Immersion Heaters


Screw Plug Immersion Heater

StyleModelControl RangeNPTOverall LengthSheath MaterialVoltageWatt DensityWattsPrice (inc. GST)Pkg. Qty.
AAUW215A60 Degrees to 250 Degrees F2"19"Copper12048 sq. in.1500 SGD 1179.651
AAUW250B60 Degrees to 250 Degrees F2"26.875"Copper24048 sq. in.5000 SGD 1245.941
BASW110A60 Degrees to 250 Degrees F1.25"8.625"Copper12083 sq. in.1000 SGD 326.391
BASW110B60 Degrees to 250 Degrees F1.25"8.625"Copper24083 sq. in.1000 SGD 332.481
BASW115A60 Degrees to 250 Degrees F1.25"11.625"Copper12084 sq. in.1500 SGD 369.491
BASW115B60 Degrees to 250 Degrees F1.25"11.625"Copper24084 sq. in.1500 SGD 379.961
BASW120A60 Degrees to 250 Degrees F1.25"9.125"Copper12080 sq. in.2000 SGD 414.741
BASW120B60 Degrees to 250 Degrees F1.25"9.125"Copper24080 sq. in.2000 SGD 426.911
AAUW220A60 Degrees to 250 Degrees F2"15.125"Copper12048 sq. in.2000 SGD 1164.181
AAUW220B60 Degrees to 250 Degrees F2"15.125"Copper24048 sq. in.2000 SGD 1245.941
AAUW230A60 Degrees to 250 Degrees F2"19"Copper12048 sq. in.3000 SGD 1343.131
AAUW230B60 Degrees to 250 Degrees F2"19"Copper24048 sq. in.3000 SGD 1343.131
AAUO215A100 Degrees to 550 Degrees F2"18.875"Steel12023 sq. in.1500 SGD 1345.341
AAUO250B100 Degrees to 550 Degrees F2"47.5"Steel24023 sq. in.5000 SGD 1808.151
StyleModelOverall LengthVoltageWatt DensityWattsPrice (inc. GST)Pkg. Qty.
AANW1157.5"12034 sq. in.1500 SGD 430.221
AANW25012 1/5"24044 sq. in.5000 SGD 668.261
StyleModelOverall LengthSheath MaterialVoltageWattsPrice (inc. GST)Pkg. Qty.
ATFP0265521 9/16"Incoloy(R)8002406000 SGD 1718.671
ATFP0265721 9/16"Incoloy(R)8004806000 SGD 1718.671
ATFP0270822 15/16"Incoloy(R)80048012,000 SGD 2350.471
ATFP0266636 9/16"Incoloy(R)80024012,000 SGD 2317.341
ATFP0266836 9/16"Incoloy(R)80048012,000 SGD 2317.341
ATFP0272037 15/16"Incoloy(R)80048024,000 SGD 3158.991
ATFP0267451 9/16"Incoloy(R)80048018,000 SGD 2827.641
ATFP0149856 15/16"High Temperature Stainless Steel48040,000 SGD 4013.931
StyleModelOverall LengthVoltageWattsPrice (inc. GST)Pkg. Qty.
ACHF0233935"2406000 SGD 3234.111
ACHF0234035"4806000 SGD 3234.111
ACHF0234145"24012,000 SGD 3839.391
ACHF0234245"48012,000 SGD 3839.391
ACHF0234646"48024,000 SGD 5407.861
ACHF0234458"48018,000 SGD 4186.231
ACHF0234864"48040,000 SGD 6556.581

Circulation Booster Heater

StyleModelControl RangeOverall LengthSheath MaterialVoltageWatt DensityWattsPrice (inc. GST)Pkg. Qty.
ACHF0215560 Degrees to 180 Degrees F18"Copper12034 sq. in.1500 SGD 2293.031
ACHF0215660 Degrees to 180 Degrees F18"Copper12045 sq. in.2000 SGD 2343.851
ACHF0215860 Degrees to 180 Degrees F22"Copper24049 sq. in.3000 SGD 2416.741
BCHF02304150 Degrees to 560 Degrees F22"Steel12023 sq. in.500 SGD 2160.501
BCHF02306150 Degrees to 560 Degrees F22"Steel12023 sq. in.750 SGD 2166.021
StyleModelFlange MaterialOverall LengthPhaseSheath MaterialVoltageWatt DensityWattsPrice (inc. GST)Pkg. Qty.
ATPN01886Stainless Steel8.5"1High Temperature Stainless Steel24043 sq. in.700 SGD 141.821
ATPN01887Stainless Steel8.5"1High Temperature Stainless Steel24046 sq. in.1500 SGD 382.171
ATPN01174Steel13 15/16"3Incoloy(R)80048024 sq. in.2500 SGD 582.651
ATPN01416Steel18.125"3Incoloy(R)80048040 sq. in.9000 SGD 828.421
ATPN01177Steel19.625"3Incoloy(R)80023050 sq. in.9000 SGD 984.701
ATPN01173Steel13 15/16"3Incoloy(R)80024024 sq. in.2500 SGD 582.651
ATPN01176Steel19.375"3Incoloy(R)80048027 sq. in.4000 SGD 612.481
ATPN01422Steel18.125"3Incoloy(R)80048054 sq. in.12,000 SGD 828.421
ATPN01178Steel19.625"3Incoloy(R)80046050 sq. in.9000 SGD 984.701
ATPN01179Steel19.625"3Incoloy(R)80046050 sq. in.12,000 SGD 984.701

