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Hand Files And Rasps




StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A51023 SGD 20.70
A51018 SGD 10.35
A51016 SGD 10.35
A51017 SGD 10.35

Thread Restoring File Sets

Crescent Nicholson offers 4 piece thread restoring file sets to restore damaged or worn external threads on bolts & pipes. Each thread restoring file works with 8 different thread sizes. These units come with coloured caps for easy identification, such as a black cap for regular-sized bolts, red cap for extra fine / extra-coarse bolts, green cap for regular pipes & blue cap for metric bolts.

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A33001 SGD 71.90
A33007 SGD 71.90

Mill File

StyleModelCut TypeEdgesLengthTeeth per InchPrice (inc. GST)
A10Z703Bastard-10"38/39 SGD 35.76
B1NFN2Bastard2 Square Single Cut10"33 SGD 40.88
B1NFN1Bastard2 Square Single Cut8"34 SGD 35.76
A10Z705Bastard-14"31/32 SGD 43.50
A10Z704Bastard-12"34/35 SGD 45.97
A10Z702Bastard-8"44/45 SGD 32.80
A10Z701Bastard-6"48/49 SGD 30.15
A10Z699Bastard-4"57/58 SGD 30.34
C26KR01BastardSingle Cut6"48/52 SGD 45.02
B1NFK9Bastard2 Square Single Cut6"35 SGD 31.28
D1NFN3Bastard2 Square Single Cut12"30 SGD 46.79
E1NFN4Second2 Square Single Cut8"50/53 SGD 49.81
A10Z711Second-14"35/36 SGD 44.75
A10Z708Second-8"51/52 SGD 36.42
A10Z707Second-6"59/60 SGD 31.28
A10Z706Second-4"67/68 SGD 30.65
A10Z709Second-10"44/45 SGD 40.88
A10Z710Second-12"39/40 SGD 40.14
A10Z717Smooth-14"40/41 SGD 56.90
A10Z715Smooth-10"51/52 SGD 44.85
A10Z712Smooth-4"71/72 SGD 32.25
A10Z714Smooth-8"58/59 SGD 36.58
A10Z713Smooth-6"68 SGD 33.20
F1NFN5Smooth2 Square Single Cut6"68/74 SGD 34.33
A10Z716Smooth-12"45/46 SGD 48.91

Half Round File

StyleModelCut TypeLengthTeeth per InchThicknessWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A1NFW1Bastard6"295/32"5/8" SGD 47.12
A1NFW2Bastard8"247/32"3/4" SGD 55.26
A1NFW3Bastard10"219/32"15/16" SGD 59.11
B26KP94Bastard4"37/45-- SGD 48.19
C30PA61Bastard14"17-- SGD 82.01
D1NFP9Bastard6"29-- SGD 45.71
D1NFR1Bastard8"24-- SGD 51.52
D1NFR2Bastard10"21-- SGD 53.16
D1NFR3Bastard12"17-- SGD 70.65
E12F850Double8"44/47-- SGD 62.43
E12F851Double10"39/42-- SGD 75.89
F1NFR4Second8"33-- SGD 46.55
G44ZD54Second/Double9.875"29/319/32"1" SGD 62.18
H1NFR5Smooth6"50-- SGD 42.79
I1NFR6Smooth8"44-- SGD 48.83
J1NFR7Smooth10"40-- SGD 56.38

Round Files

Crescent Nicholson round files are tapered tools used to file circular openings or concave surfaces. These units feature single cut construction for light removal of material and smooth edges. They are slightly tapered towards the file's point to offer ease of access in slots. These American pattern files are available in lengths ranging from 4 to 14 inches.

StyleModelCut TypeDiameterLengthPrice (inc. GST)
A12248Bastard5/8"14" SGD 70.70
A12166Second1/2"12" SGD 61.49
A11592NNSmooth1/8"4" SGD 40.66

Half Round Files

Nicholson half-round pipeliner files incorporate one round & one flat side for use on curved & flat surfaces. These American pattern files allow non-precision material removal. They have double-cut teeth on the flat side to enable rapid removal of material. Selected models have single-cut teeth on the round side to offer smooth sharpening & deburring. They are available in lengths ranging from 4 to 16 inches.

