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Open-shelving steel units for storage and display of small parts or packaged merchandise in repair shops and tool rooms. Feature adjustable shelves with a maximum 2-inch increment capacity and side- and back-cross braces (on some models) to provide extra stability



Shelving Unit

StyleModelDepthHeightNumber of ShelvesShelf AdjustmentsShelf CapacityShelving StyleWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A36-CSU-14414"72"42" Increments1025 lb.Closed36" SGD 2081.55
A46-CSU-18418"72"42" Increments850 lb.Closed48" SGD 3654.45
B1848-7218"72"51-1/2" Increments1200 lb.Open48" SGD 1814.97
C35-CSU-18318"60"32" Increments1350 lb.Closed36" SGD 1841.53
A36-CSU-18418"72"42" Increments1350 lb.Closed36" SGD 3053.89
C45-CSU-18318"60"32" Increments850 lb.Closed48" SGD 2338.93
D3.46-CSU-204-9DBWL20"74"41-1/2" Increments1350 lb.Closed40" SGD 6236.44
D4.46-CSU-204-9DBWL20"74"41-1/2" Increments850 lb.Closed52" SGD 7964.59
C65-CSU-24324"60"32" Increments1525 lb.Closed72" SGD 3535.96
A56-CSU-24424"72"42" Increments1650 lb.Closed60" SGD 4598.19
A46-CSU-24424"72"42" Increments1200 lb.Closed48" SGD 3942.47
C55-CSU-24324"60"32" Increments1650 lb.Closed60" SGD 2857.78
A36-CSU-24424"72"42" Increments1900 lb.Closed36" SGD 2439.02
C45-CSU-24324"60"32" Increments1200 lb.Closed48" SGD 2741.35
C35-CSU-24324"60"32" Increments1900 lb.Closed36" SGD 2101.97
B2460-7224"72"51-1/2" Increments2000 lb.Open60" SGD 2377.73
B2448-7224"72"51-1/2" Increments1600 lb.Open48" SGD 2048.85
A66-CSU-24424"72"42" Increments1525 lb.Closed72" SGD 5329.48

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