Over the Side Immersion Heater

StyleModelHeightOverall LengthPhaseSheath MaterialWatt DensityWattsPrice (inc. GST)Pkg. Qty.
ATI-33TB36"13"1Incoloy(R)40 sq. in.3000 SGD 2467.561
BTIB-33TB36"10.75"1Incoloy(R)40 sq. in.3000 SGD 2779.041
ATI-39TB36" Riser31.125"3Incoloy(R)40 sq. in.9000 SGD 2865.181
BTIB-39TB36" Riser17"3Incoloy(R)40 sq. in.9000 SGD 3170.051
ATS-36TB54"40.25"1Steel20 sq. in.6000 SGD 2717.191
BTSB-36TB54"20"1Steel20 sq. in.6000 SGD 2650.901
ATI-312TB54" Riser40.25"3Incoloy(R)40 sq. in.12,000 SGD 3101.571

Screw Plug Immersion Heater

StyleModelNPTOverall LengthPhaseSheath MaterialVoltageWatt DensityWattsPrice (inc. GST)Pkg. Qty.
ATSP020781"12.437"1Copper12046 sq. in.500 SGD 514.161
BTSP022301"14 5/16"1304 SS12063 sq. in.1500 SGD 599.781
CTSP020071"9.75"1Copper12046 sq. in.500 SGD 296.901
BTSP027911"11.437"1316 SS12094 sq. in.1000 SGD 646.711
DTSP027921"9.75"1316 SS12094 sq. in.1000 SGD 564.961
BTSP027931"14 5/16"1316 SS12063 sq. in.1500 SGD 646.711
DTSP024591"12.625"1316 SS12063 sq. in.1500 SGD 564.961
BTSP020111"11.437"1304 SS12048 sq. in.500 SGD 518.051
DTSP022411"9.75"1304 SS12048 sq. in.500 SGD 412.011
BTSP022271"11.437"1304 SS12070 sq. in.750 SGD 518.051
DTSP022951"9.75"1304 SS12070 sq. in.750 SGD 412.011
BTSP022041"17.625"1Steel12021 sq. in.475 SGD 501.451
DTSP022421"9.125"1304 SS12094 sq. in.1000 SGD 412.011
BTSP022281"11.437"1304 SS12094 sq. in.1000 SGD 518.051
DTSP022441"12.625"1304 SS12063 sq. in.1500 SGD 377.191
CTSP020961"9.75"1Copper12092 sq. in.1000 SGD 296.901
ATSP020791"12.437"1Copper12069 sq. in.750 SGD 506.441
CTSP020971"9.75"1Copper12069 sq. in.750 SGD 296.901
ATSP020801"12.437"1Copper12092 sq. in.1000 SGD 506.441
ATSP020811"15 5/16"1Copper12090 sq. in.1500 SGD 585.411
CTSP020991"12.625"1Copper12090 sq. in.1500 SGD 384.381
DTSP022161"15 5/16"1Steel12021 sq. in.475 SGD 306.511
DTSP027951.25"12.625"1316 SS12061 sq. in.2000 SGD 595.891
BTSP027941.25"14 5/16"1316 SS12061 sq. in.2000 SGD 753.861
ATSP032601.25"12 1/16"1Copper12090 sq. in.1000 SGD 751.101

