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Shop Ticket Holder

StyleModelColorHeightMounting TypeSeam StyleWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A1PRN9Clear12"1/4" GrommetStitched9" SGD 138.72
A4YNT2Clear8"1/4" GrommetStitched5" SGD 45.38
B1DNP8Clear12"HangingStitched9" SGD 92.96
C4YNU1Clear12"1/4" GrommetStitched9" SGD 147.07
D4YNT9Clear9"Punched HoleWelded12" SGD 131.04
E4YNT8Clear12"Punched HoleWelded9" SGD 126.54
E4YNT7Clear11"Punched HoleWelded8.5" SGD 69.34
E4YNT6Clear9"Punched HoleWelded6" SGD 115.11
E4YNT5Clear8"Punched HoleWelded5" SGD 85.27
E4YNT4Clear6"Punched HoleWelded4" SGD 74.65
F4YNT3Clear12"HangingStitched9" SGD 123.68
A4YNT1Clear6"1/4" GrommetStitched4" SGD 72.30
G1PRP6Clear11"MagneticWelded8.5" SGD 141.17
H4YNR9Clear8.5"1/4" GrommetStitched11" SGD 86.50
H4YNR8Clear9"1/4" GrommetStitched12" SGD 94.18
I4YNR5Clear12"Punched HoleZippered9" SGD 139.72
A2TDC3Clear11"1/4" GrommetStitched8.5" SGD 96.01
A2TDC2Clear9"1/4" GrommetStitched6" SGD 83.15
G1PRP7Clear12"MagneticWelded9" SGD 202.86
J2TDC1Clear Front/Black Back12"1/4" GrommetStitched9" SGD 111.53
J1PRN5Clear Front/Black Back11"1/4" GrommetStitched8.5" SGD 83.05
K4YNR6Neon Red/Clear12"1/4" GrommetStitched9" SGD 103.17
L4YNR7Neon Yellow/Clear12"1/4" GrommetStitched9" SGD 108.57

Magnetic Document Holder

StyleModelColorHeightWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A10E819Clear Pocket, White Backing11"8.5" SGD 45.35
B10E821Clear Pocket, White Backing4"6" SGD 35.13
C10E816Clear Pouch, White Backing6.5"4.75" SGD 26.03
D10E817Clear Pouch, White Backing6.5"6.5" SGD 28.51
E10E818Clear Pouch, White Backing12"9.5" SGD 49.93

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