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Stationary Electric Air Compressors


Looking for an alternative to regular old diesel powered air compressors? Look no further, because Raptor Supplies has got your needs covered. Electric compressors do not require fuel, which makes them much cheaper to operate than diesel compressors. Electric compressors require only a power so...urce to run and can be left practically unattended once they're plugged in and commissioned.Read more


2 Stage, Tank Mounted, Splash Lubricated, Vertical Electric Air Compressor

StyleModelVoltageOverall LengthInput VoltageOverall HeightStyleAmpsOverall WidthPhasePrice (inc. GST)
A35WC83-35"208 to 240 VAC71"Simplex14.2-12.827"3 SGD 3991.49
A35WC82-35"208 to 240 VAC71"Simplex2227"1 SGD 3133.54
B35WC84-63208 to 240 VAC46Simplex22211 SGD 4810.61
C35WC61-69"208 to 240 VAC, 480 VAC51Duplex28.4-25.6/12.8323 SGD 13230.74
D35WC40208-23035"-71"-2227"1 SGD 4034.38
E35WC43208-23035-71"-22271 SGD 6937.10
D35WC47208-23035"-71"-3127"1 SGD 5923.90
E35WC50208-23035-71"-31271 SGD 6410.07
D35WC42208-230/46035-71"-14.2-12.8/6.4273 SGD 4075.24
E35WC45208-230/46035-71"-14.2-12.8/6.4273 SGD 6502.01
E35WC51208-230/46035-71"-19.8-17.9/9273 SGD 6602.10
F35WC68208-230/46069"-52-27-24.4/12.2243 SGD 9658.01
D35WC48208-230/46035-71"-19.8-17.9/9273 SGD 5686.96
G35WC67208-230/46069"-52-27-24.4/12.2243 SGD 7345.65

Electric Air Compressors, 1 Stage, Pressure Lubricate

SPEEDAIRE single stage electric air compressors are pressure-lubricated, designed to provide a compressed air stream to pneumatic climate-control systems for precisely delivering oil to internal components. They use a pump to deliver the compressed air with oil, this method is effective than splash lubrication and extends the life of air compressor. These compressors feature automatic start / stop mechanism to reduce man effort. Choose from a wide range of these compressors, available in 30, 60 and 80 gallon tank capacities on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelPhaseTank SizeVoltageAmpsHPOverall HeightOverall LengthOverall WidthPrice (inc. GST)
A3JR83130 gal.115/23012.6/6.3138"42.5"21.25" SGD 4814.71
A5Z696130 gal.115/23010.2/5.13/438"42.5"21.25" SGD 4659.46
A5Z697330 gal.208-230/4603.6-3.0/1.53/438"42.5"21.25" SGD 5417.32
A5Z699360 gal.208-230/4604.5-4.4/2.21.540"50.75"22.25" SGD 6559.20
A5Z701380 gal.208-230/4608.9-8.1/4.1334"65.5"23.25" SGD 9128.94

2 Stage, Tank Mounted, Splash Lubricated, Horizontal Electric Air Compressor

StyleModelOverall HeightOverall LengthOverall WidthPrice (inc. GST)
ARCP-C10123HSM48.75"74.25"25 11/16" SGD 8806.20
BRCP-C10123VSM73 15/16"41.75"30" SGD 9016.61

2 Stage, Tank Mounted, Splash Lubricated, Vertical Electric Air Compressor

StyleModelAmpsHPInput VoltagePhasePrice (inc. GST)
ARCP-C583VSM14/75.00208 to 240 VAC, 480 VAC3 SGD 5431.61
BRCP-C583VM14/75.00208 to 240 VAC, 480 VAC3 SGD 7225.12
ARCP-C7583VSM17/8.57.50208 to 240 VAC, 480 VAC3 SGD 6802.29
ARCP-C581VS255.00208 to 240 VAC1 SGD 5431.61
BRCP-C581V255.00208 to 240 VAC1 SGD 7225.12
ARCP-C7581VS327.50208 to 240 VAC1 SGD 6802.29

1 Stage, Tank Mounted, Oil-less, Horizontal Electric Air Compressor

The single-stage electric air compressors by Gast are suitable for use with pneumatic tools such as air nailers and ratchet wrenches, as well as for spray painting, graniting and cleaning applications. These tank-mounted Gast air compressors consist of an ASME coded cylinder (or tank) with manual drain, a field-adjustable pressure switch, an electric open-drip proof motor, a pressure safety valve, a pressure gauge, a shut-off valve and a check valve. They can discharge air with a maximum pressure of 100 psi and operate at both 115 and 230 volts power supply. These Gast compressors come with 2, 12, 20 or 30 gallon capacity cylinders and are available in different hp ratings.

