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APPROVED VENDOR Miscellaneous Hooks



Coat and Garment Rack

StyleModelOverall LengthTypeWidthColorDepthFinishMaterialMountingPrice (inc. GST)
A1HEY84"2 Hook Ends4"Black2"BlackSteelWall-Mounted SGD 34.14
B1XNH710"3 Hook Ends3"Gold-Hooks: Polished Brass, Wood: OakZinc Hooks,Wood BoardBoard-Mounted SGD 56.25
C1XNH810"3 Hook Ends3"Silver-Hooks: Polished Chrome, Wood: MapleZinc Hooks,Wood BoardBoard-Mounted SGD 54.34
D1XNH910"3 Hook Ends3"White-Hooks: Satin Nickel, Wood: WhiteZinc Hooks,Wood BoardBoard-Mounted SGD 54.34
E1HEZ310.375"6 Hook Ends10.375"Black1.5"BlackSteelWall-Mounted SGD 36.46
F1XNJ216.375"4 Hook Ends3"--Hooks: Polished Chrome, Wood: MapleZincBoard-Mounted SGD 63.21
G1HEZ730.5"10 Hook Ends30.5"Black1.75"BlackSteelWall-Mounted SGD 39.86

Round Base Eyebolt Magnet

StyleModelMaterialWorking Load LimitPrice (inc. GST)
A3DYA2Ceramic25 lb. SGD 49.85
B3DYA3Neodymium90 Lbs. SGD 76.80

Magnetic Hook

StyleModelBase Dia.ColorDepthFinishMaterialWorking Load LimitPrice (inc. GST)
A3DXY61"White1/4"PaintedCeramic9 lb. SGD 31.35
B3DXY71"White1/4"PaintedCeramic9 lb. SGD 31.16
C3DXZ41.18"White1/2"PaintedNeodymium61 lb. SGD 82.01
D3DXY81.25"White1/4"PaintedCeramic14 lb. SGD 33.51
E3DXY91.25"White1/4"PaintedCeramic14 lb. SGD 35.87
F3DXZ51.835"White1/4"PaintedCeramic26 Lbs. SGD 26.45
G3DXZ62.62'"White1/2"PaintedCeramic55 Lbs. SGD 46.95
H3DXZ22.63"Chrome Plated1/2"Chrome PlatedCeramic35 lb. SGD 50.76

Wire Hook

StyleModelDepthOverall LengthThread LengthThread SizeWorking Load LimitPrice (inc. GST)
A4CRX81-1/16"1 1/16"1/2"1/2"6 lb. SGD 60.60
A4CRX91-7/32"1 7/32"3/5"3/5"15 lb. SGD 65.36
B4CRX11.156"1.156"3/5"3/5"15 lb. SGD 104.30
C4CRX51.156"1.156"3/5"3/5"11 Lbs. SGD 77.32
B4CRX21.5931.5934/5"4/5"26 Lbs. SGD 69.25
C4CRX61.5931.5934/5"4/5"26 Lbs. SGD 71.50
B4CRW913/16"13/16"2/5"2/5"6 lb. SGD 56.21
C4CRX321/32"21/32"2/5"2/5"11 Lbs. SGD 56.35
C4CRX429/32"29/32"2/5"2/5"11 Lbs. SGD 59.40
A4CRX755/64"55/64"2/5"2/5"6 lb. SGD 53.20


StyleModelBase Dia.DepthFinishWidthWorking Load LimitPrice (inc. GST)
A4CRU3-1.031"Mirror-44 lb. SGD 84.47
A4CRU4-1-17/64"Mirror-44 lb. SGD 103.76
B4CRU5-63/64"Mirror-44 lb. SGD 82.41
B4CRU6-1-17/64"Mirror-44 lb. SGD 95.72
C4CRU7-1"Mirror2 9/16"44 lb. SGD 229.00
D4CRV3-1-3/10"Satin-17-1/2 lb. SGD 93.26
E4CRW7-1.187"Mirror-35 lb. SGD 80.29
E4CRW8-7/8"Mirror-35 lb. SGD 99.49
C4CRU8-1.25"Mirror3.156"44 lb. SGD 235.54
F4CRU91.1"1-27/32"Mirror-22 lb. SGD 99.49
F4CRV11.37"2-9/16"Mirror-26 Lbs. SGD 114.29

Swing Hook

StyleModelDepthWidthWorking Load LimitPrice (inc. GST)
A4CRY31-7/32"25/64"14 lb. SGD 70.19
B4CRY51-7/32"-19 lb. SGD 85.61
A4CRY263/64"23/64"12 lb. SGD 65.69
B4CRY463/64"-14 lb. SGD 78.25

