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Steel Toggle Bolt

StyleModelHead HeightSizeScrew LengthThread SizeBolt SizeThread LengthDrill SizeUsable LengthPrice (inc. GST)
A11K3010.1"1/8"2"6-321/8"1 31/32"1/2"1.125" SGD 59.95
A11K3020.1"1/8"3"6-321/8"2.875"1/2"1.375" SGD 56.14
A11K3030.1"1/8"4"6-321/8"3 31/32"1/2"3.125" SGD 62.73
A11K3131/4"3/8"3"3/8-163/8"2.875"1"1.375" SGD 84.46
A11K3141/4"3/8"4"3/8-163/8"3.875"1"2.625" SGD 76.81
A11K3151/4"3/8"5"3/8-163/8"4.875"1"3.375" SGD 97.75
A11K3161/4"3/8"6"3/8-163/8"5.875"1"4.375" SGD 107.26
A11K3041/8"3/16"2"10-243/16"1 31/32"9/16"1.125" SGD 54.34
A11K3051/8"3/16"3"10-243/16"2.875"9/16"1.375" SGD 64.66
B11K3061/8"3/16"4"10-243/16"3.875"9/16"2.625" SGD 58.73
A11K3071/8"3/16"5"10-243/16"4.875"9/16"3.375" SGD 56.68
A11K3081/8"3/16"6"10-243/16"5.875"9/16"4.375" SGD 62.33
A11K3093/16"1/4"3"1/4-201/4"2.875"11/16"1.375 SGD 63.74
A11K3103/16"1/4"4"1/4-201/4"3.875"11/16"2.625" SGD 81.71
A11K3113/16"1/4"5"1/4-201/4"4.875"11/16"3.375" SGD 81.20
A11K3123/16"1/4"6"1/4-201/4"5.875"11/16"4.375" SGD 85.39

Toggle Bolts

Toggle bolts are designed for hanging objects on drywalls for construction, mining and oil & gas applications. Raptor Supplies offers a wide array of Westward, Red Head and DBI-SALA toggle bolts. Toggle Bolts from DBI-SALA feature an activator cable for quick toggle mode selection, swivelling D-ring tie-off point for secure installation and toggle position indicator for user convenience. They are made of steel / aluminium for durability. Choose from a broad range of these toggle bolts, available in 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 3/16, 3/8 and 5/16 inch sizes on Raptor Supplies.

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