Pneumatic Grippers


Pneumatic grippers are devices that use compressed air to grasp, hold and release objects. They are widely employed in automotive, electronics and packaging applications. These grippers increase... Read More



StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A010011 SGD 180.18
A260083 SGD 87.93
A006758 SGD 309.06
A042777 SGD 272.64
A023763 SGD 268.78

Tapped Self Aligning Grippers

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
AK0285.530X030 SGD 367.33
BK0285.324X028 SGD 348.60
CK0285.619X026 SGD 291.99
DK0285.924X028 SGD 349.45
DK0285.930X030 SGD 390.74
DK0285.936X036 SGD 487.36
DK0285.917X022 SGD 291.57
DK0285.919X024 SGD 315.40
BK0285.336X036 SGD 467.78
CK0285.630X032 SGD 363.08
BK0285.330X030 SGD 387.34
BK0285.317X022 SGD 290.29
BK0285.319X024 SGD 314.55
AK0285.524X028 SGD 323.49
EK0285.736X036 SGD 387.34
FK0285.117X022 SGD 253.26
CK0285.617X024 SGD 265.60
CK0285.636X038 SGD 433.31
AK0285.517X022 SGD 266.45
EK0285.730X030 SGD 325.19
AK0285.519X024 SGD 294.97
EK0285.724X028 SGD 293.27
GK0285.224X028 SGD 296.25
FK0285.124X028 SGD 294.55
GK0285.236X036 SGD 400.53

Pneumatic Grippers

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
AMHC2-10D SGD 313.02
AMHC2-20D SGD 380.00
AMHC2-25D SGD 451.84
BMHL2-25D1 SGD 1274.96
BMHL2-32D1 SGD 1708.66
CMHZ2-10D SGD 474.71
CMHZ2-16D SGD 488.27
CMHZ2-20D SGD 694.61
CMHZ2-25D SGD 824.38
CMHZ2-32D SGD 1162.40
CMHZ2-40D SGD 1330.93
AMHC2-16D SGD 338.87
BMHL2-40D1 SGD 2291.38

Fully Threaded Self Aligning Grippers

StyleModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
AK0291.720X070Flat Pad SGD 286.03
BK0291.124X040Flat Pad SGD 335.83
AK0291.720X030Flat Pad SGD 270.28
BK0291.124X080Flat Pad SGD 357.12
CK0291.220X050Flat Pad SGD 273.69
BK0291.120X050Flat Pad SGD 276.67
AK0291.724X040Flat Pad SGD 334.13
AK0291.720X050Flat Pad SGD 274.54
BK0291.120X070Flat Pad SGD 287.74
AK0291.724X080Flat Pad SGD 355.41
CK0291.224X080Flat Pad SGD 362.22
CK0291.220X030Flat Pad SGD 270.28
CK0291.220X070Flat Pad SGD 292.42
CK0291.224X040Flat Pad SGD 341.37
BK0291.120X030Flat Pad SGD 272.41
DK0291.320X070Pad SGD 324.77
EK0291.524X080Pad SGD 379.25
EK0291.524X040Pad SGD 358.39
EK0291.520X070Pad SGD 304.76
EK0291.520X050Pad SGD 286.46
EK0291.520X030Pad SGD 282.63
FK0291.924X040Pad SGD 373.29
DK0291.324X040Pad SGD 372.44
DK0291.324X080Pad SGD 393.72
DK0291.320X050Pad SGD 313.70

Square Gripper Pads

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
AK0387.1212048 SGD 73.89
BK0387.2005 SGD 97.40
BK0387.101205 SGD 56.78
BK0387.251206 SGD 135.10
BK0387.1005 SGD 58.56
AK0387.1210048 SGD 71.51
CK0387.12057 SGD 81.80
BK0387.201205 SGD 97.55
BK0387.2506 SGD 134.50
BK0387.1606 SGD 82.07
AK0387.1610048 SGD 84.78
BK0387.161206 SGD 83.43
BK0387.1205 SGD 71.93
BK0387.121205 SGD 70.31
AK0387.2512068 SGD 141.66
AK0387.2510068 SGD 137.31
AK0387.2010058 SGD 99.00
AK0387.1612048 SGD 85.73
AK0387.2012058 SGD 102.41
StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
AK0386.1710 SGD 58.82
AK0386.19122 SGD 76.69
AK0386.24162 SGD 98.40
AK0386.2416 SGD 95.94
AK0386.3020 SGD 158.42
AK0386.30202 SGD 166.43
AK0386.1006 SGD 51.00
AK0386.1308 SGD 52.70
AK0386.1912 SGD 74.31

