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APPROVED VENDOR Push On Hose Fittings



Hose Ferrules

StyleModelBarb SizeHole Dia.Hose Inside Dia.Hose Outside Dia.Inside Dia.LengthPrice (inc. GST)
A2A7351/2"0.687"1/2"13/16"0.850"0.965" SGD 38.67
A2A7331/4"0.406"1/4"1/2"0.525"0.7" SGD 32.55
A2A7343/8"0.5"3/8"11/16"0.725"0.965" SGD 35.70

Hose Barb 90 Degree Brass

StyleModelBarb SizeClamp TypeFitting SizeHose I.D.ItemThread SizePrice (inc. GST)
A6AFK81/2"Hose Clamp3/8 (M)NPT1/2"Hose Barb3/8" SGD 44.58
A6AFR21/2"Crimped or Hose Clamp1/4 (M)NPT1/2"Hose Barb1/4" SGD 56.77
B6AFJ01/2"Hose Clamp3/8 (M)NPT1/2"Beaded Hose Barb3/8" SGD 46.95
B6AFL11/2"Hose Clamp1/2 (M)NPT1/2"Beaded Hose Barb1/2" SGD 48.38
A6AFG81/4"Crimped or Hose Clamp1/4 (M)NPT1/4"Hose Barb1/4" SGD 30.42
A6AFR01/4"Crimped or Hose Clamp3/8 (M)NPT1/4"Hose Barb3/8" SGD 60.45
C6AFH01/4"Crimped or Hose Clamp1/8 (M)NPT1/4"Hose Barb1/8" SGD 28.68
A6AFP23/4"Crimped or Hose Clamp3/4 (M)NPT3/4"Hose Barb3/4" SGD 93.26
B6AFK03/4"Hose Clamp1/2 (M)NPT3/4"Beaded Hose Barb1/2" SGD 60.54
A6AFL63/8"Crimped or Hose Clamp3/8 (M)NPT3/8"Hose Barb3/8" SGD 42.35
A6AFK23/8"Hose Clamp1/8 (M)NPT-Hose Barb- SGD 35.03
B6AFJ73/8"Hose Clamp3/8 (M)NPT3/8"Beaded Hose Barb3/8" SGD 42.60
A6AFH43/8"Crimped or Hose Clamp1/4 (M)NPT3/8"Hose Barb1/4" SGD 32.57
A6AFT13/8"Crimped or Hose Clamp1/2 (M)NPT3/8"Hose Barb1/2" SGD 68.45
B6AFK15/8"Hose Clamp1/2 (M)NPT5/8"Beaded Hose Barb1/2" SGD 61.15
A6AFK55/16"Hose Clamp1/4 (M)NPT5/16"Hose Barb1/4" SGD 52.57
A6AFJ45/16"Crimped or Hose Clamp3/8 (M)NPT5/16"Hose Barb3/8" SGD 52.78