Screw In Hook, Vinyl Coated Steel

StyleModelThread LengthTypeWidthColorHook TypeOpening SizeOverall LengthProjectionPrice (inc. GST)
A4ERY11.75"Load Rated,Black Vinyl Coated2.75"BlackLoad Rated7.625"8.75"2.75 SGD 33.51
B4ERY21.75"Load Rated,Black Vinyl Coated1.75"BlackLoad Rated5.5"7.25"6.375 SGD 39.13
C4ERX81.375"Load Rated,Black Vinyl Coated-BlackLoad Rated2"3.625"- SGD 28.24
D4ERW91.375"Red Vinyl Coated1.75"RedUtility1.25"3.25"3.25 SGD 58.58
E4ERW87/8"Red Vinyl Coated1.5"RedUtility3/4"2.5"2.5 SGD 52.76

Foam Padded Steel Hook

StyleModelOpening SizeOverall LengthProjectionWidthWorking Load LimitPrice (inc. GST)
A4ERW46.5"9.75"8.757/8"75 lb. SGD 44.35
B4ERW511"10"127/8"50 lb. SGD 30.04
C4ERW612"14"271"50 lb. SGD 66.18
D4ERW313.5"9.875"15.51.125"50 lb. SGD 33.51

Large Utility Hook

StyleModelDepthWorking Load LimitPrice (inc. GST)
A4CRV61-25/32"22 lb. SGD 137.49
B4CRV71-31/32"26 Lbs. SGD 141.57
A4CRV82-3/5"22 lb. SGD 213.48
B4CRV93.156"44 lb. SGD 227.15
A4CRV44-21/32"26 Lbs. SGD 372.81
B4CRV54-23/32"48 lb. SGD 390.68

Coat and Garment Hook

StyleModelMaterialWorking Load LimitDepthMountingOverall LengthProjectionTypeWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A4CRW6304 Stainless Steel20 lb.1-4/5"Over Door--Over The Door- SGD 57.81
B4JH09Aluminum-----2 Hook Ends1.125" SGD 25.52
C1HFL7Aluminum-1.25"-1 5/64"-2 Hook Ends3" SGD 28.42
D4JG66Aluminum---2.875"-2 Hook Ends1.125" SGD 26.07
E1HGL1Aluminum-1.25"----1 5/16" SGD 30.80
F1HGL7Aluminum-1.625"-1.5"--1.25" SGD 28.95
B1HHL1Aluminum---2.875"-2 Hook Ends1.125" SGD 25.88
G1HHL5Aluminum------1 5/16" SGD 34.42
H1HGL4Aluminum-1.625"-1.5"--1.25" SGD 25.88
I4JG64Aluminum------1.125" SGD 28.80
J1RCF2Diecast Zinc5 Lbs.2.25"Over Door6"-Over The Door1/2" SGD 43.31
K1RCF8Plastic3 Lbs.1.25"Over Door3 13/16"1Over The Door7/8" SGD 25.33
L4JH10Solid Brass------1.125" SGD 34.42
B4JH11Solid Brass-----2 Hook Ends1.125" SGD 41.32
M4JH12Solid Brass------1.125" SGD 35.87
B4JH13Solid Brass-----2 Hook Ends1.125" SGD 52.86
N1HFL1Steel12 lb.2.25"Over Door20"-12 Hook Ends, Over The Door20" SGD 34.89
O1RCH6Steel5 Lbs.2"Over 1-1/2" Thick Door5"2-3/32Over The Door2.5" SGD 32.44
P1XNE1Zinc-3/4"-2"-2 Hook Ends3/4" SGD 27.10
Q1XNF9Zinc-1"-4.875"-2 Hook Ends1" SGD 35.70
B1HHL3Zinc------1.125" SGD 33.72
R1XNG3Zinc-1"-4.875"-2 Hook Ends1" SGD 36.77

Hook and Eye Closures

StyleModelOverall LengthPrice (inc. GST)
A1WBE12" SGD 39.30
B1RCV83" SGD 36.58

Under Shelf Hook

StyleModelDepthFinishMaterialWorking Load LimitPrice (inc. GST)
A1RCH23-2/5"NickelSteel35 lb. SGD 46.57
B1RCG53-2/5"BrassSteel35 lb. SGD 49.14
C4CRV27/8"Satin304 Stainless Steel22 lb. SGD 63.53

Suspended Ceiling Hook

StyleModelColorFinishMaterialWorking Load LimitPrice (inc. GST)
A1RCJ5ClearClearPlastic15 lb. SGD 31.50
B1RCJ9GoldBrassSteel10 Lbs. SGD 34.61
C1RCK4WhiteWhiteSteel10 Lbs. SGD 35.32

Shoulder Hook

StyleModelOverall LengthProjectionWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A1WBK81 13/16"1.51/2" SGD 25.71
B1WBK71 27/64"11/2" SGD 25.46
B1WBK61.187"3/41/3" SGD 24.24
A1WBK92.156"1.52/3" SGD 27.16
B1WBK553/64"1/21/3" SGD 24.07

