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APPROVED VENDOR Plate And Beam Lifting Clamps


To load finished products into containers or load vehicles onto trailers, plate and beam lifting clamps are required in the construction & production industries. Beam clamps are suitable for industries that require lifting & suspending heavy items. Plate lifting clamps are ideal for transferrin...g, moving or lifting plates & metal sheets, and can be used for both vertical & horizontal lifting in the mining, transportation, construction and steel industries.Read more


Beam Clamp

StyleModelLengthMaterialMax. LoadPipe SizeRod SizeTypeWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A22FP82-Electro Galvanized Steel1200 Lb.-1/4"Channel to Beam- SGD 23.10
B22FP792"Electro Galvanized Malleable Iron810 Lb.8"1/2"MSS SP-58(Type 19)1.7" SGD 24.79
C22FP812.2"Electro Galvanized Malleable Iron400 Lb.4"3/8"MSS SP-58(Type 23)2" SGD 24.30

Plate And Beam Lifting Clamps

Plate and beam lifting clamps are used for moving, transferring, lifting and suspending heavy items. These lifting gears can be used for both vertical & horizontal lifting, without leaving marks on the attached material. Raptor Supplies offers a wide variety of beam and plate clamps, non-marring plate clamps, web and beam flange clamps, locking turning clamps and sheet lifters, from Vestil, Caldwell, Renfroe, Tractel and Dayton. These electro-galvanised, malleable iron / steel plate & beam clamps are available in load capacities ranging from 6000 to 20000 lb.
Vestil beam clamps minimise I-beam flange stress by distributing loads away from the flange edges during lifting. These solid steel plate lifting clamps are designed for exceptional strength and come with a bar located at the bottom to easily connect to a hoist. They can be interchanged from one gantry to another via their mechanical adjustment mechanism.
Renfroe plate clamps are vertical lifting clamps ideal for relatively light duty operations. They come with a Lock Closed feature which allows attaching the clamp to the plate, and a safety mechanism which ensures that the clamp does not slip when lifting force is applied. They are 300% overload factory tested for added protection and feature a compact design ideal for tight spaces.


These sheet metal lifting clamps and beam clamps offer a wide combination of features, making them useful for heavy duty applications in the mining, transportation, construction and steel industries.


Caldwell Sheet Metal Lifting Clamps:

  • Caldwell sheet metal lifters have top lifting shackles and two load shackles having a maximum lifting capacity of 20000 lb.
  • Beam web clamps from Caldwell are designed for side load applications and have jaw capacities ranging from 6 to 15-3/4 inches.
  • The portable and lightweight beam flange clamps come with lock nuts to prevent inadvertent loosening of the units, and have built in suspension pins to ensure low headroom for easy handling of loads.

Vestil Plate Lifting Clamps:

  • Vestil beam clamps have a mechanical adjustment system for quickly swapping the clamp from one gantry to another, and an integrated, bottom mounted bar for hoist attachment. These steel beam clamps feature painted finish for protection against fluids & abrasive environments.
  • The vertical plate clamps are integrated with jaws to lift sheet metal or steel plates and provide a strong grip.
  • They feature a drop-forged steel case for optimum strength, and automatic serrated hardened steel cams & pads for locking the plate in place.
  • The brand's CPC Series plate clamps feature a lifting shackle, teeth within the jaws, a chain, a spring and pins / links to grab the plate with utmost strength, thereby eliminating the need to drill or hitch.
  • Non-marring marble lifting clamps have polyurethane coated jaws to prevent scratching and automatic clamping mechanism for minimising operation time. These plate clamps feature an oval suspension ring for securely hanging onto machinery.

Renfroe Beam and Plate Clamps:

  • These clamps are equipped with a safety mechanism for ensuring that the clamp does not slip when load is being lowered and lifting force is applied.

Dayton Plate and Beam Clamps:

  • Dayton plate clamps have a safety mechanism which ensures no clamp slipping, even under drastic loading / unloading conditions. They can be used in both horizontal and vertical configurations.
  • They are capable of lifting loads ranging from 660 to 3300 lb, but can lift only one object at a time.
  • These forged horizontal or vertical lifting clamps have heavy-duty jaws made of hardened steel to ensure resistance against abrasion.

Working Mechanism

These lifting clamps for plates or beams feature handgrips and lifting gears that enable them to manage, lift & turn heavy loads horizontally or vertically, in multiple directions, with ease and safety. They have jaw capacities up to 13.75 inches for a perfect grip.

Standards and Approvals

  • Caldwell lifting solutions are designed in compliance with ASME certifications and BTH standards for ensuring safety.
  • Renfroe clamps are 300% overload factory tested.
  • Vestil's lifting product catalogue features ASME certifications to guarantee safe and efficient use.

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How many plates can be lifted via a plate grab?

A plate lifting clamp should only be used to carry or lift a single plate at a time. However, the only exception to this plate lifting rule is that you need to distribute the weight, by lifting a stack of plates horizontally, using two or four clamps.

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