Hose Barb Brass

StyleModelFitting StyleItemHose I.D.Thread TypeBarb SizeThread SizeClamp TypeTypePrice (inc. GST)
A6AFN2-Hose Barb--1/4"-Crimped or Hose ClampStraight SGD 26.83
B6AFK4-Beaded Hose Barb--3/4"-Crimped or Hose ClampStraight SGD 54.31
A6AFK6-Hose Barb--5/16"-Hose ClampStraight SGD 26.64
A6AFK7-Hose Barb--5/16"-Crimped or Hose ClampStraight SGD 29.12
C6AFR545 Degrees ElbowHose Barb3/8"(M)NPT3/8"1/4"Crimped or Hose Clamp45 Degree Elbow SGD 75.28
C6AFR445 Degrees ElbowHose Barb1/4"(M)NPT1/4"1/4"Crimped or Hose Clamp45 Degree Elbow SGD 73.64
B6AFH8StraightBeaded Hose Barb1/2"(M)NPT1/2"3/8"Crimped or Hose ClampStraight SGD 33.28
D6AFT2StraightHose Barb3/8"(F)NPT3/8"1/8"Crimped or Hose ClampStraight SGD 30.53
A6AFG7StraightHose Barb3/8"(M)NPT3/8"1/8"Crimped or Hose ClampStraight SGD 24.16
A6AFG9StraightHose Barb1/2"(M)NPT1/2"1/4"Crimped or Hose ClampStraight SGD 24.22
A6AFH2StraightHose Barb1/2"(M)NPT1/2"3/8"Crimped or Hose ClampStraight SGD 25.31
A6AFH3StraightHose Barb1/4"(M)NPT1/4"1/8"Crimped or Hose ClampStraight SGD 22.98
A6AFH6StraightHose Barb3/8"(M)NPT3/8"1/4"Crimped or Hose ClampStraight SGD 23.92
B6AFH7StraightBeaded Hose Barb5/8"(M)NPT5/8"3/8"Crimped or Hose ClampStraight SGD 29.83
A6AFL2StraightHose Barb5/8"(M)NPT5/8"3/4"Crimped or Hose ClampStraight SGD 35.87
A6AFL4StraightHose Barb5/8"(M)NPT5/8"1/2"Crimped or Hose ClampStraight SGD 33.96
A6AFN8StraightHose Barb3/8"(M)NPT3/8"3/8"Crimped or Hose ClampStraight SGD 26.07
A6AFP0StraightHose Barb1/4"(M)NPT1/4"1/4"Crimped or Hose ClampStraight SGD 24.37
D6AFP3StraightHose Barb1/2"(F)NPT1/2"3/8"Crimped or Hose ClampStraight SGD 42.05
A6AFP4StraightHose Barb1/8"(M)NPT1/8"1/8"Crimped or Hose ClampStraight SGD 30.84
A6AFP5StraightHose Barb3/16"(M)NPT3/16"1/8"Crimped or Hose ClampStraight SGD 32.08
A6AFP6StraightHose Barb3/16"(M)NPT3/16"1/4"Crimped or Hose ClampStraight SGD 34.71
A6AFN7StraightHose Barb1"(M)NPT1"1mmCrimped or Hose ClampStraight SGD 46.15
A6AFN6StraightHose Barb3/4"(M)NPT3/4"3/4"Crimped or Hose ClampStraight SGD 37.85
A6AFN9StraightHose Barb1/2"(M)NPT1/2"1/2"Crimped or Hose ClampStraight SGD 27.60

Hose Barb Swivel Brass

StyleModelBarb SizeFitting SizeHose I.D.Thread SizeThread TypePrice (inc. GST)
A6AFR11/2"1/2 (F)NPSM1/2"1/2"(F)NPSM SGD 46.91
B6AFP91/2"1/2 (M)NPT1/2"1/2"(M)NPT SGD 67.44
B6AFP71/4"1/4 (M)NPT1/4"1/4"(M)NPT SGD 48.64
A6AFR91/4"1/4 (F)NPSM1/4"1/4"(F)NPSM SGD 35.98
A6AFP13/8"1/4 (F)NPT3/8"1/4"(F)NPT SGD 46.79
B6AFP83/8"3/8 (M)NPSM3/8"3/8"(M)NPSM SGD 49.16
A6AFR83/8"5/8"-18 UNF3/8"5/8"(F)UNF SGD 40.05
A6AFT03/8"3/8 (F)NPSM--- SGD 41.84

Hose End

StyleModelFitting SizeHose I.D.Thread SizePrice (inc. GST)
A6X4231/4 (M)NPT1/4"1/4" SGD 28.74
B6X4243/8 (M)NPT3/8"3/8" SGD 31.43

Reusable Hose Mender

StyleModelHose I.D.Price (inc. GST)
A6X4261/4" SGD 38.27
A6X4273/8" SGD 45.40

Hose Mender Brass

StyleModelBarb SizeHose I.D.Price (inc. GST)
A6AFL91/2"1/2" SGD 28.82
A6AFH11/4"1/4" SGD 24.37
A6AFH53/8"3/8" SGD 26.26
A6AFK95/16"5/16" SGD 28.23

