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APPROVED VENDOR Vertical Handle Toggle Clamps



Latch Clamp Stainless Steel Horizontal

StyleModelDiameterHolding CapacityOverall HeightOverall LengthThread SizeTypePrice (inc. GST)
A13G5590.21"500 Lbs.2.1"3.110"M4Vertical Handle Hold Down, Stainless Steel SGD 82.52
B13G5560.25"700 Lbs.1.63"6.28"M5Horizontal Handle Hold Down, SS SGD 68.03
C13G5540.170"350 Lbs.1.15"4"M4Horizontal Handle Hold Down, SS SGD 59.82
A13G5600.280"1000 Lbs.2.440"4.72"M6Vertical Handle Hold Down, Stainless Steel SGD 90.40
B13G5580.330"2000 Lbs.2.91"8.39"M8Horizontal Handle Hold Down, SS SGD 94.78

Toggle Clamp, Horizontal

StyleModelSpindleThread SizeTypeDiameterHandleHolding CapacityOverall HeightOverall LengthPrice (inc. GST)
A13F624Hex Head Fully Threaded Stainless Steel8-32Horizontal Handle Hold Down, SS0.17 x 0.27"90 Degrees75 Lbs.0.670"3.04" SGD 61.15
B13F626Hex Head Fully Threaded Stainless Steel1/4-20Horizontal Handle Hold Down, SS0.22 x 0.25"85 Degrees250 Lbs.1.5"5.43" SGD 76.29
C13F627Hex Head Fully Threaded Stainless SteelM6Horizontal Handle Hold Down, SS0.22 x 0.34"94°200 Lbs.1.950"6.73" SGD 71.90
B13F628Hex Head Fully Threaded Stainless Steel5/16"Horizontal Handle Hold Down, SS0.26x0.35"90 Degrees600 Lbs.1.87"6.61" SGD 67.92
D13F621Hex Head Fully Threaded with Neoprene CoverM6Horizontal Handle Hold Down0.22 x 0.34"94°200 Lbs.2.05"6.73" SGD 43.29
D13F622Hex Head Fully Threaded with Neoprene CoverM8Horizontal Handle Hold Down0.26 x 0.36"94°500 Lbs.2.63"8.62" SGD 46.38
D13F623Hex Head Fully Threaded with Neoprene CoverM10Horizontal Handle Hold Down0.34 x 0.42"94°750 Lbs.3.55"10.79" SGD 48.95
D13F620Hex Head Fully Threaded with Neoprene CoverM5Horizontal Handle Hold Down0.200"94°100 Lbs.1.52"4.29" SGD 38.71

Toggle Clamp Vertical Hold, Stainless Steel

StyleModelDiameterHandleHolding CapacityOverall HeightOverall LengthThread SizePrice (inc. GST)
A13F6170.200"95 Degrees250 Lbs.3.74"2.52"1/4" SGD 63.08
B13F6180.280"100°450 Lbs.5.5"4.56"5/16" SGD 107.16
B13F6190.340"106 Degrees750 Lbs.7.5"5.45"3/8" SGD 86.41

Latch Clamp Horizontal 1200 Lbs 2.52 In

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
13G557AA4WMW SGD 61.99

Toggle Clamp Hold Down 150 Lbs Ss

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
13G551AA4WMP SGD 53.09

Vertical Handle Toggle Clamps

Vertical handle toggle clamps are used in heavy duty vertical clamping operations due to their high clamping capacities and reliability. Raptor Supplies is an authorized vertical handle toggle clamp distributor for various brands like Destaco, Clamp right, Bessey etc which are available in different bar size, base length, base width, diameter and load capacity.

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