StyleModelOverall WidthTank SizeVoltageAmpsHPMax. PressureOverall HeightOverall LengthPrice (inc. GST)
A3HBB-69T-M300AX10 15/16"12 gal.1156.61/3100 psi7.375"12.437" SGD 3881.17
B2LAF-246T-M200EX13"2 gal.115-1/450 psi21"26" SGD 4148.78
C5HCD-100TA-M550NGX16"20 gal.115/23014.0/7.03/4100 psi27"33" SGD 4187.59
D7HDD-70TA-M750X17"30 gal.23010.81.5100 psi29"38" SGD 9909.27

Electric Air Compressors

Speedaire electric air compressors are designed for use in pneumatic climate-control systems. These electric air compressors are typically installed in a secure location and are usually attached to a distributed air system. Choose from a range of these air compressors, avaolable in 1, 1.5, 3, 3/4 HP power ratings on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelAmpsHPOverall HeightOverall LengthOverall WidthTank SizePrice (inc. GST)
A5Z700-1.539"64.25"22.25"80 gal. SGD 11988.76
A3JR813.4-3.4/1.7138"41.5"21.25"30 gal. SGD 9474.18
A5Z7024.06334"65.25"23.25"80 gal. SGD 13578.02
A5Z6987.4-6.2/3.13/438"41.5"21.25"30 gal. SGD 10048.18

2 Stage, Tank Mounted, Splash Lubricated, Horizontal Electric Air Compressor

StyleModelPhaseTank SizeVoltageAmpsHPOverall HeightOverall LengthOverall WidthPrice (inc. GST)
A35WC44180 gal.208-230225466321 SGD 6448.89
B35WC41380 gal.208-230/46014.2-12.8/6.4546"63"21" SGD 4786.12
A35WC46380 gal.208-230/46014.2-12.8/6.45466321 SGD 6448.89
B35WC49380 gal.208-230/46019.8-17.9/97.546"63"21" SGD 6332.46
A35WC52380 gal.208-230/46019.8-17.9/97.546"63"21" SGD 7635.71
C35WC533120 gal.208-230/46027-24.4/12.2105469"25 SGD 7429.41
D35WC543120 gal.208-230/46041.1-37.2/18.61554"69"25" SGD 9837.77
E35WC553120 gal.208-230/46027-24.4/12.2105469"27 SGD 9674.36
D35WC593120 gal.200-20842.8155469"25 SGD 11073.62
F35WC563120 gal.208-230/46041.1-37.2/18.61554"69"27" SGD 11757.93
C35WC573120 gal.200-20828.11054"69"25" SGD 6832.93

Vertical Electric Air Compressors, 1 Stage, Splash Lubricated

SPEEDAIRE single stage electric air compressors are splash-lubricated, designed to provide a compressed air stream to pneumatic climate-control systems for precisely delivering oil to internal components. They use a pump to deliver the compressed air with oil. This method is effective than splash lubrication and extends the life of the air compressor. These compressors feature automatic start / stop mechanism to reduce effort. They further provide thermal protection to automatically shut the operation in high temperatures. The pump is mounted over a vertical tank. Choose from a wide range of these compressors, available in single and three-phase options on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelAmpsHPMax. PressureOverall HeightOverall WidthPhaseVoltagePrice (inc. GST)
A4ME9813.4-13.2/6.65140 psi71"31"3208-230/460 SGD 2731.13
B4ME96153135 psi66"25"1230 SGD 1739.40
C4ME97215140 psi71"31"1230 SGD 2492.12

Electric Air Compressors, Single Stage, Pressure Lubricated

SPEEDAIRE electric air compressors provide compressed air to operate spray guns. They are ideal to power pneumatic tools requiring high air pressure. The pumps are oil lubricated with the help of a splash lubricator, therefore the air stream generated carryover a small amount of oil for smooth working of the tools. They are solid floor or ground-mounted to provide stable operation. These compressors are made from cast iron with powder coat finish and feature oil sight glass, pressure gauge and a pressure safety valve for keeping a check on the operation. Choose between single and three phase electric air compressors, available on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelAmpsHPPhaseVoltagePrice (inc. GST)
A4B2439.0-7.5/3.933200-230/460 SGD 1899.74
A4B24217.5/8.7521115/230 SGD 1832.32

2 Stage, Tank Mounted, Splash Lubricated, Horizontal Electric Air Compressor

StyleModelFinishHzHPOverall WidthAmpsOverall HeightControlVoltagePrice (inc. GST)
A7100E15Baked On Powder Coated Enamel601529"42/2152"Dual230/460 SGD 12295.18
A7100E15Baked On Powder Coated Enamel601529"48.352"Dual200 SGD 13841.52
B2545E10BPowder Coated601030"12.550"Pressure Switch460 SGD 11794.71
B7100E15APowder Coated601530"4257"Pressure Switch230 SGD 15199.93
B7100E15BPowder Coated601530"2157"Pressure Switch460 SGD 14695.39
B2545E10FP-200-3Powder Coated601030"28.156"Pressure Switch200 SGD 10040.00
B2545E10APowder Coated50/601030"2550"Pressure Switch230 SGD 12092.95

