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Miniature Lamps And Bulbs



Miniature Incandescent Bulb, S8, 12.8V

StyleModelPrimary ApplicationCurrent DrawnBase TypeMax. Overall LengthTrade NumberWattsAverage Bulb LifeInitial LumensPrice (inc. GST)
A21U496Automotive-SF Plastic Wedge2.09"3156LL26.92000 hr.- SGD 47.69
B21U606Automotive-Double Contact Index (BA15d)2"1157NA841.25"- SGD 38.56
C21U542Automotive-Single Contact Bayonet (BA15s)2"199291200 hr.- SGD 23.48
D21U592Automotive-Double Contact Index (BA15d)2"10348200/500 hr.- SGD 24.37
E21U594Automotive-Double Contact Bayonet (BA15d)2"107623200 hr.- SGD 28.30
C21U601Automotive-Single Contact Bayonet (BA15s)2"1156271200 hr.- SGD 28.43
F21U602Automotive-Single Contact Bayonet (BA15s)2"1156LL272400 hr.- SGD 29.85
D21U604Automotive-Double Contact Index (BAY15d)2"1157841.25"- SGD 27.54
D21U640Automotive-Double Contact Index (BAY15d)2"2057841.25"- SGD 28.45
C21U593Automotive-Single Contact Bayonet (BA15s)2"107323200 hr.- SGD 25.63
D21U644Automotive-Double Contact Index (BA15d)2"2357NA8400/5000 hr.- SGD 38.29
G21U647Automotive-DF Plastic Wedge2.09"3057741.25"- SGD 33.89
A21U649Automotive-SF Plastic Wedge2.09"315520.51000 hr.- SGD 39.47
G21U651Automotive-DF Plastic Wedge2.09"3157LL26.92000/10,000 hr.- SGD 43.36
H21U653Automotive-DF Plastic Wedge2.09"3157NALL841.25"- SGD 57.53
G21U655Automotive-DF Plastic Wedge2.09"3357/34578400/5000 hr.- SGD 41.57
D21U492Automotive-Double Contact Index (BA15d)2"2057LL82400/10,000 hr.- SGD 32.65
D21U541Automotive-Double Contact Index (BA15d)2"198841.25"- SGD 25.63
D21U493Automotive-Double Contact Index (BA15d)2"2057NALL72000/10,000 hr.- SGD 35.51
G21U656Automotive-DF Plastic Wedge2.09"3357NA 3457NA8400/5000 hr.- SGD 52.34
I21U603Automotive-Single Contact Bayonet (BA15s)2"1156NA271200 hr.- SGD 27.60
A21U650Automotive-SF Plastic Wedge2.09"3156271200 hr.- SGD 38.84
J21U648Automotive-DF Plastic Wedge2.09"3057NA741.25"- SGD 42.79
D21U645Automotive-Double Contact Index (BA15d)2"23578400/5000 hr.- SGD 30.70
D21U641Automotive-Double Contact Index (BAY15d)2"2057NA741.25"- SGD 37.45
StyleModelLight ColorPrice (inc. GST)
A080BA9S120LVGreen SGD 109.08
A080BA9S120LRRed SGD 109.08
A080BA9S120LBWhite SGD 109.60

Miniature LED Bulb, T2 1/2, 24V

StyleModelLight ColorPrice (inc. GST)
A080BA9S24LVGreen SGD 109.08
A080BA9S24LRRed SGD 104.39
B080BA9S24LBWhite SGD 109.60

S8 Miniature Lamp

StyleModelLight ColorWattsAverage LifeLumensMax. Overall LengthPrimary ApplicationTrade NumberVoltagePrice (inc. GST)
A12A785-21150 hr.-2.1"Indicator7511-10PK24 SGD 76.69
B21U529-13700 hrs.-2"Automotive9312.8 SGD 25.63
C21U530-13700 hr.-2"Automotive9412.8 SGD 25.63
D21U657-84000/10000 hr.-2.09"Automotive4157LL12.8 SGD 55.87
B2FMF8-13700 hr.1892"General Purpose9312.8 SGD 44.58
E12A783-12/5150/1500 hr.-2"Indicator7528-10PK12/12 SGD 55.45
F21U497-28.2800/10,000 hr.-2.09"Automotive3457LL12.8 SGD 49.24
F2FNA2Amber27/8400/5000 hr.3772.09"General Purpose3357NA 3457NA12.8 SGD 134.31
D2EKW7Clear29/83600/10,000 hr.142.09"General Purpose4157LL12.8 SGD 146.96
G2FMD6Clear13.3700 hr.1892"General Purpose9412.8 SGD 42.81
StyleModelAverage Bulb LifeAverage LifeCurrent DrawnLamp Dia.Trade NumberVoltageWattsPrice (inc. GST)
A2FLW75 hr.5 hr.250mA0.4"1121.20.31 SGD 39.42
A2FMK85 hr.5 hr.250mA1"2222.20.6 SGD 39.42
A2FMT410 hr.10 hr.270mA-2432.30.6 SGD 65.99

Miniature Replacement Lamps

StyleModelAmpsColorVoltagePrice (inc. GST)
A80507-0771.2 mA#B2A120V SGD 26.80
A80507-0749.5 mARed Led Bi-Polar Bulb120V SGD 129.15
B80507-07525 mATSL 130V120V SGD 26.80
A80507-03430 mARed Led Bi-Polar Bulb24V SGD 129.15
C80507-03740 mA#181928V SGD 26.80
A80507-09650 mA#60Mb60V SGD 26.80
D80507-045150 mA#2676.3V SGD 26.80
A80507-050150 mA#7556.3V SGD 26.80
E80507-040200 mA#181514V SGD 26.80