StyleModelCut TypeHandle DesignLengthThicknessWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A04695NBastardNone4"9/64"23/64" SGD 51.69
A05307NBastardNone16"-- SGD 115.93
B04729NSecondNone4"9/64"23/64" SGD 55.13
C04828NSecondNone6"11/64"19/32" SGD 55.13
D05125NSecond/DoubleTang12"11/32"1.125" SGD 87.02
D05026NSecond/DoubleNone10"-- SGD 72.61
E04762NSmoothNone4"-- SGD 56.79
F05258NSmoothNone14"13/32"1 9/32" SGD 105.82
D05158NSmooth/Round Side Single, Flat Side DoubleNone12"-- SGD 88.95

Hand File

StyleModelFinishProfile ShapeLengthThicknessCut TypeTeeth per InchDiameterWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A10Z610NaturalRectangular8"-SPL15/16-- SGD 52.21
B12F825NaturalRectangular8"-Double31/32-- SGD 44.85
B12F831NaturalRectangular10"-Double38/40-- SGD 57.66
B12F830NaturalRectangular8"-Double45/47-- SGD 48.83
B12F829NaturalRectangular6"-Double52/54-- SGD 42.16
B12F828NaturalRectangular14"-Double19/19-- SGD 72.72
B12F827NaturalRectangular12"-Double22/23-- SGD 69.03
B12F826NaturalRectangular10"-Double24/25-- SGD 49.81
B12F824NaturalRectangular6"-Double40/42-- SGD 37.07
C12F833NaturalRectangular6"-Single48/49-- SGD 35.76
D12F823NaturalKnife12"-Smooth38/40-- SGD 76.80
D12F822NaturalKnife10"-Smooth43/44-- SGD 56.54
D12F821NaturalKnife8"-Smooth56/58-- SGD 49.20
D12F820NaturalKnife6"-Smooth66/68-- SGD 43.29
D12F819NaturalKnife4"-Smooth82/84-- SGD 43.12
A10Z611NaturalRectangular10"-SPL15/16-- SGD 61.17
D12F817NaturalKnife10"-Second37/38-- SGD 57.49
B12F832NaturalRectangular12"-Double36/37-- SGD 89.69
C12F834NaturalRectangular8"-Single44/45-- SGD 40.43
D12F815NaturalKnife6"-Second53/54-- SGD 40.43
E12F846NaturalHalf Round10"-Double22/24-- SGD 66.26
F26KP96NaturalRectangular4"-Bastard40/48-- SGD 45.35
D12F861NaturalKnife8"-Double56/58-- SGD 60.67
D12F860NaturalKnife6"-Double66/68-- SGD 53.66
E12F849NaturalHalf Round6"-Double50/54-- SGD 52.51
StyleModelCut TypeLengthTeeth per InchPrice (inc. GST)
A10Z604Fine14"12 SGD 102.43
A10Z603Medium14"8 SGD 91.73
A12F864Standard12"10 SGD 84.68

All Purpose File

StyleModelLengthTeeth per InchPrice (inc. GST)
A10Z6978"Double Cut 22/23, Single Cut 32/33 SGD 38.62
A10Z69810"Double Cut 19/20, Single Cut 30/31 SGD 41.19

Flat Long Angle Lathe File

StyleModelLengthTeeth per InchPrice (inc. GST)
A10Z69310"25/26 SGD 56.54
A10Z69412"22/23 SGD 83.86
B1NFT712"20 SGD 69.16
A10Z69514"20/21 SGD 71.71

Cant Saw File

StyleModelItemLengthTeeth per InchPrice (inc. GST)
A10Z677Cantsaw File6"50/51 SGD 8.39
A10Z678Cantsaw File8"44/45 SGD 40.43
A10Z679Cantsaw File10"39/40 SGD 46.95
B10Z681Cantsaw File10"40/41 SGD 46.15
B10Z680Crosscut File8"45/46 SGD 39.93

Cabinet Rasp File

StyleModelCut TypeLengthProfile ShapeTeeth per InchPrice (inc. GST)
A10Z669Bastard8"Half Round6.5 SGD 51.58
A10Z670Bastard10"Half Round6.5 SGD 72.72
A10Z671Bastard12"Half Round5.5 SGD 76.21
B10Z718Bastard8"Half Round7.5 SGD 46.95
B10Z719Bastard10"Half Round5.5 SGD 50.95
B10Z720Bastard12"Half Round5.5 SGD 68.03
C10Z721Second8"Half Round9.5 SGD 53.33
C10Z722Second10"Half Round7.5 SGD 116.73
C10Z723Second12"Half Round6.5 SGD 76.69
C10Z724Smooth8"Half Round12.75 SGD 57.49
C10Z725Smooth10"Half Round9.5 SGD 65.80
C10Z726Smooth12"Half Round9.5 SGD 77.51
D10Z667Standard14"RoundRasp 6.5, File 11 SGD 119.11