Nipple Hose

StyleModelBarb SizeHose I.D.MaterialThread SizePrice (inc. GST)
A3LZ972.52.5"Plated steel2.5 SGD 45.84
A3LZ913/43/4"316 Stainless Steel3/4" SGD 61.99
A3LZ9944"Plated steel4" SGD 68.75

Nipple Hose 1 1/2 inch

StyleModelMaterialPrice (inc. GST)
A3LZ86316 Stainless Steel SGD 83.46
A3LZ95Plated steel SGD 33.51

Nipple Hose 1 1/4 inch

StyleModelMaterialPrice (inc. GST)
A3LZ85316 Stainless Steel SGD 75.47
B3LZ94Plated steel SGD 32.08

Nipple Hose 1 inch

StyleModelMaterialPrice (inc. GST)
A3LZ84316 Stainless Steel SGD 67.40
B3LZ93Plated steel SGD 30.28

Nipple Hose 1/2 inch

StyleModelMaterialPrice (inc. GST)
A3LZ83316 Stainless Steel SGD 61.49
A3LZ92Plated steel SGD 29.96

Nipple Hose 2 inch

StyleModelMaterialPrice (inc. GST)
A3LZ87316 Stainless Steel SGD 111.24
A3LZ96Plated steel SGD 36.65

Nipple Hose 3 inch

StyleModelMaterialPrice (inc. GST)
A3LZ89316 Stainless Steel SGD 256.16
A3LZ98Plated steel SGD 51.48

Push On Hose Fitting Push On Hose Barb

StyleModelHose I.D.Hose Inside Dia.Thread SizePrice (inc. GST)
A4TT161/2"1/2"3/8 (M)NPT SGD 27.86
B5A2551/2"1/2"1/2 (M)NPT SGD 30.46
C5A2511/4"1/4"1/8 (M)NPT SGD 25.33
C5A2521/4"1/4"1/4 (M)NPT SGD 25.63
C4TT173/4"3/4"1/2 (M)NPT SGD 34.59
C4TT183/4"3/4"3/4 (M)NPT SGD 39.23
C5A2533/8"3/8"1/4 (M)NPT SGD 25.77
C5A2543/8"3/8"3/8 (M)NPT SGD 27.98
StyleModelThread SizeThread TypePrice (inc. GST)
A4TT203/4 (F) 37 Degrees JICFemale JIC SGD 43.19
A4TT193/4 (F) 45 Degrees SAEFemale SAE SGD 43.99
StyleModelHose I.D.Hose Inside Dia.Thread SizePrice (inc. GST)
A5A2481/2"1/2"1/2 (F) 45 Degrees SAE, 37 Degrees JIC SGD 31.92
A5A2471/4"1/4"1/4 (F) 45 Degrees SAE, 37 Degrees JIC SGD 26.97
A5A2463/8"3/8"3/8 (F) 45 Degrees SAE SGD 30.65

Push On Hose Fitting Push On Hose Mender

StyleModelHose I.D.Hose Inside Dia.Price (inc. GST)
A4TT211/2"1/2" SGD 31.22
B5A2491/4"1/4" SGD 26.34
B4TT223/4"3/4" SGD 37.03
B5A2503/8"3/8" SGD 29.01

Hose End

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
2X769AC3WNE SGD 29.58

Reusable Hose Mender

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
2X770AC3WNF SGD 30.70

Nipple Hose 3/4 In

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
3MC01AD2BAK SGD 30.13

Push On Hose Fittings

Push-on hose fittings are ideal for handling coolant, water & compressed air in pneumatic equipment and fluid or coolant lines. Raptor Supplies offers a wide array of Milton Industries, Speedaire, Parker, Goodyear Engineered Products and Texas Pneumatic Tools hose fittings featuring plated steel / 6061-T6 aluminium / brass / 316 SS construction for preventing damages caused by corrosive fluids or mild chemicals. Selected models further come equipped with a rotating swivel joint for high reusability and ease-of-installation in confined spaces. Choose from a wide range of these fittings available in pressure ratings ranging from 250 to 5000 psi on Raptor Supplies.

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