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APPROVED VENDOR Pipe Hangers And Clamps



Rod Hanger Plate

StyleModelMaterialPrice (inc. GST)
A22FP85Copper Plated Malleable Iron SGD 23.27
B22FP84Malleable Iron SGD 22.70

Split Ring Hanger

StyleModelLengthMaterialPipe SizeWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A22FP621.9"Copper Plated Malleable Iron1/2"1.2" SGD 22.45
B22FP572"Electro Galvanized Malleable Iron1/2"1.4" SGD 24.68
C22FP632.2"Copper Plated Malleable Iron3/4"1.4" SGD 22.85
D22FP582.3"Electro Galvanized Malleable Iron3/4"1.6" SGD 24.98
D22FP592.6"Electro Galvanized Malleable Iron1"1.9" SGD 25.50
D22FP603"Electro Galvanized Malleable Iron1-1/2"2.5" SGD 27.37
D22FP613.7"Electro Galvanized Malleable Iron2"3" SGD 31.66

Cushioned Clamp

StyleModelLengthMax. LoadPipe SizeTube SizePrice (inc. GST)
A22FP761 13/64"1000 Lb.3/4"7/8" SGD 27.65
B22FP772 53/64"2200 Lb.-2" SGD 36.23
C22FP7515/16"1000 Lb.1/2"5/8" SGD 30.28

Strut Clamp

StyleModelPipe SizeTube SizePrice (inc. GST)
A22FP681-1/8"1-1/8" SGD 23.84
B22FP651/2"5/8" SGD 23.02
C22FP702-1/8"2-1/8" SGD 27.56
D22FP673/4"7/8" SGD 12.23

Repair Clamp

StyleModelBolt SizeLengthPad SizePipe SizeTypePrice (inc. GST)
A24T9463/8 x 3"3"2-1/4"3/4"Single Bolt SGD 39.66
B24T9563/8 x 3"6"2-3/4"1"Two Bolt SGD 45.46
A24T9483/8 x 3"3"3-5/8"1-1/4"Single Bolt SGD 40.56
B24T9573/8 x 3"6"3-5/8"1-1/4"Two Bolt SGD 46.43
B24T9583/8 x 3"6"4-1/2"1-1/2"Two Bolt SGD 50.28
A24T9443/8 x 3"3"1-1/8"3/8"Single Bolt SGD 39.30
A24T9453/8 x 3"3"1-1/2"1/2"Single Bolt SGD 39.49
A24T9493/8 x 3"3"4-1/2"1-1/2"Single Bolt SGD 41.42
A24T9473/8 x 3"3"2-3/4"1"Single Bolt SGD 40.14
B24T9543/8 x 3"6"1-1/2"1/2"Two Bolt SGD 52.40
B24T9553/8 x 3"6"2-1/4"3/4"Two Bolt SGD 54.31
B24T9613/8 x 4"6"8-1/2"3"Two Bolt SGD 72.61
B24T9603/8 x 4"6"7-1/4"2-1/2"Two Bolt SGD 69.04
B24T9593/8 x 4"6"5-1/2"2"Two Bolt SGD 71.71
A24T9513/8 x 4"3"7-1/4"2-1/2"Single Bolt SGD 54.10
A24T9533/8 x 4"3"11-3/4"4"Single Bolt SGD 61.99
A24T9523/8 x 4"3"8-1/2"3"Single Bolt SGD 57.41
A24T9503/8 x 4"3"5-1/2"2"Single Bolt SGD 49.81
B24T9623/8 x 4"6"11-3/4"4"Two Bolt SGD 82.83

Strut Pipe Clamp

StyleModelMax. LoadPipe SizePrice (inc. GST)
A22FP72800 Lb.2" SGD 13.95
B22FP731000 Lb.4" SGD 25.40

Channel Nut With Spring Galvanised Steel

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
22FP78AB6UZL SGD 23.84

Wide Mouth Beam Clamp 4 Inch Malleable Iron

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
22FP80AB6UZN SGD 3.79

Purlin Clamp 4 Inch Malleable Iron

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
22FP83AB6UZR SGD 30.15

Pipe Hangers And Clamps

Clamps & pipe hangers are best suited for securing hoses or pipes and suspending heavy equipment or non-insulated pipe lines below the ceilings. Raptor Supplies offers a wide array of Grainger, Nibco, Maxpure, Bessey, Rubberfab, Harrington, Zurn, Caldwell and Matco-Norca hangers & clamps featuring rugged, lightweight & compact design for ease-of-installation and secure mounting. Beam clamps from Harrington are ideal for vertical rigging, beam positioning & overhead lifting operations and feature a lock nut for eliminating loosening caused by vibrations & impact loads. These units come with an adjustable jaw opening to provide quick adjustment to flat-flanged and tapered beams and a built-in suspension pin for providing low headroom. Additionally, selected pipe hangers from Caddy feature steel construction with electro galvanised finish for providing high strength against abrasive fluids & corrosive conditions. They have flared edges for preventing damage to pipes caused by sharp surfaces and a pivot design for allowing the pipes to be fed / secured from any desired direction.

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