High Pressure Hydraulic Cylinders


Hydraulic cylinders that operate at high pressures need to be designed with precision and made from highly resistant materials. For exacting tolerances and ensuring performance & safety in the field,... Read More


Hand Jack

StyleModelOil CapacityWeight CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
A3CFK62.24 cu. in.5 ton. SGD 1787.03
B3CFL16.83 cu. in.20 ton. SGD 2450.15
StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
ARACL10010 SGD 10745.77
ARACL1008 SGD 10102.58
ARACL15010 SGD 29337.09
ARACL1508 SGD 22220.99
ARACL2010 SGD 5014.01
ARACL202 SGD 4218.79
ARACL204 SGD 4419.06
ARACL206 SGD 4619.32
ARACL208 SGD 4825.44
ARACL3010 SGD 5332.69
ARACL308 SGD 5098.80
ARACL5010 SGD 6529.91
ARACL508 SGD 6114.76
StyleModelBolt Circle Dia.Oil CapacityPlunger Thread SizeStrokePrice (inc. GST)
ARA1061.25"13.67 cu. in.1/2"-116" SGD 1394.57
ARA10106.3"22.61 cu. in.1 1/4"-1210 1/8" SGD 1590.45

RWH Series Hydraulic Cylinders

StyleModelDimension ZDimension JCylinder Effective Area AdvanceDimension BDimension DDimension D1Dimension FDimension HPrice (inc. GST)
ARWH1200.25"0.19"2.76 sq. in.2.22"2 3/4"-16 UN2.75"1.38"0.39" SGD 1113.90
ARWH1210.25"0.19"2.76 sq. in.3.22"2 3/4"-16 UN2.75"1.38"0.53" SGD 1458.89
ARWH200.25"0.12"1.33 sq. in.2.06"1 7/8"-16 UN1.79"1"0.28" SGD 651.97
BRWH3010.62"0.19"7.22 sq. in.5.52"4 1/2"-12 UN4.49"2.54"0.85" SGD 2173.71

General Purpose Hydraulic Cylinders

StyleModelDimension VDimension FCylinder Capacity Advance at 5000 psiDimension ADimension BDimension CDimension DDimension D1Price (inc. GST)
ARW500.22"1"4970 lbs.2.24"1.62"-1.62"2.32" SGD 603.73
BRW1011/3"-18 UNC1.5"11180 lbs.4.53"3.54"3.41"2.25"2 1/4"-14 UNS SGD 729.44
CRW1041/3"-18 UNC1.5"11180 lbs.10.97"6.79"6.53"2.25"2 1/4"-14 UNS SGD 837.62
CRW1061/3"-18 UNC1.5"11180 lbs.15.82"9.71"9.5"2.25"2 1/4"-14 UNS SGD 937.02
DRW1021/3"-18 UNC1.5"11180 lbs.6.97"4.79"4.53"2.25"2 1/4"-14 UNS SGD 751.37
ERW511/4"-20 UNC1"4970 lbs.5.42"4.41"4.09"1.5"1 1/5"-16 UN SGD 632.96
CRW531/4"-20 UNC1"4970 lbs.9.73"6.56"6.25"1.5"1 1/5"-16 UN SGD 675.36
CRW551/4"-20 UNC1"4970 lbs.13.74"8.57"8.25"1.5"1 1/5"-16 UN SGD 691.44
StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
AHCR15012 SGD 11084.91
AHCR20012 SGD 14027.54
AHCR506 SGD 4486.30
AHCR504 SGD 4129.62
AHCR502 SGD 3736.39
AHCR5012 SGD 5686.45
AHCR5010 SGD 5300.53
AHCR2008 SGD 11678.41
AHCR2006 SGD 11029.36
AHCR2004 SGD 9797.06
AHCR2002 SGD 8865.88
AHCR20010 SGD 12580.35
AHCR10010 SGD 8501.89
AHCR1508 SGD 9558.78
AHCR1506 SGD 8792.79
AHCR1504 SGD 8034.11
AHCR1502 SGD 7269.59
AHCR15010 SGD 10320.39
AHCR1008 SGD 7880.62
AHCR1006 SGD 7246.20
AHCR1004 SGD 6622.00
AHCR1002 SGD 5991.96
AHCR10012 SGD 9126.09
AHCR508 SGD 4908.76
StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
AHCRL10012 SGD 16872.22
AHCRL1006 SGD 14392.99
AHCRL15012 SGD 22009.03
AHCRL1508 SGD 19709.60
AHCRL2006 SGD 23291.04
AHCRL2506 SGD 44894.08
AHCRL30012 SGD 82171.86
AHCRL5012 SGD 12602.27
AHCRL506 SGD 10650.76
StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
ARAC10010 SGD 11425.52
ARAC154 SGD 2270.19
ARAC5010 SGD 5158.73
ARAC308 SGD 3553.66
ARAC302 SGD 3147.28
ARAC3010 SGD 3837.25
ARAC208 SGD 3164.82
ARAC2010 SGD 3568.28
ARAC156 SGD 2463.15
ARAC152 SGD 2077.23
ARAC1002 SGD 5493.49
ARAC1508 SGD 14268.74
ARAC1504 SGD 13181.15
ARAC1502 SGD 12637.36
ARAC15010 SGD 14815.46
ARAC106 SGD 2096.24
ARAC104 SGD 1929.59
ARAC102 SGD 1765.87
ARAC508 SGD 4331.35
StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
ARAR10010 SGD 13979.30
ARAR208 SGD 4299.19
ARAR5010 SGD 9058.84
ARAR308 SGD 5318.07
ARAR306 SGD 5031.55
ARAR304 SGD 4747.96
ARAR302 SGD 4459.99
ARAR3010 SGD 5600.20
ARAR206 SGD 4085.76
ARAR1002 SGD 7944.94
ARAR204 SGD 3867.95
ARAR202 SGD 3653.07
ARAR2010 SGD 4509.69
ARAR1508 SGD 15942.51
ARAR1504 SGD 14726.29
ARAR1502 SGD 14121.10
ARAR15010 SGD 16546.24
ARAR508 SGD 7651.12

