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APPROVED VENDOR Tubular And Semi-Tubular Rivets



Tubular Rivet

StyleModelGrip RangeRivet LengthPrice (inc. GST)
ABSCN04-1000.110 to 0.179"1/4" SGD 65.40
ABSCN06-1000.235 to 0.304"3/8" SGD 71.50
ABSCN07-1000.297 to 0.366"7/16" SGD 71.50
ABSCN08-1000.360 to 0.429"1/2" SGD 68.93

Semi-tubular Rivet

Semi-tubular rivets are designed to fasten materials together for industrial applications. These hollow rivets are ideal for joining soft or hard materials without causing any damage due to swelling. The rivets are made from steel, brass, aluminium or stainless steel and feature hole sizes up to 0.266 inches with a gripping range of 0.043 to 0.505 inches. They come equipped with oval or truss heads. Choose from a wide range of semi-tubular rivets, available in 3/32 to 5/8 inch lengths on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelHead HeightHole SizeHead TypeRivet LengthFinishRivet Dia.Grip RangeRivet MaterialPrice (inc. GST)
ATSC0403-1000.017"0.064"Oval3/32"Zinc1/16"0.043 to 0.073"Steel SGD 51.81
ATFC0406-1000.017"0.064"Oval3/16"Plain1/16"0.136 to 0.166"Stainless Steel SGD 79.55
ATBC0404-1000.017"0.064"Oval1/8"Plain1/16"0.074 to 0.104"Brass SGD 52.19
ATBC0403-1000.017"0.064"Oval3/32"Plain1/16"0.043 to 0.073"Brass SGD 53.41
ATAC0404-1000.017"0.064"Oval1/8"Plain1/16"0.074 to 0.104"Aluminum SGD 62.64
ATAC0405-1000.017"0.064"Oval5/32"Plain1/16"0.105 to 0.135"Aluminum SGD 60.64
ATAC0406-1000.017"0.064"Oval3/16"Plain1/16"0.136 to 0.166"Aluminum SGD 65.06
ATBC0406-1000.017"0.064"Oval3/16"Plain1/16"0.136 to 0.166"Brass SGD 52.51
ATFC0404-1000.017"0.064"Oval1/8"Plain1/16"0.074 to 0.104"Stainless Steel SGD 75.70
ATFC0405-1000.017"0.064"Oval5/32"Plain1/16"0.105 to 0.135"Stainless Steel SGD 80.18
ATFC0403-1000.017"0.064"Oval3/32"Plain1/16"0.043 to 0.073"Stainless Steel SGD 73.12
ATBC0405-1000.017"0.064"Oval5/32"Plain1/16"0.105 to 0.135"Brass SGD 52.82
ATSC0406-1000.017"0.064"Oval3/16"Zinc1/16"0.136 to 0.166"Steel SGD 48.66
ATSC0405-1000.017"0.064"Oval5/32"Zinc1/16"0.105 to 0.135"Steel SGD 52.48
ATAC0403-1000.017"0.064"Oval3/32"Plain1/16"0.043 to 0.073"Aluminum SGD 61.44
ATSC0404-1000.017"0.064"Oval1/8"Zinc1/16"0.074 to 0.104"Steel SGD 53.03
ATBC0608-1000.023"0.096"Oval1/4"Plain3/32"0.183 to 0.212"Brass SGD 54.95
ATBC0607-1000.023"0.096"Oval7/32"Plain3/32"0.151 to 0.180"Brass SGD 53.11
ATBC0603-1000.023"0.096"Oval3/32"Plain3/32"0.027 to 0.056"Brass SGD 52.48
ATBC0604-1000.023"0.096"Oval1/8"Plain3/32"0.058 to 0.087"Brass SGD 53.11
ATBC0605-1000.023"0.096"Oval5/32"Plain3/32"0.089 to 0.118"Brass SGD 53.79
ATBC0606-1000.023"0.096"Oval3/16"Plain3/32"0.120 to 0.149"Brass SGD 52.48
ATSC0607-1000.023"0.096"Oval7/32"Zinc3/32"0.151 to 0.180"Steel SGD 51.77
ATSC0606-9-1000.023"0.096"Oval3/16"Zinc3/32"0.120 to 0.149"Steel SGD 52.40
ATFC0605-1000.023"0.096"Oval5/32"Plain3/32"0.089 to 0.118"Stainless Steel SGD 80.79

Semi-tubular Rivet 3/16 x 1/4 Inch - Pack Of 50

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)

Semi-tubular Rivet 1/4 x 5/8 Inch - Pack Of 25

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)

Tubular And Semi-Tubular Rivets

Tubular and semi-tubular rivets are designed to join materials together, quickly and inexpensively. These rivets are capable of fastening both soft and hard materials together without swelling. The come with an oval / truss head that distributes the holding pressure to reduce the chances of crushing thin materials. Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of these tubular and semi-tubular rivets available in head diameters ranging from 0.109 to 0.437 inch on Raptor Supplies.

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