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Locking Pliers


Long Nose Locking Pliers

StyleModelJaw CapacityJaw LengthJaw WidthLengthPrice (inc. GST)
A4LN1.625"1.437"1/4"4" SGD 61.52
A6LN2.25"5/32"5/32"6" SGD 56.67
B9LN2.875"2 3/32"3/16"9" SGD 71.14

Locking Pliers

StyleModelJaw CapacityJaw LengthJaw TypeJaw WidthLengthPrice (inc. GST)
A48-22-34071.5"1 5/64"Curved Jaw13/32"7" SGD 76.49
B48-22-34051.75"29/32"Curved Jaw23/64"5" SGD 74.10
C48-22-35101.75"1 15/64"Straight Jaw5/8"10" SGD 57.02
D48-22-35071.75"19/64"Straight Jaw5/8"7" SGD 66.85
E48-22-34062"1 45/64"Long Nose3/16"6" SGD 80.86
F48-22-34202.5"1.187"Curved Jaw31/64"10" SGD 57.23
G48-22-34092.125"2 3/32"Long Nose3/16"9" SGD 89.17
H48-22-34103"1.156"Curved Jaw29/64"10" SGD 64.09

Locking Wrench

StyleModelJaw CapacityJaw LengthJaw WidthLengthPrice (inc. GST)
A4LW1/4 to 9/16"1.437"1/4"4" SGD 61.31
B10LW5/8 to 1-1/8"1 15/64"5/8"10" SGD 68.85
A7LW7/16 to 3/4"1.187"3/8"7" SGD 70.32

Clamping Jaw Locking Pliers

StyleModelJaw LengthJaw WidthPrice (inc. GST)
A42 14 2803 7/64"2 41/64" SGD 194.78
B42 34 2803 47/64"2.625" SGD 185.71
C42 24 2804 39/64"5 33/64" SGD 181.65

Double Prism Locking Pliers

StyleModelItemJaw CapacityJaw LengthJaw WidthLengthPrice (inc. GST)
A41 04 180Locking Pliers0" to 2"1 31/64"1 11/16"7.25" SGD 117.75
B41 04 250Locking Pliers0" to 2-1/4"1 57/64"2.25"10" SGD 117.55
C41 04 300Locking Pliers0" to 2-1/4"2 23/64"2 39/64"12" SGD 185.49
D40 04 180Pliers0" to 1-5/8"1 31/64"1 11/16"7.25" SGD 141.06
E40 04 250Pliers0" to 1-5/8"1 51/64"2.25"10" SGD 136.46

Locking Pliers

StyleModelJaw CapacityJaw LengthJaw TypeJaw WidthLengthTypePrice (inc. GST)
A302L3-7R1-5/16"1.187"Straight Jaw3/8"7"Straight Jaw SGD 61.13
B1302L3-7CR1.5"1.187"V-Jaw3/8"7"V-Jaw SGD 57.25
C102L3 - 10R1.75"1 15/64"Straight Jaw5/8"10"Straight Jaw SGD 51.63
D1102L3-10CR1.875"1 15/64"V-Jaw5/8"10"V-Jaw SGD 46.93

Locking Pliers

StyleModelJaw CapacityJaw LengthJaw TypeJaw WidthLengthTypePrice (inc. GST)
AJ293WRXL1.187"7/8"Curved Jaw3/8"5"Curved Jaw SGD 61.17
AJ294WRXL1.625"1.187"Curved Jaw3/8"7"Curved Jaw SGD 65.07
BJ290XL1.625"1.187"Curved Jaw3/8"7"Curved Jaw SGD 58.68
CJ291XL1.625"1.5"Straight Jaw1/2"7"Straight SGD 65.38
DJ289LNXL2.75"2.5"Long Nose3/8"9"Long Nose SGD 78.88
DJ286LNXL2.187"2"Long Nose1/4"6"Long Nose SGD 68.11
BJ292XL2.375"1.5"Curved Jaw3/8"10"Curved Jaw SGD 52.92
CJ293XL2.375"1 2/3"Straight Jaw5/8"10"Straight SGD 54.24
AJ292WRXL2.375"1.5"Curved Jaw1/2"10"Curved Jaw SGD 55.73

Locking Pliers Set

StyleModelHandleHandle TypeLengthNumber of PiecesPrice (inc. GST)
A1ECG5Soft GripErgonomic5, 6, 7, 10"5 SGD 138.44
B1ECF5SteelPlain Grip5, 6, 10"3 SGD 84.27

Locking Plier and C-Clamp Set

Irwin Tools VISE-GRIP locking plier and C - clamp sets are made from high-grade heat-treated alloy steel ideal for heavy-duty clamping, twisting, tightening and turning applications. The clamp sets include two clamps of 11 and 6 inches; two straight jaw and curved jaw pliers of 10 and 7 inches, respectively; two 9 and 6 inch long nose pliers with wire cutters and two curved jaw pliers of 7 and 5 inches with wire cutters.
Irwin locking pliers and clamps feature a classic trigger release to offer maximum locking force and quick unlocks, hardened teeth to provide a secure holding grip from any angle and a turn screw to adjust pressure so that the tool can fit any workpiece.

