Manual Rebar Cutters/Benders


Manual rebar cutters and benders are used to cut and bend steel reinforcement bars (rebars) for use in various industrial applications. Rebar cutters comprise a cutting blade or shear for cutting the... Read More


Rebar Hickey

StyleModelBlade TypeHandle MaterialMax. CapacityOverall LengthUsePrice (inc. GST)
A64311-Steel Alloy3/4"46"For Hand Bending Large diameter Rebar SGD 423.68
B643091ASteel1/2"24"Bends Rebar Size No. 3 and 4 SGD 415.51
B643102Steel5/8"40"Bends Rebar Size No. 5 SGD 359.09
B643123Steel1-1/8"60"Bends Rebar Size No. 7, 8, and 9 SGD 600.40

Bending Devices

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
AAD 9300 SGD 4593.20
AAD 9305 SGD 4289.01
AAD 9310 SGD 4212.96
BAD 9315 SGD 3908.78

Rebar Benders

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
ARB5 SGD 294.22
ARB6 SGD 295.66

Rebar Bender/cutter 5/8 Capacity 66 Inch Length

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
14730AB6XPC SGD 1559.54

Rebar Bender 5/8 Capacity 34 Inch Length Steel Red

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
14739AB6XPD SGD 73.38

Manual Rebar Cutter / Bender, 5/8 Inch Maximum Capacity

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
22UN85AB7FCA SGD 699.26

Ext Rebar Bender 21 To 35 Inch Length For #3/#4

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
RB4AC6VYP SGD 175.02

Rebar Bender/cutter 5/8 Capacity 66 Inch Length

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
GG725AD4RUL SGD 1893.92

Manual Rebar Cutters/Benders

Manual rebar benders are pressed around a cast-iron bending die and the handle is then pressed until the desired bend is acquired. These manual rebar cutters and benders are offered by brands like H K Porter, Klein Tools, Kraft Tool Co., Marshalltown, QLT and Westward. H K Porter manual rebar benders & cutters are applicable where rebars need to be bent to fit into forms or cut to length. They can cut and bend up to 5/8-inch thick steel rebars to 90 or 180 degrees. Cutting head and lower bar can be easily mounted to a workstation or bench, allowing increased leverage and safety. These rebar cutters feature steel construction which ensures added durability. Rebar hickeys by Klein Tools feature exceptionally durable steel-alloy heads and handles that can withstand harsh industrial environments. These rebar hickeys feature an efficient blade angle and the length provides high leverage for most bending & cutting applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the maintenance requirements for manual rebar cutters and benders?

  • Manual rebar cutters and benders require regular cleaning and lubrication to ensure the smooth functioning of the tools.
  • The blades of the cutter and the bending die should be sharpened time-to-time and replaced as necessary.

What are rebar hickeys made of?

  • Rebar hickeys or manual rebar benders have a steel-alloy head and handle for high strength and long service life.
  • The steel construction also allows them to withstand force & pressure while making them resistant to wear and tear from heavy use in construction sites.

What is the purpose of a wooden board in rebar cutters / benders?

  • Klein rebar cutters / benders come with a wooden board that serves as a support surface and helps stabilise the rebar while cutting or bending.
  • The board should be flat enough to prevent the rebar from moving to achieve a perfect cut / bend at all times.

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