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High Pressure Hydraulic Cylinders


Hydraulic cylinders that operate at high pressures need to be designed with precision and made from highly resistant materials. For exacting tolerances and ensuring performance & safety in the field,... Read More


Hand Jack

StyleModelOil CapacityWeight CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
A3CFK6-- SGD 2593.53
B3CFK8-- SGD 2952.48
C3CFL1-- SGD 3598.12

RCS Low Height Hydraulic Cylinder

StyleModelBolt Circle Dia.HandleOil CapacityOutside Dia.Weight CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
ARCS-1002----- SGD 3600.31
BRCS-201----- SGD 1538.60
CRCS-302----- SGD 1431.33
DRCS-502----- SGD 2106.58
ERCS-101----- SGD 1041.79

RCH Hydraulic Cylinder

StyleModelBolt Circle Dia.HandleOil CapacityOutside Dia.Plunger Thread SizeThread SizeWeight CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
ARCH120------- SGD 1582.38
BRCH-123------- SGD 1939.14
CRCH1003------- SGD 14364.03
BRCH-206------- SGD 3690.04
DRCH-306------- SGD 4526.09
ERCH-603------- SGD 5454.08
ERCH-606------- SGD 7605.50
FRCH-121------- SGD 1595.51
GRCH-202------- SGD 2155.81
HRCH-302------- SGD 2959.03

RC Series Hydraulic Cylinder

StyleModelBody MaterialBolt Circle Dia.Cylinder TypeHandleOil CapacityOutside Dia.Plunger Thread SizeThread SizePrice (inc. GST)
ARC-252-------- SGD 1442.31
BRC-254-------- SGD 1837.37
CRC-1014-------- SGD 2167.86
DRC-151-------- SGD 1364.62
ERC-2512-------- SGD 3777.60
ERC-2514-------- SGD 4068.68
FRC-5013-------- SGD 6165.38
GRC-101-------- SGD 877.09
HRC-108-------- SGD 1433.57
IRC-152-------- SGD 1338.37
JRC-50-------- SGD 722.56
FRC-1006-------- SGD 7412.91
HRC-57-------- SGD 1120.58
KRC-53-------- SGD 889.14
LRC-106-------- SGD 1078.99
MRC-256-------- SGD 2022.30
NRC-154-------- SGD 1349.30
ORC-308-------- SGD 3858.57
PRC-504-------- SGD 3285.13
MRC-1510-------- SGD 2141.60
CRC-1012-------- SGD 1961.02
QRC53NV-------- SGD 1613.02
BRC-258-------- SGD 2643.88
PRC-502-------- SGD 3210.74
JRC-51-------- SGD 877.64

RACL Hydraulic Cylinder

StyleModelBolt Circle Dia.Oil CapacityOutside Dia.Weight CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
ARACL504---- SGD 9739.44
ARACL506---- SGD 10124.63
BRACL1002---- SGD 14401.23
BRACL1004---- SGD 15281.05
BRACL1006---- SGD 18377.99
BRACL1502---- SGD 16585.50
BRACL1504---- SGD 19047.70
ARACL1506---- SGD 29347.43
ARACL302---- SGD 8697.65
ARACL304---- SGD 7940.37
ARACL306---- SGD 9450.53
ARACL502---- SGD 8627.60
StyleModelBolt Circle Dia.Oil CapacityOutside Dia.Weight CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
ARACH1006---- SGD 31601.73
ARACH202---- SGD 6668.77
ARACH206---- SGD 7741.20
ARACH302---- SGD 7478.57
ARACH306---- SGD 9726.30
ARACH604---- SGD 13416.35
ARACH606---- SGD 15464.90

RAC Hydraulic Cylinder

StyleModelBolt Circle Dia.HandleOil CapacityOutside Dia.Weight CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
ARAC304----- SGD 3963.63
ARAC306----- SGD 4162.79
ARAC504----- SGD 4685.87
ARAC506----- SGD 5152.04
BRAC1008----- SGD 15718.79
BRAC1506----- SGD 26922.41
CRAC202----- SGD 4164.98
CRAC204----- SGD 4116.83
CRAC206----- SGD 4944.14
DRAC502----- SGD 6029.70
ERAC1004----- SGD 11540.67
ERAC1006----- SGD 9735.05

BRP Series Pull Hydraulic Cylinder

StyleModelOil CapacityOutside Dia.Weight CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
ABRP106C--- SGD 11503.48
ABRP106L--- SGD 6270.44
BBRP306--- SGD 20071.98
CBRP606--- SGD 36705.62

Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

Enerpac single acting hydraulic cylinders are used in various high-force lifting, pushing, pulling, bending and holding applications. They have a maximum operating pressure of 10000 psi and are ASME B30.1 compliant. These Enerpac hydraulic cylinders use liquid pumped through a single port for rod extension and a pre-tensioned internal spring for better retraction speed to produce continuous movement. They also feature a built-in stop ring to prevent the plunger from extending beyond the stroke length, and a plunger wiper that reduces contamination in the cylinder. Enerpac cylinders are offered in 2- to 100-ton capacity models in different stroke lengths and sizes.