StyleModelHandleHandle TypePrice (inc. GST)
A1078KBPlain and ProTouch Comfort GripsPlain and ProTouch Comfort Grips SGD 367.69
B1078TrayVise-GripPlain Grip SGD 358.38

Locking Pliers Set

StyleModelConstructionJaw CapacityLengthNumber of PiecesTether CapableTypePrice (inc. GST)
A73--5", 6", 10"3Standard Tool (Accessory Needed for Tethering)- SGD 146.31
B757KB-(2)1-1/8", 3-1/8", 1", 7/8", 1-1/2", 2", 3/4"5", 6", (2)7", (2)10", 12"7Standard Tool(Accessory Needed for Tethering)- SGD 281.02
C428GS--5", 6", 7", 10"4Standard Tool (Accessory Needed for Tethering)- SGD 155.84
D36Heat Treated Nickel Plated Alloy Steel1-5/8, 2-1/4"7, 6"2Standard Tool(Accessory Needed for Tethering)Long Nose and Curved SGD 77.59
E37Heat Treated Nickel Plated Alloy Steel1-7/8, 1-1/4"10, 5"2Standard Tool(Accessory Needed for Tethering)Curved SGD 63.14
F4935580Heat Treated Nickel Plated Alloy Steel1-7/8, 1-5/8, 1-1/8"10, 7, 5"3Standard Tool(Accessory Needed for Tethering)Curved SGD 116.86
G2077704Heat Treated Nickel Plated Alloy Steel1-5/8, 1-7/8, 1-5/8, 1-1/4, 2-1/4"10, 10, 7, 5, 6"5Standard Tool(Accessory Needed for Tethering)Straight, Curved, and Long Nose SGD 165.13
H538KBNickel Plated-5", 6", 7", (2)10"5Standard Tool(Accessory Needed for Tethering)- SGD 197.53

Locking Pliers

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A9V10CR SGD 42.26
A9V10R SGD 42.26
A9V7R SGD 41.61

Auto Pinch Off Pliers

StyleModelJaw LengthMax. Jaw OpeningOverall LengthPrice (inc. GST)
AJFF5551.5"1.25"9.25" SGD 120.06
BJFF5562.5"2.5"14" SGD 221.28

Manual Locking Pliers

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A70650 SGD 29.01
B70750 SGD 31.81
C71000 SGD 36.94
B70550 SGD 28.83
C70700 SGD 34.43
D70950 SGD 33.21
B71050 SGD 35.43

Long Nose Locking Pliers

StyleModelHandleHandle TypeJaw CapacityJaw LengthJaw WidthLengthPrice (inc. GST)
A1ECG3Soft GripErgonomic2"1.75"1/4"6" SGD 58.04
B1ECF1SteelPlain Grip1.5"1.437"1/4"4" SGD 53.57
B1ECF2SteelPlain Grip2"1.75"1/4"6" SGD 49.69
B1ECF3SteelPlain Grip2.75"2.25"3/8"9" SGD 61.31

Curved Jaw Locking Pliers

StyleModelConstructionJaw CapacityJaw LengthJaw TypeJaw WidthLengthMaterialPrice (inc. GST)
A5CRFormed Sheet Metal And Forgings1.125"7/8"V-Jaw3/8"5"Formed Sheet Metal and Forgings SGD 52.85
B7WRHeat Treated Nickel Plated Alloy Steel1.625"1.187"Curved Jaw3/8"7"Steel SGD 62.56
C4WRHeat Treated Nickel Plated Alloy Steel1"1.437"Curved Jaw1/4"4"Steel SGD 53.36
D5WRHeat Treated Nickel Plated Alloy Steel1.25"7/8"Curved Jaw3/8"5"Steel SGD 55.31
C10WRHeat Treated Nickel Plated Alloy Steel1.875"1 15/64"Curved Jaw5/8"10"Steel SGD 47.81

Curved Jaw Locking Pliers

StyleModelHandleHandle TypeJaw CapacityJaw LengthJaw WidthLengthPrice (inc. GST)
A1ECE4Plain GripPlain Grip1.125"3/4"1.5"5" SGD 48.63
A1ECE5Plain GripPlain Grip1.5"1"2"7" SGD 54.43
A1ECE6Plain GripPlain Grip1.875"1.25"2.625"10" SGD 52.40
B1ECF8Soft GripErgonomic1.125"3/4"1.5"5" SGD 49.18
B1ECF9Soft GripErgonomic1.5"1"2"7" SGD 52.32
B1ECG1Soft GripErgonomic1.875"1.125"2.625"10" SGD 41.82

Straight Jaw Locking Pliers

StyleModelHandleHandle TypeJaw CapacityJaw WidthLengthPrice (inc. GST)
A1ECG2Soft GripErgonomic1.75"2.625"10" SGD 42.19
B1ECE8SteelPlain Grip1.5"2.25"7" SGD 53.28


StyleModelConstructionHandleJaw CapacityJaw WidthLengthTypePrice (inc. GST)
AJ261XLBlack ChromeBlack Chrome2-23/64"2.75"9.031"Welding Locking SGD 92.09
BJ262XLNickel ChromeNickel Chrome6-19/64"45/64"9 27/32"Locking Chain SGD 130.29

Locking Pliers Set 6-Piece Polished Handle

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
J298XLAH7NLV SGD 263.80

Locking Pliers 6-1/2 Inch Length 2-23/64 Inch Jaw

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
41 34 165AH8JRF SGD 116.67

Locking Pliers 8-55/64 Inch Length 1-23/64 Inch Jaw

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
41 24 225AH8JRE SGD 132.62

Locking Pliers

Locking pliers are used for removing broken nails and loosening tight connection points, such as seized nuts, pipe joints and washers. Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of these locking pliers from brands like C.H. Hanson, Knipex, Proto, Irwin and Stanley. The pinch-off pliers are suitable for pinching brake lines, flexible fuel lines and vacuum hoses in motorcycles & cars; and feature a patented clamping mechanism that ensures positive clamping without additional adjustments or springs. Choose from a wide range of these locking pliers available in curved top, V-bottom, long & chain nose, curved, straight and U- & V-shaped jaw options on Raptor Supplies.

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