2 Stage, Tank Mounted, Splash Lubricated, Vertical Electric Air Compressor

StyleModelVoltageOverall HeightEnclosureHPPhaseAmpsOverall LengthOverall WidthPrice (inc. GST)
A2475N7.520070"NEMA 17.5325.337"28" SGD 7551.96
B2475N7.5-20020070"NEMA7.5325.336.5"24" SGD 8015.67
C2340N520067"NEMA 15317.532"24" SGD 5092.52
B2475N5FP-200-320073"NEMA5314.430"37" SGD 8117.80
D2545K10V20082"NEMA 11033144"32" SGD 9286.23
E2475N7.523070"NEMA 17.514037"28" SGD 7402.85
F2340L523069"NEMA 1512832"30" SGD 4016.00
B2475N7.5FP-230-123070"NEMA7.5132.026"38" SGD 8011.57
B2475N5FP-230-123073"NEMA5122.930"37" SGD 8669.33
B2475N7.5C23070"NEMA7.532236.5"24" SGD 8117.80
G2340L523069"NEMA 15317.332"30" SGD 4146.74
H2475N7.5A23070"NEMA7.532236.5"24" SGD 6679.72
D2545K10V23082"NEMA 11032744"32" SGD 9286.23
C2340N523067"NEMA 1512832"24" SGD 5041.46
C2340N5A23067"NEMA5315.331.5"20" SGD 4988.34
I2545K10A23082"NEMA1032544"32" SGD 11690.54
G2340L5A23069"NEMA5315.232"20" SGD 4161.04
B2475N5-P-23023069"NEMA5315.232"20" SGD 8507.96
A2475N7.5B46070"NEMA7.531136.5"24" SGD 7106.65
D2545K10V46082"NEMA 110313.344"32" SGD 9182.06
G2340L5B46069"NEMA537.632"20" SGD 4016.00
C2340N5B46067"NEMA537.731.5"20" SGD 5151.75
B2475N7.5D46070"NEMA7.531136.5"24" SGD 8252.62
B2475N5-P-46046069"NEMA537.632"20" SGD 8125.96
I2545K10B46082"NEMA1032544"32" SGD 12070.47

Electrical Hot Dog Tank Mounted Air Compressors, 1 Stage

Gast stationary air compressors with tank reservoirs deliver pressurised air in applications like medical laboratories, hospitals, food processing industries and automobiles. These durable & rugged units feature oil-less permanent lubrication to discharge contaminant-free air and hot dog tanks to dampen pulses of air from the reciprocating compressor for a uniform airflow. They are integrated with an automatic start / stop pressure switch to start up the compressor at 30 / 70 / 80 psi and stop at 50 / 100 psi and a manual drain, pressure safety valve, pressure gauge & globe valve for control, safety & durability of the compressor units. Choose from a wide range of these air compressors having 1/8, 1/6 and 3/4 hp motors.

StyleModelAmpsHPMax. PressureOverall HeightOverall WidthVoltagePrice (inc. GST)
A1LAA-251T-M100X-1/650 psi17"8"115 SGD 2651.45
BDOA-P710T-AA-1/850 psi15"8"115 SGD 2016.17
A1HAB-84T-M100X4.31/6100 psi17"8"115 SGD 2165.28
C5HCD-101T-M550NGX14.0/7.03/4100 psi22"13"115/230 SGD 4109.96

Electric Air Compressors, Horizontal

Speedaire air compressors units are manufactured to offer compressed air to power pneumatic tools and control spray guns. These ASME approved air compressors come with oil lubricated pumps and should be mounted on a hard floor or ground. Choose from a range of these air compressors available in 135 and 150 PSI pressure options.

StyleModelOverall WidthTank SizeVoltageAmpsMax. PressureMotor TypeOverall HeightOverall LengthPrice (inc. GST)
A4B23421.625"30 gal.115/23015.0/7.5135 psiOpen Dripproof38"40.625" SGD 2104.01
B2MLW629 3/32"0.5 gal.23014150 psiInduction43 45/64"31.25" SGD 5625.66

2 Stage, Tank Mounted Duplex, Splash Lubricated, Horizontal Electric Air Compressor

StyleModelAmpsHPOverall HeightOverall LengthPhaseTank SizeVoltagePrice (inc. GST)
A35WC6339.6-35.8/187.55169"3120 gal.208-230/460 SGD 16206.99
A35WC604455169"1120 gal.208-230 SGD 13230.74
B35WC6454-48.8/24.4106091"3200 gal.208-230/460 SGD 20039.15
A35WC62627.55169"1120 gal.208-230 SGD 16206.99
B35WC6582.2-74.4/37.2156091"3200 gal.208-230/460 SGD 28665.60