Miniature Incandescent Bulb, T3 1/4, 14V

StyleModelAverage Bulb LifeBulb HousingItemLight ColorShatter-ResistantVoltageWattsPrice (inc. GST)
ADL1CE0485000 hr.PolycarbonateMiniature Incandescent Bulb-Yes482.4 SGD 57.47
BDL1CJUS12047500 hr.PolycarbonateMiniature LED BulbRedYes120- SGD 95.49
ADL1CF1107500 hr.GlassMiniature Neon BulbClearNo1102.6 SGD 65.29

Miniature Incandescent Bulb, S11, 28V

StyleModelBase TypeLamp Dia.Trade NumberWattsPrice (inc. GST)
A2FMT7Double Contact Bayonet (BA15d)0.75"31236.1 SGD 258.42
B21U554Single Contact Bayonet (BA15s)-31136 SGD 29.14
B2FLZ1Single Contact Bayonet (BA15s)1.33"31136 SGD 115.43
StyleModelAverage Bulb LifeAverage LifeInitial LumensLumensPrimary ApplicationTrade NumberWattsPrice (inc. GST)
A25S11/4SC1000 hr.1000 hr.3608-1/16"Train25S11/4SC25 SGD 62.54
A18S11/1SC2000 hr.2000 hr.200200Train, Railway Signal Light18S11/1SC18 SGD 62.24
StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A2FMC2 SGD 26.12
A21U526 SGD 27.88
StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A21U632 SGD 31.47
A2FMN9 SGD 64.74
StyleModelPrimary ApplicationPrice (inc. GST)
A21U609Emergency Building Light SGD 35.76
A2FLT2Emergency Building Lighting SGD 169.65

Miniature Incandescent Bulb, T1 3/4, 6.3V

StyleModelBase TypeCurrent DrawnMax. Overall LengthTrade NumberWattsPrice (inc. GST)
A3EHK2Midget Grooved (S4S/8)200mA0.63"3791.3 SGD 61.28
B21U562Single Contact Midget Flanged-0.63"3811 SGD 24.35
B2FME8Single Contact Midget Flanged20mA0.63"3811.3 SGD 57.20
C2FMK3T1 3/420mA0.8"861 SGD 45.73

Miniature Incandescent Bulb, G3 1/2, 24V

StyleModelBase TypeInitial LumensLamp Dia.Primary ApplicationTrade NumberWattsPrice (inc. GST)
A21U614Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)--Indicator14501.0 SGD 28.03
A2FMH4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)30.44"Indicator14501 SGD 64.60
B2FMW1Miniature Screw (E10)40.43"Radio14481 SGD 40.66
StyleModelWattsPrice (inc. GST)
A2EKY80.7 SGD 39.11
A21U5010.8 SGD 24.37

Miniature Incandescent Bulb, T6 1/2, 12V

StyleModelAverage LifeBase TypeInitial LumensPrimary ApplicationTrade NumberWattsPrice (inc. GST)
A2FMX6300 hr.Wedge466General Purpose744021 SGD 103.99
A21U660500/1000 hr.Glass Wedge W3-Automotive744321 SGD 46.30
B2FNA6500/1000 hr.Wedge35General Purpose7443NA25 SGD 172.30
StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A21U507 SGD 28.74
A2EKU3 SGD 83.65

Miniature Incandescent Bulb, S8, 12.5V

StyleModelLight ColorPrimary ApplicationTrade NumberWattsPrice (inc. GST)
A21U611AmberLow Voltage, Parking, Turn Signal, Front1295NA38 SGD 30.26
B2FMV8ClearGeneral Purpose129537.5 SGD 77.43

Miniature Incandescent Bulb, G6, 28V

StyleModelWattsInitial LumensBase TypeCurrent DrawnPrimary ApplicationAverage Bulb LifeLamp Dia.LumensPrice (inc. GST)
A2FMF10.338Double Contact Bayonet (BA15d)230mAInstrument2000 hr.0.75"38 SGD 71.07
B2FLZ26.438Single Contact Bayonet (BA15s)230mAInstrument2000 hr.0.75"38 SGD 64.74
B21U6106.4-Single Contact Bayonet (BA15s)-Instrument2000 hr.-- SGD 28.30
B21U5488.4-Single Contact Bayonet (BA15s)-Aircraft500 hr.-- SGD 26.78
C21U5498.4-Double Contact Bayonet (BA15d)-Aircraft500 hr.-- SGD 30.53
B2FLW68.475Single Contact Bayonet (BA15s)30mAAircraft500 hr.0.75"75 SGD 64.74
C2FMC58.475Double Contact Bayonet (BA15d)30mAAircraft500 hr.0.6"75 SGD 65.63
B21U57410.4-Single Contact Bayonet (BA15s)-Instrument1000 hr.-- SGD 25.27
B2FLV310.475Single Contact Bayonet (BA15s)370mAInstrument1000 hr.0.75"75 SGD 68.64
C2FMA210.3675Double Contact Bayonet (BA15d)370mAGeneral Purpose1000 hr.0.75"75 SGD 71.07
StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A21U510 SGD 27.75
A2EKU6 SGD 91.33
StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A21U513 SGD 31.68
A2EKX8 SGD 55.76

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