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Micrometer Torque Wrenches


Fixed Head Micrometer Torque Wrench

StyleModelDrive SizePrice (inc. GST)
ATWAF-12201/2" SGD 125.43
BTWAF-916209/16" SGD 111.50
CTWAF-916309/16" SGD 128.13

Micrometer Torque Wrench, Ratcheting

StyleModelDrive SizeItemOverall LengthPrimary Scale RangePrice (inc. GST)
ASKT00591/2"Pre-Set Torque Wrench22 29/32"3000 in.-lb./250 ft.-lb./339 Nm/35 kgf-cm SGD 987.64
BSKT00561/2"Micrometer Torque Wrench18 5/16"1800 in.-lb./150 ft.-lb./204 Nm/21 kgf-cm SGD 919.78
CSKT01513/4"Micrometer Torque Wrench37 13/32"7200 in.-lb./600 ft.-lb./813 Nm/83 kgf-cm SGD 2757.68
BSKT00553/8"Micrometer Torque Wrench14 13/16"750 in.-lbs./85 Nm/864 kgf-cm SGD 663.49
DSKT05893/8"Micrometer Torque Wrench7 29/32"150 in.-lb./17 Nm/173 kgf-cm SGD 629.78

Micro-Adjustable Torque Wrenches

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A2477 SGD 480.62
A3447 SGD 495.48
A3477 SGD 495.48
A3478 SGD 495.48
A3479 SGD 526.82
A4476 SGD 554.89
A4477 SGD 545.44
A4478 SGD 609.32
A4479 SGD 561.25
A6448 SGD 1980.66
B8447 SGD 3792.21
A8448 SGD 3308.14
A8449 SGD 12086.26
StyleModelDrive SizePrice (inc. GST)
AUSC017451/2" SGD 1391.98
AUSC017853/8" SGD 1511.27
StyleModelDrive SizeMeasurement TypeOverall LengthPrimary Scale IncrementsPrimary Scale RangePrice (inc. GST)
AJ6014C-TT1/2"Foot-Pound/Newton-Meter28.125"1 ft.-lb.50 to 250 ft.-lb. SGD 555.54
AJ6016NMC-TT1/2"Foot-Pound/Newton-Meter21.5"1 Nm40 to 200 Nm SGD 493.50
AJ6006NMC-TT3/8"Foot-Pound15.5"0.5 Nm16 to 80 Nm SGD 493.50
AJ6012C-TT3/8"Foot-Pound/Newton-Meter17"0.5 ft.-lb.20 to 100 ft.-lb. SGD 465.31

Torque Wrench

StyleModelDrive SizeOverall LengthPrimary Scale RangePrice (inc. GST)
ASKT04001/4"7 5/16"50 In.-lb./6 Nm/58 kgf-cm SGD 611.74
BSKT00583/8"10 13/32"300 in.-lb./34 Nm/346 kgf-cm SGD 619.18
StyleModelOverall LengthPrimary Scale RangeRotationPrice (inc. GST)
A8105897.875"150 in.-lb.CW/CCW SGD 538.41
A81005810.437"300 in.-lb.CW SGD 508.65
A81005514.187"750 in.-lb.CW SGD 570.48
A81040217.625"1200 in.-lb.CW/CCW SGD 661.28

Micrometer Torque Wrench

StyleModelDrive SizeHead TypeOverall LengthPrimary Scale IncrementsPrimary Scale RangeTeethPrice (inc. GST)
A10L4233/4"Ratcheting, Tear Shape32"2 ft.-lb.60 to 300 ft.-lb.32 SGD 795.03
B6PAH93/8"Ratcheting, Round Shape16"0.5 ft.-lb.15 to 80 ft.-lb.72 SGD 321.61