StyleModelBody MaterialBolt Circle Dia.Cylinder TypeOil CapacityOutside Dia.Plunger Thread SizeThread SizeWeight CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
ARWH20-------- SGD 1434.43
BRA106-------- SGD 2499.42
CBRC106-------- SGD 3696.60
DBRC25-------- SGD 1666.66
EBRC46-------- SGD 3438.34
FRA1010-------- SGD 3267.63
ARWH120-------- SGD 2433.77
ARWH121-------- SGD 2891.19
GRWH301-------- SGD 4786.54

RRH Series Hollow Plunger Hydraulic Cylinder

StyleModelBolt Circle Dia.Oil CapacityOutside Dia.Plunger Thread SizeThread SizeWeight CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
ARRH1001------ SGD 18156.92
ARRH10010------ SGD 29327.72
BRRH1003------ SGD 23595.69
ARRH1006------ SGD 24659.37
ARRH1508------ SGD 38848.30
ARRH3010------ SGD 17447.81
ARRH307------ SGD 7032.09
ARRH6010------ SGD 21997.99
ARRH603------ SGD 10673.99
ARRH606------ SGD 13018.01
StyleModelBolt Circle Dia.HandleOil CapacityOutside Dia.Plunger Thread SizeThread SizeWeight CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
ARR308------- SGD 6526.51
ARR10018------- SGD 33884.47
ARR1006------- SGD 16692.74
ARR1010------- SGD 4429.80
ARR1012------- SGD 6180.70
ARR1502------- SGD 21781.31
ARR1506------- SGD 27541.81
ARR2006------- SGD 34851.85
ARR3006------- SGD 54941.34
ARR3014------- SGD 7774.03
ARR5013------- SGD 13304.71
ARR5020------- SGD 23694.19
ARR506------- SGD 9146.31
ARR756------- SGD 14333.39

RD Series Hydraulic Cylinder

StyleModelOil CapacityOutside Dia.Plunger Thread SizeWeight CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
ARD166---- SGD 6975.18
ARD256---- SGD 9091.59
ARD43---- SGD 2490.68
ARD91---- SGD 3891.40
ARD910---- SGD 3957.05
ARD93---- SGD 4081.80
ARD96---- SGD 3582.80
BRD1610---- SGD 8014.78
ARD2510---- SGD 11361.22
ARD41---- SGD 2379.04
ARD46---- SGD 3186.65

RAR Series Aluminium Hydraulic Cylinder

StyleModelBolt Circle Dia.Oil CapacityOutside Dia.Weight CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
ARAR1004---- SGD 17913.98
ARAR1506---- SGD 29393.40
BRAR502---- SGD 8909.95
CRAR506---- SGD 12063.75
ARAR1006---- SGD 20597.25
ARAR1008---- SGD 23206.12
CRAR504---- SGD 10216.56

Single Acting Universal Cylinder

Enerpac single acting universal cylinders are used in the manufacturing, aerospace and automobile industries for pulling, holding, lifting and moving applications. These Enerpac single acting hydraulic cylinders feature steel bodies for durability and base mounting holes & collar mounting threads for flexible mounting. Chrome plated plungers of these cylinders are equipped with bronze lower and upper bearings to provide long life. These Enerpac cylinders have long stroke lengths and a compact design ideal for welding applications and also incorporate hardened saddles to ensure extra plunger protection. These cylinders are capable of withstanding pressure up to 10000 psi. Choose from a wide range of these Enerpac single acting hydraulic cylinders, available in 5 & 10 ton weight capacities on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelBolt Circle Dia.Oil CapacityOutside Dia.Plunger Thread SizeThread SizeWeight CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
ARW101------ SGD 1008.96
BRW104------ SGD 1158.90
CRW106------ SGD 1300.05
DRW50------ SGD 814.49
ERW51------ SGD 803.56
FRW53------ SGD 838.81
GRW55------ SGD 950.42
HRW102------ SGD 1622.89

RSM Low Height Hydraulic Cylinder

StyleModelHandleOil CapacityOutside Dia.Weight CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
ARSM1500---- SGD 7531.11
BRSM-100---- SGD 1047.80
CRSM-200---- SGD 1748.72
DRSM-1000---- SGD 5187.08
ERSM-750---- SGD 3919.85
FRSM-300---- SGD 2048.57
GRSM-500---- SGD 2396.55
HRSM-50---- SGD 857.75

100 tons Single Acting Lock Nut Steel Hydraulic Cylinder, 2 Inch Stroke Length

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
LPL-1002CD2NFZ SGD 11688.60

150 tons Double Acting Steel Hydraulic Cylinder, 12 Inch Stroke Length

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
HCR-15012CD2NGC SGD 23962.47

60 tons Single Acting Lock Nut Steel Hydraulic Cylinder, 2 Inch Stroke Length

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
LPL-602CD2NGB SGD 8560.95

160 tons Single Acting Lock Nut Steel Hydraulic Cylinder, 2 Inch Stroke Length

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
LPL-1602CD2NGA SGD 16321.60

