Unit Bearing Motors

StyleModelRPM RangeFull Load AmpsHPShaft LengthVoltageLength Less ShaftMotor Sub ApplicationMotor Thermal ProtectionPrice (inc. GST)
AUB5891401-15000.291/2502 29/32"1152 9/16"Refrigerator/FreezerImpedance SGD 95.73
AUB5901401-15000.141/2502 29/32"2302 9/16"Refrigerator/FreezerImpedance SGD 88.77
AUB5881401-15000.291/2502 29/32"1152 9/16"Refrigerator/FreezerImpedance SGD 81.99
AUB5921401-15000.341/2002 29/32"1152 9/16"Refrigerator/FreezerImpedance SGD 81.51
AUB5951401-15001/1501/1503.156"1152 13/16"Refrigerator/FreezerImpedance SGD 101.88
AUB5941401-15001/1501/1503.156"1152 13/16"Refrigerator/FreezerImpedance SGD 85.84
AUB6001401-15000.271/1003.156"2302 13/16"Refrigerator/FreezerImpedance SGD 103.39
AUB5981401-15000.531/1003.156"1152 13/16"Refrigerator/FreezerAuto SGD 94.92
AUB5991401-15000.271/1003.156"2302 13/16"Refrigerator/FreezerAuto SGD 107.11
AUB5971401-15000.531/1003.156"1152 13/16"Refrigerator/FreezerAuto SGD 92.17
AUB5691401-15001/501/503 13/32"2303 1/16"Refrigerator/FreezerAuto SGD 132.05
AUB5671401-15001/501/503 13/32"1153 1/16"Refrigerator/FreezerAuto SGD 112.53
AUB5681401-15001/501/503 13/32"2303 1/16"Condenser FanAuto SGD 118.74
AUB5661401-15001/501/503 13/32"1153 1/16"Refrigerator/FreezerAuto SGD 124.40
AUB5841501-16000.221/5002 29/32"1152 9/16"Refrigerator/FreezerImpedance SGD 76.79
AUB5911501-16000.141/2502 29/32"2302 9/16"Refrigerator/FreezerImpedance SGD 85.34

Unit Bearing Motors, Shaded Pole

Dayton unit bearing motors feature a low starting torque that offers a smooth and silent startup along with being economical. They are equipped with a solo sleeve bearing that need less maintenance in comparison to motors. These unit bearings are usually change damaged unit bearing motors. Choose from a range of these unit bearing motors, available in auto and impedance motor thermal protection options.

StyleModelRotationFull Load AmpsHPShaft OrientationThermal ProtectionVoltageHzLength Less ShaftPrice (inc. GST)
A4YFF6CCWLE0.341/150Up, Down or HorizontalImpedance115602.625" SGD 64.06
B4YFJ5CCWLE0.171/185Up, Down or HorizontalImpedance23050/603.375" SGD 59.76
B4YFK5CCWLE1.101/47Horizontal or UpAuto11550/604 3/32" SGD 83.60
B4YFK1CCWLE0.331/83Up, Down or HorizontalAuto23050/603 13/16" SGD 71.37
B4YFJ8CCWLE0.621/83Up, Down or HorizontalAuto11550/603 13/16" SGD 62.63
B4YFJ3CCWLE0.341/185Up, Down or HorizontalImpedance11550/603.375" SGD 58.76
A4YFG1CCWLE0.621/83Up, Down or HorizontalAuto11550/602.625" SGD 61.08
A4YFG3CCWLE0.331/83Up, Down or HorizontalAuto23050/602.625" SGD 71.37
A4YFF8CCWLE0.421/125Up, Down or HorizontalImpedance11550/602.625" SGD 68.34
A4YFG4CWLE0.331/83Up, Down or HorizontalAuto23050/602.625" SGD 71.37
B4YFG5CWLE0.251/370Up, Down or HorizontalImpedance11550/603.375" SGD 57.25
B4YFH5CWLE0.251/370Up, Down or HorizontalImpedance11550/602.375" SGD 57.73
B4YFJ2CWLE0.341/185Up, Down or HorizontalImpedance11550/603.375" SGD 58.74
A4YFF7CWLE0.341/150Up, Down or HorizontalImpedance115602.625" SGD 63.87
B4YFJ4CWLE0.171/185Up, Down or HorizontalImpedance23050/603.375" SGD 60.05
A4YFG2CWLE0.621/83Up, Down or HorizontalAuto11550/602.625" SGD 67.39
B4YFJ6CWLE0.421/125Up, Down or HorizontalImpedance11550/603 13/16" SGD 63.65
B4YFJ7CWLE0.621/83Up, Down or HorizontalAuto11550/603 13/16" SGD 76.31
B4YFJ9CWLE0.331/83Up, Down or HorizontalAuto23050/603 13/16" SGD 71.37
A4YFF9CWLE0.421/125Up, Down or HorizontalImpedance11550/602.625" SGD 65.92
B4YFK4CWLE1.101/47Horizontal or UpAuto11550/604 3/32" SGD 83.50
B4YFK6CWLE0.601/47Horizontal or UpAuto23050/604 3/32" SGD 91.22

Unit Bearing Motors

Dayton shaded pole unit bearing HVAC AC motors feature a low starting torque that offers a smooth and silent startup while being economical. They feature a single sleeve bearing that need less maintenance in comparison to motors. Choose from a range of these unit bearing motors, available in 0.17, 0.25, 0.33, 0.34 and 0.42 load amps current options.

