STRONG HOLD Service Counters

Ideal for use in areas where overhead space is not available, such as tool cribs, assembly lines and mailrooms. Contain 12-gauge shelves with a maximum load rating of 1900 lb and 6-inch drawers (available in selected models)


Countertop Cabinets

StyleModelDepthHeightWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A33.5-201-1DB20"42"36" SGD 4414.24
A33-201-1DB20"36"36" SGD 4217.71
A33-241-1DB24"36"36" SGD 4677.79
A33.5-241-1DB24"42"36" SGD 4926.94
A43-241-1DB24"36"48" SGD 5410.12
A43.5-241-1DB24"42"48" SGD 5767.29
B43-24224"36"48" SGD 5140.40

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