LPL Series Low Height Hydraulic Cylinders

StyleModelCylinder BoreOutside Dia.Base to Advance PortCylinder Effective Area AdvanceLock Nut HeightMax. Cylinder Capacity AdvanceOil Capacity AdvanceCapacityPrice (inc. GST)
ALPL2002-------- SGD 8718.24
ALPL2502-------- SGD 10630.29
ALPL4002-------- SGD 17611.90
ALPL5002-------- SGD 22943.13
BLPL6024.13"5.51"0.75"13.42 sq. in.1.1"68 short ton.26.4 cu. in.60 ton. SGD 3752.47
CLPL10025.31"6.81"0.83"22.19 sq. in.1.22"113 short ton.43.7 cu. in.100 ton. SGD 5107.57
CLPL16026.69"8.66"1.06"35.18 sq. in.1.57"179 short ton.62.3 cu. in.150 ton. SGD 7127.79

SCH Series Hydraulic Cylinders

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
ASCH121H SGD 3511.27
ASCH202H SGD 4224.63
BSCH202XCE SGD 8808.87
BSCH302FP SGD 5435.01
ASCH302H SGD 4894.14
CSCH302XA SGD 5927.64
ASCH603H SGD 6959.68
CSCH603XA SGD 7643.81
ASCH1003H SGD 13013.04
BSCH202FP SGD 4585.70
CSCH202XA SGD 5234.75
StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
ASCP106CFP SGD 11807.18
ASCP106CH SGD 7178.95
ASCP106LFP SGD 8778.84
ASCP106LH SGD 5253.75
ASCP306H SGD 10529.43
StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
ACULP10 SGD 1068.58
ACULP100 SGD 3397.25
ACULP20 SGD 1255.70
ACULP30 SGD 1476.43
ACULP50 SGD 1736.63
StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
ACUSP10 SGD 1388.72
ACUSP100 SGD 4147.16
ACUSP1000 SGD 23548.32
ACUSP150 SGD 4882.45
ACUSP20 SGD 1628.46
ACUSP200 SGD 6048.97
ACUSP250 SGD 6584.00
ACUSP30 SGD 1913.51
ACUSP300 SGD 9414.06
ACUSP400 SGD 10938.73
ACUSP50 SGD 2255.57
ACUSP600 SGD 15163.37
ACUSP75 SGD 3053.72
StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
AHCG10012 SGD 8528.21
AHCG2008 SGD 11035.21
AHCG506 SGD 3923.50
AHCG504 SGD 3503.96
AHCG502 SGD 3132.66
AHCG5012 SGD 5071.02
AHCG5010 SGD 4680.72
AHCG1008 SGD 7271.05
AHCG1004 SGD 6009.51
AHCG1002 SGD 5375.08
AHCG10010 SGD 7895.24
AHCG2006 SGD 10130.35
AHCG1006 SGD 6638.08
AHCG2004 SGD 9199.18
AHCG2002 SGD 8259.23
AHCG20012 SGD 12928.26
AHCG20010 SGD 11995.62
AHCG1508 SGD 9009.14
AHCG1506 SGD 8257.77
AHCG1504 SGD 7456.70
AHCG1502 SGD 6661.47
AHCG15012 SGD 10492.88
AHCG15010 SGD 9710.81
AHCG508 SGD 4287.49
StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
ANS110115D SGD 91759.21
ANS7080D SGD 59772.66
ANSC110D SGD 27561.25
ANSC70D SGD 18095.89