Electric Air Compressor 3 Hp

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
4B237AD6VVY SGD 2332.79

Electric Air Compressor 2 Hp

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
4B233AD6VVW SGD 2081.55

Electric Air Compressor 1 Stage

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
SS5L5AE2PWY SGD 3115.16

Electric Air Compressor, Tank Mounted, 1 Stage, 3 hp

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
SS3L3AE2PWX SGD 2173.46

Stationary Electric Air Compressors

What are stationary electric air compressors?
Stationary electric air compressors use a cord to plug into an electrical outlet or are battery powered. Electrically powered compressors are smaller and more portable, provided that a free electrical source (like a generator) is available. They are also significantly quieter than gas powered air compressors. These air compressors produce pressurised air that operates air-powered tools and equipment, and provide a readily available power source. In order to determine what type of air compressor is required, you have to determine how much airflow is required by the tools being used with the air compressor. Raptor Supplies offers stationary electric air compressors from brands like Chicago Pneumatic, Gast, Ingersoll Rand & Speedaire.


Compressed air powers many devices. It can be used to push a piston (in a jackhammer), it can go through a small air turbine to turn a shaft (in a dental drill) or it can be expanded through a nozzle to produce a high speed jet (in a paint sprayer). Compressed air provides torque and rotational power for pneumatic tools, such as drills, brushes, nut runners, riveting guns and screwdrivers.


Chicago Pneumatic Splash Lubricated, Vertical Electric Air Compressors:

  • These 2 stage compressors come with an aluminium head and coolers having deep fins that allow unmatched heat dissipation.
  • They are equipped with balanced pistons and crankshaft for smooth and quiet operation.

Speedaire Pressure Lubricated Compressors:

  • Speedaire air compressors are used in pneumatic climate control systems where low oil carryover is required.
  • Pressure lubricated stationary electric air compressors use a pump for precise delivery of oil to internal components. This ensures that components are more evenly and thoroughly lubricated than the splash method, extending the life of the air compressor.
  • These high performing air compressors require regular oil refill and change.

Speedaire Duplex Electric Air Compressors:

  • Duplex stationary electric air compressors have two pumps and two motors.
  • These units are designed to evenly distribute workload between the two pumps & motors, allowing each of them more cooldown time between cycles. This increases the compressor's operating life and ensures continuous operation if one pump or motor fails.
  • These air compressors are used for applications that need reliable and continuous operation.

Ingersoll-Rand Tank Mounted, Splash Lubricated, Horizontal Electric Air Compressors:

  • These compressors are designed to provide compressed air where electric power is not readily available.
  • They are ideal for use in fleet & field service applications, remote pneumatic applications and emergency production lines.
  • These models are incorporated with fuel efficient idle control and advanced safety features including low oil level shutdown for gas engines

Working Mechanism

Air compressors work by forcing atmospheric air under pressure to create potential energy that can be stored in a tank for later use. Just like an open balloon, pressure builds up when the compressed air is deliberately released, converting the potential energy into usable kinetic energy. This energy transfer can be harnessed to power various pneumatic tools.
Industrial air compressors work similarly to combustion engines. Generally, the process of air compression requires a pump cylinder, piston and crankshaft to transfer energy for a wide variety of tasks. These basic components can supply air for filling up objects like tires or inflatable pool toys, or they can supply power for operating tools such as drills, nail guns, grinders, sanders and spray guns.

Standards and Approvals

Stationary electric air compressors are constructed in accordance with ISO standards to ensure improved environmental health, user safety and enhanced performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to maintain air compressors?

  • Drain the tank: When your work is finished, you'll need to open the drain valve on the underside of the tank to release moisture. This needs to happen after every use, as water can corrode metal. Turn off the compressor first. When you open the drain valve, the escaping air will also push any moisture collecting around the bottom of the tank, out. Alternatively, turn the pressure regulator knob to switch off the hose's air supply and turn off the compressor. Then, wait for the pressure to leave the compressor. You can pull the pressure relief valve to release air faster, but this won't release the moisture.
  • Keep an eye on the air filter: Get into the habit of checking the air filter every time you use it. Too much gunk begins to starve the motor and might cause it to fail. Replace it when you start to see a significant amount of build-up on it.
  • Check oil: After you've finished storing away hoses, check the oil level again, and refill it if it has dropped too low. Once a year, you'll want to replace the oil altogether.

How long can an electric compressor run?

Depending on the size and type of compressor, air compressors can operate from a few hours up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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