Warding File

StyleModelCut TypeLengthTeeth per InchPrice (inc. GST)
A1NFT8Bastard6"32 SGD 35.76
B26KP93Bastard4"50/55 SGD 40.81
C10Z727Bastard/Smooth4"50/52 SGD 36.71
C10Z728Bastard/Smooth6"41/43 SGD 35.13
C10Z729Bastard/Smooth8"34/36 SGD 40.71
C10Z730Bastard/Smooth10"28/31 SGD 46.79
C10Z731Second4"68/70 SGD 32.25
C10Z732Second6"55/57 SGD 40.45
C10Z733Second8"46/48 SGD 45.00
C10Z734Second10"37/39 SGD 50.63
C10Z735Smooth4"84/86 SGD 37.09
C10Z736Smooth6"68/70 SGD 41.23
C10Z737Smooth8"56/58 SGD 48.43
C10Z738Smooth10"45/48 SGD 49.65

Flat File

StyleModelCut TypeLengthThicknessWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A03980NBastard16"11/32"1 17/32" SGD 90.99
B03797NSecond12"9/32"1.156" SGD 70.97
C07894NSingle with Angled Serrations8"-- SGD 51.64
D03929NSmooth14"7/32"1 11/32" SGD 97.64

Chain Saw File

StyleModelLengthPrice (inc. GST)
A12F7596" SGD 27.29
A12F7606" SGD 29.39
A12F7618" SGD 27.16
A12F7628" SGD 27.65
A12F7648" SGD 32.90
A12F7638" SGD 30.65
A12F7658" SGD 31.62

Escapement File

StyleModelCut TypeDiameterProfile ShapeThicknessWidthPrice (inc. GST)
AMI8608D181Coarse11/64"Half Round5/64"5/32" SGD 90.28
BMI8610D181Coarse5/32"Trapezoidal3/64"5/32" SGD 90.28
CMI8614D181Coarse1/8"Triangular1/8"1/8" SGD 90.28
DMI8619D181Coarse5/64"Square5/64"5/64" SGD 90.28
EMI8609D181Coarse11/64"Double Point Oval5/64"5/32" SGD 90.28
FMI8617D181Coarse5/32"Rectangular3/64"5/32" SGD 90.28
GMI8621D181Coarse1/16"Round1/16"1/16" SGD 90.28
HMI8614D126Diamond Grit1/8"Triangular1/8"1/8" SGD 90.28
BMI8619D126Diamond Grit5/64"Square5/64"5/64" SGD 90.28
IMI8621D126Diamond Grit1/16"Round1/16"1/16" SGD 90.28
JMI8610D126Diamond Grit5/32"Trapezoidal3/64"5/32" SGD 90.28
KMI8609D126Diamond Grit11/64"Double Point Oval5/64"5/32" SGD 90.28
LMI8617D126Diamond Grit5/32"Rectangular3/64"5/32" SGD 90.28
MMI8608D126Diamond Grit11/64"Half Round1/8"5/32" SGD 90.28
NMI8608D91Smooth11/64"Half Round5/64"5/32" SGD 90.28
OMI8621D91Smooth1/16"Round1/16"1/16" SGD 90.28
PMI8617D91Smooth5/32"Rectangular3/64"5/32" SGD 90.28
DMI8619D91Smooth5/64"Square5/64"5/64" SGD 90.28
QMI8609D91Smooth11/64"Double Point Oval5/64"5/32" SGD 90.28
RMI8614D91Smooth1/8"Triangular1/8"1/8" SGD 90.28
JMI8610D91Smooth5/32"Trapezoidal3/64"5/32" SGD 90.28

Habilis File

StyleModelCut TypeDiameterProfile ShapeThicknessWidthPrice (inc. GST)
AHB2601D181Coarse13/32"Rectangular7/64"13/32" SGD 222.46
BHB2602D181Coarse31/64"Half Round5/32"31/64" SGD 203.15
CHB2610D181Coarse17/64"Round17/64"17/64" SGD 161.49
DHB2608D181Coarse15/64"Square1/4"7/32" SGD 199.38
EHB2607D181Coarse3/8"Triangular3/8"3/8" SGD 245.13
AHB2601D126Diamond Grit13/32"Rectangular7/64"13/32" SGD 190.28
FHB2602D126Diamond Grit31/64"Half Round5/32"31/64" SGD 222.46
GHB2610D126Diamond Grit17/64"Round17/64"17/64" SGD 161.49
HHB2608D126Diamond Grit15/64"Square1/4"7/32" SGD 199.38
IHB2607D126Diamond Grit3/8"Triangular3/8"3/8" SGD 245.13
JHB2601D91Smooth13/32"Rectangular7/64"13/32" SGD 222.46
KHB2602D91Smooth31/64"Half Round5/32"31/64" SGD 222.46
LHB2610D91Smooth17/64"Round17/64"17/64" SGD 161.49
MHB2608D91Smooth15/64"Square1/4"7/32" SGD 199.38
EHB2607D91Smooth3/8"Triangular3/8"3/8" SGD 245.13