Circulation Booster Heater Elements

StyleModelControl RangeOverall LengthSheath MaterialVoltageWatt DensityWattsPrice (inc. GST)Pkg. Qty.
ATSP0141160 Degrees to 180 Degrees F17"Copper12034 sq. in.1500 SGD 709.121
ATSP0140960 Degrees to 180 Degrees F17"Copper12045 sq. in.2000 SGD 709.121
ATSP0141060 Degrees to 180 Degrees F21 1/5"Copper24049 sq. in.3000 SGD 730.651
BTSP02750150 Degrees to 560 Degrees F13 4/7"Steel12023 sq. in.500 SGD 768.211
BTSP02751150 Degrees to 560 Degrees F18.187"Steel12023 sq. in.750 SGD 831.741
BTSP02752150 Degrees to 560 Degrees F20 4/9"Steel24023 sq. in.1000 SGD 840.581
StyleModelSheath MaterialVoltageWatt DensityWattsPrice (inc. GST)Pkg. Qty.
ATAT30002Stainless Steel1208 sq. in.1000 SGD 1581.701
ATAT30001Stainless Steel24032 sq. in.4000 SGD 1581.701
ATAT30005Steel1208 sq. in.1000 SGD 1384.021
ATAT30006Steel24032 sq. in.4000 SGD 1384.021
StyleModelOverall LengthWatt DensityWattsPrice (inc. GST)Pkg. Qty.
AWTP906A13.125"31 sq. in.1000 SGD 419.171
AWTP910A14.125"41 sq. in.1500 SGD 399.851
StyleModelNPTOverall LengthVoltageWatt DensityWattsPrice (inc. GST)Pkg. Qty.
AHDL000031/2"4.375"12039 sq. in.250 SGD 160.381
AHDL000071/2"8.75"12033 sq. in.500 SGD 208.211
AHDL000061/2"4.375"480157 sq. in.1000 SGD 160.381
AHDL000011/2"2.375"12041 sq. in.100 SGD 157.841
AHDL000051/2"4.375"240157 sq. in.1000 SGD 160.381
AHDL000131/2"12.875"240130 sq. in.3000 SGD 240.461
AHDL000111/2"12.875"12033 sq. in.750 SGD 240.461
AHDL000091/2"8.75"240134 sq. in.2000 SGD 208.211
AHDL000081/2"8.75"24033 sq. in.500 SGD 208.211
AHDL000273/4"5.75"240141 sq. in.1500 SGD 196.931
AHDL000203/4"5.25"240106 sq. in.1000 SGD 190.871
AHDL000513/4"11.5"240124 sq. in.3000 SGD 279.901
AHDL000583/4"13.5"480208 sq. in.6000 SGD 320.991
AHDL000573/4"13.5"24052 sq. in.1500 SGD 320.991
AHDL000563/4"11.5"480202 sq. in.5000 SGD 288.831
AHDL000553/4"11.5"240202 sq. in.5000 SGD 288.831
AHDL000543/4"11.5"24051 sq. in.1250 SGD 288.831
AHDL000533/4"11.5"12051 sq. in.1250 SGD 288.831
AHDL000523/4"11.5"480124 sq. in.3000 SGD 279.901
AHDL000473/4"10"240194 sq. in.4000 SGD 257.821
AHDL000503/4"11.5"24031 sq. in.750 SGD 279.901
AHDL000483/4"10"480194 sq. in.4000 SGD 257.821
AHDL000453/4"10"12049 sq. in.1000 SGD 257.821
AHDL000443/4"8.25"480182 sq. in.3000 SGD 237.821
AHDL000433/4"8.25"240182 sq. in.3000 SGD 237.821

Sanitizing Sink/Tank Immersion Heater

StyleModelControl RangeEnclosure TypeOverall LengthVoltageWatt DensityWattsPrice (inc. GST)Pkg. Qty.
ATAT4001755 Degrees to 115 Degrees FNEMA 443.75"24051 sq. in.6000 SGD 1590.551
ATAT4001355 Degrees to 115 Degrees FNEMA 443.75"12013 sq. in.1440 SGD 1691.081
BTAT4000860 Degrees to 250 Degrees FNEMA 132.5"12014 sq. in.1000 SGD 1419.361
BTAT4000760 Degrees to 250 Degrees FNEMA 132.5"12016 sq. in.1500 SGD 1473.461
BTAT4000660 Degrees to 250 Degrees FNEMA 132.5"24056 sq. in.4000 SGD 1419.361
BTAT4000560 Degrees to 250 Degrees FNEMA 132.5"24065 sq. in.6000 SGD 1473.461

Precision Tank Heater 22-1/2 Inch Length

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)Pkg. Qty.
5ZPX8AE7NML SGD 1546.361

Immersion Heater, Flange, 40000W, 480V, 3 Phase

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)Pkg. Qty.
TFP01586CJ2PAP SGD 5808.551
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Immersion Heaters

Immersion heaters are used to heat chemicals and water in commercial and industrial applications. Raptor Supplies offers immersion heaters from brands like Tempco and Vulcan. Immersion heaters are generally highly efficient as they come directly in contact with the heating media. They can withstand harsh environmental conditions and be renewed easily by just changing the heating elements. These immersion heaters have several types, namely over the side, flanged and screw plug immersion heaters that are generally used inside industrial tanks to heat chemicals, oils and solvents.

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