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Wheel Chock

StyleModelColorDepthHeightItemMaterialSurfaceWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A22XW83Black10.5"7"Wheel ChockRubberSmooth4.5" SGD 37.44
B22XW74Black9.5"5.5"Wheel ChockRubberGrooved7.5" SGD 41.64
C1GUK6Black6.75"3"Wheel ChockRubberGrooved12" SGD 47.87
D1GUL1Black8"6"Wheel ChockRubberGrooved9" SGD 87.24
E1GUL2Black9.375"7.625"Wheel ChockRubberGrooved7.25" SGD 67.30
F1GUL4Black7.5"7.5"Wheel ChockLaminated RubberCurved7" SGD 81.30
G22XW72Black9.875"6"Wheel ChockRubberGrooved8" SGD 41.43
H22XW73Black8"5"Wheel ChockRubberGrooved10" SGD 71.61
I22XW75Black10"5.5"Wheel ChockRubberSmooth8" SGD 133.59
J19P550Black13.75"13.75"Wheel ChockLaminated Rubber-11.125" SGD 302.02
K22XW77Black10"5.5"Wheel ChockRubberSmooth8" SGD 69.97
L22XW78Black10"5.5"Wheel ChockRubberSmooth8" SGD 40.15
M22XW79Black10"5.5"Wheel ChockRubberSmooth8" SGD 111.74
N22XW80Black20"10"Wheel Chock KitRubberSmooth7" SGD 292.41
O22XW81Black9"5.5"Wheel ChockRubberGrooved8" SGD 43.03
P22XW82Black9"5.5"Wheel ChockRubberRaised8" SGD 73.14
C1GUK4Black6.75"3"Wheel ChockRubberGrooved4" SGD 16.76
C1GUK5Black6.75"3"Wheel ChockRubberGrooved6" SGD 24.33
Q3KR79Black10.5"5.5"Wheel ChockLaminated Rubber-10" SGD 68.12
R22XW84Black11.5"7.5"Wheel ChockRubberGrooved10" SGD 66.81
S22XW88Black10"6"Wheel ChockRubberGrooved8" SGD 54.74
T19P546Black5"4.5"Wheel ChockRubberGrooved6.5" SGD 44.02
U2A092Black8"6"Wheel ChockRubberGrooved10" SGD 47.66
V22XW86Black8"2.5"Wheel ChockRubberSmooth3.625" SGD 26.33
W22XW85Black7.625"6"Wheel ChockRubberRaised4" SGD 25.34

Rail Car Wheel Chock

Railcar wheel chocks are designed to prevent railcars from sliding on tracks during maintenance (even a small gust of is capable of rolling a railcar). These chocks feature rigid steel construction with yellow finish & a warning flag (selected models) to indicate maintenance requirement. Selected models can also be doubled with a chain or rope to keep the chocks together. These OSHA regulated railcar wheel chocks are available in 41 and 12.5 inch depth options on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelDepthHeightItemWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A22XW9112.5"3.75"Rail Car Wheel Chock8" SGD 106.02
B22XW9312.5"3.75"Rail Car Wheel Chock8" SGD 207.95
C22XW9241"20"Rail Car Wheel Chock and Flag7.5" SGD 321.23
D22XW9041"20"Rail Car Wheel Chock and Flag7.5" SGD 220.84

Airplane Chock 5 1/8 Inch Depth

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
3W666AD2XNX SGD 142.88

Wheel Chocks

Dock wheel chocks are wedges of sturdy material placed against a vehicle's wheels to keep them in a fixed position and prevent unwanted accidental movements. Raptor Supplies offers these chocks from brands like Vestil, ZICO, Checkers and Elasco Products. They also restrain car speed on roads and help drivers to prevent slipping & stay in control in dangerous areas while saving personnel & properties. These speed bumps come with handles & warning flags (with selected models) for easy portability & to indicate maintenance requirements, respectively. Some models feature chains or thru-holes for easy attachment of chains to keep the chocks aligned and are available in a variety of materials such as recycled plastic or moulded rubber that are both abrasion and chemical resistant.

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