50 tons Single Acting Lock Nut Steel Hydraulic Cylinder, 6 Inch Stroke Length

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
HCL-506CD2NFY SGD 7382.27

50 tons Single Acting Lock Nut Steel Hydraulic Cylinder, 4 Inch Stroke Length

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
HCL-504CD2NFX SGD 6720.81

High Pressure Hydraulic Cylinders

What are high pressure hydraulic cylinders?
High pressure hydraulic cylinders are used where strong push or pull force is required within a system. These cylinders are essentially linear actuators that generate force. Hydraulic cylinders can be used to lift beds & winches, operate presses, and push / support / press heavy loads. They are used in manufacturing, process handling, recycling & agricultural machinery, and industries (such as mining) where electrical or air tools can cause sparking. Hydraulic cylinders with a single action mechanism can only move in one direction, whereas cylinders with a double action mechanism can move along any plane of motion (both vertical & horizontal). High pressure hydraulic cylinders feature a tube with finished interiors and hard chrome plated piston rods to avoid pitting & scoring. These cylinders have seals and wipers that are attached to the end caps for eliminating contaminants and preventing leakage.
High pressure hydraulic cylinders are ideal for continuous lifting, holding, pushing, pulling and bending of hydraulic fluids. Raptor Supplies offers a wide variety of these cylinders from brands like Enerpac, ESCO, OTC and Westward. These hydraulic cylinders feature aluminium / steel / nickel plated steel construction for structural rigidity and resistance against corrosion & harmful UV radiations. BRP Series pull hydraulic cylinders provide plunger blow out protection to resist over-extension and are equipped with a plunger wiper to reduce contamination. These cylinders come with CR400 couplers & dust caps for added safety, are capable of being operated at pressures up to 700 bar and feature a maximum load capacity of 300 tons.


High pressure hydraulic cylinders are suitable for systems that have bends or tilted pipes which require additional linear force. These cylinders can also be used in mobile applications like excavators, dump trucks, loaders, graders, backhoes & dozers. When it comes to heavy machinery, hydraulic cylinders can help extend their control or use.


  • High pressure hydraulic cylinders are available in single & double acting configurations.
  • They have aluminium, steel or nickel plated steel construction.
  • These hydraulic cylinders feature a welded design for reliability.
  • The saddles are hardened, which prevents the piston from jamming in the top bearing.
  • The heavy duty return springs enable fast piston retraction.
  • Port connections are available on all cylinders.
  • These hydraulic cylinders have a simple design to enable easy installation.
  • Selected models feature a lightweight, low profile spring return mechanism for use in confined spaces.
  • They have a piston wiper that reduces contamination, hence extending cylinder life.

Working Mechanism

  • In single acting cylinders, only one side of the piston provides fluid with a certain pressure. A single acting cylinder controls movement by fluid force in one direction, and the return process depends on external forces such as spring force or gravity.
  • In double acting cylinders, both sides of the piston are supplied with fluid of certain working pressure. Under the influence of fluid force on both sides, the hydraulic cylinder or pneumatic cylinder can move in the positive direction or the reverse direction.

Standards and Approvals

High pressure hydraulic cylinders are constructed according to ASME & ISO standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What things should one consider when choosing a high pressure hydraulic cylinder?

  • Capacity - the force of the cylinder, measured in tonnes.
  • Stroke - the length that the piston rod can travel in and out, measured in millimetres.
  • Operating pressure - the maximum operating pressure, measure in psi or bar.
  • Single / double acting mechanism - single acting cylinders produce force in one direction while double acting cylinders produce force in both extending and retracting directions.

What is the difference between single acting and double acting hydraulic cylinders?

Single acting cylinders only extend via pressure from a pump and retract by the weight of the load or using an inbuilt spring. Double acting cylinders use hydraulic power to both extend and retract.
A simple way to distinguish between them is by looking at the number of ports. Single acting cylinders have one port for the connection of hydraulic cylinders, whereas double acting cylinders have 2 ports. The first port is where the advance (extend) hydraulic hose fittings attach and the second is where the retract hydraulic hose fittings attach.

Which one should I choose - a single or double acting hydraulic cylinder?

  • When looking for a device to move the load in both directions, double acting cylinders are ideal. Unlike single acting air cylinders, double acting cylinders can extend and retract without the need for a spring.
  • Instead of applying pressurised air into one port, double acting cylinders have two ports where air can enter in and move out. But if you are looking to utilise your machine in linear motion and perform movements such as clamping, positioning & punching, then single acting cylinders might be better.
  • Single acting cylinders are mainly used in industrial applications where force is needed in one direction, for example, ejecting parts / items off conveyor belts.
  • Double acting cylinders are usually faster, stronger and more efficient than single acting cylinders. Applications that require speed and force would require double acting cylinders whereas light assembly work can be deployed by single acting cylinders.

Can you use a double acting hydraulic cylinder as single acting?

Yes, you can use a double acting cylinder as a single acting cylinder.

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