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APPROVED VENDOR Shelving Accessories



Heavy Duty Shelving Bracket

StyleModelDepthHeightMaterialPrice (inc. GST)
A1WDP68"3"Galvanized Steel SGD 33.64
A2HFU18"3"Steel SGD 60.54
A1WDP710"3"Galvanized Steel SGD 42.91
A1WDP812"3.5"Galvanized Steel SGD 47.67
A2HFU312"3.5"Steel SGD 81.00
A1WDP914"3 51/64"Galvanized Steel SGD 50.87
A1WDR116"3 51/64"Galvanized Steel SGD 52.57
A2HFU516"3 51/64"Steel SGD 100.81

Shelving Standard

StyleModelColorHeightPrice (inc. GST)
A2HFU6Silver24" SGD 51.77
A2HFU8Silver48" SGD 109.29
A2HFU7Silver36" SGD 100.81
A2HFU9Silver60" SGD 150.34
B1WDR2White24" SGD 35.13
B1WDR5White60" SGD 43.57
B1WDR7White84" SGD 51.08
B1WDR3White36" SGD 30.84
B1WDR4White48" SGD 36.23
B1WDR6White72" SGD 42.06
B1WDR8White96" SGD 53.94

Shelving Bracket

StyleModelDepthHeightPrice (inc. GST)
A1WDR98"4.5" SGD 43.36
A1WDT110"4.5" SGD 44.70
A1WDT212"4 51/64" SGD 33.47
A1WDT314"5 13/64" SGD 37.07
A1WDT416"5 13/64" SGD 37.34

Slotted Shelving

StyleModelColorDepthMaterialWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A2HFW2Silver12"Steel32" SGD 395.78
B1WDU5White12"Particleboard72" SGD 136.45
B1WDU2White10"Particleboard48" SGD 93.97
B1WDU3White10"Particleboard72" SGD 140.44

Heavy Duty Shelving Standard

StyleModelHeightMaterialPrice (inc. GST)
A2HFT324"Steel SGD 41.04
A1WDN824"Galvanized Steel SGD 33.41
A1WDN936"Galvanized Steel SGD 29.18
A1WDP148"Galvanized Steel SGD 34.94
A2HFT548"Steel SGD 93.05
A1WDP372"Galvanized Steel SGD 38.38
A1WDP484"Galvanized Steel SGD 46.33
A1WDP596"Galvanized Steel SGD 52.11

Shelving Accessories

Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of shelving accessories like additional shelves, angle posts, base strips, bin boxes, dividers, shelves, brackets, panels & more. These accessories are manufactured by Vestil, Valley Craft, Vulcan Craft, Hallowell, Dura-Shelf, Edsal, Enpac, Metro, New Age, Schaefer & many more brands. They provide better organisation of tools & items by improving storage space. Divider clips, shelf clips and hooks are designed to attach additional shelves or dividers inside shelving or storage units. They mount to the walls of shelves and offer a point of attachment. Shelving and angle posts are rigid legs used to support shelving structures. Angle posts are usually 90-degree bent legs featuring drilled holes or cutouts to attach shelves. Shelf dividers allow efficient utilisation by dividing a large space into small, more useful spaces.

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