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Oily Waste Cans


Oily waste cans store solvent soaked clothes, rags & wipes to dispose them of safely. These clothes soaked with thinners, solvents, linseed oil, combustible adhesives or other flammable liquids can... Read More


Oily Waste Can

StyleModelCapacityColorHeightLengthOutside Dia.WidthPrice (inc. GST)
B933-FL6 gal.Red16"16.5"13.5"13.5" SGD 135.87
C933-FLBLK6 gal.Black16"15.5"-12.5" SGD 145.53
D933-FLY6 gal.Yellow16"16.5"13.5"13.5" SGD 149.73
E935-FLY10 gal.Yellow18"22"18"18" SGD 177.78
F935-FL10 gal.Red18"22"18"18" SGD 177.78
C935-FLBLK10 gal.Black18"22"-18" SGD 172.76
G937-FLY14 gal.Yellow21"22"18"18" SGD 191.81
H937-FL14 gal.Red21"22"18"18" SGD 174.07
C937-FLBLK14 gal.Black21"22"-18" SGD 186.41

Countertop Oily Waste Can

StyleModelCapacityColorHeightOutside Dia.Price (inc. GST)
A094101.8925lRed16.51cm16.51cm SGD 226.68
B09200Y2 gal.Yellow9.125"9.625" SGD 167.85

Oily Waste Can

StyleModelCapacityColorHeightOutside Dia.Price (inc. GST)
A09204---- SGD 201.88
A09208---- SGD 238.36
B091116 gal.Yellow15.875"11.875" SGD 188.02
C0931110 gal.Yellow18.25"13-15/16" SGD 227.12
C0951114 gal.Yellow20.25"16-1/6" SGD 227.59
D0950814 gal.Red20.25"16-1/16" SGD 260.71
E0951014 gal.Red20.25"16-1/16" SGD 204.16
F0971121 gal.Yellow23.437"18.375" SGD 333.93
G0970821 gal.Red23.437"18.375" SGD 381.09
H0910122.71lYellow40.32cm30.16cm SGD 199.57

Oily Waste Cans, Foot Operated, Red

StyleModelCapacityHeightOutside Dia.Price (inc. GST)
A0910022.71l40.32cm30.16cm SGD 174.36
B0930037.85l46.36cm35.40cm SGD 199.46
C0950052.99l51.44cm40.80cm SGD 225.17
D0970079.485l59.53cm46.67cm SGD 333.58

SoundGard Oily Waste Cans, Foot Operated, Silver

StyleModelCapacityHeightOutside Dia.Price (inc. GST)
A0910422.71l40.32cm30.16cm SGD 240.66
B0930437.85l46.36cm35.40cm SGD 275.97
C0950452.99l51.44cm40.80cm SGD 318.87
D0970479.485l59.53cm46.67cm SGD 450.54

Oily Waste Cans, Hand Operated, Red

StyleModelCapacityHeightItemOutside Dia.Price (inc. GST)
A092007.57l23.18cmCountertop Oily Waste Can24.45cm SGD 154.84
B0911022.71l40.32cmOily Waste Can30.16cm SGD 158.72
C0931037.85l46.36cmOily Waste Can35.40cm SGD 187.76
C0971079.485l59.53cmOily Waste Can46.67cm SGD 333.78

Oily Waste Cans, Foot Operated, Yellow

StyleModelCapacityHeightOutside Dia.Price (inc. GST)
A0930137.85l46.36cm35.40cm SGD 235.03
B0950152.99l51.44cm40.80cm SGD 253.74
C0970179.485l59.53cm46.67cm SGD 370.87
StyleModelCapacityHeightOutside Dia.Price (inc. GST)
A0910822.71l40.32cm30.16cm SGD 198.09
A0930837.85l46.36cm35.40cm SGD 228.23

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the storage capacity of these oily waste cans?

Raptor Supplies offers oily waste cans having capacities ranging from 0.45 to 21 gallons.

What is the construction material of these oily waste cans?

Justrite oily waste cans are made of steel with powder-coated finish and Eagle oily waste cans are made of high-density polyethylene for chemical resistance.

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