APPROVED VENDOR Stick Electrodes


Stick Electrodes

StyleModelContainer SizeDiameterLengthMaterialTensile StrengthPrice (inc. GST)
A24D9461 lb.3/32"12"Stainless Steel75,000 psi SGD 31.53
B23XL895 lb.1/8"14"Stainless Steel80,000 psi SGD 124.84
B23XM335 lb.3/32"14"Ni Based Alloys70,000 psi SGD 335.94
B23XL955 lb.3/16"14"Stainless Steel75,000 psi SGD 119.74
B23XM255 lb.3/32"14"Ni Based Alloys80,000 psi SGD 429.54
B23XM265 lb.1/8"14"Ni Based Alloys80,000 psi-
B23XM285 lb.3/16"14"Ni Based Alloys80,000 psi SGD 429.54
B23XM295 lb.3/32"14"Ni Based Alloys80,000 psi-
B23XM305 lb.1/8"14"Ni Based Alloys80,000 psi-
B23XM315 lb.5/32"14"Ni Based Alloys80,000 psi SGD 401.21
B23XM355 lb.5/32"14"Ni Based Alloys70,000 psi SGD 335.94
B23XM345 lb.1/8"14"Ni Based Alloys70,000 psi SGD 335.94
B23XM175 lb.3/32"14"Cast Steel- SGD 348.61
B23XM365 lb.3/16"14"Ni Based Alloys70,000 psi SGD 335.94
C24D9175 lb.3/32"14"Mild Steel60000 psi SGD 43.77
D24D9245 lb.1/8"14"Mild Steel60000 psi SGD 41.12
C24D9285 lb.3/32"14"Mild Steel60000 psi SGD 32.82
C24D9315 lb.1/8"14"Mild Steel60000 psi SGD 34.14
E24D9355 lb.5/32"14"Mild Steel70,000 psi SGD 70.70
F24D9415 lb.5/32"14"Mild Steel70,000 psi SGD 45.84
B23XM195 lb.5/32"14"Cast Steel- SGD 348.59
B23XM235 lb.5/32"14"Ni Based Alloys110,000 psi SGD 478.16
B23XM155 lb.5/32"14"Duplex Steel100,000 psi SGD 159.19
G24D9425 lb.3/32"14"Pure Nickel40,000 to 65,000 psi SGD 430.52
B23XL995 lb.3/16"14"Stainless Steel80,000 psi SGD 210.68

Stick Electrode Hardfacing

StyleModelContainer SizeDiameterPrice (inc. GST)
AEWEAR-125-011 lb.1/8" SGD 30.81
AEWEAR-332-011 lb.3/32" SGD 30.81
AEWEAR-125-055 lb.1/8" SGD 113.74
AEWEAR-332-055 lb.3/32" SGD 113.74
StyleModelDiameterTensile StrengthPrice (inc. GST)
A23XL611/8"75,000 psi SGD 258.24
A23XL651/8"135,000 psi-
A23XL673/16"135,000 psi SGD 111.67
A23XL713/16"75,000 psi SGD 84.88
A23XL753/16"75,000 psi SGD 89.87
A23XL833/16"95,000 psi SGD 135.00
A23XL603/32"75,000 psi SGD 492.90
A23XL643/32"135,000 psi SGD 102.81
A23XL723/32"75,000 psi SGD 146.84
A23XL825/32"95,000 psi SGD 141.01
A23XL665/32"135,000 psi SGD 111.67
A23XL705/32"75,000 psi SGD 12.79
A23XL785/32"80,000 psi SGD 151.17

Carbon Steel Stick Welding Electrodes

StyleModelContainer SizeDiameterLengthTensile StrengthPrice (inc. GST)
A24D9261 lb.1/16"12"60000 psi SGD 22.28
B24D9195 lb.1/8"14"60000 psi SGD 50.95
B24D9205 lb.5/32"14"60000 psi SGD 51.09
C24D9225 lb.3/32"14"60000 psi SGD 44.40
D24D9335 lb.3/32"14"70,000 psi-
E24D91810 lb.1/8"14"60000 psi SGD 126.92
C24D92110 lb.3/32"14"60000 psi SGD 148.22
C24D92310 lb.1/8"14"60000 psi SGD 259.47
B24D92710 lb.3/32"14"60000 psi SGD 125.16
F24D93610 lb.3/32"14"70,000 psi SGD 183.61
F24D93810 lb.1/8"14"70,000 psi SGD 74.82

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