StyleModelVoltageFull Load AmpsHPLength Less ShaftMotor Thermal ProtectionOverall LengthRotationThermal ProtectionPrice (inc. GST)
A4YFG61150.421/1253 13/16"Impedance4 5/16"CCWLEImpedance SGD 72.90
A4YFG71150.421/1253 13/16"Impedance4 5/16"CWLEImpedance SGD 72.90
A4YFG81150.341/1853.375"Impedance3.875"CWLEImpedance SGD 67.62
A4YFG91150.341/1853.375"Impedance3.875"CCWLEImpedance SGD 67.54
A4YFH21150.621/833 13/16"Auto4 5/16"CCWLEAuto SGD 74.37
A4YFH31150.621/833 13/16"Auto4 5/16"CWLEAuto SGD 74.37
A4YFH61150.251/3003.375"Impedance3.875"CWLEImpedance SGD 67.17
A4YFH71151.101/474 1/16"Auto4 9/16"CWLEAuto SGD 95.46
A4YFH91151.101/474 1/16"Auto4 9/16"CCWLEAuto SGD 95.46
A4YFH12300.331/833 13/16"Auto4 5/16"CCWLEAuto SGD 77.22
A4YFH42300.331/833 13/16"Auto4 5/16"CWLEAuto SGD 77.22
A4YFH82300.601/474 1/16"Auto4 9/16"CWLEAuto SGD 98.05
A4YFJ12300.601/474 1/16"Auto4 9/16"CCWLEAuto SGD 105.64
A4YFK22300.171/1853.375"Impedance3.875"CWLEImpedance SGD 68.12
A4YFK32300.171/1853.375"Impedance3.875"CCWLEImpedance SGD 68.35
StyleModelFull Load AmpsHzVoltagePrice (inc. GST)
ASSC2B15CSHI20.1550/60208-230 SGD 285.26
ASSC2B13CSHI10.4060115 SGD 293.35
ASSC2B16CSHI10.6060115 SGD 287.72

Refrigerator/Freezer Unit Bearing Motors

StyleModelRotationVoltagePrice (inc. GST)
AUTAGF1551JACWLE115 SGD 339.74
AUTAGF1552JACWLE230 SGD 349.45

Cast Iron Frame Stud Mounting Unit Bearing Motors

StyleModelFull Load AmpsVoltagePrice (inc. GST)
AUTBEJ1552BJR1 IND BOX0.77230 SGD 279.78
AUTBEC1551BJR1 IND BOX1.2115 SGD 271.75
AUTBEC1551BJ1 IND BOX1.2115 SGD 271.75

Cast Iron Frame Rear/Foot Mounting Unit Bearing Motors

StyleModelHzBearingsBody Dia.Insulation ClassLength Less ShaftMotor DesignMotor Enclosure DesignMotor Shaft DesignPrice (inc. GST)
AESP-L15EMJR1B250/60-3.875"A3 9/16"Shaded PoleTotally Enclosed NonventilatedFlat SGD 245.77
BESP-L15EMJR1B150/60-3.875"A3 9/16"Shaded PoleTotally Enclosed Air-OverThreaded SGD 251.25
CESP-OL50EMJR2160Sleeve3.875"A3.75"Shaded PoleOpen Air-Over- SGD 235.81
DESP-L16EM160Sleeve3.875"A3.5"Shaded PoleTotally Enclosed Air-OverThreaded SGD 167.72
DESP-L16EM260-3.875"A3.5"Shaded PoleTotally Enclosed Air-Over- SGD 175.98
DESP-L25EM160-3.875"A3.5"Shaded PoleTotally Enclosed Air-Over- SGD 203.03
DESP-L25EM260-3.875"A3.5"Shaded PoleTotally Enclosed Air-Over- SGD 208.51
DESP-L35EM160-3.875"A3.5"Shaded PoleTotally Enclosed Air-Over- SGD 213.54
DESP-L35EM260-3.875"A3.5"Shaded PoleTotally Enclosed Air-Over- SGD 217.00
EESP-OL50EM160Sleeve3.875"A3.75"Shaded PoleOpen Air-OverFlat SGD 221.88
FESP-OL60EM260Sleeve3.875"A3.75"Shaded PoleOpen Air-OverFlat SGD 253.43
GSPFBC5160Unit3.5"B2.5"Shaded PoleTotally Enclosed Air-OverThreaded SGD 79.83
GSPFBE91H60Unit3.5"B2.5"Shaded PoleTotally Enclosed Air-OverThreaded SGD 95.38
HUTBCF1651E6VH260Unit3.437"B3.5"ECMTotally Enclosed Air-OverThreaded SGD 230.56
HUTBCF1851E6VH260Unit3.437"B3.5"ECMTotally Enclosed Air-OverThreaded SGD 254.65
ISPFBE9160Unit3.437"B3"Shaded PoleTotally Enclosed Air-OverThreaded SGD 95.38

Unit Bearing Motors

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
AUB586 SGD 82.54
BUB585 SGD 82.59
CUB596 SGD 100.70
DUB587 SGD 91.61

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