StyleModelCapacityOutside Dia.Base Mounting Holes Thread SizeCylinder BoreCylinder Effective Area RetractMax. Cylinder Capacity RetractOil Capacity RetractBase to Advance PortPrice (inc. GST)
ABRC252.5 ton.1.89"3/4"-14 NPT1.13"0.55 sq. in.2.7 short ton.2.76 cu. in.1.77" SGD 1200.15
ABRC465 ton.2.25"1 1/4"-11 1/2 NPT1.69"1.13 sq. in.5.6 short ton.6.21 cu. in.1.69" SGD 2444.15
ABRC10610 ton.3.35"M30 x 22.13"2.32 sq. in.11.6 short ton.13.8 cu. in.1.57" SGD 2659.03
StyleModelCollapsed Height With Optional Tilt SaddleOil Capacity AdvanceStrokePrice (inc. GST)
AHCL508--- SGD 4454.14
AHCL1506--- SGD 7662.81
AHCL5012--- SGD 5318.07
AHCL5010--- SGD 4952.62
AHCL2008--- SGD 10378.86
AHCL2006--- SGD 9545.63
AHCL2004--- SGD 8547.21
AHCL2002--- SGD 7893.78
AHCL20012--- SGD 12030.71
AHCL20010--- SGD 11206.24
AHCL1508--- SGD 8330.86
AHCL1504--- SGD 6996.23
AHCL1502--- SGD 6334.03
AHCL15012--- SGD 9653.80
AHCL15010--- SGD 8998.91
AHCL1008--- SGD 5611.89
AHCL1006--- SGD 5163.12
AHCL1004--- SGD 4721.65
AHCL1002--- SGD 4271.41
AHCL10012--- SGD 6673.17
AHCL10010--- SGD 6057.75
AHCL5027.05"23.96 cu. in.1.97" SGD 3495.19
AHCL5049.02"47.93 cu. in.3.94" SGD 3866.49
AHCL50610.98"71.89 cu. in.5.91" SGD 4258.26

Pin Removers

StyleModelCapacityHeightUsed ForPrice (inc. GST)
A4121A3027-45/64Trucks and Buses SGD 4689.60
B424030 ton.27.5"Trucks and Buses SGD 6662.25
C4122A5013Industrial Equipment SGD 4174.15
D4140A6012-49/64Industrial Equipment SGD 7881.27

RSM Low Height Hydraulic Cylinder

StyleModelSaddle Protrusion from PlungerCylinder Effective Area AdvanceBase Mounting Hole Counter Bore DepthBase Mounting Hole PitchBase to Advance PortCapacityCouplersCylinder BorePrice (inc. GST)
ARSM-1000.04"2.24 sq. in.0.31"1.44"0.75"10 ton.CR400 Coupler1.69" SGD 962.34
BRSM-500.04"0.99 sq. in.0.17"1.12"0.63"5 ton.AR400 Coupler1.13" SGD 730.91
CRSM-3000.08"6.49 sq. in.0.44"2.06"0.75"30 ton.CR400 Coupler73.2mm SGD 2011.45
StyleModelCylinder Effective Area RetractOutside Dia.CapacityLink WidthMax. Cylinder Capacity RetractMounting Hole Dia.Oil Capacity RetractCylinder BorePrice (inc. GST)
ABRP106L2.45 sq. in.3.35"10 ton.1.19"11.6 short ton.4.69"14.58 cu. in.2.13" SGD 3723.23
ABRP106C2.45 sq. in.3.35"10 ton.1.38"11.6 short ton.3.43"14.58 cu. in.2.13" SGD 5987.58
ABRP3067.19 sq. in.5.39"30 ton.1.57"35.95 short ton.6.1"43.63 cu. in.3.5" SGD 9495.92
ABRP60611.17 sq. in.5.51"60 ton.1.89"55.8 short ton.5.93"67.02 cu. in.4.33" SGD 17364.85