Threaded Self Aligning Grippers

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
AK0289.116X080 SGD 357.54
BK0289.520X100 SGD 456.72
CK0289.212X060 SGD 340.52
CK0289.212X040 SGD 338.81
CK0289.212X020 SGD 334.56
CK0289.210X050 SGD 313.70
CK0289.210X030 SGD 309.87
BK0289.524X040 SGD 538.44
BK0289.524X100 SGD 563.13
BK0289.520X060 SGD 439.69
BK0289.520X030 SGD 433.73
BK0289.516X080 SGD 397.55
CK0289.216X050 SGD 364.78
BK0289.516X050 SGD 392.02
BK0289.516X025 SGD 388.19
BK0289.512X060 SGD 357.54
BK0289.512X040 SGD 355.84
BK0289.512X020 SGD 352.01
DK0289.510X050 SGD 326.47
BK0289.510X030 SGD 322.64
BK0289.510X015 SGD 318.81
EK0289.716X025 SGD 348.60
CK0289.216X025 SGD 360.95
CK0289.220X100 SGD 426.07
AK0289.120X100 SGD 408.19


StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
AK0385.110105 SGD 45.37
BK0385.12510 SGD 71.08
CK0385.116128 SGD 28.02
DK0385.116129 SGD 27.16
BK0385.12010 SGD 58.56
BK0385.12012 SGD 60.27
EK0385.120102 SGD 29.76
CK0385.120108 SGD 25.54
DK0385.120109 SGD 29.83
EK0385.120122 SGD 35.97
DK0385.120129 SGD 30.18
DK0385.125109 SGD 31.50
DK0385.116109 SGD 26.82
BK0385.12512 SGD 73.04
EK0385.125122 SGD 38.81
CK0385.125128 SGD 32.70
DK0385.125129 SGD 31.50
DK0385.110129 SGD 23.33
CK0385.120128 SGD 30.86
DK0385.112109 SGD 24.34
EK0385.125102 SGD 37.71
DK0385.112129 SGD 24.59
EK0385.116122 SGD 32.27
CK0385.116108 SGD 27.63
AK0385.110125 SGD 46.90


StyleModelLifting CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
A94060- SGD 60786.33
B940952200 lbs. SGD 54032.29
C940964410 Lbs. SGD 91179.49


StyleModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
AK0385.1010Face SGD 52.86
AK0385.1210Face SGD 53.81
AK0385.1610Face SGD 70.23
AK0385.2010Face SGD 78.14
AK0385.2510Face SGD 94.49
AK0385.1212Face SGD 55.59
BK1361.0805Insert SGD 29.76
BK1361.0704Insert SGD 26.60
CK1361.2712Insert SGD 151.10
BK1361.1006Insert SGD 30.01
DK0385.12125Insert SGD 47.42
DK0385.25125Insert SGD 85.55
EK0385.08126Insert SGD 40.15
EK0385.16126Insert SGD 56.19
EK0385.12126Insert SGD 45.89
BK1361.1308Insert SGD 32.87
BK1361.1610Insert SGD 34.57
BK1361.1812Insert SGD 35.83
FK0385.12108Insert SGD 24.17
DK0385.10105Insert SGD 42.82
DK0385.10125Insert SGD 46.40
FK0385.10128Insert SGD 23.28
DK0385.12105Insert SGD 49.03
DK0385.16105Insert SGD 61.89
DK0385.16125Insert SGD 62.57


StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
AK0385.20107 SGD 82.58
BK0385.10122 SGD 27.28
AK0385.10107 SGD 54.99
AK0385.12107 SGD 55.51
AK0385.16107 SGD 72.19
BK0385.10102 SGD 26.04
BK0385.12102 SGD 27.59
BK0385.12122 SGD 28.02
BK0385.16102 SGD 30.26
BK0385.16122 SGD 30.72
BK0385.20102 SGD 33.70
BK0385.20122 SGD 34.40
BK0385.25102 SGD 36.10
BK0385.25122 SGD 37.24
AK0385.12127 SGD 57.21
AK0385.25107 SGD 112.62
StyleModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
AOSMK-072Mounting Kit SGD 145.69
AOSMK-013Mounting Kit SGD 128.69
AOSMK-008Mounting Kit SGD 121.40
AOSMK-118Mounting Kit SGD 566.36
AOSMK-117Mounting Kit SGD 348.40
AOSMK-116Mounting Kit SGD 601.53
AOSMK-002Mounting Kit SGD 121.40
AOSMK-014Mounting Kit SGD 157.82
AOSMK-024Mounting Kit SGD 145.69
AOSMK-009Mounting Kit SGD 204.02
AOSMK-074Mounting Kit SGD 145.69
AOSMK-003Mounting Kit SGD 121.40
AOSMK-011Mounting Kit SGD 128.69
AOSMK-010Mounting Kit SGD 204.02
AOSMK-001Mounting Kit SGD 121.40
AOSMK-097Mounting Kit SGD 204.02
AOSMK-012Mounting Kit SGD 128.69
AOSMK-073Mounting Kit SGD 249.76
AOISN-014Sensor SGD 337.53
AOISN-019Sensor SGD 337.53
AOHSN-017Sensor SGD 198.29
AOISP-014Sensor SGD 302.86
AOISN-011Sensor SGD 337.53
AOISP-019Sensor SGD 302.86
AOISP-011Sensor SGD 302.86

RPL Series 2 Jaw Precision Parallel Grippers

StyleModelCylinder BoreFinger LengthGrip ForceStrokePrice (inc. GST)
ARPL-40.5"5"36 Lbs.1" SGD 1493.37
BRPL-20.438"3"26 Lbs.1/2" SGD 956.71

Pneumatic Grippers

StyleModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
ARPC-320-01Body SGD 1562.00
ACABL-015Cable SGD 158.94
ACABL-010Cable SGD 101.61
ACABL-016Cable SGD 158.94
ARPC-356-06Cap SGD 337.28
ACABL-013Clamp SGD 145.11
ARFE-12MFeed Escapement SGD 1838.03
BRFE-11MFeed Escapement SGD 1578.23
BRFE-13MFeed Escapement SGD 1940.75
BRN-11MFeed Escapement SGD 1609.71
BRN-12MFeed Escapement SGD 1788.58
BRN-13MFeed Escapement SGD 2264.24
APLFT-021Fitting SGD 59.59
APLFT-022Fitting SGD 59.59
AVLVF-008Flow Control SGD 141.91
ARPW-375-106Gear Cover SGD 102.29
ARP-11Gripper SGD 1860.88
ADPW-375M-2Gripper SGD 3116.71
ADPW-250M-2Gripper SGD 2451.85
ARPW-375M-1Gripper SGD 3362.94
ADPG-10M-4Gripper SGD 2321.70
ARPW-625-2Gripper SGD 6198.24
ADPG-10M-3Gripper SGD 2142.29
ARP-17MGripper SGD 3158.92
ARPLC-4MGripper SGD 2691.06


StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
AK0385.10129 SGD 22.31
AK0385.12109 SGD 23.33
AK0385.12129 SGD 23.41
AK0385.16109 SGD 25.67
AK0385.16129 SGD 25.96
AK0385.20109 SGD 28.44
AK0385.20129 SGD 28.73
AK0385.25109 SGD 29.97
AK0385.25129 SGD 30.26
AK0385.10109 SGD 22.00

Long Stroke Grippers, 4 Finger

Speedaire pneumatic grippers are designed to aid an automated or industrial system for grabbing and moving components in a manufacturing operation. These long stroke grippers have aluminium body construction and carbon steel finger material. Choose from a range of these pneumatic grippers available in 30, 56 and 70 mm heights.