Fixed Head Micrometer Torque Wrench

StyleModelAccuracyCalibration CertificateDrive SizeHandleHead TypeMaterialMeasurement TypeOverall LengthPrice (inc. GST)
AJ6065CXCERT+/-3% CW, +/-6% CCWYes3/8"-FixedSteelInch-Pound15.187" SGD 508.99
BJ6008CXCERT+/-3% CW, +/-6% CCWYes1/2"-RatchetingSteelFoot-Pound15.5" SGD 533.70
BJ6063CXCERT+/-3% CW, +/-6% CCWYes3/8"-FixedSteelInch-Pound11 11/16" SGD 487.05
BJ6061CXCERT+/-3% CW, +/-6% CCWYes1/4"-FixedSteelInch-Pound11 11/16" SGD 461.19
BJ6020CXCERT+/-3% CW, +/-6% CCWYes3/4"-RatchetingSteelFoot-Pound41 9/16" SGD 2407.15
BJ6018CXCERT+/-3% CW, +/-6% CCWYes3/4"-RatchetingSteelFoot-Pound32 11/16" SGD 1679.24
BJ6014CXCERT+/-3% CW, +/-6% CCWYes1/2"-RatchetingSteelFoot-Pound/Newton-Meter27.125" SGD 626.38
BJ6016CXCERT+/-3% CW, +/-6% CCWYes1/2"-RatchetingSteelFoot-Pound21.5" SGD 561.14
BJ6006CXCERT+/-3% CW, +/-6% CCWYes3/8"-RatchetingChrome VanadiumFoot-Pound15.5" SGD 507.29
BJ6072CXCERT+/-3% CW, +/-6% CCWYes1/2"Knurled SteelRatchetingSteelInch-Pound27.125" SGD 589.00
BJ6066CXCERT+/-3% CW, +/-6% CCWYes3/8"-RatchetingSteelInch-Pound15.5" SGD 523.63
BJ6064CXCERT+/-3% CW, +/-6% CCWYes3/8"-RatchetingSteelInch-Pound11.875" SGD 489.31
BJ6062CXCERT+/-3% CW, +/-6% CCWYes1/4"-RatchetingSteelInch-Pound11.375" SGD 480.86
BJ6012C+/-3% CW, +/-6% CCWNo3/8"Knurled With Screw-on End CapRatchetingSteelFoot-Pound/Newton-Meter17" SGD 388.06
CJ6060A+/-3% CW, +/-6% CCWNo1/4"Knurled GripRatchetingChromeInch-Pound9.5" SGD 367.74
DJ6023+/-3% CW, +/-6% CCW @ 20 to 100% of Full ScaleNo1"-FixedSteelFoot-Pound69" SGD 3981.95
EJ6025+/-3% CW, +/-6% CCW @ 20 to 100% of Full ScaleNo1"-FixedSteelFoot-Pound107.5" SGD 6573.93

Micrometer Torque Wrench

StyleModelAccuracyDrive SizeHandleHead TypeMaterialOverall LengthPrimary Scale IncrementsPrimary Scale RangePrice (inc. GST)
ATWAF-71640+/-4%7/16"Ergonomic Cushion GripOpen End, FullSteel6.5"Preset40 in.-lb. SGD 99.24
BTWSW-40+/-4% CW, +/-6% CCW @ 20 to 100% of Full Scale3/8"PlasticSwivelSteel And Plastic, Properly Torques Cable Shield Bond Connectors And Other Ground Connections7"1 in.-lb.40 in.-lb. SGD 156.15
CTWAF-71620+/-4% CW, +/-6% CCW @ 20 to 100% of Full Scale7/16"Ergonomic Cushion GripOpen End, FullHigh Carbon Steel6.5"Preset0 to 20 in.-lb. SGD 108.11
DTWAS-71620+/-4% CW, +/-6% CCW @ 20 to 100% of Full Scale7/16"Ergonomic Cushion GripOpen End, SpeedHigh Carbon Steel6.5"Preset0 to 20 in.-lb. SGD 112.81
CTWAF-71630+/-4% CW, +/-6% CCW @ 20 to 100% of Full Scale7/16"Ergonomic Cushion GripOpen End, FullHigh Carbon Steel6.5"Preset0 to 30 in.-lb. SGD 105.17
ETWAS-71630+/-4% CW, +/-6% CCW @ 20 to 100% of Full Scale7/16"Ergonomic Cushion GripOpen End, SpeedHigh Carbon Steel6.5"Preset30 in.-lb. SGD 112.81