High Pressure Hydraulic Cylinders

What are high pressure hydraulic cylinders?
High pressure hydraulic cylinders are used where strong push or pull force is required within a system. These cylinders are essentially linear actuators that generate force. Hydraulic cylinders can be used to lift beds & winches, operate presses, and push / support / press heavy loads. They are used in manufacturing, process handling, recycling & agricultural machinery, and industries (such as mining) where electrical or air tools can cause sparking. Hydraulic cylinders with a single action mechanism can only move in one direction, whereas cylinders with a double action mechanism can move along any plane of motion (both vertical & horizontal). High pressure hydraulic cylinders feature a tube with finished interiors and hard chrome plated piston rods to avoid pitting & scoring. These cylinders have seals and wipers that are attached to the end caps for eliminating contaminants and preventing leakage.
High pressure hydraulic cylinders are ideal for continuous lifting, holding, pushing, pulling and bending of hydraulic fluids. Raptor Supplies offers a wide variety of these cylinders from brands like Enerpac, ESCO, OTC and Westward. These hydraulic cylinders feature aluminium / steel / nickel plated steel construction for structural rigidity and resistance against corrosion & harmful UV radiations. BRP Series pull hydraulic cylinders provide plunger blow out protection to resist over-extension and are equipped with a plunger wiper to reduce contamination. These cylinders come with CR400 couplers & dust caps for added safety, are capable of being operated at pressures up to 700 bar and feature a maximum load capacity of 300 tons.


High pressure hydraulic cylinders are suitable for systems that have bends or tilted pipes which require additional linear force. These cylinders can also be used in mobile applications like excavators, dump trucks, loaders, graders, backhoes & dozers. When it comes to heavy machinery, hydraulic cylinders can help extend their control or use.


  • High pressure hydraulic cylinders are available in single & double acting configurations.
  • They have aluminium, steel or nickel plated steel construction.
  • These hydraulic cylinders feature a welded design for reliability.
  • The saddles are hardened, which prevents the piston from jamming in the top bearing.
  • The heavy duty return springs enable fast piston retraction.
  • Port connections are available on all cylinders.
  • These hydraulic cylinders have a simple design to enable easy installation.
  • Selected models feature a lightweight, low profile spring return mechanism for use in confined spaces.
  • They have a piston wiper that reduces contamination, hence extending cylinder life.

Working Mechanism

  • In single acting cylinders, only one side of the piston provides fluid with a certain pressure. A single acting cylinder controls movement by fluid force in one direction, and the return process depends on external forces such as spring force or gravity.
  • In double acting cylinders, both sides of the piston are supplied with fluid of certain working pressure. Under the influence of fluid force on both sides, the hydraulic cylinder or pneumatic cylinder can move in the positive direction or the reverse direction.

Standards and Approvals

High pressure hydraulic cylinders are constructed according to ASME & ISO standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What things should one consider when choosing a high pressure hydraulic cylinder?

  • Capacity - the force of the cylinder, measured in tonnes.
  • Stroke - the length that the piston rod can travel in and out, measured in millimetres.
  • Operating pressure - the maximum operating pressure, measure in psi or bar.
  • Single / double acting mechanism - single acting cylinders produce force in one direction while double acting cylinders produce force in both extending and retracting directions.

What is the difference between single acting and double acting hydraulic cylinders?

Single acting cylinders only extend via pressure from a pump and retract by the weight of the load or using an inbuilt spring. Double acting cylinders use hydraulic power to both extend and retract.
A simple way to distinguish between them is by looking at the number of ports. Single acting cylinders have one port for the connection of hydraulic cylinders, whereas double acting cylinders have 2 ports. The first port is where the advance (extend) hydraulic hose fittings attach and the second is where the retract hydraulic hose fittings attach.

Which one should I choose - a single or double acting hydraulic cylinder?

  • When looking for a device to move the load in both directions, double acting cylinders are ideal. Unlike single acting air cylinders, double acting cylinders can extend and retract without the need for a spring.
  • Instead of applying pressurised air into one port, double acting cylinders have two ports where air can enter in and move out. But if you are looking to utilise your machine in linear motion and perform movements such as clamping, positioning & punching, then single acting cylinders might be better.
  • Single acting cylinders are mainly used in industrial applications where force is needed in one direction, for example, ejecting parts / items off conveyor belts.
  • Double acting cylinders are usually faster, stronger and more efficient than single acting cylinders. Applications that require speed and force would require double acting cylinders whereas light assembly work can be deployed by single acting cylinders.

Can you use a double acting hydraulic cylinder as single acting?

Yes, you can use a double acting cylinder as a single acting cylinder.

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