Ceiling Hook

StyleModelMaterialOverall LengthOpening SizeThread LengthDepthProjectionFinishWorking Load LimitPrice (inc. GST)
A4CRW1303 Stainless Steel---3-17/64"-Mirror22 lb. SGD 301.51
A4CRW2303 Stainless Steel---4-21/64"-Mirror33 lb. SGD 417.75
B1WBN6Steel2.5"3/4"5/8"-5/8"Zinc- SGD 30.23
B1WBN7Steel2"1"5/8"-5/8"Zinc- SGD 26.78
B1WBN8Steel1.5"1"25/64"--Zinc- SGD 25.71
B1WBN9Steel1.25"1"25/64"-3/8"Zinc- SGD 24.26
B1WBN5Steel3.25"19/32"1 15/64"-1-15/64"Zinc- SGD 44.24
B1WBN4Steel3.75"1/2"1 15/64"-1.375"Zinc- SGD 39.86

Cup Hook

StyleModelOpening SizeOverall LengthProjectionWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A1WBH91/3"1 13/64"3/42/3" SGD 24.24
B1WBH61/4"1 3/64"1/21/2" SGD 24.24
C1WBH31/4"13/16"1/21/3" SGD 24.07
D1WBJ61/4"1 25/64"13/4" SGD 25.56
E1WBK33/4"2.156"1.51" SGD 29.33
F1WBJ33/8"1 5/16"12/3" SGD 24.81
G1WBJ93/8"1.875"1.51" SGD 27.16

Double Hook

StyleModelDepthPrice (inc. GST)
A4CRW51" SGD 58.50
B4CRW34/5" SGD 51.45

Hex Nut Bolt Hook

StyleModelDoor ThicknessOpening SizeOverall LengthThread LengthThread SizeWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A4HDV31"15/16"1"5/8"#8-325/8" SGD 46.15
A4HDV61.5"3/8"1.625"1"1/4-201" SGD 60.03
A4HDV41.25"9/32"1.187"13/16"#10-243/4" SGD 47.56
A4HDV51.25"11/32"1 5/16"15/16"#12-2413/16" SGD 55.24
A4HDV71.75"1/2"1.25"1.875"5/16-181.125" SGD 71.16
A4HDV82.25"5/8"1.5"2.25"3/8-161 13/32" SGD 90.99
A4HDV93.75"5/8"1.375"3.75"3/8-161.5" SGD 107.25

Steel Hook

StyleModelWorking Load LimitMaterialFinishHardwareProjectionColorOpening SizeOverall LengthPrice (inc. GST)
A4HDW5-SteelZinc-PlatedIncluded---- SGD 33.41
A4HDW4-SteelZinc-PlatedIncluded---- SGD 32.08
A4HDW6-SteelZinc-PlatedIncluded---- SGD 35.87
B4ERW210 Lbs.Vinyl Coated SteelZinc-5.875Red-1/2" SGD 28.80
C4ERV940 Lbs.Vinyl Coated SteelZinc-6.25Red5"9" SGD 40.05
D4HDW250 lb.SteelWhite Powder CoatedNot Included-White-- SGD 50.34
D4HDW350 lb.SteelWhite Powder CoatedNot Included-White-- SGD 56.86
D4HDW150 lb.SteelWhite Powder CoatedNot Included-White-- SGD 47.42
C4ERV880 lb.Vinyl Coated SteelZinc-3.75Red3"5.5" SGD 33.51
E4ERW180 lb.Vinyl Coated SteelZinc-4.125Red3"6.875" SGD 34.78
C4ERV7100 Lbs.Vinyl Coated SteelZinc-2-13/50"Red1-22/25"5.5" SGD 31.35
F4HDW7150 lb.SteelZinc-PlatedIncluded---- SGD 41.23

Storage Hook

StyleModelDepthWidthWorking Load LimitPrice (inc. GST)
A4PB764.875"1/2"50 lb. SGD 14.36
B4PB789.5"2"20 lb. SGD 12.72

Coat Hook

StyleModelColorDepthFinishMaterialOverall LengthTypeWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A1XNG9--PewterZinc1.5"Single Hook End11/16" SGD 35.11
B1XNE9-1"Nickel-PlatedZinc2.875"2 Hook Ends1 1/16" SGD 30.93
C1XNF8-1.25"Oil-Rubbed BronzeZinc1 9/16"2 Hook Ends2.375" SGD 33.07
D1XNE2-3/4"Nickel-PlatedZinc2"2 Hook Ends3/4" SGD 29.79
B1XNE8Gold1"Satin NickelZinc2.875"2 Hook Ends1 1/16" SGD 14.44
E1XNE4Silver3/4"Satin ChromeZinc2"2 Hook Ends3/4" SGD 37.57
F1XNF5Silver1.25"Nickel-PlatedZinc1 9/16"2 Hook Ends2.375" SGD 27.27
G1XNF6White1.25"WhiteZinc Plated1 9/16"2 Hook Ends2.375" SGD 33.51
H1XNE3White3/4"WhiteZinc2 1/5"2 Hook Ends7/10" SGD 27.10

Miscellaneous Hooks

Whether is a magnetic hook, a screw-mount hook or a self-adhesive one, hooks are essential for your halls, living rooms and bathrooms. Hooks help organize the place and can be used for hanging coats, garments, hats etc. Where floor space is an issue, hooks can do wonder in reducing the clutter. Raptor Supplies has all sorts of hooks from household hooks to industrial ones.

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