Micrometer Torque Wrench

StyleModelDrive SizeHandleHead TypeOverall LengthPrimary Scale IncrementsPrimary Scale RangeVisual/Audible IndicatorsPrice (inc. GST)
A10005MFRMH1"MetalRatcheting70"5 in.-lb.200 to 1000 ft.-lb.- SGD 4694.62
B1503MFRPH1/2"Comfort GripRatcheting19"1 ft.-lb.20 to 150 Ft.Lbs.- SGD 538.40
C1503MFRMH1/2"MetalRatcheting19"1 ft.-lb.20 to 150 ft.-lb.Click SGD 562.49
A2503MFRMH1/2"MetalRatcheting24.5"1 ft.-lb.30 to 250 ft.-lb.Click SGD 605.18
B2503MFRPH1/2"Comfort GripRatcheting24.5"1 ft.-lb.30 to 250 ft.-lb.- SGD 586.00
D501MRMH1/4"MetalRatcheting10.125"1 in.-lb.10 to 50 in.-lb.Audible Click SGD 425.47
E1501MRPH1/4"Comfort GripRatcheting10"1 in.-lb.20 to 150 Ft.Lbs.Audible Click SGD 441.34
B6004MFRMH3/4"MetalRatcheting42"5 ft.-lb.100 to 600 ft.-lb.- SGD 1946.80
A6004MFRPH3/4"Comfort GripRatcheting42"5 ft.-lb.100 to 600 ft.-lb.- SGD 1836.27
A752MFRMH3/8"MetalRatcheting16"0.5 ft.-lb.5 to 75 ft.-lb.Click SGD 460.72
B7502MRMH3/8"MetalRatcheting16"5 in.-lb.100 to 750 in.-lb.Audible Click SGD 470.01
F1002MFRPH3/8"Comfort GripRatcheting16"1 ft.-lb.10 to 100 ft.-lb.- SGD 482.61
G802MFRFMHSS3/8"MetalRatcheting, Flex16.5"0.5 ft.-lb.10 to 80 ft.-lb.- SGD 506.13
E1502MRMH3/8"MetalRatcheting10.125"1 in.-lb.20 to 150 in.-lb.Audible Click SGD 562.80
B2502MRMH3/8"MetalRatcheting11.25"1 in.-lb.30 to 250 in.-lb.Click SGD 416.73
B2502MRPH3/8"Comfort GripRatcheting11.25"1 in.-lb.30 in.-lb.Audible Click SGD 446.28

Torque Wrench

StyleModelPrimary Scale RangePrice (inc. GST)
ATRX-7/16-200 to 20 in.-lb. SGD 121.69
ATRX-7/16-250 to 25 in.-lb. SGD 121.69
ATRX-7/16-300 to 30 in.-lb. SGD 121.69
ATRX-7/16-400 to 40 in.-lb. SGD 121.69

Torque Wrench

Vestil torque wrenches are used for tightening nuts and bolts to a specified torque rating without damaging the fasteners. They feature a reversible ratchet head for easy torque adjustment and a knurled handle grip to prevent slips. These torque wrenches are compatible with UNC-approved bung sockets and available in 15.5 and 18.25 inch length options on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelDrive SizeLengthPrice (inc. GST)
ATW-121/2"18.25" SGD 131.14
BTW-383/8"15.5" SGD 128.87
StyleModelOverall LengthPrimary Scale RangeRotationPrice (inc. GST)
A8104017 1/16"150 in.-lb.CW/CCW SGD 527.46
A8104007 5/16"50 in.-lb.CW SGD 476.05

Pre-Set Torque Wrench 22-7/8in

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
810059AH7MBB SGD 662.07

Torque Wrench 7/16 Inch 180 Deg.

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
TWAFST-71630AG4UZM SGD 139.63

Torque Wrench, 1/2 - 3/8 Inch Diameter

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
0137CF3RBM SGD 117.49
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Micrometer Torque Wrench, 1/4 Inch Drive Size, 2.3 To 23 N-m Torque Range, Steel

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
4DA94CH3PWB SGD 420.10
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Micrometer Torque Wrenches

Micrometer torque wrenches are used to control and apply a specific torque to a bolt or a nut by simply twisting the handle of the wrench. Raptor Supplies offers an array of micrometer torque wrenches from brands like C.H.Hanson,Cable Prep, CDI Torque Products, Jonard, Proto, SK Professional Tools and Vestil. These wrenches have a gear mechanism on the head that allows the wrench to rotate freely in any direction without having to remove the wrench head from the fastener and reposition the wrench.Proto micrometer torque wrenches are calibrated to +/- 4% in clockwise direction and +/- 6% in the counter clockwise direction at a full scale ranging between 20 and 100%. This calibration is accomplished by mechanically loading each wrenches in a horizontal position. They are manufactured to meet / exceed precision applications, such as aerospace and military. CDI micrometer torque wrenches are capable of withstanding the rigors of professional use. They are equipped with handles that are lightly knurled and provide a tough, non-slip grip and a positive lock with a spring-loaded pull-down lock ring. The quick-release buttons of these wrenches facilitate good socket retention and easy socket removal. Choose from a wide range of these micrometer torque wrenches available in 3/8 to 1 inch drive sizes, on Raptor Supplies.

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