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Self Regulating Heating Cable

StyleModelCable LengthMounting LocationVoltagePrice (inc. GST)
A13R1016ft.Wet or Dry120 SGD 135.86
B13R0966ft.Wet or Dry240 SGD 130.43
B13R09712ft.Wet or Dry240 SGD 172.29
A13R10212ft.Wet or Dry120 SGD 170.25
A13R10318ft.Wet or Dry120 SGD 192.12
B13R09924ft.Wet or Dry240 SGD 261.88
A13R10424ft.Wet or Dry120 SGD 239.29
C13R08050ft.Dry120 SGD 478.52
A13R10550ft.Wet or Dry120 SGD 414.16
D13R08650ft.Wet or Dry240 SGD 707.82
E13R08450ft.Wet or Dry120 SGD 424.38
C13R08250ft.Dry240 SGD 526.51
A13R10675ft.Wet or Dry120 SGD 615.38
F13R077100ft.Wet or Dry120 SGD 1435.04
G13R075100ft.Dry120 SGD 1200.11
H13R078100ft.Wet or Dry240 SGD 1693.41
I13R076100ft.Dry240 SGD 1275.69
I13R074100ft.Dry120 SGD 998.38
A13R107100ft.Wet or Dry120 SGD 776.23
C13R079250ft.Dry120 SGD 1864.01
J13R087250ft.Wet or Dry240 SGD 3415.44
J13R085250ft.Wet or Dry120 SGD 3029.37
C13R083250ft.Dry240 SGD 2545.24
C13R081250ft.Dry120 SGD 2404.29

Non Regulated Heating Cable

StyleModelCable LengthPrice (inc. GST)
AWarmCable-0300-1100ft. SGD 328.88
AWarmCable-0420-1140ft. SGD 445.31
AWarmCable-0600-1200ft. SGD 589.83
AWarmCable-0960-1320ft. SGD 824.26
AWarmCable-1200-1400ft. SGD 928.43

Heating Cables

Heating cables are also known as heat trace cables and are ideal for a broad range of applications including pipe heat tracing, anti-freezing applications, viscosity & temperature control, roof and gutter maintenance & processing, and much more. Raptor Supplies offers a range of these heating cables from brands like Frostguard, Raychem, Thermosoft, Unitherm and Vulcan Hart. They wrap around pipes or attach at the eve of the roof. These non-regulating, heating cables are also known as constant wattage cables, offer a similar measure of warmth, paying little heed to the temperature and can be utilized with indoor regulators. Choose from a wide range of these heating cables, available in 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 inch cable lengths.

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