StyleModelHeightLengthPort SizeWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A19D99430mm35mmM3 x 0.530mm SGD 927.40
A19D99556mm44mmM5 x 0.856mm SGD 1082.80
A19D99670mm55mmM5 x 0.870mm SGD 1275.66

Long Stroke Grippers, 3 Finger

Speedaire pneumatic grippers are the pick-and-place equipment that employ compressed air to control gripper jaws, also known as fingers. These long stroke grippers feature aluminium body construction and carbon steel finger material. Choose from a range of these pneumatic grippers, available in 30, 52, 70 and 106 mm heights.

StyleModelHeightLengthPort SizeTypeWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A19D98630mm35mmM3 x 0.53 Finger, Parallel30mm SGD 768.41
B19D99030mm43.5mmM3 x 0.53 Finger, Parallel, Long Stroke30mm SGD 779.76
B19D99152mm58mmM5 x 0.83 Finger, Parallel, Long Stroke52mm SGD 1007.95
A19D98752mm44mmM5 x 0.83 Finger, Parallel52mm SGD 957.70
A19D98870mm55mmM5 x 0.83 Finger, Parallel70mm SGD 1086.36
B19D99270mm77.5mmM5 x 0.83 Finger, Parallel, Long Stroke70mm SGD 1145.16
A19D989106mm82mm1/8 RC3 Finger, Parallel106mm SGD 1582.66
B19D993106mm116mm1/8 RC3 Finger, Parallel, Long Stroke106mm SGD 1672.28

Parallel Gripper Wide Body, 40-100 Psi

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
RPW-500-2AH2HCJ SGD 2703.95

Double Wedge Parallel Gripper, 0.5 Inch Stroke, 2 Jaws

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
RP-15AH2HCG SGD 1439.93

Easy Gripper 2400-2T Tires, 45 To 96 Inch Size, 4400 Lbs Capacity

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
94062CE8XDW SGD 124949.67
See Details

Gripper Dog

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
M1860-13CJ2JKN SGD 167.22
See Details

Pneumatic Grippers

Pneumatic Gripper is a type of actuator gripping tool, manufactured by various brands like Destaco and Speedaire. Pneumatic Grippers run on compressed air and have jaws or fingers to pick up, hold and release objects. These grippers are available in a variety of jaw sizes to fit in various applications. Raptor Supplies offers various types of pneumatic grippers like parallel grippers and angular grippers that are used in aerospace, electronic, medical and packaging industries. Parallel grippers are less space consuming than angular grippers.

Working Mechanism

  • Pneumatic grippers use compressed air as a power source.
  • They have an actuation mechanism (often a piston or cylinder) that responds to changes in air pressure.
  • The mechanism's movement opens or closes the gripper's jaws, imitating the human hand's motion.
  • Air pressure regulates the gripping force, allowing for precise control.


Speedaire Long Stroke Grippers :

  • These three-finger pneumatic parallel grippers are designed to hold and position workpieces that are round, spherical or cylindrical.
  • Their wedge-cam design provides a high level of holding force for end-of-arm and pick-and-place applications.
  • These Speedaire grippers have an aluminium body for lightweight and easy handling.

Destaco Grippers :

  • They are suitable for part positioning and repeatable operations in high-pressure applications.
  • These Destaco parallel grippers have dual-V roller bearings for high accuracy while maintaining zero side play.
  • They use a piston and compressed air to operate the jaws.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are pneumatic grippers different from other types of grippers?

Pneumatic grippers use compressed air for operation, distinguishing them from other types like electric or hydraulic grippers.

Do pneumatic grippers require a constant supply of compressed air?

Yes, they rely on a continuous supply of compressed air for their operation. The air pressure and flow can be controlled to adjust the gripping force.

How do pneumatic grippers benefit industrialists?

Pneumatic grippers make holding and lifting rounded objects easier. Hence, they streamline various manufacturing processes. As a result, they increase productivity while reducing overall manufacturing costs.

What is the difference between pneumatic parallel grippers and pneumatic clamp grippers?

Pneumatic parallel grippers operate with two parallel jaws for holding objects, ideal for diverse shapes. In contrast, pneumatic clamp grippers use a singular jaw to securely grip and immobilise an object.

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