Needle File

StyleModelCut TypeDiameterProfile ShapeThicknessWidthPrice (inc. GST)
ANF2122D181Coarse13/64"Narrow Rectangular3/64"13/64" SGD 86.72
BNF2132D181Coarse5/32"Triangular5/32"5/32" SGD 86.72
CNF2102TD181Coarse13/64"Trapezoidal1/16"3/16" SGD 86.72
DNF2162D181Coarse1/8"Round7/64"7/64" SGD 86.72
ENF2192D181Coarse3/16"Double Point Oval3/32"3/16" SGD 86.72
FNF2142D181Coarse3/32"Square3/32"3/32" SGD 86.72
GNF2112D181Coarse13/64"Rectangular3/64"13/64" SGD 86.72
HNF2172D181Coarse7/32"Knife-Shaped1/16"7/32" SGD 86.72
INF2182D181Coarse13/64"Diamond3/32"13/64" SGD 86.72
JNF2152D181Coarse7/32"Half Round5/64"7/32" SGD 86.72
KNF2182D126Diamond Grit13/64"Diamond3/32"13/64" SGD 86.72
LNF2132D126Diamond Grit5/32"Triangular5/32"5/32" SGD 86.72
MNF2142D126Diamond Grit3/32"Square3/32"3/32" SGD 86.72
NNF2172D126Diamond Grit7/32"Knife-Shaped1/16"7/32" SGD 86.72
ONF2152D126Diamond Grit7/32"Half Round5/64"7/32" SGD 86.72
PNF2122D126Diamond Grit13/64"Narrow Rectangular3/64"13/64" SGD 86.72
QNF2192D126Diamond Grit3/16"Double Point Oval3/32"3/16" SGD 86.72
RNF2132D91Smooth5/32"Triangular5/32"5/32" SGD 86.72
PNF2122D91Smooth13/64"Narrow Rectangular3/64"13/64" SGD 86.72
SNF2142D91Smooth3/32"Square3/32"3/32" SGD 86.72
TNF2102TD126Smooth13/64"Trapezoidal1/16"3/16" SGD 86.72
KNF2182D91Smooth13/64"Diamond3/32"13/64" SGD 86.72
UNF2162D91Smooth1/8"Round7/64"7/64" SGD 86.72
VNF2102TD91Smooth13/64"Trapezoidal1/16"3/16" SGD 86.72
WNF2172D91Smooth7/32"Knife-Shaped1/16"7/32" SGD 86.72

General Purpose File Set

StyleModelLengthNumber of PiecesPrice (inc. GST)
A1NFK66"3 SGD 90.51
B1NFK46", 8" and 10"5 SGD 112.25
C1NFK76", 8" and 10"5 SGD 148.20
D1NFK88", 10", and 12"9 SGD 254.52

Hand Files, Bastard Cut, 8 Inch

Crescent Nicholson 9 piece file sets feature bastard cut having the coarsest and the fewest teeth per inch. They are used for heavy stock removal and have rubber-coated ergonomic handles for comfort & control. These file sets are available in round, half round & rectangular profile shapes, in lengths up to 8 inches.

StyleModelCut TypeEdgesHandle DesignItemProfile ShapeWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A21853BastardRoundNoneHand FileRound2.625" SGD 41.46
B21748HNBastard/DoubleSingle CutRound Ergonomic RubberFlat FileRectangular2.5" SGD 49.29

Hand File American Bastard/single Tri 6 Inch

StyleModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
A22-313Double Extra Slim Taper File SGD 25.50
B22-312Extra Slim Taper File SGD 25.50
C22-306Slim Taper File SGD 25.19

Hand Files And Rasps

Hands files and rasps are hardware surface preparation tools used to shape & smooth out wood & metals. Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of files & sets from General, K S Precision Metals, Proto, Stanley, Westward, Strauss, & more. All-purpose hand and body files are made from case-hardened steel for durability and feature a tapered surface for removing fine material from a workpiece & edge cuts for finer adjustments. These files are available in rectangular, square, triangular & round cross-section areas and are equipped with a handle for operator comfort. Choose from a wide range of hand files & rasps, file handles and file sets on Raptor Supplies.

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