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APPROVED VENDOR Spherical Washers



Spherical Washer

StyleModelRockwell HardnessThicknessThickness ToleranceFinishFits Bolt SizesMaterialOutside Dia.RadiusPrice (inc. GST)
AZ9458SETB495/16"+/-0.010"Black Oxide1/2"Low Carbon Steel1.125"1.5" SGD 41.53
AZ9450SETB493/16"+/-0.010"Black Oxide1/4"Low Carbon Steel5/8"3/4" SGD 53.49
AZ9466SETB493/8"+/-0.010"Black Oxide3/4"Low Carbon Steel1.625"2.25" SGD 47.14
AZ9478SETB491/2"+/-0.010"Black Oxide1.125"Low Carbon Steel2.25"3" SGD 58.56
AZ9470SETB493/8"+/-0.010"Black Oxide7/8"Low Carbon Steel1.75"2.5" SGD 55.24
AZ9462SETB495/16"+/-0.010"Black Oxide5/8"Low Carbon Steel1.375"1.75" SGD 43.69
AZ9454SETB491/4"+/-0.010"Black Oxide3/8"Low Carbon Steel7/8"1.25" SGD 56.48
AZ9488SETB491/2"+/-0.010"Black Oxide1.5"Low Carbon Steel2.875"3" SGD 83.74
AZ9484SETB491/2"+/-0.010"Black Oxide1.25"Low Carbon Steel2.5"3" SGD 63.21
AZ9474SETB491/2"+/-0.010"Black Oxide1"Low Carbon Steel2"2.75" SGD 67.21
BZ9532SETB6811.7mm+/-0.2mmBlack OxideM20Steel36mm27mm SGD 71.79
BZ9536SETB6819.2mm+/-0.2mmBlack OxideM30Steel56mm41mm SGD 190.28
BZ9520SETB684.2mm+/-0.2mmBlack OxideM6Steel12 mm9mm SGD 33.64
BZ9524SETB686.5mm+/-0.2mmBlack OxideM10Steel21mm15mm SGD 41.13
BZ9526SETB688mm+/-0.2mmBlack OxideM12Steel24mm17mm SGD 44.18
BZ9522SETB685.6mm+/-0.2mmBlack OxideM8Steel17mm12mm SGD 35.05
BZ9530SETB689.6mm+/-0.2mmBlack OxideM16Steel30mm22mm SGD 61.61
BZ9534SETB6815.2mm+/-0.2mmBlack OxideM24Steel44mm32mm SGD 106.43
BZ9523SETB83 to B955.6mm+/-0.2mmPlainM818-8 Stainless Steel17mm12mm SGD 75.39
BZ9535SETB83 to B9515.2mm+/-0.2mmPlainM2418-8 Stainless Steel44mm32mm SGD 246.87
BZ9527SETB83 to B958mm+/-0.2mmPlainM1218-8 Stainless Steel24mm17mm SGD 106.34
BZ9533SETB83 to B9511.7mm+/-0.2mmPlainM2018-8 Stainless Steel36mm27mm SGD 193.05
BZ9531SETB83 to B959.6mm+/-0.2mmPlainM1618-8 Stainless Steel30mm22mm SGD 152.80
BZ9525SETB83 to B956.5mm+/-0.2mmPlainM1018-8 Stainless Steel21mm15mm SGD 90.40
BZ9521SETB83 to B954.2mm+/-0.2mmPlainM618-8 Stainless Steel12 mm9mm SGD 58.92

Spherical Washers

Spherical washers are designed for creating an exact, parallel plane between the bolt head and the face of the nut. The spherical design allows them to automatically adjust and compensate for the angular deviation between these planes. They also reduce bolt fatigue and prevent bending occurrences. These washers are offered in thicknesses ranging from 3/16 - 1/2 In & 4.2 - 19.2 mm at a maximum tolerance rating of +/-0.2 mm. We supply a wide range of these spherical washers available in stainless-steel, low-carbon steel and steel material options.

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