black5yd.1.5" SGD 36.58
B15D513Black72yd.3/8" SGD 55.68
A15D629Black5yd.6" SGD 85.08
A15D339Black5yd.1/2" SGD 25.90
A15D507Black5yd.3/8" SGD 24.49
B15D345Black72yd.1/2" SGD 67.44
A15D372Black5yd.1/4" SGD 23.04
A15D527Black5yd.4" SGD 63.59
B15D378Black72yd.1/4" SGD 44.05
A15D493Black5yd.3" SGD 52.67
B15D533Black72yd.4" SGD 386.88
A15D475Black5yd.3/4" SGD 28.49
B15D410Black72yd.1" SGD 114.92
A15D403Black5yd.1" SGD 31.05
C15D476Blue5yd.3/4" SGD 28.49
D15D379Blue72yd.1/4" SGD 44.05
D15D514Blue72yd.3/8" SGD 55.68
C15D437Blue5yd.2" SGD 42.05
C15D630Blue5yd.6" SGD 85.08
D15D444Blue72yd.2" SGD 170.07
C15D340Blue5yd.1/2" SGD 25.90
C15D508Blue5yd.3/8" SGD 24.49
C15D391Blue5yd.1.5" SGD 36.58
C15D373Blue5yd.1/4" SGD 23.04

PTFE Coated Cloth Tape

StyleModelAdhesion StrengthTensile StrengthThicknessWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A15C70740 oz./in.70 lb./in.5mil.1/4" SGD 29.08
B15C71340 oz./in.70 lb./in.5mil.6" SGD 309.48
A15C70840 oz./in.70 lb./in.5mil.4" SGD 215.60
A15C71540 oz./in.70 lb./in.5mil.1.5" SGD 94.38
A15C71440 oz./in.70 lb./in.5mil.2" SGD 116.02
A15C71640 oz./in.70 lb./in.5mil.3" SGD 163.63
A15C71240 oz./in.70 lb./in.5mil.3/4" SGD 46.43
A15C71140 oz./in.70 lb./in.5mil.1/2" SGD 37.78
B15C71040 oz./in.70 lb./in.5mil.12" SGD 543.89
A15C70940 oz./in.70 lb./in.5mil.1" SGD 68.30
B15C72745 oz./in.225 lb./in.12mil.12" SGD 778.09
A15C73545 oz./in.225 lb./in.12mil.4" SGD 327.88
A15C73445 oz./in.225 lb./in.12mil.1.5" SGD 103.48
A15C73345 oz./in.225 lb./in.12mil.2" SGD 172.70
A15C73245 oz./in.225 lb./in.12mil.3" SGD 233.18
A15C73145 oz./in.225 lb./in.12mil.1/4" SGD 34.21
B15C73045 oz./in.225 lb./in.12mil.6" SGD 405.49
A15C72945 oz./in.225 lb./in.12mil.1" SGD 99.28
A15C72845 oz./in.225 lb./in.12mil.1/2" SGD 48.09
B15C72245 oz./in.120 lb./in.7mil.12" SGD 601.90
A15C72645 oz./in.120 lb./in.7mil.1.5" SGD 84.37
A15C72545 oz./in.120 lb./in.7mil.4" SGD 238.48
A15C72445 oz./in.120 lb./in.7mil.3" SGD 200.29
A15C72345 oz./in.120 lb./in.7mil.2" SGD 140.54
A15C72145 oz./in.120 lb./in.7mil.1/4" SGD 31.05

Special Use Tape Red 3/4in x 120 Feet

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
68380AF4CQG SGD 50.34

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